Saturday, December 16, 2017

Perceptions and Conditioning

Like a scene out of a modern-day spy thriller, this morning I suspiciously watched a woman, dressed in black, her face covered, walking into the park. [Ellie turning on her phone]. We have become so conditioned to look for signs of "foul" play that I followed her with my eyes as my camera booted up. She stayed for only a few minutes, as it is bitter cold, when I noticed pigeons flocking around her. She had come to feed them. Ah ... a different kind of "fowl" play.

Friday, December 15, 2017

From Different Perspectives

I took a pic from Rachel's show last night, as she and I watch people the White House has lost in 2017 (not by death but by Trump). There will be more ... until there are none ... keep counting Rachel. Also, make sure to count the number of Congressmen and Senators that "elect" not to run again. Questions have arisen about the passing of the latest version of the terrible tax bill as some senators have issues with it (as do most Americans who somewhat understand it), the fate of Paul Ryan in Congress (has he had enough of ....?), Net Neutrality, the spreading wildfires in California now the 4th largest in the state's history, and more.

Here in the city, snow returns today as holiday season rolls on with a little more than two weeks remaining in 2017 as people scramble with year-end issues.

December 15, 2017

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 3 - Thursday December 14, 2017

Today I visited the Bay Ridge Jewish Center run by my friend Ruth.
I'm not religious but I wanted to experience the energies on this holiday.

The Torah - When I was a little girl in Hebrew School, I won a small torah which
I kept with me. In 2016 when my grandson Matthew had his Bar Mitzvah, I gave it to
him after which he took it to Hebrew School to show the other children and the Rabbi.

Happy Hanukkah Day 3 - Ellie lighting the candles in Temple

Day 2 - Wednesday December 13, 2017

We had a special present today when controversial candidate Roy Moore lost the Senate race to Doug Jones in Alabama. On the matter of Jews, his wife Kayla Moore made us laugh when she went on record as saying, "One of our attorneys is a Jew" arguing that her husband is no bigot. Read more ...

Sandy Hook Elementary
School Shooting

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. Prior to driving to the school, he shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. As first responders arrived at the scene, Lanza committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The incident was the deadliest mass shooting at either a high school or grade school in U.S. history and the fourth-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history.[a] The shooting prompted renewed debate about gun control in the United States, including proposals for making the background-check system universal, and for new federal and state gun legislation banning the sale and manufacture of certain types of semi-automatic firearms and magazines with more than ten rounds of ammunition.

A November 2013 report issued by the Connecticut State Attorney's office concluded that Lanza acted alone and planned his actions, but provided no indication why he did so, or why he targeted the school. A report issued by the Office of the Child Advocate in November 2014 said that Lanza had the developmental disorder Asperger's syndrome, and as a teenager suffered from depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but concluded that they had "neither caused nor led to his murderous acts." The report went on to say "his severe and deteriorating internalized mental health problems... combined with an atypical preoccupation with violence... (and) access to deadly weapons... proved a recipe for mass murder". Read more

Five years later - December 14, 2017

The insanity never stopped as the mentally ill continue to find ways to buy or create weapons to kill others on a mass level. Maybe it's the voices in their heads, a cause they believe in, social media influences, a lifetime of abuse, or something else... the pattern rages on.

What have we learned about emotional and intellectual challenges of children today? As a former teacher I follow stories about child development. Recent reporting concludes that one in five children suffer from anxiety and depression - often unrecognized and untreated. Suicide rates are increasing. Sometimes depression and anxiety are accompanied by learning and physical challenges. Some school systems are equipped to handle children with problems, but not all, be they public, private, charter, Catholic, or other venues. Money for education is also an issue. Home schooling has positive and negative results.

As I have blogged many times - symptoms of mental illness slowly begin to manifest in childhood, express themselves more openly at puberty, then highlight in a semi-breakdown at ages 19-20. One only has to look at the genetics of the biological parents to understand the patterns. Parents with emotional problems - treated or untreated - need to watch for similar symptoms in their children.

Many of my adult clients suffer from anxiety and depression where they are never truly happy no matter what wonderful things come into their lives. They appreciate what they have but deep in their souls they're always seeking inner peace and happiness - an escape from the depression that overrides most of what they do.

Social media is a place to vent their frustrations based on the degree of mental illness sometimes accompanied by substance abuse. Many with emotional problems decide not to have children as taking care of themselves is all they can handle. Some become the healers who seek their own healing by helping others while others seek isolation from the world.

We always assume that there are answers to depression and anxiety - there are only temporary solutions that work successfully for some and not at all for others. Inner happiness for unstable people is unstable and fleeting. Most don't have good relationships as they sabotage the best things in their lives. If you are unstable so too will be your relationships and what you do in life. It is indeed a sad cycle of endless events, until the soul burns out and most things in life are a "disconnect". These days, with all that is going on in the world, people increasingly seek their purpose in a reality where little makes sense.

The TV Wives of Keifer Sutherland

(If you watch "Designated Survivor" and missed last night's episode ... don't read this.) Why do Keifer Sutherland's TV love interests always die tragically? As a fan, I have followed most of his onscreen adventures, the most recent Designated Survivor which premiered September 21, 2016. Sutherland co-stars with British actress Natascha McElhone who played Sutherland's wife Alexandra "Alex" Kirkman until last night when she died after the limo she was riding in was sideswiped. In this reality McElhone will star In a new Hulu series Beau Willimon's "The First". At least the women all go on to have great careers. Birth, Death, and Rebirth are a cycle in realities that exist in linear time.

Happy birthday Natascha ...

December 14, 1969

Natascha McElhone

  Natascha McElhone Google Videos

Natascha McElhone is an award winning
English-Irish actress. Filmography

I have a massive divide between being a competent human being
and being completely hopeless, when it comes to logic.

Natascha McElhone Quotes

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Results Are In

(Gordon) Doug Jones won the Senate Seat in Alabama in a very close race. This is a victory for the American people and another step towards the demise of the Trump regime. Questions remain about the fate of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Doug Jones, a former federal prosecutor is the first Democrat elected to a Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years and received major financial help from Democrats around the country, as well as the support of former President Barack Obama, among other high-profile figures in the party. Moore's defeat is a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump, who had endorsed the GOP candidate despite the misconduct allegations. In the meantime Trump is doing battle with NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who won't buckle under his bullying. Then there's the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation the face of American politics reshapes itself.

Let's segue to last night's voting on The Voice for those of us who enjoy the show. So much talent ... I didn't vote but was happy at the choice of top four finalists in this week season's finale next week.

December 12-15, 2017

Geminid Meteor Showers

  Google Videos

In ancient times and prophecies, the Geminid meteor showers,
arriving close to Christmas, were revered by some people as
harbingers of peace and a prophecy of rebirth for humanity.

For others, the Geminids brought fear, represented as
a cleansing of the human experience by the creator.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It's showtime in Alabama when we see what the country is really made of. They say the election will be close, the winner replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. If Roy Moore represents a democratic society, then something is very wrong that goes beyond the realms of reason. But you know that, as you watch the results unfold based on your beliefs systems. The results could (will probably) alter the balance of power in the Senate ahead of next year's mid-term Congressional elections. A Moore win will be a victory for Trump and the Republicans, who currently hold just a two-seat Senate majority. While it is already difficult to pass legislation in the Senate, losing another seat would be a blow for Trump, as approval must be reached by the majority of voting members.

  5 things to watch in Alabama's Senate election   CNN - December 12, 2017

This 12.12 marks the 17th anniversary of my meeting in Egypt with Sherif on 12.12.00. My friend Irene, who was part of that journey, always remembers our time there and emails or calls me. Monday morning, I called Sherif in Philadelphia to tell him about the Port Authority bombing. It took us back to the day I called him describing unfolding events on 9/11. At the time he was due to lecture in Stanford University and I was to go with him, but Z kept warning me to stay home. So I did.

Chanukah Begins at Sundown as we Light the First Candle

In recent years, each night of Chanukah, I light the electric menorah in the lobby of my building. My neighbor Jenna took the pic above on Sunday. Do I believe? As a child I celebrated Chanukah and Christmas and believed in Santa. The same was true with my children growing up. Today ... I just enjoy the energies of being with people who believe that religion is real, not a myth, and hope 2018 will bring a brighter future.

Recently, my three daughters and I were remembering the years I used to buy each grandchild a bag of gold covered chocolate - Hanukkah gelt that the children loved. Update to December 2017 .... The kids are old enough to talk about Bitcoins, working out, and tech gifts. (Grandma counting her gelt ... Oy Vey). Menorah Moments ... Nikki lights wax Chanukah candles each night with her children, who recite the prayers, having attended Hebrew school. Tracy has an electric menorah, and Zsia doesn't celebrate.

December 12, 1531

12/12 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe when an Apparition of Mother Mary appeared to Juan Diego near Mexico City on December 9, 1531. The Virgin told Juan Diego to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill, where he found Castilian roses, not native to Mexico, blooming in December on the normally barren hilltop. The Virgin arranged the flowers in his tilma or cloak. When Juan Diego opened his cloak before Bishop Zumarraga on December 12, the flowers fell to the floor. On the fabric was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The Script and The Formula

Screenplays mirror life in that they always follow a specific formula or algorithm. The average script changes every 30 minutes just as life changes after a specific number of years based on the length of time a person will live and their programming. If I could create a perfect ending for everyone I would. Perhaps that is the final moment when reality Fades to Black and we all become enlightened. When that happens, some say we will laugh. Some believe we will cry. Others believe we will move beyond the emotions that seems to important as we experience in physical reality and embrace consciousness in ways we do not understand in physical reality - third dimension - our three Act Play.

I've been watching some of the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movies that connect for those who believe in meeting The One and living happily ever after. As a romantic I embrace the premise but after a lifetime on planet Earth, I know it's not always realistic. Lucky are those who find love, are mentally balanced, and achieve happiness in their experience here. For most souls, reality here is about challenges faced day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. We need Hallmark moments to experience vicariously, opening the heart and connecting emotionally. Each year we all become a little more pragmatic knowing that neither Santa nor any other magical (religious) icon we have been taught to believe in, is going to come along and fix things. It's not the formula in physical reality.

Try to image what's beyond this limited formula ...

Close your eyes ... Stretch your consciousness to it's max ...

Go beyond and see ...

December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Google Videos

Francis Sinatra was an award winning
American singer and film actor.
Discography -- Filmography

Cock your hat ... Angles are attitudes.

I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats.
I'm not looking for the secret to life.
I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.

I'm gonna live till I die.

Frank Sinatra Quotes 1

Frank Sinatra Quotes 2

When you can't be there ... John's Holiday Decorations

John's 2017 Christmas Tree is made from a bamboo pyramid and decorations

My friend John, in Cortez, Florida, shared his Christmas lights and decorations with me via FaceTime. He invited me to spend Christmas with him, but nothing in me wants to travel during this holiday season. There's just too much chaos, or maybe I'm just getting old. For now I'll just settle for FaceTime. Here's a few of the pics he sent to share with you.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Day Before ... 12.12

Monday December 11, 2017

Starting the week off with a bang ...

  New York Port Authority attack: Man held after Manhattan blast   BBC - December 11, 2017


Personally, 12.12 marks the 17th anniversary of my meeting in Egypt with Sherif on 12.12.00. My friend Irene, who was part of that journey, aways remembers our time there and emails or calls me. This morning I called Sherif in Philadelphia to tell him about the Port Authority bombing. It took us back to the day I called him describing unfolding events unfolded on 9/11. At the time he was due to lecture in Stanford University and I was to go with him, but Z kept warning me to stay home. So I did. My first client today came through Irene and arrives around 12:00 PM from southern NJ. Will she get here at 12:12?


The Republican Party prepares for a change in direction after the Senate election in Alabama tomorrow. If Roy Moore wins it goes to the over-the-top insanity that runs the hologram at this level of consciousness. Clearly someone beside Putin was behind Trump's presidency. Tuesday is another marker. What has become obvious to most is that everything is corrupt, a diversion, and involves personal agendas on many levels of awareness.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The day after ...

It's the day after the first snowstorm of the season. Locals and visitors from around the world had fun yesterday as the snow fell making it feel more like a Christmas festival that you see in a movie that warms the heart and says, "Happy Holidays". Of course there were the usual drunk people running around the city celebrating SantaCon.

Having fun in the snow helps connect to the holiday season. Last night, as the snow fell, two teenagers - a girl and boy - built a snowman in the park - stick arms, stone for eyes, etc. They each took a pic ... memories. After all that time and effort they knocked off the snowman's head, laughed and made angels in the snow as darkness crept in. ... Ring ... the girl got a call ... must be from Mom. Time to go home.

I've watched a few of the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movies - cozy but not realistic. They make you want to go to New England or places where Christmas embraces the body mind and soul and one lives happy ever after. We need these moments to open the heart and connect emotionally. Each year we will become a little more pragmatic knowing that neither Santa Claus nor any other magical icon we believe in, is going to come along and fix things. But we can enjoy a loving moment.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Time Travel

December 8, 2017

Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Time Travel   Crystalinks

The basic premise of this day is to pretend to be a time traveler, either from the past or future, who has somehow ended up in present day.

Science fiction presents opportunities to physically time travel with warnings about tampering with timelines. I have physically met people who claim to be from the future having traveled - or been sent back to this timeline - to warn us about whatever. This is sometimes associated with science, extraterrestrials, mental illness, or substance abuse.

If time is an illusion, we are all time travelers on a journey to simultaneously experience endless events on different levels of conscious awareness. At this level our brains focus on the green screens of physical reality and react accordingly. Metaphysics, Dreams, and Out of Body Experiences take Time Travelers on consciousness journeys allowing the observer to tap into the flow of the collective unconscious or grids of experience. All of reality is about experiencing and evolving through the Holographic Universe in which we dwell.

All fired up ...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Today the world is all fired up over:

Jerusalem   Crystalinks --- Jerusalem   Wikipedia

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stories that work for me ...

Why older women will rule the world: The future is female, MIT expert says   NBC - December 6, 2017
As we live longer, women over 50 will have more power than ever before.

Time's Person of the Year is 'The Silence Breakers' of #MeToo Movement   NBC - December 6, 2017

"The Silence Breakers" of the #MeToo movement, who gave a voice to sexual assault and harassment survivors - and showed them that they are not alone - is Time's 2017 Person of the Year, the magazine revealed exclusively Wednesday morning on "Today." While the concept of #MeToo was started years ago by activist Tarana Burke, its use became part of the national conversation in October after celebrities on social media used it to share their own sexual abuse stories in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The wave of stories prompted people from all walks of life to add their voice to the movement.

California Fires, Again!

2017 has not been an easy year. Currently I am reporting ongoing wildfires in California as people lose everything just before the holidays. It's hard getting into the holiday spirit with so much uncertainty in the world. Perhaps posting Christmas songs every day will help. Let's start with ...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Supermoon Reflections
Full Moon 11° Gemini

A Supermoon occurs when a full moon, or new moon, is at its closest to Earth, making it look bigger and brighter to the naked eye. The December 3, 2017 was the first of three consecutive supermoons, including a lunar eclipse. The other supermoons will happen on Jan. 1 and Jan. 31, 2018. The lunar eclipse on Jan. 31 will be visible during moonset. The moon appeared 7 percent larger and 16 percent brighter.

The association of the Moon with both oceanic and crustal tides has led to claims that the Supermoon phenomenon may be associated with increased risk of events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but there is no evidence of such a link. Three days prior ... 4.1 Delaware Quake - 6.7 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Quake

December 4, 2017 - As the moon moved across the horizon, I stood on my terrace and took a few pics. With the wind blowing they showed different visual effects that some interpret as orbs, a UFO, a portal, or some thing else paranormal.

The wind shook the camera causing this Ribbon Effect

Taking a picture with the camera facing the moon or sun
can create a pink or green halo effect

It's fun to imagine that a UFO was chasing the full
Supermoon this morning as the camera moved.

The 'supermoon' celestial wonder seen across the UK  
BBC - December 4, 2017

Supermoon creates spectacular views around the world   ABC - December 4, 2017

Tax Reform Bill 2017

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017   Wikipedia

As aways, the rich will get richer and everyone else will lose out ... depending on how long the hologram continues.

Tax reform bill a 'big win' for now, but it could all go wrong in 2018: Former White House official.

The Differences House, Senate Will Have to Resolve to Advance Tax Reform Bill