Wednesday, January 31, 2018

State of the Union Address

It was the third longest State of the Union address, lasting 80 minutes, in which Trump touted his achievements and his goals. The man who seeks approval and can't handle criticism stood there like a pompous ass, in all his glory, as the world looked on.

He looked over at the throngs of spectators like a character in a film where he is king addressing his subjects - acknowledging Melania dressed in white - a standout in the crowd - but looking somber. She arrived alone. You either feel sorrow for her as Trump's wife yet reconcile it with the fact she is well compensated for the charade, much like the wife of a character in one of those movies from ancient times or perhaps from the future in another mythological world. When the camera is on Melanie she smiles and waves, but watch her expressions when she thinks the camera has moved away.

I fell asleep early as I don't believe anything politicians say nor do I buy into most conspiracy theories - just rhetoric. This morning I briefly watched some of the commentary. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, no matter how insane Trump's remarks and behavior, I don't see him impeached any time soon, if at all. Whoever put him in office has plans to keep him there for now - dossier, memo, or whatever it takes.

There have always been crazy world leaders but today everything gets highlighted due to technology and the ability to move stories and consciousness in a given direction to illicit reactions. You can play the games, be a spectator, or just let everything fall into place as programmed. I've lived long enough to know it's all a lie - no one can fix the issues in the games of emotions for there will always be new ones. Good luck Donald. Hope you get the job done without too much collateral damage.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Super Blue Moon

January 31, 2018

Full Super Blue Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse 11° Leo

'Super blue blood moon' to be visible for the
first time in over 150 years on January 31st


Experience on the Tree of Life is about intertwined branches that should grow together in unison but apparently never do in our bipolar physical reality. Take for example the three branches of the US government ... legislative, executive, and judicial whose powers should not exceed each other ... until they do. The results ... chaos, conspiracies, coverups, and more at the Capitol.

Since Trump became president ... well we know most of what has happened over the past year ... diversion, distractions and more. Tonight Trump addresses the nation in his first State of the Union Message with the formidable assignment of shoring up a presidency threatened by a Russia scandal that is sowing rancor in Washington and tearing at national unity. Trump will tout his great successes. as he sees them and paint a picture of a glorified future, which is not possible in the best of circumstance as all leaves eventful from the Tree and branches die off. Bill Kristol: I'm no longer sure we can save the Republican Party. Why would they want to, it never worked.

Branches and Patterns

We know Trump's pattern of reading a speech from the teleprompter then tweeting something else the next day then changing his mind again depending on reaction. Like the person on social media who goes there do to battle ... Trump instigates ... he needs that Russian (rush-in) high. We understand his psychological profile and hope it gets him impeached. His nemesis for now is Robert Mueller and anybody else who stands in his way or criticizes his behavior which constitutes most of us. Trump is so self destructive he torpedoes his own successes which takes us to clinical depression mixed with other disorders. What does he believe? That too changes from moment to moment symptomatic of certain mental illnesses where one lives in the moment.

The FISA Memo

The House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Monday to publicly release a classified memo written by Republicans alleging FBI abuses in the agency's surveillance, an aggressive move that could feed a GOP push to undercut special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and ratchets up a battle with the Justice Department. The Nunes memo says the FBI abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act over its use of the opposition research dossier on Donald Trump and Russia as part of the case to obtain a FISA warrant for former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. It cites the roles of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and outgoing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe in overseeing aspects of the investigation, according to a source briefed on the matter. Read more or watch the news or read conspiracy theories.

Myths and Movies

This afternoon I watched The Shape of Water. When it was mentioned that the aquatic entity was captured in a South American River where locals considered it a god, I connected it with myths about Lake Titicaca in Peru. When I saw the entity, it reminded me of the Dogon creation myth about the Nommo who are linked to Egypt and Sirius and on and on. It's all the same algorithm creating endless myths of which you and I are apart.

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Night at the Grammys

Before the week turns to political rhetoric and Trump's State of the Union Address tomorrow night, let's talk about the 60th Grammy Awards Sunday night. It was a reminder of why the Grammys are my favorite award show and so happy to have them back in NYC. The Grammys belong to the city along with the Tonys. The motion picture industry is out of Hollywood and Country and Western often takes us to Las Vegas and Nashville.

That said I actually stayed up to watch the entire show. The energies were with Bruno Mars who won six Grammys including song, record, and album of the year. Through the years he has become one of my favorite male performers. Why you ask? Because I love things that are upbeat and he's always happy which is my frequency. During his acceptance speech, Bruno said that there were too many ballads being sung during the show and encouraged the show to blast his winning song on the loudspeaker which they did.

Host James Corden took his Carpool Karaoke underground presenting Subway Karaoke with Sting and Shaggy for a subterranean ride on what I think was the D Train. For those who have never been to the city, one can often find people playing music on the subway platforms or in the trains. It brings extra money to many of the New York performers who are out of work. In last night's Subway Karaoke we see the typical New Yorkers sitting on the train, either staring blankly into space or playing with their tech. Did they appreciate the music? Obviously it was all staged but no they did not appreciate what was going on nor seem to recognize the performers. In the end, a little gray haired old walks up to them and says, "I don't want to be in your stupid YouTube video." Welcome to New York City.

Back to the Grammys where not only the performances were amazing but many of the commercials as well. They were quick little 10 to 15 second musical commercials featuring some of the performers at the Grammys. Very cool.

Every venue of music, with perhaps the exception of opera, was presented by the greats of yesterday and today. It's also interesting to me to put a face to some of the music I hear with young performers who are very talented. I have always loved every kind of music, and believe that music resonates more than the spoken word some of the time. It illicit emotions for both healing and inspiration. It's another window that allows you to see that you are not alone. It helps balance brain chemistry in our crazy world. Finally music is universal often uniting people who would have animosity towards each other.

Music in space takes us from the Voyager Golden Record launched in 1977 to the tones emanating from the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy ... and beyond. Did the simulation start with a Tone ... a Soul Note?

Political commentary went to immigration with an amazing performance at the beginning of the show featuring, Kendrick Lamar, U2 and Dave Chappelle. The #TimesUp Movement had its moment as more men are being called out for sexual abuse some related to criminal activities. You can see the pain on the faces of the performers who have been sexually assaulted. Lady Gaga shouted out "Time's Up" during her performance. Janelle Monae made a powerful #TimesUp speech. The night reached a towering emotional summit when Kesha, joined by Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Andra Day, Julia Michaels, members of the Resistance Revival Chorus, women all dressed in white, performed Kesha's ballad Praying.

Another favorite part of the show was people reading a few sentences from the book, "Fire and Fury" ... Hillary Clinton making a surprise cameo at the end of the segment. MSG erupted with applause as she slowly revealed her face, which was initially covered with the book, yet her voice is recognizable after all those years in politics and campaigning. Watch it here. Some of us enjoyed Hillary's appearance, while others have gone on record as saying it was disrespectful.

If the scheduled Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to Neil Diamond, Hal Blaine, Emmylou Harris, Louis Jordan, Queen and Tina Turner, I may have dozed off and missed them, but I don't believe Neil Diamond was there. I tried to find some reference to it in the news today but I only found this article

Moving to the fashions, stage designs, and other things that make a show like this spectacular, I don't believe there are any winners and losers. From jeans to formalwear everybody looked great some performers wearing a white rose in honor or #TimesUp. I recorded the show so I can listen to some of the performances in the future.

From Pussies (those girl can dance and tease) to
Puppies (given to losers in the Comedy category) . the show was amazing.

Though I love James Corden ... somebody bring LL Cool J back.

9 of the most talked-about moments at the 2018 Grammys  
CNN - January 29, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

This Weekend in Tampa Bay

My friend John in Florida told me about the fun and craziness in Tampa Bay this weekend. First there's the NHL All-Star Weekend, this year combined with the Gasparilla Pirate Festival which he described as people running around dressed like Pirates of the Caribbean and hoisting a few. "The events are lots of fun but more for the young folks," he reported after returning from visiting a friend there.

The Stanley Cup joined Tampa Bay's pirate festival during NHL All-Star Weekend   BS Nation - January 27, 2018
The Stanley Cup is the NHL's most important symbol. It's historic, iconic, and it even has so much superstition around it that hockey players won't often touch it unless they actually win the thing. Which makes this appearance in Tampa Bay feel so out of the ordinary with the NHL's All-Star Weekend in full swing. Coincidentally, the NHL's break weekend has coincided with the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which is exactly what it sounds like on the tin. Tampa Bay celebrates the legend of Jose Gaspar, a mythical Spanish pirate from the early 1800s, every year in an event that includes parades, giant boats, and lots and lots of pirates. So, of course, the events collided in a strange, yet almost movie-like caper involving a set of pirates attempting to steal the Stanley Cup.

2018 NHL All-Star Game: Full TV schedule, stream, 3-on-3 format, rosters   CBS - January 28, 2018
The NHL may not be sending players to the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that means the league's best will be heading to the All-Star Game for one of the looser, more fun events on the hockey calendar every year. This year's All-Star showcase will be held at Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida on January 27-28, meaning sports fans looking to fill their time in the pre-Super Bowl off week might want to check in on some of hockey's top talent to keep themselves busy. It may not be the fast-paced, ultra competitive and intense brand of hockey that the NHL typically provides in meaningful games, but -- if nothing else -- it's better than the Pro Bowl!

January 28, 2018

60th Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Camila Cabello and Cyndi Lauper
are among the celebrities who have agreed to wear a
white rose in a show of support for Time's Up.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Red Pill

How far down the rabbit hole has humanity fallen? Tick Tock

January 27, 1832 - January 14, 1898

Lewis Carroll

  Lewis Carroll Google Videos

Lewis Carroll was an English author, mathematician, logician,
clergyman and photographer. His most famous writings are
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll Quotes 1

Lewis Carroll Quotes 2

Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Australia Day

January 26, 2018

Australia Day

To my friends, clients and Crystalinks readers in Australia - enjoy your day.

Doomsday Clock Moves Ahead to 11:58

Earth's linear time experiment/experience is almost out of "Time". The Doomsday Clock is just another way to awaken souls that Time's Up. Does it mean we have 2 years left? Hard to say as time is an illusion.

Doomsday Clock   Wikipedia

  'Doomsday clock' ticks closer to apocalyptic midnight   CNN - January 25, 2018
A panel of scientists and scholars said Thursday they believe the world is as close as it has ever been to a so-called doomsday scenario.

Armageddon Update: 'Doomsday Clock' Stands at 2 Minutes to Midnight   Live Science - January 25, 2018
The "Doomsday Clock," a hypothetical timepiece that measures humanity's proximity to destruction by our own actions, hovers perilously close to midnight, the time that denotes global Armageddon. Today (Jan. 25), the clock has crept even closer to the zero hour. This morning, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) - an organization of science and policy experts who assess human scientific advancement and risk - revealed the clock's new "time," with the hands now standing at 2 minutes to midnight.

Pacific Ring of Fire Updates

The Pacific Ring of Fire grows more active every day, way beyond the norm. Keep following events on all fronts not just geophysical changes ... and measure them against your radar for closure. For others, affected by these natural disasters, no one has to tell you that more are on the way in the near future. Stay safe. For the rest ... You'll get it when it hits home. Stay prepared especially if you live in a highly seismic zone which these days is almost everywhere.

San Andreas Fault   Wikipedia

Two earthquakes above magnitude 5.0 strike off Calif. coast   SFGate - January 25, 2018

5.8 earthquake strikes off Northern California coast. No tsunami threat   LA Times - January 25, 2018

Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes north of Santa Rosa, Calif.   LA Times - January 25, 2018

Magnitude 3.6 earthquake centered near Gilroy felt in San Francisco   LA Times - January 25, 2018

Bay Area earthquake rattled 9.8 million people - and offers a preview of something much worse   LA Times - January 4, 2018


Is the "BIG ONE" coming? Massive earthquakes WILL hit California and Japan scientists warn after outbreak of seismic activity - January 24, 2018

6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan   USGS - January 24, 2018

Alaska 7.9 earthquake prompts tsunami alert   BBC - January 23, 2018

Tsunami warning in effect after magnitude-7.9 earthquake off Alaska   CNN - January 23, 2018

6.0 Quake shakes Indonesia's Java, students injured   ABC - January 23, 2018

Philippines' Mayon Volcano Shoots Out Lava Fountains, Violent Eruption Imminent   Live Science - January 24, 2018

Avalanche kills one in Japan ski resort after volcanic eruption   BBC - January 23, 2018

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Secret Societies

As far back as the first insert in our simulation, we find reality to be an algorithm based on secrets and lies to create dysfunction and challenge humans emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Trump is President to bring out some of the truths about what makes this reality tick (tock). It could be about cabals and their secret agendas, alien presence and interference, secret societies and mystery schools that date back in time, or something else that allows us to understand that humanity's pain and suffer were part of a Master Plan that is ending. Everything in this part of the experience indicates that the streaming conscious grids are collapsing. Play it however you chose.

Today, we find mention of secret societies in the news and the almost passionate need of some lawmakers to find out what's going on. This, of course, ripples to the news media who search for truth but are not always allowed to report it or have the facts wrong (on purpose). There is a story behind every story and on and on. Today, with social media, we all play detective and search for clues as if reality is a game played on different levels of awareness. He said ... she said ... but what's the ever changing truth or does it exist? Why do the grids confuse, divert and present endless busy work?

  GOP lawmakers seize on secret society texts to cast doubt on FBI   NBC - January 25, 2018
An FBI lawyer's cryptic reference to a 'secret society' during a text exchange with a colleague has given Republicans fresh ammunition in their apparent effort to cast doubt on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible Trump campaign ties to Russia, as congressional investigators increasingly turn their focus to the conduct of top federal law enforcement officials.

Rocking and Rolling in the Pacific Ring of Fire

Two Volcanoes and Three Earthquakes

The Pacific Ring of Fire grows more active every day way beyond the norm. Keep following events on all fronts not just geophysical changes ... and measure them against your radar for closure. For others, affected by these natural disasters, no one has to tell you that more are on the way in the near future. Stay safe. For the rest ... You'll get it when it hits home. Stay prepared especially if you live in a highly seismic zone which these days is almost everywhere.

Ring of Fire's volcanic and quake activity is normal, say scientists   BBC - January 25, 2018

6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan   USGS - January 24, 2018

Is the "BIG ONE" coming? Massive earthquakes WILL hit California and Japan scientists warn after outbreak of seismic activity - January 24, 2018

  Alaska 7.9 earthquake prompts tsunami alert   BBC - January 23, 2018

  Tsunami warning in effect after magnitude-7.9 earthquake off Alaska   CNN - January 23, 2018

  6.0 Quake shakes Indonesia's Java, students injured   ABC - January 23, 2018

Philippines' Mayon Volcano Shoots Out Lava Fountains, Violent Eruption Imminent   Live Science - January 24, 2018

  Avalanche kills one in Japan ski resort after volcanic eruption   BBC - January 23, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Neil

January 24, 1941

Neil Diamond is an award winning American singer songwriter.

Happy Birthday, Neil. Enjoy your day. I remember our teen days fondly in Manhattan and Brighton Beach. Neil spent his last two years of High School at Lincoln High where I attended school. He lived a few doors down from my family on West End Avenue. I met him through his friend Normie Schultz who I dated briefly. I remember hanging out in Neil's basement, having talks with his mother, Rose, about Neil becoming successful, and singing with him and our friends. Today, Neil deals with Parkinson's Disease. Sending positive energy.

Facebook ...

    Lannie Tromer posted on my wall ... I have the exact same memory. I too met him through a friend (Marjorie Ray, I think) and Marilyn too. In any case, we also spent time at his house but I remember being in his small bedroom, him sitting on the bed singing and playing his guitar. I have no idea who else was there. Maybe you, Ellie? I remember the store his parents owned called Diamond's. They sold socks, underwear, etc. It was right next to Zei Mar restaurant. I always loved his music and still do. So sad to hear today's news and just hoping the future will be kind to him. His music will always be with us.

    I replied ... Hi Lannie, I have the same Brighton Beach memories and one of Niel's dad a tall slim handsome man who owned the store. I remember Marjorie Ray, Carol Daniels, and others. I also remember hanging out in Neil's basement, not his bedroom, but I might have been there too singing as he played guitar. So happy to share these memories with you. Let's not forget, Neil has not passed over. He is two years older than us, also an Aquarian having a birthday Wednesday January 24, when he turns 77. At that age most people have a least one medical problem. Access Hollywood aired a recent trip Neil took to Coney Island, eating a hot dog at Nathan's and discussing how Brooklyn has always been part of him. Am I the only one of our gang who never moved away? Maybe the pic of the view from my apartment (see below) is part of the reasons.

At the End of the Day

Tuesday, I just took this pic from my terrace with my Galaxy Note 8

Hi Z ...

Read more ... Watch the Video

The Buzz about Creation

Did the bees leave us a message about creation - Logarithmic Spiral?

Is the message also about collapsing grids?

Colony Collapse Disorder (Bees)

Here's the Buzzzzzz

Nobody Knows Why These Bees Built a Spiral Nest   Live Science - January 23, 2018
The Australian stingless bee Tetragonula carbonaria is not your average pollinator. For starters, out of about 20,000 known bee species in the world, T. carbonaria is one of only 500 without stingers. That's not to say this bee is defenseless. Invasive beetles that have tried to infiltrate T. carbonaria nests have found themselves suddenly covered in a brew of wax, mud and plant resin - effectively mummified alive by bees. T. carbonaria colonies have also been observed waging days-long territory wars against their stingless neighbors, resulting in hundreds of bee-on-bee casualties and queens unceremoniously dethroned. This is all to say, if you had a home like T. carbonaria's, you'd probably fight for it, too. As seen in a popular photo posted to Reddit last week, swarms of T. carbonaria rear their young in mesmerizing, spiral-shaped towers called brood combs, linking hundreds of individual egg chambers together into a continuous staircase of unborn baby bees.


2 killed and 18 others injured in Kentucky high school mass shooting  
CNN - January 23, 2018

Collapsing grids cause chaos on all fronts. Though Trump is creating it most days ... there are so many other events happening that make you say, "The simulation is broken. People are broken. Let's enjoy the positive things in our lives for now."

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rock and Rolling in the
Pacific Ring of Fire

Two Volcanoes and an Earthuake

The Pacific Ring of Fire grows more active every day. For today we have two volcanoes and a 7.9 earthquake. Each event awakens another group of souls. Keep following events on all fronts not just geophysical changes ... and measure them against your radar for closure. For others, affected by these natural disasters, no one has to tell you that more are on the way in the near future. Stay safe. For the rest ... You'll get it too. Stay prepared especially if you live in a highly seismic zone which these days is almost everywhere.

  Alaska 7.9 earthquake prompts tsunami alert   BBC - January 23, 2018

  Tsunami warning in effect after magnitude-7.9 earthquake off Alaska   CNN - January 23, 2018

  Avalanche kills one in Japan ski resort after volcanic eruption   BBC - January 23, 2018

  Alert raised as Mount Mayon volcano spews ash, lava in the Philippines   CNN - January 22, 2018

Political earthquakes, eruptions, and emotional tsunamis today

  US shutdown ends as Congress passes bill   BBC - January 23, 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018


18 Photos: The Amazing Caves of Arizona  
Live Science - January 22, 2018

Underneath the vast deserts and majestic mountains of Arizona is a whole world of caves. Arizona is truly a treasure of speleological wonders. Speleologists, scientists who study caves, estimate that over 4,000 caves lie beneath the ground of Arizona, with some 1,600 Arizona caves already having been discovered, verified and documented.

Speaking of Arizona, the mysteries of the Grand Canyon and its lost cave city and subsequent coverups intrigue me. They connect Ancient Egypt with early Native Americans but that's not my connection. Whenever I read about it I see myself flying to the cliffs and caves in some alien guise - more or less like the Anunnaki - and being part of the shaping of something but I haven't been able to connect those grid memories yet. Did you know (remember) there is a Zoroaster Temple in the Grand Canyon? The way I look at it, things that are buried represent the past. Things in our dimension are present consciousness. Things in space and higher frequency are the future ... if equated with linear time.

More About Caves

Sacred Caves - Crystalinks

Monday ... the day after the 24th SAG Awards There is also something different, classy, about the SAG awards held this year in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Men, as well as women, were honored not just for their performances but for the differences they are making in the revolution that is taking place in America. 2018 is the year to celebrate women which goes beyond the entertainment industry and into all walks of life featured Saturday with the 2018 Women's March. Congratulations to all the winners and performers.

The Power of Football

Monday ... either you're a football fan and already know the score ... or this post is of no interest to you as on we go to Super Bowl LII -- the Patriots vs. the Eagles. As I always say ... no one does it better than Tom Brady! What a performance in Sunday's AFL Championship game with an injured right hand. It's like he manipulates space-time. Sunday was National Hug Day which expresses the sentiments of this pic.

The Power of a Hug

With all the craziness in the world today you
probably feel like you could use a hug.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


January 21, 2018

National Hug Day

The Power of a Hug

With all the craziness in the world today you
probably feel like you could use a hug.

Sunday in Real Time

Friday January 19, 2018 at midnight, the government shut down. United States federal government shutdown of 2018. I understand what the main issues are, but I am not following the behind the scenes dealmaking filled with conspiracies and lies. I feel bad for those who need the money but hopefully they'll make it through if they live paycheck to paycheck. When you take a look at those who are running the government and making decisions, their behavior is often reduced to childishness making little sense yet that is how things were set up once upon another "real time" device. Shutdown heads into day two with divides deepening   CNN - January 21, 2018

The next day in real time ... Saturday January 20 marked one year since President Trump took office and what a wild ride it has been - conspiracies, diversions, backstabbing, and further awakening of human consciousness of all things wrong in government. The country has gone from hopeful to disgusted as things collapse around us on all fronts. Across the nation millions of women marched in massive protests ... 2018 Women's March. Here is the city a door opened to mild weather making it a great day to be outdoors. Once again it was a gathering to express one's feelings, hopes and dreams, meet people of lie mind and to share this year marked for women's right.

Today in real time ... With things thawing out ... at least weather wise ... I've had a lot of things to do of from clients who came out of the cold to spending time with friends and family. Today is football Sunday playoffs ... Will Tom Brady with a hand injury?

24th SAG Awards Website

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Government Shutdown

The government has shut down because it is broken and always was. Trump responded to the shutdown by tweeting that the Republicans need to win more seats in 2018 elections. I think by now most Americans who thought Trump could fix our broken systems ... exactly one year later ... realize things are worse and there is no fix. As always it's about money and power. You know the issues from whatever your sources. So what's next?

  Government shuts down as lawmakers still searching for a deal   CNN - January 20, 2018

Government shutdowns in the United States   Wikipedia

5 ways the government shutdown could be bad for your health   CNN - January 20, 2018

How a Government Shutdown Would Affect NASA - January 19, 2018

What a U.S. Government Shutdown Would Mean for Science   Scientific American - January 19, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Governmental Affairs

Over on the X-Files this week, there were Mulder and Scully cuddled in bed talking.

    Scully: Mulder sometimes I think the world is going to hell and we are the only two people who can save it.

    Mulder: The world is going to hell Scully, the President working to bring down FBI jobs along with it.

    Scully: What if we lose our jobs?

    Mulder: Then what would we do?

    Scully: We'll think of something. [Scully turns to Mulder and smiles. You know what happens next.]

Speaking of FBI losing jobs, and corruption, Rep. Gaetz Unveils Bombshell FISA Memo involving DOJ/FBI, that he is trying to get released to the public.

Yesterday, Louisiana senator John Kennedy said in reference to what's going on in Congress now, "That stuff's the reason aliens don't talk to us." LOL

More and more stories are being released about Trump's liaisons in recent years and the payoffs before the 2016 presidential election.

One might conclude we're all f**ked as we go out with a Big Bang!

Buying a Galaxy Note 8

Yesterday was an interesting day as I found a window to finally buy my Galaxy Note 8. Alone with the Samsung rep at Best Buy, we spend four hours doing paper work, and setting up the new phone, including the bluetooth in my car. The new black phone is amazing and a bit over the top in tech for me, but with Best Buy I can stop by any time and get assistance ... and you know I will. At least I learned the basics, set up apps, migrated everything, was unable to answer questions such as ... Do you use What's App? I guess the answer is no as I used it a few times on my old phone because a friend really enjoys it. It's still on the S8 and doubt I'll ever use it but you never know. Unlike those who are born after me, I prefer to talk than text unless a quick text then I wind up dictating the information anyway. Lots of voice activated features on the new phone. Love that. As to the game apps - never play any of them. Banking and personal information - I never use my iPhone for any of that. Have a few apps for travel, shopping but that's about it. I love the amazing new camera and video - so many new features I'll have to play with them or just go back and learn from the guys. The thing with me is that I work from home so basically I use my computer and landline versus a cell phone. At the end of the day ... I love my new phone in it's shiny see-through case, floating stars against a sea of blue, the back is also blue a feature of Best Buy, and there's so much more. If I start playing with it now I'll never get anything done today... some people call "shiny black objects" a distraction ... indeed it is.

Expect the Unexpected

I came home from Best Buy to discover my copy of the book "Fire and Fry" waiting at the front desk. For one afternoon the topic of Trump and politics had not crossed the circuits of my brain but here I was about to go upstairs, turn on the TV, to find out whether or not the government is going to shut down Friday at midnight. Earlier in the day friends who rely on their Social Security checks had expressed concern for themselves and others who also rely on the government for support. Well folks it's Friday morning and it appears that things have not been resolved. It's about the dream and dreamers, money, and all things dysfunctional. Psychically I searched to see if somewhere in an alternate reality everyone is living happily ever after where there are no politics and the things that separate humans spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Sorry that I couldn't find it. Perhaps in the conscious grids those realities existed but they appear to be gone. If you "look" out at the grids you will see how many have collapsed and others have broken and on the verge of ending. Tomorrow is the start of Aquarius 2018 - expect the unexpected. February 2018 is called a Black Moon Month meaning there is no full moon.