Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Matrix, AI, Gordon, Shared Dreams, Noah and a Bar Mitzvah

It's a short week but it could make a long difference in the history of our country as Judge Brett Kavanaugh's contemptuous confirmation hearings begin today. You know the issues. (Wow ... this thought just came in loud and clear from many of you reading this - - no need to shout. "How long will reality as we know it continue to exist anyway?" Just follow the dots on the Matrix to get to the answer.)

The Matrix is a multi-faceted algorithm explored by alchemists
and scientists since the beginning of our simulation.

Your mission is to remember the evolution of consciousness
in the emotional journey of time.

Gordon-Michael Scallion - The Matrix Institute

I go back to a time when "Gordon" connected me to my friend Gordon Michael Scallion and our conversations and predictions about Earth Changes . Well folks here they come fast and furious.

As if things aren't bad enough on the US Gulf Coast - with friends and clients reporting illnesses due to Red Tide - we find much of the central Gulf Coast under a hurricane warning as Tropical Storm Gordon is on the move and strengthening. About 2 million people are under a hurricane watch or warning.

Will Tropical Storm Gordon impact Southwest Florida's red tide, algae?

Artificial intelligence or AI has been incorporated into our simulation now for many reasons and will not go away. On some level we are connected to AI depending on the research you do and your programming.

According to Ancient Alien Theory - and my programming - the human genome has extraterrestrial codes that influence all of us to a specific end.

When I see the word AI - it takes me to the name Al or Alexander from my book "Sarah and Alexander" and all things related in my personal experience. This is all going somewhere very quickly. The Matrix is AI.

Though much of world is going through programmed chaos ...
there's always room for love and happiness.

Labor Day was perfect as friends and family shared in honoring
my grandson Noah on his Bar Mitzvah in Westport, Connecticut.

Everything went perfectly - from temple services to a party afterwards.
We all love you Noah ! Hugs

AI (artificial intelligence), the Matrix, The Dream and Noah's Bar Mitzvah.
While looking through the pics I discovered this interesting pic of Nikki that is
not superimposed. Is reality a shared dream? Does "Temple" refer to the mind?
Then there's biblical Noah and the Flood Stories ...