Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jobs and Life

There are jobs out there, if you keep searching and asking questions, especially in the world of technology where something is created every day and one must keep their skills fine tuned. Some people need to go after a job, while others have it presented to them. The job I posted about, this morning, on Zindigo has been filled. That was fast.

    When everything in your life is right on track, it's easy to believe that things happen for a reason; it's easy to have faith. But when things start to go wrong, then it's very hard to hold on to that faith. It's hard not to wonder why fate has thrown you a curve ball.

Along the Facebook line - where once again everything is shifting and, like google privacy, is a greater priority - I've exchanged email with Chellie Campbell, a Financial Coach and Speaker from Los Angeles, who wrote "Zero to Zillionaire". She deals with helping women find jobs and business solutions in today's economy and thought she might be of help to someone out there. Just remember .... I'm not a believer in the power of .... any of the self empowerment systems ... to get you a job or anything else. They may bring clarity and guidance, but the rest is up to fate. I believe that you attract, as per your programming, and the clock is ticking to the only Zero I see .... "Zero Point."

    Some people have given up all hope of anything in their lives every changing. They go day by day, and if something were to come along and make things different, they probably wouldn't even notice right off, except for that kind of nervous feeling they experience in their solar plexus.

Remember Judy Joy Jones who got me involved in Blog Talk Radio? She's a fun and funny artist and small-time actress from San Francisco, in my age group, who set aside some money, and is preparing to move to Europe for a year - leaving soon for Paris. She has no plans once there and is doing what many of us dream about - taking off and letting destiny guide. Many people who sense the end of this reality are doing the same thing. You just need back-up money, and a wanderlust to see the world, perhaps something left unfinished from your 20's before real life set in. These souls are being guided to the free spirit world of adventure, often feeling a calling to something greater. Do you feel it? Would Ellie consider such an adventure? Last week, Pat and I talked about spending a month in Paris and renting an apartment ... maybe, but don't see it. Third world countries? No. Too dangerous and I'm too old. It's all about a sense of being free and knowing there is more out there than one's daily life and experiences provide.

    Most people's lives change slowly like a chess game ... thinking things through ... seeing the next moves in their minds .... a few moves forward ... to the side ... and maybe backwards. They're who they are and then after a while, they're someone else. But some people know the exact moment where their lives have changed forever moving them from 3D thinking to their greater destiny as their consciousness frequency shifts. There is no going back.

I met another woman on Facebook named Meryl, who lives locally in Coney Island. She does the usual healing and energy work, with an extended network of people. I doubt she understands my perspective on reality as totally blipping out of existence soon, but agrees that we exist in a consciousness hologram. I had no idea that expression meant so many different things to so many people. A hologram is a simulation - plain and simple - beginning to end - then it disappears. The complexity of anything you encounter now, will allow you to determine how enmeshed in the hologram you still are.

    Why do people want so desperately not to be alone? It is always comforting to think someone is there, but at what price? In the end, we are all alone and yet all together.

One of the things Meryl and I talked about was something people tell me all the time, "I don't want to grow old alone." There seems to be fear with this, especially for women. Not to worry as far as I can see ... this is the end of the line, so there is no growing old alone. You came here alone, and leave the same way. The concept of 'lonely' is foreign to me. I can always find something to do to keep me occupied. Yesterday was about my iPad - which was fun.. Didn't download apps for games as I have no time and don't feel connected. Meryl and I talked about relationships today, how they have changed, how most people in metaphysics prefer to live alone as that is the only way you can truly find yourself, and how most of them are alone, many lonely. The dynamic of relationships is more about freedom than finding the fictitious One. Today we understand what relationships are about, what we can handle, and why women empower so they too can find jobs and freedom in a world where everyone is burning out.

    People believe what they want to believe. They define what they see to make sense of their world. They use numbers and oracles of divination to fit into their beliefs and theories. They find meaning where they can, and cling to it or all would seem not worth the journey here. In the end, it really doesn't matter what is true or false, right or wrong, real or illusion as life is just a virtual experience.

Pause .... Look outside yourself now. If every soul out there was a flame on a candle, how fast are the flames burning out? How many candles are burning down? What does your flame look like? Mine is a spiraling flame of light soaring high into the air beyond this reality ... and as it does ... it flickers, dances and plays.

Monday, January 30, 2012


January 2012 was the month I updated old files with video, text, and images, integrating and raising the frequency of Crystalinks for what lies ahead. What do I blog about without being redundant? Not sure yet. A new week always goes to political and economic matters of which I have no interest so the program will have to create a new time stream for us to follow. For me there's Superbowl and having fun exploring my iPad.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

There's Awards ... and then there's Awards

Sunday we have the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Closer to home ...

Thursday my daughter Nikki won the sales award at Food Network at their annual conference in Florida.

My daughter Tracy teaches gifted children in Gilbert, Arizona. Saturday, January 28, 2012, her 5th grade gifted math students competed in a statewide math competition called "Math Matters". She wrote: "There were 200 top math students competing today, and my student, Sam Hall, took first place. He is 10 years old and is preparing to begin 9th grade math next year at Higley High School. He is a true prodigy." After Sam won, parents of other students asked Tracy to tutor their children, but she said it was not just about her role as his teacher as the fact that he is a prodigy and just born that way. His parents are professionals but don't excel in math, though his younger brother seems to be following in Sam's footsteps.

The children anxiously await the results.

Tracy's team

His eyes are just a genetic anomaly - nothing ET about this but great metaphors.

Metaphors: Cat, Blue, Eyes, and Children (Children Know ... See below)

January Blogs

In January, I updated and created over 100 files including the integration of clips from the Ancient Alien TV series. The information and Knowing about closure is pouring into my consciousness non-stop. You may have noted that I didn't address political and economic issues of the month, and don't plan to unless something major happens. Those who came here to research and teach science and pseudoscience are now stepping up .... It is our time, so please pay attention.

Gregg Braden's ideas coincide with some of mine.

No matter how you are programmed to perceive it

this is the end of the experiment in linear time to study emotions.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Quickies

Today's agenda is to finish my review of Ancient Aliens with the pilot and episode 1 remaining. Lots of insights into humanity's origins and future.

More on those strange unexplained sounds

Google News

  Strange noises reported around North Battleford CTV News - January 24, 2012

Sunday --Screen Actors Guild Awards - More fun with Brad and George - and Brad and Angie all leading up to the Oscars in February.

It's sad about Demi more, but from the first time I saw her on General Hospital decades ago, I felt she suffered from clinical depression. Now she's at the menopause age which heightens the chemical imbalance in the brain for many women, especially these dealing with loss. On Entertainment Tonight they discussed her use of something called whip-its - apparently a new street drug that I never heard of it (wrong generation. It seems to be a growing trend. Check it out.

Zep Tepi or Tep Zepi?

This file has been updated with new text and images.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

January 26, 1958

Ellen DeGeneres

  Ellen DeGeneres Google Videos

Ellen DeGeneres is an award winning American stand-up

comedienne, television hostess and actress.

Sometimes you can't see yourself clearly

until you see yourself through the eyes of others.

Ellen DeGeneres Quotes 1

Ellen DeGeneres Quotes 2

Coronal Mass Ejection

From Spaceweather - Thursday January 26, 2012

Sunspot AR1402, the source of this week's powerful M9-class solar flare, is acting up again. On Jan. 26th between 0100 UT and 0600 UT, a sequence of C-class magnetic eruptions around the active region hurled a bright coronal mass ejection over the sun's north pole, shown here in a coronagraph image from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. The cloud is not heading toward Earth, at least not directly. This and future eruptions from AR1402 are unlikely to be geoeffective as the sunspot is turning away from our planet. By week's end it will be on the far side of the

Coronal Mass Ejection and Auroras

From Spaceweather - Wednesday January 25, 2012

Image Enlarged

As expected, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 24th at approximately 1500 UT (10 am EST). The impact produced a G1-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. As the storm crested, Goran Strand of Ostersund, Sweden, took a panoramic photo and wrapped it 360-degrees to create this composition, which he calls "Planet Aurora".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


January 25, 2004

Mars Rover Opportunity Lands

Mars Opportunity - Google Images

  Mars Rover: Opportunity Google Videos

Opportunity Rover   Google News

Mars Rover January 25, 2012

Opportunity Rover Spots Greeley Haven on Mars

NASA - January 25, 2012

Explanation: Where on Mars should you spend the winter? As winter approached in the southern hemisphere of Mars last November, the Opportunity rover had just this problem -- it needed a place to go. The reduced amount of sunlight impacting Opportunity's solar panels combined with the extra power needed to keep equipment warm could drain Opportunity's batteries. Therefore Opportunity was instructed to climb onto the 15 degree incline of Greeley's Haven, shown as the rocky slope ahead. The incline increased power input as Opportunity's solar panels now have greater exposure to sunlight, while also giving the rolling robot some interesting landscape to explore. Visible in the distance, beyond Greeley Haven, lies expansive Endeavour Crater, the ancient impact basin that Opportunity will continue exploring as the Martian winter concludes in a few months, if it survives.

Coronal Mass Ejection and Auroras

From Spaceweather - Wednesday January 25, 2012

Image Enlarged

As expected, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 24th at approximately 1500 UT (10 am EST). The impact produced a G1-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. As the storm crested, Goran Strand of Ostersund, Sweden, took a panoramic photo and wrapped it 360-degrees to create this composition, which he calls "Planet Aurora".

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In case you missed the recent CME ... [and at the same time I was guided to watch the film Knowing again ...]

Solar storm's effects to lash Earth through Wednesday   BBC - January 24, 2012

Our planet is being bombarded by high-energy particles unleashed by the strongest solar storm since 2005, scientists say. The charged particles are mostly a concern for satellites - which they can disrupt - and astronauts.

Auroras spark awe across the north   MSNBC - January 24, 2012

This weekend's auroras were particularly bright because of a strong solar outburst that occurred on Thursday.


Wednesday at 9:00pm EST - FOX debuts a show that reminds me of Knowing and Alphas. It's called Touch. Kiefer Sutherland plays Martin Bohm a former journalist and luggage handler whose wife was killed in the September 11 attacks. David Mazouz plays Jacob "Jake" Bohm, an autistic and mute boy who is obsessed with numbers and can predict future events.

In "Alphas", Ryan Cartwright plays Gary Bell, a young autistic man who lives with his mother and is socially functional to a degree. He has the ability to view and interact with wireless communication signals out of thin air and process information as fast as any computer. The signals can only be seen by him, which he can move around by 'touch'ing them.

January 24, 1984

The first Apple Macintosh computer goes on sale

The original Macintosh

  Apple Macintosh 1984 Google Videos

January 24, 1939 - March 23, 2011

Jose Arguelles

  Jose Arguelles Google Videos

Jose Arguelles was a world-renowned author, artist, and educator. He was the founder of Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time. He held a Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago, and taught at numerous colleges, including Princeton University. In 1987, the year in which he held the Harmonic Convergence event, Arguelles settled on the date of December 21, 2012 in his book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, in which he claimed on that date the Earth would pass through a great "beam" from the Galactic Center and that the Maya aligned their calendar in anticipation of that event. His theories are widely disputed.

Everything in modern civilization is based on

this concept of time which is not valid.

People think time works like a watch,

but that's another one of their dreadful illusions.

Jose Arguelles

Ancient Aliens and Consciousness Creations

I finished most of season 2 Ancient Aliens and hope to complete the review today. The updated and new files are listed below. I would imagine for many people the human-extraterrestrial connection might be bit shocking, but it has always been part of our story.

It's nice to see theories that I have always understood, explained in detail, with excellent graphics, integrating them as I do on Crystalinks, with mythology, history and science. Ancient people could not have created megalithic monuments, flown in 'chariots', created math, science, and astronomy, without intervention from either aliens with advanced technology - or as I believe - the advancements came as a result of inserts placed at different times in the journey of humanity to further its evolution and that of the collective unconsciousness. I don't deny an alien presence based on physical evidence, but I keep coming back to "Don't believe anything you read or see as it is all an illusion." I know many of the researchers, scientists, and authors on the TV show and agree with their conclusions, but think outside the box.

Erich Von Daniken connects alien creators with a real god. I call it the collective consciousness, hologram, grids, matrix, program, etc. Concepts of any gods are beyond what you should accept today as your personal truth. It is all just part of the illusion, so don't take it seriously. Jesus, aliens, ascended masters, etc. are all part of extraterrestrial myths to activate your genetic codes through which you process at this level of awareness. Visions of Mother Mary, etc. are projected illusion, but for some awaken soul memories lost in this aspect of the illusion. To see the rituals people partake in around the world, in the name of their god, is primitive and defeats the understanding of reality as a holographic experience set in time.

The episode about the Nazis, explains a lot about alien-human interactions in the 20th century and overlaps with names and events that I clearly remember.

The final chapter for my work here began in Scorpio, November 2011, with an update on 11:11 explaining about the brain as binary code and our reality as fibonacci sequence. That month PBS presented Fabric of the Cosmos. In episodes 1 and 2 we saw evidence that reality is a hologram and time is an illusion. Now we review Ancient Alien Theory ... and maybe ... just maybe ... the scheduled appearance of an extraterrestrial presence will be shown before this reality blips out of existence.

Ajanta Caves of India


Aliens and Duality

Aliens and Nazi Germany

Ancient Aliens - DNA Connections 2012


Angkor Wat

Ark of the Covenant

Atlantis - Theories

Baalbek Megalithic Monuments

Black Stone of Mecca, Hajj

Carnac Stones

Coral Castle

Derinkuyu (Zoroaster)

El Dorado - The Lost City of Z


Garden of Eden

Gobekli Tepe

Hollow Earth

Holy Grail

Inca Civilization

Inca Ruins

Incan Skulls


Joan of Arc

Junk DNA


Lake Titicaca

Lalibela Churches

Lion Horoscope

Masonic Program in America and Alien Connections

Nazca Lines and Culture


Oracle of Delphi

Pandemics, Plagues, and Aliens


Persia (Iran) ... Then and Now


Philosopher's Stone

Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980 (Binary Code)

Rennes Le Chateau

Sphinx: Hidden Chambers, Hall of Records

Trojan War

Vril Society

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Ca!

On January 23, 2012 we arrive at the Chinese New Year.

2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon replete with symbology.

While looking for an image, I found "2012" written as Z01Z ...

The "Year of Z the Dragon": Metaphors and jokes endless...

It's all here on this file and related ...Chinese Dragons

I never understood why that file is consistently

in the top 10 day every day ... Now I do.

2012 will not be a boring year.

Tick tock !

2012 The Year of the Water Dragon

People often ask, "If someone doesn't raise their consciousness and heal, how will they remember that we live in a hologram that is evolving out of existence?" Human DNA is encoded as if a time capsule or time release pill. When the program closes, everyone's DNA will release that information simultaneously. Fear of leaving the program will not exist. It will be quick and painless, so try to keep your life that way while here. The caveman mentality (DNA Dragon) will no longer drag-on concluding as souls return to light and total consciousness.

The Serpent returns to the light

Creating Balance in the Year of the Dragon

The Final Chapter

Remembering ...

!! The giants just won in overtime! Yeah !!

I'm still here updated old files, and creating new ones, based on the videos from the Ancient Alien TV Series. Why am I doing it? Because I agree with their theories and they present very tangible evidence for things that I believe in, remember from the past, and couldn't say outright as people would consider me too far out there. Wherever possible, I prefer science over pseudoscience. I watch sci-fi mostly for the metaphoric content, which is what many of these files represent to my soul. Many episodes allow me to see how close we are to the end. Last November, the evidence was in about reality being a hologram and time an illusion as presented by the PSB NOVA series "Fabric of the Universe". Watching the videos, put things into perspective and reinforce what you already you.

It started last November on 11.11.11 with an update to the file 11:11 explaining about the brain as binary code and our reality as the fibonacci sequence. That month PSB NOVA series Fabric of the Cosmos parts 1 and 2 - we saw evidence proving reality is a hologram and time an illusion.

For today I return to Ancient Aliens and will add to the list above. As I am working backwards, I am now in Season 2.

Monday Memos

Monday in the city ... the rain is melting the snow and all is warming up. The news on TV this morning was about the usual, with some updates and new stories. The price of stamps is up by one penny and service is down. Some days I don't even bother to get the mail as most things are electronic anyway.

Most of all we have the excitement about the Giant win last night. After they win the Superbowl, I will tell you why I blogged they would take it all.

Did you see the game? I couldn't believe I stayed up to watch it. Funny story ... as the game started I smelled cigarette smoke and knew at once it was my deceased ex-husband Ralph, back again. When we were married we watched football with the girls every weekend. So there was Ralph telling me he came to watch the game with me and confirming what I already blogged, that the Giants would win, but Ralph said the game would be great! I told him he could stay but I would also be updating my files, which he reluctantly agreed to. (He was never into computers). Somewhere around half time, my friend Mallory called. Not to say we talked long, but after a few minutes Ralph grumbled, "Do you have to talk to your friends while we're watching the game?!" Whoa ! My consciousness instantly shot back to the days we were married. I told Mallory what Ralph said and we both laughed. And this is why I remain single.

This morning I completely revamped the Animals and Prophecy file - new images, links and now a cute little black bird in the UK whose molts each year and now has gone from black to white ... great metaphors. Also updated the file ...

Legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Quickies


Polarities -- East Coast vs. West Coast --- NY Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers -- It's the Giants again Sunday night. Both teams have a famous area called Chinatown. I mention it because we are coming to the Chinese New Year - Year of the Water Dragon. Have a very Happy New Year if you are celebrating. A blog I wrote last month -- 2012 Year of the Chinese Water Dragon (Z01Z)

We are also in the energies of the New Moon 2 Aquarius -- updated below with what I saw yesterday as the clock ticked down.

The snow is falling in the city - the first real snow since the October blizzard (did I write that?). Outside I hear the sound of a snow blow rubbing against the pavement as it clears clearing the main street to the highway just outside. What makes it all okay is unlike last winter -- the snow lingered and wasn't cleared for days and the temperatures will go into the 40's, maybe 50 degrees over the next few days giving the children tomorrow a day of play then it's gone.

Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide

Friday I posted this as it starts with a Z in the clouds

then quickly removed it as something felt wrong.

So many people want to see it, I'm reposting. I like her ...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ancient Aliens

Brain (Binary Code) -- Hologram (Fibonacci Sequence)

Since the Ancient Alien TV series began, I have wanted to integrate their messages into Crystalinks' files as I know many of the researchers and believe what they say at this level of consciousness. They are doing an amazing job explaining humanity's connections to alien creators from the beginning of time, but where I differ is that I go beyond ancient aliens to the source codes of this reality as a consciousness hologram. The hologram created aliens who created us in many biogenetic experiments all running parallel to this reality. Along with that, many of us have genetically inherited memories that link us beyond this physical experience to alien creational forces and beyond.

I can't tell you how many people I have met and read who feel no connection to this program, knowing that it ends soon, and we either go back to alien creators, or from my part in all of this - the hologram ends and back to source, which I call the collective unconscious, or some people call God (semantics). You can't force these memories for as you know the way we experience at this level of reality is based almost entirely on our DNA program, with small amounts of what we call free will. If your codes are programmed to remember, you would have had stirring and paranormal experiences since childhood and, by now, are finished working on your issues, questing, and know something is coming - the turning point that changes it all. This is not about anything in this reality that people ask me about - from global disasters to economic, political, religious, and social issues - all superfluous and designed from the start for failure in his timeline.

The teachers and messages have been out there in recent decades, the information running like a giant web (internet) throughout the world - the return of Spiderwoman who weaves the patterns of this program together for souls to remember as the clock ticks down. That is the meaning behind the prophecy of white animals being born today, including the purple calf born this week. When I am surrounded in purple, it tells me that my alien codes are triggering in my Ellie Crystal experience in physical reality. The December 21, 2012 prophecy, like everything else, is another numeric trigger for me, one of many. It speaks of end times and for those who are encoded to that end, the message is delivered with endless ongoing synchronicities.

We come to the Ancient Alien series, played out now to explain who and what we are and why we are here. The information was timed to this end, along with the age of technology to help those who are encoded to remember. For some, it's about making a global difference, for others it's about working on their issues. The messages will come to everyone and you will decide where you belong and how you will play things out based on your programming to do so, also linked to the 11:11 code. Remember the Ancient Mystery School Teachings, which many of you created and came here to play out in time.

In selecting which episode of Ancient Aliens to incorporate first, though many have already been encoded, I decided to start backwards, hence some of the updates files listed above. I am now watching at "Aliens, Gods and Heroes" on YouTube which returned me to these memories.

Getting Your Powers Back

Do you ever feel like you've lost your powers, like Clark Kent when he gets too close to Kryptonite? Can you empathize with him? Superman, who we know was an alien, was really named Kal-El, from the house of El. His father was Jor-El and his uncle Zor-El, one of the characters I created in Crystalinks when it began. Superheroes are born that way, or, along the way something triggers their abilities.

You have to wonder why so many of us feel we've been abandoned down here without what seems like our normal powers, wondering when we will be rescued and get them back. Ron and I talk about this all the time, and I tell him that our DNA makeup is not encoded for abilities, and as far as having a device, it would have to come from aliens, depending on the purpose of the device. Remember, it is aliens and inserts in the hologram that advanced our technology in the 20th century to prepare us for closure.

According to ancient alien theory, we were created by aliens who possess powers, either genetic, or based on ancient art and myths, and possessed devices used to create everything we believe is real. Part of their DNA is encoded within humanity, which explains why so many of us remember not being from here. [Didn't we all learn in high school that the human embryo practically goes thru all life forms from single cell, to fowl, to reptilian, to human, before birth. Heck, even part of the brain is labeled reptilian.] We are all created from the collective unconsciousness which seems light years away and play out roles in all sorts of programs. When I think about my powers, there are no devices, just consciousness. What I have always missed most is teleportation and flight. It has always felt strange to be a bipedal entity limited by the forces of gravity, space and time, but that is all about to change.

[Go to 9:20]

Aliens and Misunderstood Technology - Mythology, Creation and Aliens

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sundance Film Festival

January 19 - 29, 2012

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival 2012

The Sundance Film Festival is the largest

independent cinema festival in the U.S.

Have you done anything creative this year? How about a YouTube video? Maybe it's best to do it now as SOPA, if passed, could limit creativity - or the force that plummets it into reality - wanting to see your project out in the public - to make your statement - to be heard- and most of all to make a difference.

Great news about our friend Dee.

She is now on IMDB and is working on a

film called Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man

Two of Today's Birthdays

Dolly and Paula are born one year apart - my age.

They are in the news for different reasons.

January 19, 1946

Dolly Parton

  Dolly Parton Google Videos

Dolly Parton Google News

Dolly Parton is an award winning American singer-songwriter,

author, multi-instrumentalist, actress and philanthropist.

Joyful Noise (2012 film) -- Filmography -- Discography

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

Dolly Parton Quotes 1

Dolly Parton Quotes 2

Dolly Parton Quotes 3

January 19, 1947

Paula Deen

  Paula Deen Google Videos

Paula Deen on Diabetes Google News

Paula Deen is an American cook, restaurateur, author,

actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality.

Southern Cooking is like a long walk in the meadow,

you just can never seem to fill up enough on it.

Paula Deen Quotes

January 20 - February 18, 2012

Sun in Aquarius

Happy Birthday to the Aquarius Readers!