Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terror in the Orlando Grid

Some people say "things happen in three's" meaning we live in 3D where they manifest in the physical grids for emotional value.

Friday night, 'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie died after being shot following her Orlando concert performance. Christina was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition and died early Saturday morning. The killer, Loibl, was tackled by Christina's brother then killed himself. The investigation into motive continues as fans, friends, and family mourn. Christina's funeral is Friday.

That night in Orlando there was a Gay Pride Week celebration going on at a club called Pulse. As you know, at 2 AM Sunday morning a mass shooting occurred - committed by Omar Mateen - the backstory of which is still under investigation. That event imprinted the grids like nothing I've seen since 9/11. I visited that grid while in "dream time" this morning and heard the screams of the victims. [This is not about Time Travel as Time is an Illusion but about Grid Travel another aspect of the illusion.]

As my consciousness raced back to my physical Ellie body - I passed a small boy who was screaming. It was awful but I recognized I was just an observer. I woke up and as always turned on the morning news to find this story. Alligator grabs toddler, drags him into lagoon at Disney hotel, police say

In Orlando, at the United Nations and in cities across the world, tributes to those lost, continue. Ninety percent of those killed were Hispanic or of Hispanic descent, including 23 Puerto Ricans. People share their experiences as the investigation and healing continues.Readers of hits blog know Mateen did it but could his wife or anyone else have stopped him? Just as with 9/11 when people dreamed about the event as it unfolded in the grid - for better or worse - things happen the way they're supposed to (programmed to).