Friday, February 23, 2018

Some things are just
meant to happen

Friday ... As a former high school teacher in the New York City school system, I do not believe teachers should be armed with guns due to human error. Speaking of human error - Deputy Scot Peterson assigned to Stoneman Douglas High School stood outside the building during the shooting and did not intervene, the local sheriff reported. More details about this aspect of the story will emerge.

In an interesting twist to the narrative, four years ago Peterson had been school cop of the year. Some things are just meant to happen.

There should be more security in every school across the nation, the problem with that being funding. Trump made promises but will the nature of politics allow him to affect change? As with most politicians pay attention to what he does not what he says. As I always blog ... it's all about money though now it's more about saving lives.

It's All Programmed

Shootings everywhere are a societal problem which goes to mentally ill people getting access to weapons. Take away their guns and they will figure out other ways to kill, such as home-made bombs (terrorism), bio weapons, vehicles, other. It's as if they are mind controlled ... which in a way it is because they are programmed to perform the actions they take. Reality is broken. The human design no longer works as souls struggle to be free from pain and suffering. I don't see a solution to the gun problem, just as there are no solutions to the undeniable natural disasters which are accelerating exponentially. They are part of our timeline and sadly will play out until the end when our simulation Fades to Black.

The Experiment

This picture was taken December 2017 in front of Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn where I was a student and teacher. Driving by, I stopped to take the pic noting a police car parked in front of the building, making me feel safe but hoping I wouldn't get a ticket as I parked behind him. I remember lots of security in this racially mixed school where disturbed teens often acted out. Physical reality has always been a bipolar environment where we vicariously experience in a lab experiment.

Jimmy Kimmel Vists The Aura Shop in Santa Monica

Watch the Video

I don't watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show but something drew me to record his shows this week, probably because there wasn't that much else to watch the next day. Like other late-night shows that I do watch the next day (Colbert, Corden, and Fallon), Kimmel does a funny monologue.

Wednesday night he had a very interesting segment about metaphysics and taking his aunt Chippy to The Aura Shop to have her aura photo taken after which he played a trick on her. As you know with auras or energy field pictures around a sentient life form, it goes with their mood in the moment.

I can think GOLD and the image will show up as gold. I can pretty much think any color or combinations of colors and voila that's what appears around me. The colors follow the color spectrum (+ a few other colors like pink and gold). Here's an example - if you're angry at someone the aura color around you will be red. There's nothing spiritual about it - it's all science and math as is everything else in our reality.

Kimmel set up a fake aura photo of Chippy allowing her to believe she had horns coming out of her head in her aura pic therefore she needed crystal healing by one of our long haired beautiful goddess looking woman in a dress ... who would fix her ... just lay back, relax, close your eyes, etc. The way they presented the laying of crystals on the body, really made a mockery of everything some people believe in, but Kimmel is a comedian and in the end told his aunt the truth.

Too many people are taken in by charlatans who they feel are going to heal them, raise their frequency, and all that jazz, but none of that is true. What is true is that we live in a simulation and we go about our lives as is program. That's it ... I wonder what color my aura would be right now if someone took a picture of me once again trying to get the point across that none of this is real?

FYI for those who can see auras ... If you're looking at someone, or a picture of someone, and you see no aura around them though your brain is programmed to see auras, they no longer exist in his reality. Years ago auras were the rage ... not anymore. Keep the concept of healing simple ... when and if you're programmed to heal you will ... not a minute sooner.