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The Day Before Halloween

October 30, 1938

Orson Wells broadcasts H. G. Welles' War of the Worlds.

H.G. Welles also wrote The Time Machine.

The term "time machine", coined by Wells,

is now universally used to refer to such a vehicle.

Wells introduces an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre as well.

Listen to Orson Welles' opening lines...

  War Of The Worlds radio spoof by Orson Welles

  War of the Worlds Orson Welles Broadcast YouTube


Charlie Chaplin's Time Travel Video

We are all time travelers about to return home.

The truth about reality will soon be understood.

I believe the chubby woman is a man in drag, all part of "The Circus" acts. The circus, or carny is linked to alien abductions.

Remember my blog and connection to the name Charlie - aliens and time travel?

Time Travel and 1928 took me to Pre-World War II Germany and the underground Time Travel Experiments of which I played a part. This video was released at this time (2010) for a reason - to seed consciousness.

Zebra Symbology

When I first saw the clip, I thought of the Observers from Fringe who wear similar hats and time travel.

Jon Stewart Happenings

Saturday October 30, 2010

National Mall in Wash. D.C. -- Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity.

   Other Videos from YouTube

   Jon Stewart interviews Barack Obama Daily Show - October 27, 2010

In September 2005, I was a guest on the Jon Stewart show. Jon is a nice guy, who told me after the show that he was sorry there was not enough time to hear more about my theories. I was part of a panel discussing Creation Theories and Evolution, and my theory must have seemed way out there compared to the others. Still and all it was lots of fun.

When I looked at the photo above,

the blue light streaming down on Jon

triggered something in my mind ... this photo.

It took me a while to track down the photo and much to my surprise was linked to my file about Halloween 2005, just after I recorded the Jon Stewart Show. The file is called The Journey of the DNA, Anunnaki. The image of the man on the steps looks like a beaked headed god, the Anunnaki to me, while George explained that the beak was actually the pointy beard of a man looking up. It's all perspective, consciousness, and the same.

The Passing of Zecharia Sitchin

He spoke about ...

Sumerian Gods, the Anuannaki

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jon Stewart Happenings

Obama and Jon Stewart FOX News

In September 2005, I was a guest on the Jon Stewart show. Jon is a nice guy, who told me after the show that he was sorry there was not enough time to hear more about my theories. I was part of a panel discussing Creation Theories and Evolution, and my theory must have seemed way out there compared to the others, all presented by men. Still and all it was lots of fun. Jon has great psychic abilities and presence.

Saturday, thousands will be in D.C., including some NYC friends, at the mock Rally For Sanity in Washington led by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

When I looked at the photo above,

the blue light streaming down on Jon

triggered something in my mind ... this photo.

It took me a while to track down the photo and much to my surprise was linked to my file on Halloween 2005, just after I recorded the Jon Stewart Show. this file is called The Journey of the DNA, Anunnaki and also included the photo in the blog below of the Cat's Eye Nebula. This seemed to tie together many of the themes from this week. With the image of the man on the steps, I remember seeing him as a beaked headed entity looking up, while George had explained that the beak was actually the pointy beard of a man looking up. It's all perspective and consciousness.

Enjoy your Halloween weekend....

Halloween 2010: Top Costumes, History, Myths, More

National Geographic - October 29, 2010

Halloween Special: Why we love to scare ourselves; the anatomy of fright   Live Science - October 29, 2010

Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, ghosts and goblins are all around us at this time of year -- and Hollywood keeps them at our beck and call for the rest of the year as well. Scary movies allow us to experience the tonic of a good fright whenever we want one, but why do people seek out that experience?

True Halloween Horror Stories from Space   Discovery - October 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and Related

October 31, 2010



Halloween Photos From Nasa Through The Years



Samhain - Divination at Halloween

Harry Houdini Died October 31, 1926

My brain is the key that sets my mind free.

Harry Houdini Quotes

You can discover what your enemy fears most

by observing the means he uses to frighten you!

Grayson Dodd

I have recently been examining all the known superstitions

of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition

(Christianity) one redeeming feature.

They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.

Thomas Jefferson

When the human race has once acquired a superstition

nothing short of death is ever likely to remove it.

Allow me to make the superstitions of a nation and

I care not who makes its laws or its songs either.

Mark Twain

I wonder as the Millennium edges nearer, pseudo-science

and superstition will seem year by year more tempting,

the siren song of unreason more sonorous and attractive.

Carl Sagan

Superstition Quotes

Star Trails and the Captain's Ghost

Explanation: Look closely at this surreal nightscape. In the dreamlike scene, star trails arc over an old ship run aground on a beach near Gytheio, Peloponnesus in southern Greece. Could that be the captain's ghost haunting the beach, gazing forlornly at the decaying wreck, hovering over starlight reflected in still water? Actually, the ephemeral shape is the photographer. Instead of a single long exposure to record the motion of the stars as the Earth rotates on its axis, the picture is composed of 90 consecutive images, each exposure 90 seconds long. Digitally stacking the individual exposures then reconstructs the star trails. It also creates a ghostly, semi-transparent figure of the photographer who was captured standing on the beach in only one of the exposures.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is the Universe a Hologram?

I have always aligned with the theory of the Holographic Universe - Reality as a hologram in which we experience then return to light and consciousness. The Universe is a University and we are part of a bio-genetic experiment in linear time and emotions - a science experiment if you will. Thursday we find this story that may prove something or nothing. At the very least, the idea of reality as a hologram is in the grid consciousness of our evolving experiment.

Holometer experiment to test if the universe is a hologram   PhysOrg - October 28, 2010

Many ideas in theoretical physics involve extra dimensions, but the possibility that the universe has only two dimensions could also have surprising implications. The idea is that space on the ultra-small Planck scale is two-dimensional, and the third dimension is inextricably linked with time. If this is the case, then our three-dimensional universe is nothing more than a hologram of a two-dimensional universe.

This idea of the holographic universe is not new, but physicists at Fermilab are now designing an experiment to test the idea. Fermilab particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan and others are building a holographic interferometer, or holometer, in an attempt to detect the noise inherent in spacetime, which would reveal the ultimate maximum frequency limit imposed by nature. As Hogan explains in a recent issue of Fermilab's symmetry magazine, the holometer will be the most sensitive measurement ever made of spacetime itself. Hogan and others have already built a one-meter-long prototype of the instrument. They have just begun building the entire 40-meter-long holometer and plan to start collecting data next year.

The Passing of Zecharia Sitchin

Read about author, researcher, lecture, historian and scholar Zecharia Sitchin. It's all about Sumerian Gods who came to Earth in the beginning and created a biogenetic program ...

    Hello Ellie, It's Les Tindell. You were able to set up a meeting between Zecharia Sitchin and myself in Sedona, in 1998. It was at that time that I recall meeting the most spiritual and generous man I had ever met. The encounter took place over lunch. He invited me to accompany him and his wife Freida that day at the Red Rock Inn, Sedona, Az. Though Mr. Sitchin had never seen petro photoglyphs (photo scribed stones), he was quite interested. As I recall, he examined the artifacts I brought with greater interest than anyone else who has ever seen them. There was a planetary alignment that evening...Venus, Mars, incredibly spectacular celestial event. Blessings to his memory and his contributions to human understanding...and thank you kindly for making our encounter possible.

From Halloween to the Day of the Dead to Election Day

Do you think California will legalize recreational marijuana?

This weekend we move from Halloween to Election Day and wonder ... which (witch) of the two are more scary and deceitful? Mid-term elections allow us to consider - who do we elect - the people who got us into this mess or those who can't get out? Will shifting control back to the Republican Party really help ... that's doubtful. Other than time itself ... which is running out ... can anything return us to the old ways, that were also based on lies?

We don't have a ghost of a chance! Boo! -- Boo Hoo! -- Boo Who?

The Mad Hatter "Tea Party"

When Alice Fell Down the Rabbit Hole into Physical Reality

What political party do you prefer?

The Mad Hatter is consciousness ... bipolar when in the physical games.

The "White" Rabbit marks Time ... tick tock - Time to wake up from the dream!

Metaphors: Pocketwatch, Horns, Hearts, Scroll, Grids, Man's Hand

It's all a game ... an illusion.

The 2010, Alice in Wonderland Playbill and Tea Party

Like Alice in Wonderland, a bored little girl from Wasilla (played by Sara Palin) has gone looking for adventure chasing a white rabbit (played by John McCain) who is running late in his presidential campaign. She follows him down a Christian rabbit hole where she encounters a tea party being thrown for Obama¹s Happy Un-Birthday. The oratory is preformed by a lunatic fringe of Mad Hatters with questionable sanity and attended by an assemblage of March Hares preformed by the (Tea Bagger Repertory Company). The event is orchestrated by a suspect cluster of corporations who like the Queen of Harts are foul-tempered monarchs. Sara drinks a tea bag elixir that says Drink Me and shrinks small enough to fit through the narrow-minded door that leads to the republican garden. She encounters some Hookah Smoking Conservatives who convince her that she should run in 2012. After eating some right wing cake at the Tea Party marked Eat Me she grows to enormous stature within the tea party movement. The play closes with exaltations by the Foxes at News Corp. with Rush Limbaugh giving her a complementary radio rant and then the play reaches a crescendo with the collapse of The Republican Party. Those Tea Baggers left on stage are not called back for an encore because the audience has moved on to a better show staged by another group of so called serious players.

What the heck The Show Must Go On ... and on

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Happening in Indonesia

  Indonesian tsunami kills 272; help finally arrives   AP - October 27, 2010

Planes and helicopters packed with rescue workers and supplies landed for the first time Wednesday on remote Indonesian islands that were pounded by a 10-foot (three-meter) tsunami, sweeping away villages and killing at least 272 people. The first aerial surveys of the region revealed huge swaths of land underwater and the crumbled rubble of homes torn apart by the wave. One lay tilted, resting on the edge of its red roof, with tires and slabs of concrete piled up on the surrounding sand. Two days after a powerful earthquake triggered the wave, the casualty count was still rising as rescuers and disaster officials finally reached the Mentawai island chain, which was closest to the epicenter and the worst hit. Bad weather had kept them away.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, meanwhile, cut short a state visit to Vietnam to deal with two major disasters that struck Indonesia in less than 24 hours. The country's most volatile volcano, Mount Merapi, 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) to the east, erupted at dusk Tuesday, sending up searing ash clouds and killing more than two dozen people. Both events fell along Indonesia's portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a series of fault lines that are prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity stretching from the Western Hemisphere through Japan and Southeast Asia. Disaster officials were still trying to reach more than a dozen villages on the Mentawais - a popular surfer's destination that is usually reachable only by a 12-hour boat ride.

October 2010 Sumatra Earthquake   Wikipedia

When it Hit the Fan ... in NYC

Many people have recounted dreams of huge waves, like a tsunami, coming over NYC. Some live here, while others don't. What are they seeing? Fact or metaphor? Why are these dreams reoccurring? Does it make me want to pack up and run inland as I live on the water? Nope! I never live in fear. Whatever will be will be. Que sera sera.

There is something about the article below that rings true.

66-Foot Waves Hit New York in Ancient Asteroid Splashdown   Live Science - October 26, 2010

A cosmic impact two millennia ago may have sent tsunamis deluging what is now the Big Apple, scientists suggest. Many of the giant sea waves known as tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes and volcanoes - for example, the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was triggered by a quake off the northwestern coast of Sumatra. Still, the causes of nearly 10 percent of all tsunamis nowadays remain uncertain. Cosmic impacts have been known to cause tsunamis in the past. For instance, scientists have found evidence that the Chicxulub impact in Mexico, which may have ended the age of dinosaurs, triggered gigantic waves.

Now researchers have evidence suggesting that an asteroid roughly 200 yards (183 meters) wide crashed off the coast of New Jersey and sent tsunamis surging toward what is now New York City some 2,300 years ago. [Cool Video ­ Recreating an Ancient Tsunami]

"Our models suggest the tsunamis were up to 20 meters (66 feet) high when they entered the Hudson River," said researcher Dallas Abbott, a geologist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York. New York City lies at the mouth of the Hudson. When the scientists drilled out tubes of sediment from the New York and New Jersey area, they discovered layers of unusual debris that, they suggest, were laid down by tsunamis.

Within these potential tsunami layers is evidence of a cosmic impact, including shocked minerals and microscopic carbon beads loaded with "nano-diamonds," which are "all things only impacts can do," Abbott said. One candidate for the crater that was produced by this impact, she said, lies in the undersea Carteret Canyon, located roughly 90 miles (150 km) off the coast of New Jersey.

Other scientists have raised alternate explanations for these layers. For instance, volcanic eruptions or gigantic landslides on the other side of the Atlantic might have caused the giant waves. Or these anomalous layers of sediment that Abbott and her colleagues are investigating may not have been caused by tsunamis at all - hurricanes can generate huge pulses of water known as storm surges, whose effects on sediment could resemble those of tsunamis.

For a cosmic impact, one smoking gun would be a specific form of deformed rock known as shocked quartz. The rock is generated by the intense heat and pressure of a collision with an extraterrestrial object. "But if there was an oceanic impact, the oceanic crust doesn't really have quartz to shock," Abbott said. It there were tsunamis, it remains unclear if ancient Native Americans witnessed them.

  Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveler?   YouTube

Watch the video and decide if the person in the film clip time traveled. I believe the chubby woman is a man in drag ... but why would someone use a cell phone in 1928? This is alleged footage from the movie, yet something feels wrong.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preparing the Masses?

Air Force manual describes shadowy cyberwar world   MSNBC - October 25, 2010

A new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare describes a shadowy, fast-changing world where anonymous enemies can carry out devastating attacks in seconds and where conventional ideas about time and space don't apply. Much of the 62-page manual is a dry compendium of definitions, acronyms and explanations of who reports to whom. But it occasionally veers into scenarios that sound more like computer games than flesh-and-blood warfare.

It's Happening in Indonesia

Tsunami Hits Indonesia

Indonesia tsunami kills 113; scores more missing   AP - October 26, 2010

A powerful earthquake triggered a 10-foot (three-meter) tsunami that pounded remote island villages in western Indonesia, killing at least 113 people and leaving scores more missing, an official said Tuesday. The fault that ruptured Monday on Sumatra island's coast also caused the 2004 quake and monster Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries. A day after the quake struck 13 miles (20 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor, rescuers were still struggling to get to the Mentawai islands - which are closest to the epicenter - because of strong winds and rough seas on the way to the islands that can only be reached by a 12-hour boat ride. But reports of the damage and casualities from the 7.7-magnitude temblor were already steadily rising. Mujiharto, who heads the Health Ministry's crisis center, said 113 bodies have been recovered so far. The number of missing was between 150 and 500. Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago, is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity due to its location on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire - a series of fault lines stretching from the Western Hemisphere through Japan and Southeast Asia.

Indonesian volcano erupts, 20 hurt by hot ash   AP - October 26, 2010

Indonesia's most volatile volcano started erupting Tuesday, after scientists warned that pressure building beneath its dome could trigger the most powerful eruption in years. Up to 20 people were injured by hot ash spewed from Mount Merapi, said an AP reporter who witnessed them being taken away for treatment.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Midterm Elections

Over the next three weeks, political issues will highlight and frame the news. Do you pay attention or change the channel, or click on the next online article? Everything linked to the November midterm elections will be on the internet - from the economy, gay rights, environment, energy, education, war, national security, health care, to the bashing of those running, etc. You know the deal. You reason that with most systems not functioning, what the heck difference does it make. As always, everyone will have an opinion about this and that, but as we have learned, all plays out as is meant. Some will express their choices by voting, others by blogging or creating some interesting, and often humorous, YouTube videos. Will the Democrats continue to control Congress? Will Andrew Cuomo beat Carl Paladino for governor of NYS? Should states governor themselves? Are the issues fixable?

Sunday is Halloween. With that many people are planning parties and fun things to do. Made any plans?

Trick or Treat? What best describes your life now and what you foresee in 2011?

Do you believe in ghosts? I guess you do or you wouldn't be here?

What about witches, witchcraft, wicca, and magic spells? Have they ever worked for you in the past?

Still think you can conjure up the perfect partner?

White magic ... black magic ... how about "green" magic?

With or without magic, are your finances in order for Christmas shopping? Try a book. There are only 95 hard copies of "2012 Sarah and Alexander" left. Books always make great gifts.

Speaking of finances, there's been a lot on the news about compulsive shoppers and/or shopaholics. If that's you - best get a grip before the holiday season. Make a plan based on what's coming so you know what you can afford. Are you a smart shopper or a compulsive bargain hunter? If you're spending money you don't have, looking towards shopping for that jolt of happiness, or buying stuff you don't need, in an already over-stuffed home - then it may be compulsive.

It's amazing how out of control our programing is when it comes to most anything we do in this reality. The object is to know when things are out of control and take back your life.

Do you remember how many people lost their jobs at the end of 2008 and 2009? Be careful ... please. There are not many jobs out there. If you are in debt, get help. Go online and see if someone can guide you out of the financial mess you may be in.

Not everyone is good with math and business. Many people can do the create aspects of their business, but need someone with business experience to guide the rest - advertising, marketing, inventory, other overhead. Do not put more money in a failing business. If you want to create a startup business - be sure and keep the day job until revenue comes in. Do not use all of your equity to start the business. Please ... be careful and seek a financial expert.

Most of all ... do not live the dream of past economies that were destiny to failure. Be practical. My children and I have been discussing what to give the children at the holidays.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Spiral of Life(lines)

Saturday, my friend Geri, who lives in Idaho, and I explored our lifelines in this reality to see what remains. Mine was short, meaning soon I will leave, but Geri's was a tiny bit longer, which we found very strange as she plans to 'leave' at the same time. And so we began to explore the lifelines of other people we know ... and as we did a pattern emerged. The pattern grew bigger and bigger until it became global and everything bleeped out of existence.

As we saw it, when the program shuts down, those on the Atlantic seaboard, seem to leave first. Then like a giant wave harmonic sweeping across the hologram in a upward spiral, the rest of the souls emerge based on a geometric pattern set in motion at the beginning. Oddly those in the Ring of Fire appeared to leave last. I would have thought they spiral out first, but that is not the case as was shown to us, though it all happens almost simultaneously.

Quickly, everything in the grid returns to consciousness and light.

Check it out.

Tree Portals

Portals that lead to creation ...

The Fractal Forest

Reviewing Fractal Geometry

The Art of Creation in Time

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Water on the Moon

How many remoter viewers does it take to convince scientists that there is water on the moon ... not to mention other "items of interest"? I guess we were not the convincing ... until now. How about alien bases? Lunar mining?

  Engineered collision spills new Moon secrets   PhysOrg - October 22, 2010

Scientists led by Brown University are offering the first detailed explanation of the crater formed when a NASA rocket slammed into the Moon last fall and information about the composition of the lunar soil at the poles that never has been sampled.

Moon's water is useful resource, says Nasa   BBC - October 22, 2010

There are oases of water-rich soil that could sustain astronauts on the Moon, according to Nasa. Scientists studied the full results of an experiment that smashed a rocket and a probe into a lunar crater last year. The impacts kicked up large amounts of rock and dust, revealing a suite of fascinating chemical compounds and far more water than anyone had imagined. A Nasa-led team tells Science magazine that about 155kg of water vapor and water-ice were blown out of the crater.

Moon's Silver Hints at Lunar Water Origins   National Geographic - October 22, 2010

It's not just poetic to call it a silvery moon: In addition to water, a NASA probe that crashed into a lunar crater last year churned up unexpected concentrations of silver and mercury, aka quicksilver, a new study says. The metals had been found before in moon rocks brought back by Apollo astronauts, but the elements had appeared in only trace amounts. (Also see "Water Found in Apollo Moon Rocks.")