Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

This has been an interesting week, all of which is posted on Ezine and in my archived files. How do people feel about ebola here in the city? I have many clients who work in hospitals who are very concerned and feel totally unprepared. People are being overly cautious, washing their hands far more often than they normally would, especially those who take public transportation. Ebola is going to take its toll on the economy. People are urged not to be fearful, but they should be cautious. The winter is coming and with that one must prepare alternative power and heating sources. Time to stock up on needed items. I don't see this as the terrible winter we had last year - remember the polar vortex - but winter is winter and it brings diseases highlighted by Seasonal Affective Disorder suffered by millions of people with depression.

Still and all, there are fun things people can do especially now in the autumn as the leaves turn color and a simple walk in nature can soothe the soul. Actually, when I'm out, I look for adventures, not peace. Yesterday, my friend Jane and I took a walk on a gorgeous day. As we looked out at the Manhattan horizon, we could see the fringes of the hologram. Jane reminded me of the time we watched the Verrazano Bridge literally disappear before our eyes as a new insert was put in place. Life is a far more interesting experience when you can see beyond the parameters of reality.

When I came home, I met my next door neighbor who was getting ready to take her 3 children to their school's Halloween party. As next Friday is Halloween, I wondered why the party was yesterday but there was no time for discussion as she was hurrying along after work. It seems that not only did the New York schools have Halloween parties early but this morning I received these pictures taken in Connecticut as my grandson Matthew and his classmates celebrated Halloween Friday night.

Getting ready with mom.

Hello Clark Kent!


Next Friday in the city ... Village Halloween Parade