Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

Leap Day

Julius Caesar and Leap Days   APOD - February 29, 2016

If the 2016 presidential election was determined by a coin toss
heads (Caesar) tails the Lady (Hillary) - Who would win?

Leap Day always speaks to me of a presidential election year. This one is definitely memorable in terms of candidates, issues, and dramas. Tomorrow takes us to Super Tuesday. "State" tuned ... This is more action-packed than last night's Academy Awards. Statements were made, Chris Rock skewered the academy for its lack of diversity and was the host the ceremony needed, fashions as always highlighted, and awards went to well deserving actors and films. You can read it all online or see highlights and commentaries on TV. Congratulations to everyone.

Winners: "Spotlight" won for best picture, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu gained his second straight win as best director for "The Revenant" which also gave Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar, for best actor. Brie Larson won best actress, for "Room", and "Mad Max: Fury Road" led all films with six awards, including several in the technical categories.

Here at home ...

Maybe it was the Spring-like weather in the city this weekend, but I was bombarded with clients, most of whom called at the last minute, some turned away.

One of the more interesting highlights of February's readings had to do with high school seniors - male and female - who came with their moms - we're hopefully graduating in June and we're not academic. What's next? Most of them plan to go to trade schools or will work with a family member or have no idea what they are going to do. One girl was thrilled she got a job as a cashier in our local supermarket - her goal for now. She finds academics too difficult. No one in her school or family has had her tested for learning challenges and depression in a system that is broken.

Is this any different than adults today who find their careers unsatisfying, lower paying than in the past, leaving them to feel on the brink of destruction? Some keep the "hope" thing going while others just drop out .. something they never would've imagined at age 18.

Many of these teens do not have proper role models in terms of what a good marriage and successful career are about.

Ellie, the High School teacher, took careful time to lay out future options ... never discussing reality as a hologram. They are just too young to get it ... Or are they?

Some of the girls are still stuck in past programming where they feel they don't have to worry about career for different reasons. Some believe they will married in their early 20s to a boy who can support and take care of them as they live happily ever after in the decades ahead. That scenario has long since gone the way of the dinosaur. People work so career has to be an important goal for everyone - for richer or poorer in sickness and health for better or worse .... till (finish this statement).

How many "trust fund babies" still exist in today's economy? Even they have to put their inheritance to good use or the money will be gone in the blink of an eye. The smart ones invest in real estate.

And so a new generation will graduate high school wondering about their futures in the world where the adults around them often can't keep it together, the 2016 race for president is a joke, and as far as they are concerned everything is falling apart.

What's left to do? Hang out with friends, party, and get into trouble much like generations before them.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Political Revolution
in America

Hillary's landslide victory in SC came as no surprise to anyone as the Democrats must nominate someone who has the potential to beat Donald Trump. Bernie will continue to fight on but at the end of the day Trump called it ... it's him and Hillary down to the last wire. I don't know how anyone can support Hillary as she wants to continue Obama's policies. They obviously have some kind of deal going on, but supporting them is not to her advantage. "Hope" allows us to believe that whoever is elected will make things better but recent history has shown that is not the case as the country is in total upheaval. On we go to Super Tuesday.

Ron emailed ...


    Everyone I talk to seems to intuitively know something big and ominous is on the horizon. Depending who you talk to, or what your belief system is, the future storyline varies. All the negative indicators are pointing to a complete global economic collapse but few people are sounding the alarm. We have become numb to the constant negative news and people are feeling helpless to fix anything. Years of QE Quantitative Easing have not helped. The global monetary funds are now toying with 0% interest rates and even the unheard of negative interest rates. Seriously??? Who is going to put money in a bank if you will only get some of it back? The US Dollar is now losing its status as a world's reserve currency. Global shipping and commerce have stopped. No ships in the Atlantic Vessel finder. President Obama has been responsible for the largest increase in the US National Debt in our nation's history - from 10 trillion to 19 trillion and will likely be 21 trillion before he leaves office. Now homeland security and FEMA are rolling out the new consolidated emergency alert system. That will be used to give the president a national broadcast capability within 10 minutes of issuing an emergency request. Does this speak to you of martial law in the near future? Wake up people, things are not looking good. When the Financial Reset takes place, things are going to get very ugly and the vast majority of people will be taken by surprise.

Ron is not alone in this view. Consider the Royal Bank of Scotland telling its customers to SELL EVERYTHING, as well as others echoing that advice. Read more here

Step by step, both parties are forced to adapt to political change which in turn affects everything, not just in this country, but in many other parts of the world. Most Americans are interested in how the problems of the nation are going to be resolved not the ongoing battles between the candidates, though it makes for interesting reality TV.

Republican highlights this week included Trump winning the Nevada Caucus, Thursday night's Republican debate, and Friday's announcement by Chris Christie that he was endorsing Donald Trump. Today, we move to South Carolina and the Democratic primary - Clinton versus Sanders.

"Hope" allows us to believe that whoever is elected will make things better but recent history has shown that is not the case as the country is in total upheaval.

We can dream.

February 28, 2016

Academy Awards Website

88th Academy Awards

Sunday will highlight with the most prestigious of the entertainment award shows - the coveted Oscars. Lots of press and additional security with Joe Biden attending the ceremonies. Besides dreaming in gold, which symbolizes the alchemy of consciousness, performers are striving for diversity in the entertainment industry as the need for change continues - another revolution within the country and world.

To dream in gold reflects the alchemy of consciousness.

The Evolution of Dreams

Dreams can be viewed in color, black and white, a mix of both, or neither as the brain deciphers the screened images consciousness is observing while focused in other grids. As our perceptions of reality, including television and computer monitors, has upgraded in terms of quality and color content - so too have our dreams. It would appear that what you view and process in physical reality shapes your dreamscapes.

Back in the day when TV was black-and-white - people reported black-and-white dreams. As we moved to color TV people remember their dreams in color - the brain adapting to grid content.

Computer monitors and other virtual reality experiences have led to more clarity and vividness in dreams along with an increase in lucid dreaming for many people. It's all about programmed interpretations of the endless screened images one experiences at different levels of conscious awareness in different space-times (grid realities).


Above and Below Symbolism Revisited

Friday, February 26, 2016


Thursday night the GOP candidates debated issues in their usual fashion. With the stakes high for a narrowed field of candidates, Rubio turned the tables on Trump, attacking the front-runner from the start. Ted Cruz joined in, calling Mr. Trump a closet liberal, which I actually believe he is ... potato ... po-ta-to. Did anyone win? Does it matter until the final count is in?

I fast forwarded through Cruz and Rubio's attacks at Trump and listened to comments on resolving issues. John Kasich looked tired next to the front runners as if he was just set in place as part of a political agenda most of you have pieced together. Rubio seemed to be trying to give life support to a flawed and failing Republican party. It's going to be very interesting in the months ahead when the final candidate is chosen and these men will more or less be required to stand behind the chosen Republican. Why oh why does Conservatism still exist in 2016 when everything and everyone in the world is changing and evolving? Why do people oppose abortion? Don't they know how horrific the alternatives are? And so the reality TV season of Politics in 2016 continues on Saturday in South Carolina and then on Super Tuesday.

Also to be noted in end times ... mass shootings and insanity continue ... along with all the other issues that face the world that even Donald Trump wouldn't be able to make a dent in. With all that happens we realize more and more how little we know as citizens and as a species stuck in this reality. If Donald Trump came forth with the truth about human-alien interactions - he would be unstoppable. If there's one final thing President Obama should do is tell the truth ... but he won't. He says it's because he's not allowed to ... probably referring to the theory that humans would not be able to deal with how they've been f***ed over. We already know. Can you imagine the overly religious having to integrate ETs into the truth (or not) of their dogma?

Top secret UFO documents 'prove Britain's biggest alien sighting was real' claims US naval officer   MSN - February 26, 2016

Make no mistake about this. This is the approved, slow release, albeit limited right now, disclosure (small d) of ETs, and technologies that we currently, secretly (from the public) have. If you observe all the information currently being released, you'll connect the dots and see that a tapestry or story is being relayed, much faster now, than in prior years. Now, NASA is saying we can send payment loads to Mars IN THREE DAYS.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Raccoons in NYC

It would seem a raccoon is lose in the basement garage and the search is on ... My friend Carmine took a pic from inside his car this morning. He calls it Wolverine!! Look at the size of those paw prints on his windshield.

Raccoons adapt to city as population skyrockets   NY Post - February 25, 2016

Maria Duval
The Psychic Scammer

Fellow psychics ...
Who is Maria Duval and why is she besmirching our industry?

Lots of dark clouds in today's blogs...

We know there is a positive and a negative side to most things including the psychic industry - from the crystal ball gypsies who promise you things if you give them money to burn candles to those who are legitimately there to help you through the most difficult situations in your life - and the wide spectrum of psychics you meet along the way. Many people who see one psychic will visit others either to hear the answers they seek or to find out more as each psychic brings a piece of the puzzle using their own tools and abilities. It has taken years to legitimize the psychic industry as it merges with healing and helping people evolve. I'm sure we'll weather this storm also.

  Chapter One: Who is behind one of the biggest scams in history?   CNN - February 25, 2016
It's one of the world's longest-running cons. Hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from some of the world's most vulnerable people -- the sick, the elderly and the poor -- who all thought they had found a savior in a mysterious woman named Maria Duval. It has claimed more than 60 times the number of victims of Madoff's Ponzi scheme. With millions of people affected from the United States to Japan, federal investigators say it would be hard to find another case of consumer fraud that has hurt more people. It all centers around a mysterious French psychic named Maria Duval. In letters, interviews and Internet videos seen around the globe, Duval says she has had visions of the world exploding and humans living in space. She claims to have successfully predicted election results, forecast winning lottery numbers and helped police investigate crimes. She says she even found the missing dog of movie star Brigitte Bardot.

Extreme Weather

Storm clouds giving way to a sunny mild day

It rained heavily with tornadoes across parts of the country Wednesday into Thursday. The storm caused death and destruction with power outages everywhere. My Verizon landline is down as is the rest of my building and perhaps neighborhood. Always prepared, I have communication backups starting with an extra landline that is free with my Time Warner package. I primarily use my Verizon landline, though I know for many, a landline is a thing of the past. I also have Skype, and of course my cell (mobile) phone which I used - for the first time Wednesday - to read client in Australia. I hope you and your family are safe if you were in the path of the storm. Actually my daughter Nikki, finally made it to JFK from Florida after several flights were cancelled.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump wins in Vegas

More exiting than most things that happen in Vegas - and I've been there many times - was the energies of the Republican caucus last night as Donald Trump won by a wide margin. I actually think Trump should've won Iowa also but that whole fiasco with Ted Cruz having his people say Ben Carson was dropping out caused Trump to lose. I don't like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Ben Carson. I really like John Kasich.

A friend on Facebook asked me, "Why do we want a casino owner, who has filed bankruptcy four times leaving the small people to pay his bills, who got five deferments (draft dodger we used to call them), has been married three times, and is a narcissistic blowhard as president?"

My response ... "It just shows how crazy reality has become." Never in my life did I ever take an interest in politics for any reason. I don't take stands on things ... I've never protested or done any of the things people do to make a difference. I've always known the program will play out the way it is meant. Now, I am doing things that are very out of character for me. I watch Meet the Press every Sunday morning. I follow politics and actually have watched many of the debates - though the conversations are becoming redundant. I suppose this all goes to the momentum of the Trump Surge which is telling my soul and others that - things continuing on as they are will lead to the destruction of humanity BOOM - so why not take a chance on something different.

Going outside the box is a gamble but what the hell. Our souls know the simulation is almost over. We know Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or any other elected official cannot resolve unresolvable issues - both present and in the future - but we want to see what they can do in the tedium we call - life on planet Earth. We like power. We are programmed for revolution. We relish in change. We have come a long way thanks to technology in the evolution of consciousness at this point in our experience here.

Right now, we are gambling on many things both personal and global. Some will win ... others will lose as on we go to Super Tuesday - March 1, 2016.

Speaking of winners .. My daughter Nikki just won the "New Business Development Award"
at the Food Network's annual conference in Florida. Congratulations. We are all proud of you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ellie, Gray Aliens, Contrails,
The X-Files 2016

Many messages have come to me of late about the closure of our biogenetic experiment at this juncture in space-time.

I never think about Gray aliens or things linked to biogenetic experiments that create hybrids anymore ... as they ended in 2007 as told to me by an alien gray I know as Solux who I hadn't connect with since then. And so it came to pass that I was right though messages for many of us continue through the consciousness grids.

Last week, I had a lucid dream in which Solux showed me scenes of procreation and hybridization - the things you learn about through the projected illusions of media. I woke up thinking this was a strange encounter of the fourth kind but it was a marker for closure. The following night another message was given by Solux - that my DNA was different - which I already knew.

I discussed my DNA with a friend who suggested 23andMe where your DNA is tested to find lost relatives and learn more about your bloodline. I clicked on the website but was not interested as I didn't think the test would give me the answers I sought. Yet it made me wonder if this, and other such online programs, could be used as a way to check bloodlines and DNA markers going back in time. Suddenly I realized I was into conspiracy theories after several decades and decided to pass. Ellie moving on ... or not ...

Segue ... After many years of ignoring contrails and chemtrail conspiracy theory - Saturday and Sunday I was drawn to the sky as they appeared over the Verrazano Bridge and across the city. I took a video and a few pics then moved on.

Monday night featured a beautiful sunset which caught my attention as the sky was filled with contrails again and knew I had take pictures. Three hours later I watched the season finale of "The X-Files" ...

Sunset and Contrails Monday 2.22.16

Scene from "X-Files" - Monday 2.22.16

Conspiracy theorist talk show host Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) points to the influence of Chemtrials

Last week's X-Files episode, "Babylon," ended with a sign from above. Trumpets sounded in the sky. Mulder heard them. Scully didn't. Monday featured this report by CNN ... NASA releases recording of 'outer-space type music' from far side of the moon the timing of which is a bit of a mystery and the stuff this hologram is made of ... what I call "busy work".

The X-Files season finale plunged us straight into the portended abyss. Episode 1 of the 2016 season was about aliens as was Episode 6 as the season ended, bringing the viewers full circle on a full moon.

I loved the beginning of the episode as Scully recapped her story in a monologue with images going back to the first episode as many viewers can see how they too have grown though the decades. Scully recounted her work on the X-Files, how it challenged her faith in science and spirituality, even as it reinforced one of the core beliefs she's clung to from the start of her career. "The answers are there," she said to Mulder in the original series' pilot episode. "You just have to know where to look." This stirred the souls of everyone programmed for alien research and triggered many to seek answers especially about the role of god in human creation and evolution.

Episode 6 saw the miraculous return of Smoking Man (William B. Davis) who mentions a secret Cabal, and former FBI Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) who helped Scully back in 2002 having to do with William - Mulder and Scully's son now 15. I so wanted the writers to introduce teenage William this season to see how his powers developed. I guess I'll just have to wait and hope the show returns soon.

The season ends on the proverbial bridge - with traffic stopped as humans get out of their cars looking up at a beam light from a UFO - much like a scene from Taken Spielberg's December 2002 miniseries that aired as the original "X-Files" ended May 2002. In Taken the ship had aliens and was much cooler looking. In The X-Files the ship looked like the triangle government ship that I saw in 2003.

Cut to black. Roll credits. To be continued ... we hope.

There is one message that comes clear to me and it's not completely about alien intervention. It's the hologram bringing everything full circle which is why I am here. Fade to Black.

The episode ends as the camera zooms into Scully's eye (Symbolism)

Email from George ...

    The show provided some soft disclosure on national TV which was really the agenda. The music on the moon, etc. are all on a schedule (no coincidences) and planned. More to come on this soft disclosure with more "whistle blowers" coming forth and giving their testimony, albeit not the full disclosure. Keep a list of all these news items and you'll see it all being rolled out. The ship at the end is part of the US secret space program we got a la Stargate SG1. Chris Carter and the writers borrowed from many of the current conspiracy blog theories such as the Georgia Guide Stones which talks about eliminating 90% of the world's population. Even the bloggers say that is never going to happen (which could be the ending) They mention a "truth squad" character - a direct reference to Ben Swann and his reality check show.

Wait ... there's one more thing ... It's the image above and an advertisement for spinning tops that pops up over and over again for the past two weeks though I never searched for metallic tops. I finally got the message ... this takes me to the spinning top in the 2010 film Inception which ends as the viewer has to decide if they are experiencing a true reality or a dream ... or are they one and the same?

The spinning top image also triggers ... above and below in balance in any metal/mettle. It's also "X"as in "X-Files". Then there's black holes and newly discovered gravitational waves, wormholes, which takes us to time travel ... you now the rest. Here are a few pictures that make jar your memory.

Matter and Antimatter

Mythology = Reality

Consciousness Grids

Time is an Illusion

Movement of consciousness above and below

"Kissing Fish", Pisces, Myth of Jesus - Ancient Aliens

Vesica Piscis, Sacred Geometry

Pyramids, Time Dilations, Spiraling DNA

Spiraling Consciousness and DNA

Holographic Universe

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunset and Contrails

Full Moon

February 22, 2016

Full Moon 3° Virgo

In this energy, the Bush Dynasty ended its influence on Americans.

Politics continues to take center stage this week. With Jeb Bush out of the Republican race, the remaining party hopefuls are shifting their attention to Nevada, which holds caucuses on Tuesday. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who finished second and third in South Carolina's primary on Saturday, are aiming to be the alternative to the first-place finisher, Donald J. Trump. The Democrats are focused on South Carolina, which holds its primary on Saturday. Bernie Sanders is looking to regain ground after a five-point loss to Hillary Clinton in the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, but he's slipping in the delegate count. The week in politics   CNN - February 22, 2016

A reshaped court ... The eight-member Supreme Court is back in session today for the first time since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. There are many cases that need to be resolved without delay as hopefully President Obama get to select a new Justice. One case - on the power of public unions - is the most likely to end in a 4-to-4 split this spring. The court could be at less than full strength for a year or more because of Republican opposition to allowing the president to fill the vacancy.

Across the pond ... Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to address Parliament today, presenting his case for the country to remain in the European Union. Britain will hold a vote in June on whether to remain in the bloc. London's mayor, Boris Johnson, a fellow Conservative and one of the party's most popular figures, is campaigning for an exit. Britian's exit from the EU is being called "Brexit."

ISIS spreads in Africa. The Islamic State in Libya is deepening its push into Africa, doubling its ranks there, U.S. intelligence agencies say, and becoming a bigger threat in countries like Senegal, which have been largely immune to terrorism. The group's numbers are said to have dropped in Iraq and Syria. However, in Syria on Sunday, suicide attacks claimed by ISIS killed more than 100 people, just as an announcement was made on an imminent partial truce.

Monday in your life. I hope the energies of the Full Moon in Leo work for you - health, jobs, relationships, other. I get up early and enjoyed watching the luminous full moon set in the western horizon. Once gone, a brilliant sun rose to start another day in the city.

If you live in new York State - did you know our state flower is the rose? FYI: The NYS presidential primary is Tuesday April 19, 2016. 2016 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions

Sunday, February 21, 2016

And the winners are ...

Saturday night was filled with excitement, as we learned the outcome of the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucus. Hillary needed this win and she got it by a narrow margin. Don't give up on Bernie. We got rid of the Bushes and look forward to getting rid of the Clintons. It was not surprising that Jeb Bush dropped out... Bye bye, Bush family.

Moving forward the Republican field continues to narrow eventually leaving Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Someone suggested John Kasich would be an excellent Vice President and I agree. I watched it all on MSNBC anchored by Brian Williams (I wish they would give him a regular show again) - with some very interesting commentary by Nicolle Wallace, Andrea Mitchell, and Chuck Todd from Meet The Press who continues the narrative this morning. Also, on CNN at 9am ... Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are guests on "State of the Union".

It's obvious from all things shared that America is going through a political revolution where the unpredictable rules. Listening to Donald Trump's speech last night was very moving. But as with all of the candidates in the past ... their hopes and dreams and promises are huge but they are generally victims of the system. People look to Trump as if he was an independent candidate who's going to do everything in his power to bring greatness to the country ... and that's what he's triggering in human consciousness ... among other things yet to be revealed.

  Trump predicts he'll face Clinton, break turnout records   CNN - February 21, 2016

  8 takeaways from South Carolina and Nevada   CNN - February 21, 2016

Hillary won the Nevada Caucus. The heaviest turnout is Clark county which
includes Las Vegas and Area 51. Does that mean aliens got the right to vote?
So much talk about illegal aliens ...
On to Super Tuesday, March 1

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Cool Video of Contrails over the Verrazano Bridge Saturday Morning

It's a gorgeous day in the city as I continue my birthday adventures with local friends. It feels nice when the weather warms up as most people talk about spring arriving soon. Times are often hard for people these days but many have wonderful things to share. I'm not talking about spiritual enlightenment or any of that kind of stuff. It's just finding a way to gain balance in one's life and being lucky enough to maintain it. Just go with the simple things and avoid stress. When clients tell me about the things they do in the course of their day, week, and so on, I am amazed, and yet not surprised, that so many people are crossing over at a young age. It's stress and, of course, programming.

Speaking of stress ... I'm not sure how the candidates do it but the beat goes on ... day after day. Some are developing ... or trying to develop ... a sense of style and humor which makes them look silly to say the least. If they were auditioning ... none of them would make it with the possible exception of Donald Trump ... but they are trying as talk show hosts make fun of them. What role would you cast Donald in? Keep it clean! Maybe he was a Pharaoh in another lifetime which begs the question ... how many candidates do you think have an "Aha" (first dynasty) Moment as things progress? Oh well ... for now, the hologram seems to have chosen Trump to lead us ... to the end of the line ... seriously. We continue to watch, laugh, pay attention, comment, etc.

Did you ever stop to think about the discussions the candidates have with their spouses and other family members when they're behind closed doors? What are Bill and Hillary talking about and how stressful is that for both of them? EMS should be part of Bill's security team. I wouldn't want to have Sunday dinner at the Bush household. How many of their immediate families are part of the strategies of the campaigns? How about the stresses of campaigning for pregnant Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump? The girls both look happy and healthy but no one can feel well while out on the campaign trail.

Elections are most often associated with Tuesdays ... but not today. Primaries and caucuses are often of little interest unless you live in the state they happen ... but not today. Eyes on South Carolina and Nevada today ...This year people are paying attention to presidential contests - perhaps making bets on the outcome of each debate, primary, and caucus as they unfold. 2016 has changed Americans' perspectives on everything from the failure of the establishment to wondering if any of the candidates can resolve the issues. (We already know the answer to that.) Things are political ... and often politically correct, which is about doing favors, taking bribes, and more to get things done that are not in the best interests of the people.

People ask me why I'm favoring Donald Trump. I guess they don't read my blogs. I still think he's the best of the bunch but leaves a lot to be desired. All I want is a President programmed to tell the truth about conspiracies. Sadly, I don't think he's on the ticket or even exists. Many of you have hoped that someone will turn everything around, particularly the economy, but remember to stay pragmatic and where we are all going. ... No, I don't mean to hell although I think many say it's this experience in physical reality.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Church and State

Thursday morning, I updated my file on Religion for the first time in years. By afternoon, the news was about the Pope vs. Donald Trump. Once again something about the timing of this feels staged ... Ah yes ... it's holographic algorithms coming into play in the physical. The pope says everything people want to hear, just as politicians do that we know isn't programmed to happen. What can take the power of the church down? Truth and that's why I like Trump. There is more going on here than meets the symbolic all seeing eye. Enjoy end times ... It's why your soul is here. Everything is crumbling down ... All the kings horses and all the kings men ... won't he able to put anything together again. Speaking of walls ... Isn't Vatican City a walled enclave?

The Republican presidential primary in South Carolina and the Democratic caucuses in Nevada take place tomorrow. Bernie Sanders has cut Hillary Clinton's national lead in half, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds. Nevada had been expected to bolster Mrs. Clinton's drive to the Democratic nomination, but it's now a tight contest. Donald J. Trump is leading the Republican field. South Carolina voters have a near-perfect record in picking the party's eventual nominee.

  Donald Trump: "I don't like fighting with the pope"   CBS - February 19, 2016

  Thursday night Town Hall Trump goes back after George W. Bush, eases off Pope Francis   CNN - February 19, 2016

Silicon Valley Versus Washington

Did you watch "The Blacklist" Thursday night? Besides the main storyline about the personal lives of Reddington, Liz, Tom, the baby, and soon Liz's mom - the show was about global surveillance and the algorithms used to do it - RAT. It always comes down to money. Here's the plot ... Hackers spy on people through their monitors as if watching a reality show and sell the live streaming to others for various purposes. Not cool but true. Some people I know cover their computer camera so no one can watch them. My camera snaps onto my monitor and when not in use sits on my desk top facing out to the street. "Person of Interest" - and other cyber shows - opened doors to what goes on. The world could easily be held hostage by hackers or an A.I. as in "Person of Interest" with an agenda of its own. As we are watchers in our own program - playing here in End Time Reality TV - the quickly moving hangs to reality keep us on our toes and busy. There's nothing I hate more than being bored.

Now let's get to the current iPhone situation. I wonder if it applies to my Samsung Galaxy?

Senior lawmakers have opened the door to legislation to set ground rules when law-enforcement authorities can gain access to encrypted devices, and for possible penalties when companies don't comply. For now, though, Apple's refusal to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers remains a court matter. The FBI's ability to find other links to the two shooters has been hindered by its inability so far to find the couple's desktop computer hard drive or unlock encrypted data on an Apple iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters, which could reveal more information about the planning of the attack.

What surprised me is why government hackers couldn't get into the iPhones to get the information. It is done all the time. I guess that information wouldn't be admissible. Again ... I smell a cover-up. Maybe I watch too many law enforcement shows.

February 19 - March 20, 2016 -- Sun in Pisces The Fish

Happy Birthday to the Pisces Readers

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Where they stand ...

Why do you think most Americans feel everything is a conspiracy? It's in the codes.

Where do you stand? I feel that Obama should nominate a successor to Scalia.

Where the Senate Stands on Nominating Scalia's Supreme Court Successor   New York Times - February 18, 2016
Of the 46 Democratic senators, 46 say President Obama should nominate a successor ... Of the 54 Republican senators, 29 say the Senate should not confirm a nominee from President Obama.

Your take on ...

  Apple Fears Court Order Will Open Pandora's Box for iPhone Security   Scientific American - February 18, 2016

FBI-Apple Butt Heads Over Mass Shooter's iPhone   Discovery - February 18, 2016
Apple's challenge of a court order to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers opens up a new front in the long-running battle between technology companies and the government over encryption.

February 19 - March 20, 2016

Sun in Pisces

Happy Birthday to the Pisces Readers

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune.

Turning 73 With Anna

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Turning 73 in the Grids

I woke up early this morning as always, and remembered a birthday wish from a family member, Joel, my age, who spends his winters in Boca Raton. In discussing birthdays he added, "Every morning I am surprised to wake up." He didn't mean it in the metaphysical sense of reality ending but in the sense of "73 and still alive". Do I feel old or older? Nope!

Today ... as my consciousness looks out over the grids ... then zooms in to Ellie in this reality ... it's another other day in the life as I await my next adventure. I opened my computer and found many birthday wishes from Facebook friends some who go back 20 years with the start of Crystalinks. We've come a long way baby and now we play.

On this day my friend Anna - who lives in the next building and has the same view of the bridge - is making lunch for us. She's a great cook - I will take a pic. Like me, Anna, 66, is in perfect health, and recently retired, enjoying the things she couldn't do after a lifetime of working in corporate America. Recently she told me people are amazed at her age and the fact that has no health issues and takes no meds. She has journeyed through metaphysics and now is out there playing. We realize this is not everyone's destiny and appreciate that it is ours though I have no plans to retire.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's rating sweeps month and with that, the battle of the networks moves forward. I have many recorded shows to watch and being as busy as I am, not enough time. Carpe diem ... yes, I plan to watch them today. Monday night, I chose other shows over the Grammy's but plan to watch them later. The highlights are in the news. I also decided to check up on one of my favorite TV shows - Person of interest - no date as yet set but I am hopeful for the spring line-up. Lots of favorite TV shows will return in March. A few shows I enjoyed in the past, such as "How to get away with Murder" will no longer going to be recorded because the characters and story lines are getting ridiculous to me.

We move to ongoing political battles unfolding like reality shows reminding me why I never followed politics and reality TV until non-establishment candidates decided to run in 2015-16. Nothing was more disgusting to me yesterday then seeing George Bush, GW Bush, and Jeb Bush supporting each other. Barf moment. Wait there is something worse ... Bill Clinton and his gravelly voice as if he returned from the dead ... now on the campaign trail to help Hillary. Barf... Reality check moment... The RNC has not been fair to Donald Trump much the same way Megan Kelly treated him in the first debate. I think they don't consider him a serious candidate and are trying to get rid of him by non-support. As they say, "What goes around, comes around," and he has a good chance of winning. Further, the way the political system worked in the past, is not gonna happen in the future ... everything is changing.

Next we have judicial battles that go beyond replacing Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Legal issues seem to take a backseat in the cold winter months as the Supreme Court takes a recess and those who would go out and protest stay indoors due to the weather. The Spring of 2016 should be very interesting with judicial and social issues in focus.

Last but not least we have the battle of my clients meaning they are dealing with their issues in ways they never anticipated in the past ... as the quest for mission and purpose overrides their karma or programming - or are they the same? Yup ... The same. What battles are you dealing with emotionally now? How responsible do you feel towards the things that were once so important to you? Has your value system changed?

David, my client on Sunday, called yesterday to thank me for his reading. He said the turning point in our session came when he asked me how often I meditate. My answer was ... "Never". After years of searching - including owning a healing center - that answer in that moment - was his trigger to understand he no longer has to search in the illusion of time and space. Too much questing and listening to theories can drive a person crazy thus bringing more conflicting thoughts and challenges than when the person began.

I told him what I tell everyone ... "Keep it simple. We live in a holographic illusion set in time and space that had its 'Moment' and is about to evolve out of existence". I am grateful that he understands the nature of reality. I feel the way I do after teaching a workshop and students email me with their thoughts. Of course the bottom line is both David and my students are drawn to my readings and workshops to not only share but to leave with the final answer they are programmed to hear. Once you 'get it' the whole world looks different to you. You will never be the same or react the same way in most circumstances. I am not going to promise you great things will happen in your life because your consciousness is still in the hologram subject to your programmed experiences - but at least you will understand them better.