Sunday, September 30, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Investigation

How History in American Was Changed for Women

Friday September 28, 2018

As the world looked on, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by an 11-10 party-line vote. Jeff Flake supported the nomination but said he wanted a one-week delay in the full Senate vote to allow for an FBI investigation and was not alone in his concerns. Other women will come forward. If anything Kavanaugh will be proven to be a liar unfit to serve on the Supreme Court Watch the Video: Sexual assault survivor corners senator Flake in elevator

Were they channeling?

1. When I saw the two women in the elevator confront Jeff Flake I wondered if recently deceased AZ. Senator John McCain had sent them there. Later when Flake asked for the FBI investigation I wondered if McCain had guided the whole experience.

2. On Friday morning, Rod Serling's daughter, writer Anne Serling, posted a picture of her father looking over a script for the legendary CBS sci-fi show, and talked about what sort of fate she believed Serling would write for a character like Kavanaugh. "My father believed in decency, integrity and justice," she tweeted. "Had he written this, I assure you - there would indeed be a further FBI investigation along with some cosmic justice." Hours later, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve to send Kavanaugh's nomination to a final Senate floor vote, but only after assurances to Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake that the vote would be delayed a week to allow for an FBI investigation to be conducted into the allegations made against the nominee. Read more ...

Thursday September 27, 2018

Depending on your perspective - the Christine Blasey Ford - Brett Kavanaugh hearing having to do with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court looked orchestrated and on some level - like everything in our reality it was.

Believing Christine Blasey Ford, I sat down to watch her testimony with an open mind but wound up spending nine hours following events that will change history. In the Age of #MeToo many sexually abused women will now feel empowered to tell their stories. Some will be believed and some will not. Some will be telling the truth while others will have their own agendas based on emotional needs for retaliation against those they hate as reality becomes more explosive on all fronts in the fight for freedom.

Ford was a credible witness whose story touched the hearts of not only women across the country but everyone watching. People joined forces in social media to express their heart-felt sentiments and support of Dr. Ford.

Political Theatre - Brett Kavanaugh came across like a man not in control of his emotions with many believing his behavior was directed by President Trump who wanted him to seem strong. He shouted at senators and talked over them. If he was my client I would say he was in the throes of a breakdown. As he spoke about drinking issues his behavior depicting what he could be like in a drunken rage. When asked if he had ever had a black out the next day after drinking he said no. But how do you remember what you're too drunk to remember? Throughout his testimony I watched the reaction of his wife seated next to him with a poker face but as a psychic her energies read: "He is lying". His blank stares when confronted by questions by Democrats lead one to believe that he was not telling the truth and was unstable.

Highlighted was the fact that Kavanaugh

    did not agree to an FBI investigation of allegations against him

    didn't want his lifetime friend Mark Judge - the only person who witness to the sexual assault on Ford - who potentially could exonerate him - to come forward

    has not as yet submitted to a lie detector test

    showed himself to be disrespectful between bouts of crying and anger and not fit to be a judge in the future

Matriarchy Versus Patriarchy - No One Wins

Wednesday Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Today is International Coffee Day

Celebrating International Coffee Day by the Bridge with my friend Joe.

FYI - Neither of us drink coffee

International Coffee Day

Google News

Sulawesi 7.5 Earthquake and Tsunami - Water Clocks

Just when I think I'm finished with Flood Stories for the week the Pacific Ring of Fire explodes again. These are no longer isolated incidents few and far between. They are an algorithm for end times that is accelerating exponentially. Tick tock !

2018 Sulawesi earthquake   Wikipedia

NBC: Indonesia tsunami triggered by earthquake kills at least 384

CNN: Indonesia tsunami and earthquake kill 384, leave hundreds injured

BBC: Indonesia earthquake: Hundreds dead in Palu quake and tsunami

Water Clocks

A water clock or clepsydra is any timepiece in which time is measured by the regulated flow of liquid into (inflow type) or out from (outflow type) a vessel where the amount is then measured. Water clocks are one of the oldest time-measuring instruments.

Where and when they were first invented is not known, and given their great antiquity it may never be. The bowl-shaped outflow is the simplest form of a water clock and is known to have existed in Babylon and in Egypt around the 16th century BCE.

Other regions of the world, including India and China, also have early evidence of water clocks, but the earliest dates are less certain. Some authors, however, claim that water clocks appeared in China as early as 4000 BCE. Later the Chinese developed advanced water clocks, incorporating gears, escapement mechanisms, and water wheels, passing their ideas on to Korea and Japan

Some modern timepieces are called "water clocks" but work differently from the ancient ones. Their timekeeping is governed by a pendulum, but they use water for other purposes, such as providing the power needed to drive the clock by using a water wheel or something similar, or by having water in their displays.

The Greeks and Romans advanced water clock design to include the inflow clepsydra with an early feedback system, gearing, and escapement mechanism, which were connected to fanciful automata and resulted in improved accuracy.

Further advances were made in Byzantium, Syria and Mesopotamia, where increasingly accurate water clocks incorporated complex segmental and epicyclic gearing, water wheels, and programmability, advances which eventually made their way to Europe.

Independently, the Chinese developed their own advanced water clocks, incorporating gears, escapement mechanisms, and water wheels, passing their ideas on to Korea and Japan. Read more ...

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Day That Will Resonate in History

This morning I watched Christine Blasey Ford testify then took a lunch break along with everyone else. I found her testimony riveting in so far as it is a game changer in American culture on many levels. I believed her before and more so after she testified. You can read all about it on any news service, watch events on TV and the Internet, then draw your own conclusions.

My take-away ... It would appear the Republican Establishment is crumbling at last. Trump was supposed to drain the swamp, but it appears it will swallow him up.

Brett Kavanagh never took a lie detector test. His friend Mark Judge never came forward to exonerate Kavanagh. An investigation would have resolved all of the issues, but then again the Republicans are in a hurry to get their man confirmed before the midterm elections.

Right now Kavanagh is testifying with tears in his eyes and an anger demeanor directed by Trump - so much political theater. If you watch his wife, seated next to him, you realize she knows the truth. I keep hearing, "Liar Liar Pants On Fire".

Kavanagh would not agree to an FBI investigation to all charges. The Powers That Be are moving against him. Change in all aspects of life American life will finally get a make-over as the clock ticks down. Everything seems to be happening based on some sort of greater plan.

Yesterday I watched Trump's 80 minute press conference as he made a last ditch effort to defend Brett Kavanagh. The outcome goes beyond the charges woman are making against Kavanagh, but more to the issues of women's rights - highlighted with Roe v. Wade. It also goes to the fate of the Republican Party as we know it today when old white men - lead by Donald Trump - decide the future for Americans. Yes I know ... we elected them - but time for change - away from self interest to human rights. Trump's press conference further confirmed his inability to tell the truth especially when asked about accusations against him through the decades by women and many other issues.

Reality is created by myth, math and magic. Always look at what's going on behind the scenes. Don't let "shiny objects" distract you in the illusion. Things are never what they seem to be.

A day that will resonate in history   CNN - September 27, 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Manifest - Flight MH370


The 2018-19 TV season officially began Monday with some really good shows. My favorites were 9-1-1 (dealing with an earthquake and its aftermath in California), The Voice (better than ever), followed by Manifest (airplane passengers and crew experience strange turbulence then land in New York having traveled 5.5 years into the future their destinies forever changed and connected).

The premise behind the show reminds me of the fate of flight MH370 that disappeared March 8, 2014. Perhaps one day that flight will also materialize intact but don't count on it. I "saw' it caught up in a space-time anomaly created as part of an experiment.

Flood Stories Continue

Yesterday was a humid gloomy overcast day in the city. People traveled to and fro to get to work, to school, take care of errands, and other things people do while trying to ignore the handicaps nature presents on a daily basis.

Though we've become accustomed to the effects of climate change, some days become more memorable than others. Flooding creates side effects that are both obvious or will show themseves later, such as mud slides, earthquakes, and other destructive events that create havoc.

This week I've posted about flooding in the aftermath of hurricane Florence.

Nasa satellite images show dark and polluted Carolina rivers bleeding into the Atlantic ocean after Hurricane Florence triggers heavy floods   Daily Mail - September 26, 2018

Florence was the wettest storm in more than half a century, behind Harvey   CNN - September 26, 2018

As flood stories continue closer to home ... Cars Submerged, Dramatic Rescues and Rain in Subways as Flash Floods Soak Tri-State   NBC - September 26, 2018

Matriarchy vs Patriarchy - No One Wins

When I began my online journey into metaphysics (1994) people were talking about matriarchal societies replacing patriarchies. I know what those terms meant in every day life but they took on a new hue in the world of metaphysics - something to which I have never connected.

I've always understood that we live in a bipolar reality so therefore the goal is to create balance in all things experienced. As we know there is - and has always been - an imbalance between men and women and who should run the world. We know the positives and negatives throughout history including our timeline and that neither should dominate and both should be respected though that would not create the dramas for our simulation.

Matriarchy as presented to me in metaphysics (1990's) had to do with women who believed they are - or were - priestesses. They are depicted as slim, beautiful, with long flowing hair, dispensing metaphysical jargon all of which was too airy-fairy - and frankly never made sense to me. And yet I realized that pattern was written into the simulation to help women who need to feel empowered and beautiful find that part of their experience.

As we come to the end of the simulation - you don't have to look like or be a "priestess" to feel empowered. If you are programmed to find that part of who you are it will happen. Women are coming into their own. Like everything else - it's about (the illusion of) Time.

One of the worst abuses that women have had to endure were sexual violations - from not only human men - but in some cases as part of the alien abduction experience. That's all changing. Aliens are no longer experimenting on humans.

Tuesday, the judge in the case against Bill Cosby, ruled that he was a sexually violent predator sentencing him to 3-10 years in State Prison. We will remember Cosby led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. It was a new day in rape culture, the women's movement, and feminism.

How did that make you feel? I feel this should have happened years ago but was not programmed to until this timeline. Will it change society or emotionally disturbed men - who have a background of control and abuse? No. It will change the way powerful men are allowed to treat women in the workplace.

Taking this to power and politics - old white men who rule the Senate want Brett Kavanaugh to be the next justice of the Supreme Court even with sexual allegations against him. They are not giving the woman in question - as well as others involved - a fair amount of time to present information that would block Kavanaugh. They fear they will lose the House and maybe the Senate. Is there anybody who doesn't see through their agenda? Sexual-harassment means nothing to Trump as there are many accusers who have come forward against him. Trump defends men who he believes are unjustly accused in these incidents. He sees nothing wrong with touching a woman inappropriately. What a dick.

One other cliffhanger that gets resolved tomorrow is whether or not Trump will fire Rod Rosenstein and try to put a stop to the Russian investigation. From what I've seen and read firing Rosenstein is the worst thing he can do. To be continued ...

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

North Korean Nuclear Testing

As I always blog - an increase in earthquake activity is the main reason North Korea was forced to stop nuclear testing.

North Korea's 2017 bomb test set off later earthquakes, new analysis finds   PhysOrg - September 25, 2018

From the unexplained in politics, to natural disasters, to the increased dysfunctionality of the human paradigm, it's all part of closure.

This Week at the United Nations

Gridlock alert here in the city as leaders from around the world convene at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in signed a new US-South Korean trade deal. The signing happened after a bilateral meeting Monday afternoon at the United Nations.

When President Trump enters the ornate chamber of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, he will find a sturdy wooden gavel at his place around the horseshoe-shaped table. With three raps, the president - who campaigned against globalism and has derided the U.N. as 'just a club' - will open a session of its most exclusive body: the 15-member Security Council.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made history again this week, becoming the first female head of state to attend the United Nations General Assembly with her infant.

Destiny - It's Happening This Week

On Thursday will fate intervene to save the careers of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? Follow events in this keynote week along with the sentencing of Bill Cosby today.

The 2018-19 TV season officially began Monday with some really good shows. My favorites were 9-1-1 (dealing with an earthquake and its aftermath in California), The Voice (better than ever), followed by Manifest (airplane passengers and crew experience strange turbulence then land in New York having traveled 5.5 years into the future their destinies forever changed and connected).

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Autumn Equinox - Sun in Libra - Meditation - The Goddess Emerges - Full Moon 2° Aries

September 22, 2018

Ellie Welcoming the Autumn Equinox

Sun in Libra

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Libra.

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus.

It's starting to feel like autumn in the northeast.

The energies, celebrations, and more, speak to your soul of a Time for Change and Transition.

As one prepares for the months ahead ... Relationships begin ... Sports abound ... Jobs open up ... Decision are made ... A New Season begins in a Full Moon. Embrace it all with an open heart.

When you have a moment ... relax as you would for mediation. Play music as guided. See yourself slowly walking down the path in the image below. Listen to the sounds of nature and the leaves beneath you feet.

At some point STOP!

lose your eyes.

Feel the balance of the Equinox.

Your soul stirs.

Ask for a message.

In the autumn of the year women took back their power - the Goddess emerged.

September 24, 2018

Full Moon 2° Aries

Visit Autumn on Crystalinks

Oktoberfest 2018

September 22 - October 7, 2018


Google News

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The drunkest and driest cities in America  
CBS - September 21, 2018

Traces of the World's First 'Microbrew' Found in a Cave in Israel  
Live Science - September 21, 2018

Sexual Misconduct - The Children

September 20, 2018

Today most people believe everyone is going crazy based on the dysfunctional behavior of people around the world. Abuse and mental illness is coming to the four as people can no longer live with the pressures daily life. Frustration, depression, anxiety, and abuse reign - but haven't they always? What once went on behind closed doors is now coming into the light.

Sexual abuse often begins in childhood continuing into adulthood as victims become abusers. There are many reasons men take advantage of women - some patterning - the rest psychological problems. It's generally not so much about sex but about control.

Female clients often share stories about sexual abuse against them. The problem is - mental illness often confuses the client about what actually happened to them in childhood. They may not remember the facts objectively but are seeking ways to blame those who otherwise abused them in childhood with sexual accusations. This is a fine line that often results in men who are innocent being accused of crimes they didn't commit.

Anything having to do with sexual abuse leave scars especially on children. This abuse above all else with children remains throughout their lives. Years of therapy bring understanding, sometimes forgiveness, but a never-ending mark on their soul affects the rest of their lives.

Social media seems to make it easier for predators to reach out - but on the flip side - to be found. In the age of #MeToo the truth will out - the perpetrators punished. Women are starting to speak out without fear of not being believed, retaliation, or ridicule by others.

How many women (or men) reading this have a story to tell and wish the truth would come out?

Sexual abuse by priests and others in the church is also being revealed in astounding numbers going back for decades with some of the blame put on Pope Francis for not punishing priests who had been accused.

Those who pray on children - male and female - need to have their day of reckoning.

In 1993 Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences opened as part of Kingsborough Community College in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn where my children grew up. Friends worked there until they retired. My friend Mike still teaches at the college level.

Today I saw this story on NBC News - Classmates Surprised by Teacher's Arrest on Child Porn Charges, Student Says

    Jonathan Deutsch, who taught at Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences, was arrested for soliciting sexually explicit photos and videos from minors. Students at the Brooklyn high school where a teacher arrested on child porn charges taught were surprised by the allegations and never sensed anything was amiss, one student said.

    Jonathan Deutsch, 34, who taught at Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences in Manhattan Beach until he was reassigned away from students at the beginning of the year, was arrested Wednesday for soliciting sexually explicit photos and videos from dozens of minors, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Brooklyn said. On Thursday, a 17-year-old student at the high school said classmates were taken aback by the allegations, as Deutsch seemed likable.

    Deutsch, who taught subjects including English, Special Education and Theater Arts at Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn Tech High School and Gramercy Arts High School before landing at Leon M. Goldstein, allegedly had sexual conversations with at least 45 underage children he contacted via Facebook, according to the attorney's office.

    He allegedly told the minors he was a teacher in an effort to groom them for sexual exploitation, told them to film and photograph themselves performing sexually explicit acts, sent them explicit photos of himself and bragged about prior relationships with children, according to a detention memo. Deutsch pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual exploitation of a child and is being held without bond. He could face at least 15 years in prison if he's convicted, the attorney's office said.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur

There's something about the window between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur that people feel - even if these holidays are not part of their culture and they do not celebrate them traditionally. It's just something in the energies of reality experienced at this transitional time of the year. For some this is the beginning of a new year rather than on the January 1 date.

Growing up in a predominantly Jewish area of Brooklyn, my family honored the traditions of the holiday. As I became an adult, I could still feel the energies but didn't follow the traditions. My children still remember that their father used to take them to Temple on these high holy days as these holidays meant a lot to him. Today only one of my three daughters goes to temple and follows tradition.

Like everything else, religion is a personal experience that one may chose to embrace as they go through the different chapters of their lives. Some people find religion as they get older, while others move away from it. In my years of metaphysics I have found that people believe in a spiritual origin - not so much in the paradigms of tradition.

Today we celebrate Yom Kippur. Some people will fast and others will not. Some will go to temple well others will honor the holiday at home either alone, with family, or with friends. Happy New Year to those celebrating one way or another. As we live in rapidly changing times - this year will bring interesting changes to our lives and the world.

Robocalls Increase and Get Weirder

The news reports this year Robocalls are increasing across the country not only on landlines but cell phones which most people prefer. This would also imply that those behind them are scamming people and making money. Scamming through email seems to be decreasing as people block Spam Mail - while robocalls increase and crimes are committed.

I only use my cell phone when I'm away as I work from home. My primary number is my landline. This year I got a new set of three Panasonic phones that enable me to block Robocalls. I never engage in conversations with any anyone -> hanging up immediately if I pick up the phone by mistake.

Today something weird happened. My landline rang and I looked over to see who was calling. Much to my surprise my caller ID displayed my landline number. It happened once when I was alone then again when I was with a client. I didn't pick up the phone.

Life gets stranger and stranger each day.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Emmy Awards, Yom Kippur 2018, The Truth Will Out

September 17, 2018

70th Primetime Emmy Awards Website

Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards 2018: 8 things to look out for  
BBC - September 17, 2018

September 18, 2018 - [9.18.18]

Yom Kippur begins at Sundown

A Day of Atonement for those who lie and hurt others.

The Truth Will Out ... Maybe

Political intrigue starts the week off with Brett Kavanaugh's sexual assault victim willing to speak to Congress and Paul Manafort speaking to Robert Mueller. Who needs reality TV when all of this is going on. Could these guys win Emmys? Can we the audience get to vote on who's in and who's out? Yom Kippur ... a Day of Atonement ... for these men? Don't bet on it! With Trump as your backup how could either one survive. Lord have mercy ...

Will Brett Kavanaugh become the next Justice of the Supreme Court? As a woman I hope not. I believe Kavanaugh is guilty even if he was intoxicated and may not remember. What would be more interesting is if college classmates and other women came forward. As the Democrats say, "What's the hurry?" As to Paul Manafort - this could shed light on so many unanswered questions about Russian connections, the 2016 and other elections, and Trump. Praise the Lord ... Robert Mueller is God.

Kings Plaza Mall Garage Fire

Saturday I posted about doing an event at the Kings Plaza Mall grand reopening celebration. (See pics below)

Highlighting the local news this morning ... Multiple cars went up in flames inside the parking lot of a Brooklyn mall, sending plumes of thick black smoke billowing high up into the sky and sparking a massive emergency response, officials said.

The vehicles caught fire on two floors inside the two-story parking garage at Kings Plaza Shopping Center at around 8:30 a.m. Conditions later worsened and the blaze was elevated to a fifth alarm. Local residents were told to keep their windows closed. Luckily to was too early for shoppers to be at the mall.

Lights!    Action!    Camera!

Ellie does an event at Kings Plaza Mall


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Relationships and Psychics

Psychology and psychic readings definitely overlap as people don't just want a flip answer about their relationships, careers, and more. They want to understand why their lives unfold the way they do. Why do people who have everything to bring to a relationship - never find someone to share their lives. The questions in the article below do not necessarily follow in my readings.

Clients are much more aware of the boundaries that separate good relationships and the ability to find and maintain them. I've written many blogs about relationships. Clients today understand that society is rapidly changing, people are more dysfunctional, and it is getting harder to find the fictitious soulmate. As I always say ... It all goes the way one is programmed. The five ways clients/people meet partners are:

1. Social Media
2. Social activities such as classes with people of similar interests - Meet-up groups
2. Introduction
3. Chance meeting - Right Place - Right Time
5. Work or School Related

To answer the questions below ...
1. If you are programmed
2. Define cheating.
3. Generally no or they will go back to that person
4. You can't
5. That's complicated ... too many variables.

The 6 Relationship Questions Psychics Get Asked Most Often   Huffington Post - September 14, 2018
1. Will I meet my soulmate?
2. Is my spouse cheating on me?
3. Will my affair partner leave their spouse for me?
4. How can I get this person to like or love me back?
5. Is my divorce or a breakup a failure at love?

Reading with Ellie

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Future of Farming

Wednesday my daughter Zsia called on a client in Kearny, NJ named Bowery Farming. She described it as a giant warehouse reminding her of the scene from the movie "The Martian" where Matt Damon creates his own potato farm to survive.

Zsia reported Bowery Farming is currently growing varieties of lettuce but plans to expand to other vegetables. She described the products as post-organic (no pesticides) - grown and shipped in one day. This was a bad year for romaine lettuce - recalled due to E. Coli contamination.

Today's world consists of people eating healthy to heal. The destruction of farmland due to flooding, droughts, wildfires and other things that affect crops is here to stay. Bowery Farming seems like the future - if one exists - farms perhaps run by AI's.

Watch the CNN Video about Bowery Farming

Florence - Creation and Destruction

As I watch Hurricane Florence make landfall near a city in South Carolina called Florence - I feel her energies swirling into reality in a unique way. Some people connect current events to mythology such as biblical flood stories and creation myths - depending on one's programming or how the mind connects the dots.

For me ... I've lived through a lifetime of weird weather but there is something that stirs my soul about Florence ... which was my my Mother's name. I've often thought of her name as Flo - the flow of the collective unconscious. Then Flow as in Flower or the Flower of Life geometry that creates the illusion in this part of the hologram.

When I "look" to see if she is in the grids I cannot find her per se. What I see is a collage of female creation forces that go back to the beginning. I see the name Kali - "time" or "the fullness of time" - and by extension time as "changing aspect of nature that bring things to life or death". Kali is associated with dark blue which is the color of end times before things Fade to Black. Florence by any name or definition seems like a marker in the matrix - a point of no return and hopefully the end of the time loop we have been stuck in forever.

    Quote from author Philip K. Dick - We are living in a computer programmed reality. The only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed and some alteration in our reality occurs. We would have the overwhelming impression that we were reliving the present - deja vu - perhaps in precisely in the same way, hearing the same words, saying the same words. I submit these impressions are valid and significant and I will even say this - such an impression is a clue that at some past time-point a variable was changed - reprogrammed as it were - and that because of this an alternative world branched off.

Hurricane Florence: If you are experiencing the storm first hand I hope you and your family remain safe if you have the opportunity to read this. It can't be easy especially when you have medical problems and money is limited. Flood waters are never safe as you don't now what's lurking in them. We are programmed to be survivors no matter what happens - but the emotional challenges that face people today are overwhelming.

Mental illness as you know is it an all-time high. A recent survey of people's daily emotions concluded that, worldwide, reports of negative emotions - including sadness, worry and stress - have increased over the last decade, reaching a record high in 2017. What's more, reports of positive emotions dipped slightly in 2017 compared with the previous year, according to a survey from Gallup. Most of us didn't need the survey as we understand the collapse of reality.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

17th Anniversary of 9/11 and Related Topics

I took this pic after the North Tower imploded.

I woke up this morning to the sound of sirens blaring combined with flashing lights down the block on the other side of 4th Avenue. No smoke. No fire. Not sure what was going on as the fire trucks dispersed and everyone went on their way.

There's always something strange about the energies on September 11 especially when you live as close to Ground Zero as I do. The sky is overcast this morning which creates an eerie ambience combined with the energies of the Jewish High Holy Days.

On the first year anniversary of 911 those three numbers won the New York City lottery. To this day many people still play them on September 11. The numbers 911 take me to ... 9 which means closure and 11 which is twin spiraling DNA for the movement of consciousness in and out of the grids - the hourglass - the experiment in linear time. Many people still connect with 11:11 and wonder what the message is.

We all have memories of events on September 11 that resulted in changes in our lives and the world. It was an insert into the final phase of the simulation as we entered the 21st (3 or third dimension) century. It's ripple effect plays on as if guiding us to a matrix point in the illusion of time.

Many of us did not approve of President GW Bush's actions that day. Did you ever wonder what President Trump would have done - how he would have reacted so that the world would put him on a pedestal? Our mayor at the time was Rudy Giuliani - not very popular yet someone who suddenly became a hero in those challenging times when we seek strong leadership. Giuliani went on to become Trump's lawyer - more often than not saying and doing the wrong things for his client. This is the Giuliani many New York City residents remember. Neither Trump nor Giuliani have high approval ratings in the city and beyond. They are like two characters from a reality show that originated in NYC and somehow became global sensations.

Bob Woodward's new book, Fear: Trump in the White House was released today describing disturbing behavior by the president of the United States and claims that many of his aides actively work to counter what they see as his most destructive instructions. One should fear Trump's behavior and also his decision making. This is one of many books about Trump's White House and his irrational behavior - often immature and self-serving. Woodward worries about what would happen if the US has a major crisis as do most Americans.

When the Twin Towers imploded the only major television network broadcasting was WCBS. And so we turned to them to bring the truth as it was unfolding throughout the day and days that followed. Today CBS highlights the news with the firing of Les Moonves after additional sexual misconduct allegations were leveled against the former CBS chief on Sunday. Moonves is married to Julie Chen a cohost of "The Talk" which I record and watch if time permits.

Monday the show premiered its 9th season. Once again 9 means endings. Sharon Osbourne replaced Julie who is home with her family. All of the women expressed their love and support for Julie, but it was Sharon who spoke the truth that she could not condone the behavior of Les Moonves whether it's today or 30 years ago. She also expressed concern for the fate of "The Talk". Their 9th season (9 endings) could mean the end of the talk show. Hosts of "The Talk" address Leslie Moonves' exit from CBS

View of the New Freedom Tower from my Roof

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rosh Hashanah September 2018 - Noah's Bar Mitzvah - Grandparents Day

Noah's Bar Mitzvah - September 3, 2018

September 9, 2018 - National Grandparents' Day
Love to all the grandparents out there. We give from the heart.

New Moon 17° Virgo

September 9, 2018 - Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year 5778
Happy New Year - Shana Tovah - Enjoy the holiday if celebrating.

Wishing all my family and friends a happy and healthy new year.
I feel very blessed as this New Year begins.

Because Noah's Bar Mitzvah was close to Rosh Hashanah the
Rabbi blew the Shofar which sounded a lot like a Didgeridoo.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Remembering Burt Reynolds

Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds has died at 82  
CNN - September 6, 2018

February 11, 1936 - September 6, 2018

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds was an award winning American actor. Filmography

You don't change the belief, you change the believer.

Burt Reynolds Quotes

White House "Who done it"-

The Trump administration is a lesson on "how to run country" and pretend to know what you're doing.

Once again we go to President Trump and those who would have him removed from office. There will always be a daily headline and battle between Trump and others until he's gone from office one way or another.

This week features another book depicting the chaotic White House - and related criminal activities - with more people coming forward with concrete information about why Trump shouldn't be president. Fear: Trump in the White House is an upcoming non-fiction book by American journalist Bob Woodward about the presidency of Donald Trump. The book will be released on September 11, 2018 as if another "9/11 bombshell".

In a "Who done it?" - and timed with the release of Woodward's book - is the blistering NY Times Op-Ed written by an anonymous Trump official which plays into the far-right conspiracy theories about a 'deep state' working against Trump. Here are the administration officials who deny they wrote The New York Times op-ed

When Lightning Strikes

First a sinkhole opened on the White House lawn. Tuesday a CNN photographer captured this photo of lightning striking the White House. Some think it is God or Zeus (same energies) sending a warning message. Maybe it was John McCain.

You can quote me

Does Melanie Trump really believe this? Has she ever read her husband's tweets? "Words are important, and accusations can lead to severe consequences. If a person is bold enough to accuse people of negative actions, they have a responsibility to publicly stand by their words and people have the right to be able to defend themselves," FLOTUS said. She looks scared. She should be.