Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tech Dreaming

Computers in Time

A strange experience happened in dream time last night/early this morning. Most of my dreams have become lucid in which I experience events aware that I am an observer. Last night at the completion of a dream .. the image froze ... wasn't sure what it was about only that I was to keep watching. Streaming in front of me ... as if pictures on a cell phone ... were images displaying choices of dreams I might want to explore. Using only my consciousness I moved the images ... slowly or quickly ... right or left ... all the while processing what was on the screen then deciding where to stop and explore. Slide ... slide ... slide ... slower and faster ... got it ... another way of processing how the illusion works. As things seemed complete ... at least at that moment in the computer of time ... I woke up laughing.

"Person of Interest"
Series Finale

Tonight is the series finale of "Person of Interest". Human or machine ... who will live and who will die? Will issues be resolved or left open should another network pick up the series? Human or machine ... who will live and who will die? I've watched the series from the beginning and will miss it but alas as we know ... all good things come to an end "Computer End Program".

As with our experience here ... It's just code... Sometimes it's bad code.

"Person of Interest" Series Finale Google news

Rare Full Strawberry Moon at the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Brings a Once-in-a-Generation Strawberry Moon  
Google News - June 21, 2016

Native American Names for Full Moons   Farmers Almanac

Full Strawberry Moon at the Summer Solstice next occurs in 2062.

June 21, 2016

International Yoga Day

Yoga is excellent for balancing brain chemistry. I find that clients with emotional problems have already found yoga or I suggest it to them noting that their brain connects. There are endless other ways to balance brain chemistry but this seems to be the best. Like most healing modalities it has changed along with the evolution of consciousness. Yoga Continued ...