Friday, August 30, 2013

The Situation in Syria is Syrious

Friday August 30, 2013

The program has created a very interesting, yet deadly, scenario at this time - and I feel a need to express my opinion on Syria - though I am in no way a political analyst. I am opposed to war after decades of seeing what it does to Americans on so many levels, not just today, but for generations to come if you look at the timeline probabilities. I never thought we should be fighting on foreign soil unless attacked and in today's world, ... go in ... go out ... use drones not men ... and do it quickly. Yes ... I know about collateral damage but sometimes the end justifies the means. I never thought I'd say, "Let's get 'um," as we can't afford another war - but the Assad regime is out of control and chemical warfare affects the world. Though Britain may have backed out for now, and that is understandable, this could change, especially after there was another chemical attack today. France backs US on Syria action   BBC - August 30, 2013

Chemicals from these, and upcoming attacks, will disperse into the air and travel to neighboring regions. This also applies to the fallout from the radiation leak at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, smoke from wildfires in Yosemite that are expected to last for months, and volcanic ash from active volcanoes.

Let's see what Obama does next. I see us going to war again but this feels different.

Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, on Labor Day weekend I want to blog about something positive. It's the last official weekend of summer and people are planning all sorts of celebrations. Whatever your plans, have fun.

Fun Times in Gilbert, Arizona

My granddaughter Joie turns 11 on October 19th (Libra)

My daughter Tracy emailed ... Joie is running for the office of Spirit Advisor. The winner will work for our student government organizing all the fun activities and events in her school. She is perfect for the job! She is so full of life and happiness. Everyone just loves her energy and sense of humor. She is turning out to be someone special.

In Nevada we find ...

Burning Man Website

Burning Man - August 26 - September 2, 2013

Google Images

In Atlanta ...

August 30 - September 2, 2013

Dagon*Con Website

Dagon*Con Wikipedia

  Dagon*Con Google Videos

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Humans Like Theories

Humans like theories. It allows them to think outside the box, be creative and bring purpose to life. In this timeline, humans are trying to figure out the meaning of life and their place in it - to learn through meaningful experience and to help others find truth as the ladder (latter) ascends.

There is a theory called Panspermia - the hypothesis that "seeds of life" exist across the universe - and that life on Earth and other planets may have originated through the dispersement of these seeds.

There is a theory about ancient aliens responsible for the seeding of life on this and other planets, for any number of reasons.

There is a theory that God created humans and there is truth to religious doctrine.

There is a theory that the "seeds of life" follow a specific universal blueprint encoded in their genetic design. Today we call that code sacred geometry.

There is a theory called the holographic universe which states that all of reality is a consciousness hologram created for experience on many levels simultaneously.

All, or none, of these theories may be correct or they could all blend into each other, aligned with others we don't know exist. Your intuition should be telling you to stop guessing as we are about to find out the truth.

Mars and Its Mysteries

When it comes to Mars, I've heard many theories from science to pseudoscience. Do gray aliens have a base on Mars? Are humans their biogenetic experiment to regain emotions? Is all of it just a myth in the hologram (illusion) of our reality? Is the face on Mars an alien linked to the creation of humans or are we just scrying natural formations in the quest for answers?

Earth life 'may have come from Mars'   BBC - August 28, 2013
Life may have started on Mars before arriving on Earth, a major scientific conference has heard. New research supports an idea that the Red Planet was a better place to kick-start biology billions of years ago than the early Earth was. The evidence is based on how the first molecules necessary for life were assembled.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Moon and Its Mysteries

As far back as I can remember, I have "seen" structures on the moon and read about underground moon bases linked to aliens and mining. Engineers have told me about a lunar stargate that is a midway station between Earth and Mars. Anything is possible and becomes part of the long list of secrets the government is hiding.

Moon Water Discovery Hints at Mystery Source Deep Underground   Live Science - August 28, 2013
Evidence of water spotted on the moon's surface by a sharp-eyed spacecraft likely originated from an unknown source deep in the lunar interior, scientists say. The find - made by NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 probe - marks the first detection of such "magmatic water" from lunar orbit and confirms analyses performed recently on moon rocks brought to Earth by Apollo astronauts four decades ago, researchers said.

50 Years Ago
I Have A Dream

1963 was a monumental year for me. I turned 20, got married, graduated college, started teaching, and took a trip with my husband Ralph to Washington, D.C. We didn't attend the events on August 28, but our visit over spring break always lingers in my mind.

As Ralph and I visited the National Mall - images flooded my mind of humanity and my place in it. Only 9 years had passed since my UFO incident with my Mom in Black Rock Desert (Pyramid Lake, Nevada), but suddenly the destiny that had been shown to me, began to take on greater definition. I was here to make a difference that would one day return me to the same space, just another timeline.

On the night of our visit to the National Mall, I had a dream about reality as a consciousness hologram, which did not make sense until years later. Today, I understand that we live in a "dream" from which we are about to awaken.

And so it came to pass in March 2003, with another soul-mate, Sherif, the day before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This time, I had been asked to visit and discuss the whereabouts of Osama bin Ladin, thought by some to be in the U.S. I told them it would take 9 years from the events of 9/11 to find and capture him - not associating 9 years (in numerology) as the completion of a cycle. Osama bin Ladin was killed on May 2, 2011, just over 9 years later. My meeting with Sherif was that day was a synchronicity, as he was there with his own agenda linked to a meeting of Republicans and President Bush. Today, Sherif remains in Cairo ... once again hoping to make a difference for the freedom of the people in his home land.

August 28, 1963

Life and times for all Americans would change forever by the words of one man, as more than 200,000 people gathered on the National Mall for the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom". I remember watching the event on TV with Ralph and the feelings I had when we visited months before. The Rev. Martin Luther King spoke late in the day, but his famous speech - I Have a Dream - changed everything. His goal - like that other many others before and after him - was to end to racism in the United States. It was a shift in consciousness, a change in the program, that put Martin Luther King in that place, at that time, to change history.

Today, on the 50th anniversary of that speech, we look back on what has happened over the past 50 years and what still needs to be done. Will Americans - as any other group of people around the world - ever truly be free? We all "have a dream" and hope for a "bright" future that changes everything. Wait for it.

US marks Martin Luther King 'I have a dream' speech   BBC - August 28, 2013
The US will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March for Jobs and Freedom, the civil rights rally at which Martin Luther King Jr made his historic "I have a dream" speech.

  John Lewis on his friend Martin   BBC - August 28, 2013
US Congressman John Lewis is the last surviving speaker from the March on Washington 50 years ago. The student activist turned civil rights leader spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial just before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous I Have a Dream speech on 28 August 1963. Mr Lewis has also just published a graphic novel called March which chronicles his role in the civil rights movement through the 1950s and 1960s. He spoke to the BBC about how he was inspired by Dr. King's speeches on the radio and later became his friend.

Attack shuts down New York Times' website   CNN - August 28, 2013
More than 12 hours after it was attacked, the New York Times website remained inaccessible early Wednesday morning.

Sleep Texting

People used to talk on the phone ... now they text. People used to talk in their sleep ... now they text. It's called Sleep Texting, and for better or worse, people are doing it.

They say, "Don't text while driving." "Don't text while walking." Now ... "Don't text while sleeping."

While smartphone owners use their devices to text and email throughout the day, some people are taking their addictions to new heights and texting while sleeping, reports say. The phenomenon is on the rise, with sleep disorder specialists reporting that more and more people are texting several times a night while they're asleep.

People get up ... text ... then go back to sleep and never remember texting. Depending on the messages one sends, this can be embarrassing as it comes from a place one does not want to openly disclose, such as a sexual attract to someone, making t a compromising situation for both people.

Aside from compromising situations, sleep-texting may cause health issues as well. In many cases, sleep-texting occurs about two hours after a person falls asleep, when deep, restful REM (rapid eye movement) sleep would normally begin. Most sleep-disorder specialists recommend people get seven to eight hours of sleep each night - lack of sleep has been linked to a number of health conditions, including obesity, heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, immune-system dysfunction and other issues. One can wake up exhausted the next day.

Modern technologies like smartphones have a pervasive influence on modern life, especially among younger users, who may be particularly susceptible to "smartphone addiction." And use of smartphones, computers, video games and other technologies has been linked to pervasive sleep disorders, including insomnia.

To ward off sleep-texting, experts recommend shutting devices down completely before going to bed or, in extreme cases, moving the cellphone out of the bedroom entirely. For optimal sleeping conditions, Werber and other sleep specialists also recommend turning off devices about an hour before going to bed - the bright light they produce can inhibit the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, which is produced in dark light.

Sleep Texting: People Addicted To Phones Text While They Sleep   Huffington Post - August 27, 2013
While smartphone owners use their devices to text and email throughout the day, some people are taking their addictions to new heights and texting while sleeping, reports say.

A phenomenon called "sleep-texting" is on the rise, with sleep disorder specialists reporting that more and more people are texting several times a night while they're asleep, according to CBS New York last week.

WebMD writes that teens are especially at risk of "sleep-texting," with more and more kids reaching for the phones during the night, sending texts, and waking up with no recollection of what took place.

"Four o'clock in the morning, 3 o'clock in the morning -- it would just be a sentence of jumbled-up stuff," sleep-texter Megan told CBS New York. "I guess I got up and texted, and went back to bed, but I don't remember it."

Aside from the risk of sending bizarre texts to your contacts, sleep-texting isn't good for your health in that it interrupts deep, restful REM sleep, experts say.

"Sleep is a very important restorative process," Dr. Josh Werber, a sleep and snoring specialist, told US News. "And when we're not fully engaged in it, and not getting the amount we need, we're not having the same restorative effect on our brains -- and that affects our cognitive ability the next day."

Best way to resolve the problem? Experts recommend shutting off your smartphone before bed or even moving your devices out the bedroom entirely. Also wean yourself off using gadgets in the evenings, in that research has shown that light-emitting screens from tablets and smartphone can suppress the release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin and enhance alertness, making it more difficult to sleep.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Memos

The use of chemical weapons in Syria is causing greater damage to surrounding areas than you know. It likens to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant leak. Truth cannot be hidden.

  US ready to launch Syria strike, says Chuck Hagel   BBC - August 27, 2013
American forces are "ready" to launch strikes on Syria if President Barack Obama chooses to order an attack, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel says.

China hit by 'biggest ever' cyber-attack   BBC - August 27, 2013
China has said it has suffered its "biggest ever" cyber-attack, causing many websites based in the country to go temporarily offline.

  Mexico mudslides and flash flooding kill 14   BBC - August 27, 2013
More than a dozen people have died in eastern Mexico, in landslides triggered by heavy rain caused by tropical depression Fernand.

Darfur peacekeepers missing in Sudan floods   BBC - August 27, 2013
Four peacekeepers are missing in Sudan's Darfur region after being swept away by floods, a UN official has said.

Wildfires in Yosemite and other areas: Local news reported that the smoke is headed toward Reno, NV ... which takes us to Black Rock Desert and Burning Man 2013. Where there's smoke there's fire and none of it is healthy.

On the matter of the YMAs here in Brooklyn Sunday night at Barclays Center ... awesome. Justin Timberlake blew me away. Wish I could have been there. Miley Cyrus went overboard - but she is young and trying to outdo Lady Gaga.

Why twerking is already over   AP - August 27, 2013
The day after the MTV Video Music Awards came with a few more people Googling the phrase: "What is twerking?" For those who are still unclear, twerking is a dance, it's all about the movement of the rump - and it's been around longer than Miley's been alive. It's been called different things at different times, but anyone who saw the video "Rump Shaker," has been to a strip club or has seen the majority of hip-hop videos over the years probably has a good idea of what twerking is.

How Many Work Hours Is Too Many?   Live Science - August 27, 2013
Late nights and early mornings at the office may help your career prospects, but they can hurt you in another way. New research has found a link between overworking and the reduced well-being of workers. Employees who worked more than 50 hours in a week suffered from decreased mental and physical health, the research found.   PhysOrg - August 27, 2013
The nature of the teenage brain makes users of cannabis amongst this population particularly at risk of developing addictive behaviors and suffering other long-term negative effects.

PTSD: It's not just about war veterans. It applies to anyone who is emotionally disabled after a traumatic incident of any kind - even childhood abuse. Professional help and meds are needed. This runs deep and cannot be easily ignored. Try Yoga, Meditation, exercise and a proper diet to balance brain chemistry.

Bullying: Starts in childhood by children who are emotionally unstable and abused, then continues into adult life. Is someone in your family bullying you? Can't let go? Seek help as your programming to awl away due to guilt is still activated.

Delusions of Grandeur: Believing oneself to always be the best and the only one to solve the problems at hand. Over-exaggerated beliefs in what one can do. Derives from low self esteem issues in childhood or is part of various mental illnesses. Delusions of Grandeur

Nothing makes sense.

Jesse Marcel Jr. Dies

August 27, 2013

On August 2, 2013, after reading a post on the radio show Coast to Coast AM, I bogged that many of the long time UFO researchers and healers are crossing over now, among them my friends Mike from Brooklyn who died of cancer last year and my friend Deja who died this spring. I just saw them "leaving" one after another ... their mission, to make a difference, accomplished to the best of their abilities. And so it is coming to pass and I see more, though I will not type their names here, only to say they are famous and have spent their lives in pursuit of truth. Today we add to the list ....

Jesse Marcel Jr. of Roswell fame died at 76   UFO Digest - August 26, 2013
Jesse Marcel Jr. of Roswell fame died suddenly of a heart attack on Saturday August 24. His story and that of his father are intertwined with crashed UFOs and extraterrestrial bodies. He was a father, physician, soldier and hero. Kevin Randles' Blog

May 18, 2013

Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, regarding Roswell at the Citizen Hearing for Disclosure
at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

On another matter ... Sunday I blogged about a visit from Terrance McKenna known for his use of hallucinogens and Novelty Theory (Timewave Zero). Monday afternoon, Ron called on his way to Newark Airport for a week long conference in Silicone Valley.

The last time Ron attended a conference there was 9 years ago where he spent some of his spare time listening to a series of tapes from .... Terrance McKenna. Ron had been really surprised when I mentioned McKenna in my Sunday blog. In physical reality, synchronicities have merit and are easily created to make a point for the experiencers.

McKenna's vision about the future was interesting and in some "novel" way coincides with the theme behind Crystalinks ... "Reality is a consciousness hologram in which souls come here to experience emotions." McKenna spoke about Timewave Zero. I call it Zero Point when time and space cease to exist.

As Ron and I talked, the movie Inception came to mind. In the film ... elapsed time in each of 3 dream levels is roughly twenty times greater than in the level above it. In the deepest level of all (3rd level), the planned ten hours of outer-world time would be experienced as almost two centuries. In other words, the lower consciousness descends into the physical, the slower the movement of time and frequency. In the spirals of time, we experience here in 3D consciousness or third dimension ... the lowest and the slowest. Taking this to McKenna and hallucinogens, Shaman travel to the Spirit World. In the film, the dream was called the outer-world. It is all about altered states of consciousness and focused perception believed to be reality.

I believe the message from McKenna was, we hit zero point on December 21, 2012 in the higher levels of reality. They have already closed and are rapidly spiraling downward to this level as they implode into each other. It would explain why I always get the message that the program has already ended. McKenna wanted me to know that ... as is above, so will be below. Wait for it.

From its Inception ... Until its End ... the Dream Continues

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

The teacher in me is activated today.

Planet Earth has often been called a classroom, as we come here to learn and experience until the school bell rings and it's all over.

Here we are in what most consider the last week of the summer season, or the week before Labor Day. In many places, children start school today, a.k.a. their journey over the next 9 months.

I spoke to Matthew and Noah this morning and both told me they are nervous ... the normal feeling on the first day of .... anything. Matthew (5th grade) said he has butterflies in his stomach. Noah (3rd grade) is concerned because he is supposed to bring the books he read this summer to school and he didn't read many. Further, he has been separated from his best friend Will. But he's being brave ... after all, they are BFF and spend the past 5 years together. On the up side ... he has an amazing teacher.

School ain't what it used to be. Did you know they're not teaching script anymore? It's all about technologies.

Last year's issues will resurface after summer hiatus ...

    childhood obesity and proper diet

    security for the students and faculty, an issue that has prompted special training programs for teachers

    opening schools affected by natural disasters this summer

    sexual issues - teens and their hot teachers

    bullying and discovering that bullies are abused at home and take that into their adult life, becoming the mentally ill

    dealing with students emotional issues and denial

My daughter Tracy, who teaches in Gilbert, AZ. made an interesting statement this weekend, one that I thought everyone knew. "People show their worse behavior to their families". This takes us to the soul group in which we play out our dramas. No one seems to push our buttons more than the people within this group. If you are lucky - your programming to stay in their emotional games ends, if not, as I have seen with clients and friends, it "tears" you apart, first on an emotional level, then on the physical. If this is you - I hope you are programmed to walk away now.

Here is your assignment for today

Type this ... "My most memorable moment in school was .... " Then finish it.

Next ... "During my metaphysics studies, the most important thing I learned was ..."

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crystalinks turns 18

August 25, 2013

Crystalinks has come a long way since 1995 in terms of quality, content and ease of presentation. It has developed into a compendium of thousands of integrated files and images for greater understanding - a portal readers can return to find answers within the parameters of healing and evolving consciousness. A transformation is occurring on all levels, coinciding with the Age of Science and Technology, which guides us along the way. Crystalinks remains a Work in Progress to that end, as does your journey here. We've had amazing adventures through these pages, the best, yet to come.

When I look back over the past 18 years, which is 2 cycles in numerology, so much has changed. Crystalinks started with 50+ files, its location (server) for the first year being Though I had met thousands of people through my media work before the internet and Crystalinks, nothing was to prepare me for the great adventure that was about to unfold, and the amazing relationships that would develop along the way.

It's still exciting waking up each morning and wondering where in the world my next significant email will come from and where it will take me that day. Each week presents patterns in my life linked with readers, clients, and reality itself. There has always been something to blog every morning, even as phones ring, emails come in, and other "outside forces" distract from my focus.

Metaphysics today has moved from the paranormal where one explores the unexplained, to healing and energy where lost and wounded souls can work on themselves. It's about the "transition moment" set into place in each of our timelines, when our consciousness suddenly awakens and we seek answers beyond. From a "death" to a dream to anything else we are programmed to experience, when that moment arrives, we are forever changed.

And then one day, after endless roads taken, a truth comes into your consciousness - something understood as far back as early humans - time and reality are an illusion. It has always been about our ability to understand the facets of time and how they relate to reality. You are not the same person you were in linear 1995, 2001, 2012, or even yesterday. Your consciousness experiences are evolving ... for in fact ... you are not even here.

Terrance McKenna

Most of you read about Terance McKenna's Novelty Theory while researching December 21, 2012. The date was wrong, as time is an illusion so dates do not apply. But maybe there is something to what McKenna saw that resulted in the consciousness changes since the beginning of 2013. McKenna said his information came from aliens he called Logos (Knowledge). We know that channeling comes from the grids, messages given under different personas, but all from the same source. Forgetting where and how McKenna's information derived ... was he on track with something he didn't understand? I call it Zero Point, a convergence at the end of time before all fades to black.

Terence McKenna (November 16, 1946 - April 3, 2000) was an American psychonaut, lecturer, and writer. He was noted for the use of psychedelics, and subjects ranging from shamanism, language, metaphysics, historical and civilizational timelines, the theoretical origins of human consciousness, and Novelty Theory or Timewave Zero. According to McKenna, the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of time that increases interconnectedness, which would eventually reach a singularity of infinite complexity, at which point anything and everything imaginable would occur simultaneously.

So why did I blog this today? Terrance came to see me, and told me to review his work. :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Reality Check

Since the beginning of the year, many of us have realized the events in our reality have been changing. Did it have to do with something the Mayans foresaw at the end of their cycle on December 21, 2012, or is it about something else? At first, it seemed like it was something new for 2012, but more and more people have come to realize that these shifts are happening on an almost daily basis, each shift a carry-over of old events that need to be resolved - the new reality presenting different options. You watch someone's behavior and think, that is not what they would normally do. One must assume that these changes have always been part of the human matrix design - consciousness preparing us to move beyond myth, math, metaphors, synchronicities, creation, and the illusion of time itself.

Today, I realized that Crystalinks will be 18 years old on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Usually, I focus on the many years since its creation, but this year I forgot the date until I saw it on my Ezine calendar. Calendars ... do they seem like an antiquated measure of time to you. We plan our lives around them in physical reality, and tear off the pages as the months quickly fly by. I'm not one to over-think things, so all I can say is, "Time will tell."

August 25, 2013

Crystalinks turns 18

Crystalinks has come a long way since 1995 in terms of quality, content and ease of presentation. It has developed into a compendium of thousands of integrated files and images for greater understanding - a portal readers can return to find answers within the parameters of healing and evolving consciousness. A transformation is occurring on all levels, coinciding with the Age of Science and Technology, which guides us along the way. Crystalinks remains a Work in Progress to that end, as does your journey here. We've had amazing adventures through these pages, the best, yet to come.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday
Virgo Readers

August 22 - September 22, 2013

Sun enters Virgo today, Eastern time, around 7 PM

Not much to blog today, so I'm working behind the scenes and reading clients. People are still away on vacation as the summer season comes to a close. I'm glad I live in an area that is not flooded as I add to that blog every day.

As we watch the world grow stranger, now that Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years for espionage. He wants to live his life as a woman named Chelsea - transgendered. She will be eligible for parole after serving one third of her sentence, and together with credits for time served and good behavior could be released eight years after sentencing. Speaking of espionage - there's a new spin on Watergate - Tapes show Richard Nixon as Watergate scandal loomed

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So You Want to Write a Book ... And Get it Published

Wednesday August 14, 2013

As I have blogged before, everyone has a "book in their head", often a catharsis of their life - the blueprint of their journey in this hologram. Yesterday, my friend Lisa Sharkey, head of creative development at Harper Collins, shared a few tips with FOX 5 in NYC to guide you. It comes down to marketing and having an audience to buy your book. It's a lot of work.

New York News

Red Hook and Burning Man Adventures

Sunday I visited Red Hook

Tuesday Update: Sabrina, the client I mentioned in the blog, like so many other people I know, is off to Burning Man this weekend. As a professional photographer, she shared the creative level one finds as 60,000 people visit Black Rock Desert each year, home of Pyramid Rock. They not only burn the effigy, but a temple is created each year, and that is burned the next night as people unite with prayers and hope for themselves and the future. Now that is what I calling burning off your karmic ribbons.

Sabrina, like all of my other friends and clients who attend each year, asked me to go. Too old ... and not the camping out type ... though I love the energies as they connect with my 1954 alien experience and new insert in the program. That being said, this year at the festival ... after they "burn away" the old ... Sabrina is going to close her eyes, hold her arms straight up, and ask to connect with whomever I met in 1954 ... and if there is a message for me. This should be interesting.

Darren, another photographer friend from the city, is also going to Burning Man and said I would love it and could give at least one lecture to the large audience. He told me to rent an RV and join them one year. Check out Darren's photo project of Burning Man. As creative and interesting as it seems, I don't see myself there, though I know it will be another spectacular event.

My friend Lewis, a film producer, is unable to attend this year, but came up with a great idea. He owns and operates an organic farm in upstate NY where he will host a mini version of Burning Man that I am also invited to. Maybe ...

The Blue Moon and The Perseids

Perseid Meteors Over China   NASA - August 21, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flood Stories - August 2013

70% of central Manila under water !!

  Wildfires burning in 11 Western states   CBS - August 19, 2013
As of Monday night, there are 49 large fires burning in 11 western states. In the mountains of Utah, smoke still billowed nearly a week after a fire was set off by lightning. The smoke nearly almost blocked the sunrise in Idaho. Thousands have been evacuated and the flames have crept near a prime tourist areas.

  Floods may add to woes in wildfire-hit Idaho   NBC - August 20, 2013
Officials battling a massive Idaho wildfire warned that thunderstorms forecast for Tuesday could trigger floods in the area already devastated by the "beast" of a blaze.

500 eruptions in 231 days?! Japan volcano coats city with ash - again   NBC - August 19, 2013
Residents in a southern Japanese city were busy washing ash off the streets Monday after a nearby volcano spewed a record-high smoke plume into the sky. Ash wafted as high as 3 miles above the Sakurajima volcano in the southern city of Kagoshima on Sunday afternoon, forming its highest plume since the Japan Meteorological Agency started keeping records in 2006. Lava flowed just over half a mile from the fissure, and several huge volcanic rocks rolled down the mountainside.

  Russia battles huge far east flood - 20,000 evacuated   BBC - August 19, 2013

More than 20,000 people have been evacuated from flood-stricken areas in Russia's far east, where the Amur river has burst its banks after heavy rain. Both the Amur river and a major tributary, the Zeya, have flooded huge areas in what is said to be the region's worst flooding for 120 years. The damage so far has been estimated at about 3bn rubles (£58m; $91m).

Death toll from weekend flooding, landslides passes 100   - August 19, 2013
Devastating floods at opposite ends of China have left 105 people dead and another 115 missing in recent days, state media said on Monday. Flooding in the northeast which left 72 people dead was described as the worst in decades by state news agency Xinhua, while another 33 people died in the south as a result of the weather, it said citing the ministry of civil affairs.

Global Sea Level Rise Dampened by Australia Floods   Science Daily - August 19, 2013
When enough raindrops fall over land instead of the ocean, they begin to add up. New research led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) shows that when three atmospheric patterns came together over the Indian and Pacific oceans, they drove so much precipitation over Australia in 2010 and 2011 that the world's ocean levels dropped measurably. Unlike other continents, the soils and topography of Australia prevent almost all of its precipitation from running off into the ocean. The 2010-11 event temporarily halted a long-term trend of rising sea levels caused by higher temperatures and melting ice sheets. Now that the atmospheric patterns have snapped back and more rain is falling over tropical oceans, the seas are rising again. In fact, with Australia in a major drought, they are rising faster than before.

The 20 Cities Most Vulnerable to Flooding   Live Science - August 19, 2013

Researchers have just figured out which cities across the globe face the highest risk from coastal flooding. To do so, they compiled data on 136 coastal cities with more than 1 million residents, looking at the elevation of the cities, the population distribution and the types of flood protection they had, such as levees or storm-surge barriers. They then combined that data with forecasts of sea level rise, ground sinking due to groundwater depletion, as well as population growth projections and economic forecasts of gross domestic product (GDP). From there, they used the depth of water flooding a city to estimate the cost of the damage.

Future Flood Losses in Major Coastal Cities: Costly Projections   Science Daily - August 19, 2013
The authors estimate present and future flood losses -- or the global cost of flooding -- in 136 of the world's largest coastal cities, taking into account existing coastal protections. Average global flood losses in 2005, estimated at about US$6 billion per year, could increase to US$52 billion by 2050 with projected socio-economic change alone. The cities ranked most at risk today, as measured by annual average losses due to floods, span developed and developing countries: Guangzhou, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Mumbai, Nagoya, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Boston, Shenzen, Osaka-Kobe, and Vancouver. The countries at greatest risk from coastal city flooding include the United States and China. Due to their high wealth and low protection level, three American cities (Miami, New York City and New Orleans) are responsible for 31 per cent of the losses across the 136 cities. Adding Guangzhou, the four top cities explain 43 per cent of global losses as of 2005. Total dollar cost is one way to assess risk. Another is to look at annual losses as a percentage of a city's wealth, a proxy for local vulnerability. Using this measure, Guangzhou, China; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Abidjan, Ivory Coast are among the most vulnerable.

Sudan floods kill 73 citizens   Kuwait News - August 19, 2013
The Sudanese government announced on Monday that floods that hit the country killed 73 people, while indicating that danger stage will end soon. The amount of flood's water that descended to Nile River, reached almost two billion cubic meters, he added. The current situation in Sudan is described as a crisis, which can be only avoided through great efforts by the government and the whole society.

Sudan Flood Photos Show Destruction After Devastating Rains   Huffington Post - August 19, 2013

Heavy rains and flash floods in Sudan have killed at least 36 people and forced thousands to leave their homes. The United Nations warned on Sunday that more than 150,000 people in the impoverished nation have been affected by the disaster and the number is expected to rise.

Full Moon - Blue Moon

Full Moon 28° Aquarius

August's Blue Moon: Lunar Oddity of Night Sky Explained - August 18, 2013

The Aquarius full moon has an extra bit of creative magic with the Sun in Leo and
Virgo Transition taking hold.
The aspects of this full moon/blue moon will affect everyone.

Owl: Wisdom, Transition, Intelligence, Mysticism, Keeper of Sacred Knowledge

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ellie and Anna Visit
Red Hook, Brooklyn

Red Hook, on the water, was one of the many coastal areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy last October. Since then much has happened to rebuild the artsy commercial area, lined with cobblestone streets and lots of history. This afternoon, my friend Anna, and I drove over to see how this once slum area is changing. Anna mentioned that Oprah's favorite bakery - Baked is somewhere within these streets, but we never got there ... not this trip.

Ellie's Verrazano Bridge from Red Hook

Red Hook: Treasures on Every Block  
New York Times - March 26, 2013

But for variety, charm, oddity and rugged urban beauty, there is nothing in the city like eating and drinking your way across this Brooklyn neighborhood. To understand why, imagine that what ran through Red Hook's streets last Oct. 29 was lava, six feet deep in places. The neighborhood would have been a modern Pompeii of food and drink, a startlingly complete record of the things that obsessed hungry New Yorkers in 2012.

The buried machinery alone would have told a story. The vortex winnowers, conches and melting tanks would illustrate the making of chocolate bars from cacao pods. Copper-pot stills would document the rise of small distilleries. Steel tanks would record the fascination with orange wines and wild yeasts.

Coffee roasters would give evidence of New York's pursuit of the perfect caffeine high. Sunk up to its engine in rock would be one of the city's most avidly followed food trucks. Smaller objects like rakes and plastic vats would reflect other trends and newly revived traditions like urban farming, smoking and curing meats, pickling, and baking forgotten breads and desserts.

Of course, what really covered Red Hook was a flood tide swept in by Hurricane Sandy. Salt water destroyed much of that machinery, millions of dollars' worth, not to mention all the food, alcohol and well-laid business plans. Five months later, after a herculean cleanup and with work permits still taped up in every third window, nearly every food and drink business in the area is open again. This is good news for them and great news for explorers with big appetites.

Instead of destination dining, Red Hook offers an impressive variety of tastes: dizzying lobster bisque, marshmallows you want to hide from your children, crunchy and spicy Korean pancakes, wines and liqueurs that are fascinatingly far from ordinary, and a potato-and-egg sandwich that should be on the curriculum of every Brooklyn public school.

Most impressively, Red Hook is a true community in a city where that notion is becoming more abstract all the time. Chefs buy from the local farm, and bartenders buy from the local distilleries; restaurants retweet other restaurants' promotions; and shoppers talk about how happy they are to see the same woman restocking the bread at Fairway's olive oil tasting station because the company kept employees on payroll while rebuilding the store.

Renovations are still underway

We passed a bridal party taking pictures on their way to the winery. Inside one finds a large party room with a panoramic view of the ocean, Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan now hosting One World Trade Center. Outside the winery, weather permitting, one can celebrate a wedding or other special occasion. If you want to taste wine and share stories, this is the place to go.

Signs Read: Distillery Factory and Chocolate Factory Tours

They make both wine and beer here with lots of free samples.

Inside the Chocolate Factory

They only have tiny bits of free chocolate. I'm not a chocolate person.

As synchronicity would have it, before Anna and I set out on our adventure, I received an email from a client who wanted an appointment on Tuesday. I emailed her my availability and told her to call me. She called after I returned home. When I told her I had just come back from Red Hook, she laughed. She lives a block away from where Anna and I spent the afternoon and was strolling through the same streets when we were.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Men tell me ... Women tell me

Psychic readings today are not just about seeing the future. Most overlap into some sort of therapy sessions especially when it comes to relationships. With burnout, and changes in society, people want to be taken care of and feel financially secure. It can come from investments, inheritance, and hard work through the years. Few people think their job is worth the time and energy currently put into it.

The blog below is what men and women currently tell me about relationships.

Men tell me women don't listen. Women tell me men don't listen.

Divorced men tell me their ex-wives are crazy. Women tell me the same. Both cite the behavior of the other to prove their case. Did they consider that the bad relationship made them behave that way? Both need therapy to get past the past.

Men and women tell me they would rather remain in a bad relationship than live alone. Many people have never learned how to live alone or they are simply programmed to stay.

Insecure men and women tell me they track their partners. Most are correct when they feel the partner is cheating, but many become paranoid without justification. It's so easy to track someone these days.

Men often lie and tell me they don't cheat. Women always admit to an affair.

Men and women tell me they would never date in the workplace ... yet some do. They tell me they would never date someone married ... yet many do.

Men tell me women want to be taken care of, especially as women get to their late 40's and early 50's where they burn out due to hormonal changes and life. Most men tell me they can't afford to take care of a women especially if she is needy. They shouldn't have to. Today, life burns people out.

Men and women still tell me they make the mistake of keeping their partner by lending them money. Bad idea, even if it's for a business partnership.

Burned out women tell me that they just want to share their lives and expenses with a man, but for the most part they are deluding themselves as they want to be taken care of. Honest women and men will admit they want someone with money. There are women who are willing to share with a man, at a level equal to their own. These are women who have security, grown children, or no children, and are ready to enjoy life.

Women and men tell me they generally don't like dating. Men tell me they do it for sex. Women tell me they do it to find a life partner who is their equal ... or for the sex.

When it comes to sex, women tell me they want a man who is well endowed. They also hope for a soul connection which = passionate sex. Men simply want hot women.

Men and women tell me they understand who they are in relationships and what their parameters should be. Those who don't, repeat the same patterns with the same types of partners over and over again until they give up.

Men with emotional problems tell me they enjoy the challenges of women with issues. Those relationships develop control issues that wear everyone down. If you have to analyze your relationship over and over, let it go. You are overcompensating.

Men and women tell me that they work out their unresolved issues in relationships, often knowing they will end.

Men tell me women are crazy. Women tell me that men are crazy. We already know that most people have issues, so that explains it. Your partner is a refection of your issues.

Women tell me they work on themselves. Men tell me they try to work on themselves.

Women tell me that men can move quickly into a relationship, then change their mind overnight and are gone without reason.

Men tell me that if not for sex, they would be happy alone or having a female friend which many of them do, even gay men.

Gay men tell me they are happy not to have the issues straight men do pertaining to sex and relationships. And yet ... they have their own sets of issues. No one goes without issues.

Men and women often tell me they understand how the program works ... and yet ignore the fact that everything they do ... everyone they involve with ... is all part of a greater plan to study emotions.

People learn through all of their relationships as they experience here. It would seem the lucky ones find a partner when they are mature enough and grow together through the decades. The rest of humanity is just hoping for the best as they muddle through life and love.

Recalling Dreams

Some people easily recall dreams, while others don't, or just remember their last experience "dream" as their consciousness returns to their physical body. Lucid dreamers are aware that they are dreaming and interact to that end within their dreams.

When one falls asleep here - their conscious awareness - to some degree - leaves their physical body. It is all part of the concept that reality is a consciousness grid simulation in which we interact within many grids simultaneously. Some dreams take us far away so we are not easily awoken here, while others are about events in our physical timeline. Many people use dreamscapes to heal and resolve issues, while other prefer higher frequency learning experiences.

Responding to one's name has to do with focus and conditioning in any reality. In dreamtime, you may go by another name. When you wake up here, your dream continues on whatever your frequency signature is.

"Wake Up!"

Why Some Remember Dreams, Others Don't   Live Science - August 14, 2013

People who tend to remember their dreams also respond more strongly than others to hearing their name when they're awake, new research suggests. Everyone dreams during sleep, but not everyone recalls the mental escapade the next day, and scientists aren't sure why some people remember more than others. To find out, researchers used electroencephalography to record the electrical activity in the brains of 36 people while the participants listened to background tunes, and occasionally heard their own first name.

The brain measurements were taken during wakefulness and sleep. Half of the participants were called high recallers, because they reported remembering their dreams almost every day, whereas the other half, low recallers, said they only remembered their dreams once or twice a month.

When asleep, both groups showed similar changes in brain activity in response to hearing their names, which were played quietly enough not to wake them. However, when awake, high recallers showed a more sustained decrease in a brain wave called the alpha wave when they heard their names, compared with the low recallers. "It was quite surprising to see a difference between the groups during wakefulness," said study researcher Perrine Ruby, neuroscientist at Lyon Neuroscience Research Center in France. The difference could reflect variations in the brains of high and low recallers that could have a role in how they dream, too, Ruby said.

Who remembers their dreams

A well-established theory suggests that a decrease in the alpha wave is a sign that brain regions are being inhibited from responding to outside stimuli. Studies show that when people hear a sudden sound or open their eyes, and more brain regions become active, the alpha wave is reduced.

In the study, as predicted, both groups showed a decrease in the alpha wave when they heard their names while awake. But high recallers showed a more prolonged decrease, which may be a sign their brains became more widely activated when they heard their names. In other words, high recallers may engage more brain regions when processing sounds while awake, compared with low recallers, the researchers said.

While people are asleep, the alpha wave behaves in the opposite way - it increases when a sudden sound is heard. Scientists aren't certain why this happens, but one idea is that it protects the brain from being interrupted by sounds during sleep, Ruby said. Indeed, the study participants showed an increase in the alpha wave in response to sounds during sleep, and there was no difference between the groups. One possibility to explain the lack of difference, the researchers said, could be that perhaps high recallers had a larger increase in alpha waves, but it was so high that they woke up.

Time spent awake, during the night

The researchers saw that high recallers awoke more frequently during the night. They were awake, on average, for 30 minutes during the night, whereas low recallers were awake for 14 minutes. However, Ruby said "both figures are in the normal range, its not that theres something wrong with either group."

Altogether, the results suggest the brain of high recallers may be more reactive to stimuli such as sounds, which could make them wake up more easily. It is more likely a person would remember their dreams if they are awakened immediately after one, Ruby said. However, awakening at night can account for only a part of the differences people show in remembering dreams. "There's still much more to understand," she said.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Burnout and stress levels for most people are increasing exponentially. As with everything else, some people "get it" and try to make practical changes, while others struggle along unaware. People who work in alternative healing and health fields are feeling it the most as they press onward, often at the sacrifice of their own energies. I have always believed that healers who are not emotionally and physically in balance, should stop healing or they will get sick and die. It's that simple. I have seen that to be the case endless times over the past 30 years. If you are a healer or energy worker who feels depleted ... STOP ... and find another source of income. In Virgo Transition, we make many choices, or they are simply thrust upon us. As visitors to this reality, we have to consider where we came from and that we are returning.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Virgo Transition 2013

People have asked me to blog about something I call "Virgo Transition" which marks the beginning and the end. Now is the time the energies for everything change, highlighted with weather, education, jobs, businesses, relocations, relationships, health, society, the start of 2014 in Numerology, and usually the start of the Jewish New Year ... a major energy shifter and generator. Sometimes the changes are guided by your soul. Other times they seem thrust upon you - like the sudden end of a relationship. It can be fun or scary, but there is no escaping change.

In Virgo Transition ... once again students, who can afford it, head off to universities and institutes of higher learning, to plan a future. Remember what I blog each year - don't major in anything that doesn't result in a way to earn money after you graduate. Art, music, film, and all the fun therapeutic majors we all embrace and enjoy, must also be combined with a practical side to life, as the economy and job hunting are not easy, and school is expensive. To the students: Do you think the economy will improve by the time you graduate? More to the point ... what do you see the world looking like on your graduation day?

Look around and see how your life, and those of others, has changed in Virgo Transition in the past ... from 9/11 to the 2008 recession that holds us in its grip ... and what you expect to happen now. I don't want this to be another blog about "getting rid of" ... but the hologram is setting up a new digital game board ... some exciting new apps ... so here we go.

Area 51


The government has now officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51 but ... not as a covert base for UFO and alien operations - as well as reverse engineering that lead to our modern day technologies. They are slowly disseminating the truth. It is still out there. It's very much about Nevada where I had my UFO contact experience and Pyramid Lake also in the news this week. August 15 Updated

  Area 51 officially acknowledged, mapped in newly released documents   CNN - August 16, 2013
Area 51, about 125 miles northwest of Las Vegas, is synonymous in popular culture with government secrecy, and many have theorized that it holds the answer to one of the greatest questions plaguing mankind: Are we really alone in the universe? The newly released documents make no mention of alien autopsy rooms or spaceship parking lots. For these true believers, the existence of alien spacecraft at Area 51, and the government's attempts to cover up their trace, is irrefutable and has been since reports of Unidentified Flying Objects -- or UFOs -- began to emerge from the Nevada desert in the middle part of the 20th century. The map and other documents were released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Jeffrey T. Richelson, a senior fellow at the National Security Archives, in 2005.

Earthquake Watch in the Pacific

Current Earthquake Activity IRIS

Click the link then hit it again. Australia is surrounded by powerful activity.

  Quakes rock central New Zealand   BBC - August 16, 2013
Two powerful earthquakes have rocked the New Zealand capital, Wellington, but there were no immediate reports of major damage. The first quake, with a magnitude of 6.5, struck close to the South Island town of Seddon at 14:31 (02:31 GMT) and was followed by a 5.7 aftershock.

  Major earthquake rocks New Zealand - August 16, 2013
Workers have fled New Zealand's capital, Wellington, after a severe earthquake measuring a magnitude of 6.6 rocked the nation.

On Sunday Hawaii had a 4.5 and Easter Island is also shaking.

There's lots of volcanoes above and below the water.

Also ... keep watch Greece and Italy.