Friday, June 30, 2017

The Written Word
Lists Then and Now

Thursday, after returning from Connecticut, I decided to run a few errands as it was simply too nice to stay home. I always have lists of things to do and shop for when I'm out, so off I went with my list in my bag. The first thing on the list was to get gas after the drive and was surprised how cheap gas is these days. Great news. Next ... a stop at the supermarket where it's always delightful cold so remember to take the sweat shirt I keep in the car ... not on my list.

Shopping memos ... I used to notice that other women carried written lists just as I still do ... but not anymore. As of late most people have lists on their cell phones. I guess if I was out and about in the world more, using my cell phone all the time, I would definitely make lists on my phone. As I work from home, my land line is best for business, email is better than text, and writing a list is where it's at for me. As a senior it's also a good idea to write things down, just in case one of those senior moments slip in and you don't remember something that needs to get done. I don't plan to change my patterns ... and if I did write lists on a cell phone, they would be dictated, as I do when I text.

Yesterday, along the way, I met my friend Harold who sadly lost his partner of 43 years in April. Loss is never easy. Harold also mentioned an increase in psychic abilities and seeing sheets of paper with unknown symbols perhaps related to my remote view with Michelle last weekend. Now that I'm blogging about lists, perhaps some of the sheets contain information about closing the hologram. On this level we will never know, but just by their very appearance may signal something on a subconscious level.

On another note, today is Social Media Day. As I've always written, social media, like anything else, has its positives and negatives. In the negative department we have a president who tweets like a teenager acting out at someone who either has attacked him for his bad behavior, or he thinks has attacked him. He should be grounded and his phone taken away permanently. I know I'm repeating myself, but it's hard to believe that in modern times, if that's what this is, someone so unbefitting the office of the leader of the United States, is president, as if by design. All we can do is wait and watch events unfold using social media to express how we feel with a growing list of grievances. Harold foresees another world war which marks the end of the human experiment. It's all part of whatever is on your list of experiences in physical reality.

And so it was written, everything "crossed" off the list.

Historical Twins via Facebook App

I searched twice and got two different pics with the same generic results but admire both woman.

Adventures at Jaguar Land Rover Fairfield, CT

View from I 95

Meet the neighbors: Infinity, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Still having fun in Connecticut

Jaguar Land Rover Fairfield

Helping before the grand opening of Ryan's Dealership July 10

This is a first of its kind in the US

Hello. Can I help you?

Accessories ~ Waiting Area

Wheels Within Wheels

Setting up Ryan's office on the showroom floor

Virtual Reality Experience - Put on the headset - look over at the "box" - see the show

Forget Wonder Woman ~ Super Grandma to the rescue

The security room is upstairs and looks like it's part of a film set. I chose not to take a pic.

Visiting Noah's Middle School to pick up his things for the fall term and to drop off his medical records

June 30, 2017

Social Media Day

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bugging Out

What's bugging Americans besides the political and social issues we are becoming accustomed to? Insects ...

Lyme Disease for one which is very serious. I've had clients who unknowingly suffer with symptoms until proper diagnosis is found and treated. Find out if the area you plan to visit, or live in, could increase your chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease: Inside America's Mysterious Epidemic - An unprecedented outbreak is expected this summer   Rolling Stone - June 27, 2017

Mosquito bites in many areas are not the swelling you remember but are often welts that can take over a week to heal. Then there's Zika Virus

There's also bed bugs affecting large cities in summer - hotels, movie theaters, other public areas.

  Bee, wasp venom shortage could be dangerous for those with allergies   CNN - June 27, 2017

5 Worrying Bug Bites & How to Treat Them

Insect bites and stings   Wikipedia

Remember When ... With Joe Biden, 74

Making a Splash: Joe Biden Returns to His Old Lifeguard Chair   NBC - June 27, 2017

When I was growing up we didn't have a community pool just the Atlantic Ocean, the
beach, lifeguards, and fireworks every Tuesday night as one strolled along the boardwalk.

My Grandson Matthew (blue shirt) and his friends bid farewell to Middle School

This week Matthew is at basketball camp. The next two weeks he has a job at a camp teaching sports to little kids.

After that he's enrolled in cooking school for one week. Not sure what comes after that.

On July 29 Matthew turns 14

The "Mitzvah Bus" and The Car Incident

In Our Crazy World ... Artist's Iconic 'Mitzvah Bus' Burns In Crown Heights - June 26, 2017

Tragedy affecting the Hasidac Community in Monsey, NY

  Driver Arrested After Car Crashes Into Mom, 3 Kids Along Busy Rockland County Road  
NBC - June 27, 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We Blow Things Up

Humans continue to blow things up ... highlighted these days in Europe ... as the energies heighten in a New Moon Supermoon. Will this end after Ramadan finishes on June 24th? Not likely ....

A man was shot and killed at Brussels Central Station in a failed bombing that Belgian authorities are calling a terrorist attack. It's the third terror attack in Europe in two days and comes just more than a year after suicide bombers killed 31 people in attacks at Brussels' airport and a train station. A small explosion went off at Central Station, sparking panic and evacuations, before the attacker was killed by police. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

And the winner is ...

Republican Karen Handel. Personally I didn't look at this election from a bipartisan perspective. For a few days I looked at the candidates and personallyI thought she was the best choice. Why does this also feel like it's part of some greater plan? ....

Democrats thought they had a real chance to score a big win in Georgia. In the most expensive House race ever, the Dems tried to snatch the 6th congressional district seat from the GOP. But unlike in horseshoes, close ain't good enough in politics. Republican Karen Handel edged out Democrat Jon Ossoff, showing that President Trump's flagging popularity may not be not dragging down other Republicans -- at least not yet. Democrats are now 0-4 this year in special elections. But are these results really a harbinger of the 2018 midterms? At the very least, they show the Dems must come up with a coherent message soon, and the GOP should be concerned about challengers, even in deep red districts.

Swept Away by Cindy, not Sandy

I told my friend John to sell his house in Tampa and move before it floods away or some other natural disaster befalls it. He closed last week, put most of his things in storage for now, just in time as Tropical Storm Cindy threatens 17 million along the Gulf Coast. He rents a little cottage in Sarasota with a view of the Gulf and should it get swept away, off he goes to a new adventure. Sometimes you just have to let life guide you ...

June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice -- Summer Solstice at Stonehenge -- Astronomical Observatories

Sun in Cancer

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Cancer.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon.

The Moon represents feminine goddess energies.

The flow of the collective unconsciousness in the alchemy of time

June 23, 2017

New Moon Supermoon 2° Cancer

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Otto Warmbier has died, less than a week after coming home to the US from detention in North Korea. The heartbreaking loss of the 22-year-old college student evoked grief from his family and anger from the highest levels of the US government. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the North Koreans would be held "accountable" for unjustly detaining Warmbier; Sen. John McCain said the regime "murdered" him with treatment so harsh he was left with brain damage. Also now, the tour group that took Warmbier to North Korea in 2016 will end trips there for Americans.

Donald Trump isn't on the ballot, but his presence looms large today as the most expensive House race in history ends. Parties and super PACS have spent more than $50 million in the special election in Georgia's 6th congressional district, in Atlanta's northern suburbs. It pits Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel in a runoff that many see as a referendum on the popularity of the President. It may give us the first sign of whether Trump's sagging poll numbers could be a threat to the GOP's control of the House in the 2018 elections.

The high court will take up a Wisconsin gerrymandering case, the most important case of its kind in a decade. It involves district lines in Wisconsin that challengers say were drawn to help Republicans. How the Supremes rule on this one could impact how district lines are drawn nationwide. The court struck down two laws: one banning registered sex offenders from Facebook; and another blocking disparaging trademarks, a ruling sure to please the Washington Redskins. Meanwhile, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals cleared the way for a key part of President Trump's revised travel ban to go forward. The administration can now conduct internal reviews of other countries' vetting processes for visa applicants. The most controversial parts of the ban, however, remain blocked as the whole thing makes its way to the Supreme Court.

Terrorism: The suspect in the city's latest terror attack is Darren Osborne of Cardiff. Police say he was behind the wheel of the van that mowed down pedestrians near a mosque in north London. Osborne reportedly shouted, "I did my bit, you deserve it." Eleven people were injured, and one man, who was receiving first aid when the attack unfolded, was found dead at the scene. And that wasn't the day's only terror incident involving a vehicle in Europe. In Paris, along the famed Champs-Elysees, a car deliberately rammed into a police van. The driver, who was armed, was pulled out of the car by police before the car burst into flames. He later died; the car was packed with explosives.

Crazy rain here in the city and in many states across the nation.

Extreme heat canceled flights out of Phoenix

Stay cool and drink lots of water.

June 20, 2017

World Refugee Day

  World Refugee Day Google Videos

Refugees and immigration remain a primary focus throughout much of the world.

Hope is the quintessential human delusion simultaneously the
source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice -- Summer Solstice at Stonehenge -- Astronomical Observatories

Sun in Cancer

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Cancer.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon.

The Moon represents feminine goddess energies.

The flow of the collective unconsciousness in the alchemy of time

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Madness

I'm sorry to report more violence this morning, though I'm not surprised. Terrorism will mostly likely move to the US next - probably NYC or Boston. Of course we have our own home-grown violence as people follow end time patterns. Most people feel that the energy in NYC has grown worse ... people getting crazier each day. I don't think we should limit that to New York City. It's global.

  London van hits pedestrians in Finsbury Park: Live updates   CNN - June 19, 2017

Queens landlord demands tenants prove their immigration status or face eviction   New York Daily News - June 19, 2017

  Grenfell Tower: 79 presumed dead in London fire   CNN - June 19, 2017

  North Korea: Diplomatic delegation 'mugged' at JFK Airport   CNN - June 19, 2017

  Missing sailors found dead in flooded compartments on US Navy destroyer   CNN - June 19, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day

From our Founding Fathers to our present relationships

Celebrate Fathers Day with Family and a bit of Conspiracy

Alex Jones has released recordings made during a pre-interview between himself and Megyn
Kelly to set the record straight after the release of the highly edited promo on NBC Sunday night

  How NBC botched the Megyn Kelly rollout   CNN - June 18, 2017

Conspiracy Theories with Ellie Crystal

Happy Fathers Day - Above and Below

Enjoy your day. Lucky are those who have loving fathers as I did. Mine was the best.

To my "Crystal" cousins - Here I am with my Dad - Your Uncle Murray (1959)

From a reader of Crystalinks ... The symbolism of a "Cave" is the "Mind" or "Consciousness". The "bottom of the cave floor" is physical reality. Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Hello Ellie,

Hope you enjoyed your trip.

There was something I have been wanting to share. I do understand reality and how diverse it is and what we are going through right now; many titles from that source, but all with the same outcome.

Back in 2007 I had a very detailed and quite profound dream. I have always taught in one form or another and still do today. From music, energy work, special educator to relationships and life itself.

In my dream I was a teacher on a space vessel with a very large class. We were learning on a grande scale about the intricacies of life and how everything evolves in the different forms created from those sources. My class and I ended up venturing into our solar system to a planet that was evolving into something else. The planet was "starting from scratch; fire, chaos and uninhabitable." We landed dressed in our space gear and entered a cave that transformed into a virtual learning platform for the students and my lesson. We ended up on the bottom of the cave floor where I showed them how such matter occurs, how this planet came to be, and how it, like everything created, becomes a new form.

As the lesson ended we were walking up steps with dates (markers) indicating when the planet came to be, each cycle, and the main topic of that time period. When we got to the top the date ended at 2017. I remember that instinctively.

My students asked, "What planet is this?" I told them Earth where I lived for a long while and experienced many things in a reality that was very dense.

One student asked, "Why did it end?" I smiled and said, "We finally woke up." He then asked; "What do you mean?" I smiled again and said; "As your consciousness expands through learning, we learned there by the emotions that first kept us there, then in a moment of silence, we broke free helping us see the light we truly all are and the illusions that we all were succumbed too." He had one final question. "So you're saying it was a trap?" I calmly expressed; "It was what it was. It no longer exists."

I then asked him and the class one last thing; "What's the moral of the story; the lesson here?" They all at once replied; "Don't create a box around anything!" I smiled and said it's time to go now home!

I know there are no dates, time, space of separation. I know of the multidimensional aspect of everything. I simply thought of you when sharing this. I think I have only spoke to one other person about this dream.

Anyway, another beautiful day here; I hope it is the same for you, have a terrific weekend Ellie.

Smile, dance, laugh and have fun,

John Steinbauer

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thursday, June 15
in the Hologram

As I've blogged in the past, the fight for freedom and democracy is not just on a personal level, but on a global scale, no matter how the games are played.

If you live in the United States, certainly in my age group, having seen the US go through many wars, you know, that most important is the preservation of democracy, be it an illusion or truth. When challenged, we unite, creating a sense of security that allows us to overcome all obstacles, regardless of the collateral damage - because as we know, in the alorigthm of our reality, there is no wins without losses.

Common enemies: Ronald Reagan said, "I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” To quote Steven Speilberg's mini-series Taken, "Hope is the biggest lie there is, and it is the best. We have to keep going as if it all mattered, or else we wouldn't keep going at all." Our common enemies are alien in many senses of the word. Watch as events unfold. For this week, we follow the unfortunate shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, that united the people in the US against ongoing acts of violence.

Doesn't it seem like more than two days ago that the entire focus of the US was on Jeff Sessions' testimony regarding the Russian investigation into the 2016 US presidential election. By the next day, it was interesting to watch how the focus jumped from Sessions to the Alexandria shooting, in less than 24 hours. Pay attention to your focus, and how you skip from topic to topic, while being manipulated by - -. Do you remember that there is a bigger game at play, guiding all of it? Good !

On the matter of Russian collusion with the Trump administration, this too challenges our democracy, wasting time, money, and is nothing more than busy work. Yet, isn't the whole experience just that?

My heart goes out to the families of those injured Wednesday in Alexandria. The facts about the shooter and his motivations - obviously motivated by a combination of mental illness, frustration, emulating the behavior of acts of violence is symbolic of the implosion of end times. On a geophysical level, this is also mirrored by the 6.9 earthquake in Guatamala, Wednesday, which is all part the bigger picture.

As one who reads and reports the news, perhaps from a different perspective that main stream media, I wish I could predict things would improve ... and that we would all live happily ever after. To me, that does not exist in the duality of physical reality ... the ball park of drama.

And so the baseball game goes on tonight in Alexandria, Virgina. We are at the bottom of the ninth - as most of you are intuitively aware. To win the game, is to evolve out of this experience.

Many of us believed that in 2012, the experience actually ended, and we are in an illusionary "overtime," where we are stuck playing in an endless game where no one wins.

I'm currently in Florida, for a reunion with my high school friends, this afternoon. I'm sure that we'll discuss not only our high school and college days, but how everything in the world presents itself today.

40 year reunion in Boca - Linda and Ellie

Tesla opened doors to many worlds

The Tesla Girls in Boca - Ellie, Anita, Marilyn, and Linda

Interesting Encounters at the Pool

Wednesday, June 14, 2017