Monday, January 8, 2018

The Truth be Known

Doesn't it seem like more than one week since we welcomed the New Year? That's probably because so much has happened in the past week. As much as I tried to run away from the diversions and conspiracies of politics that draw everyone in one way or another, there is no escape unless I stop blogging. Everything is allowing us to play or follow this ridiculous game wherein no one ever wins. You know the rules.

"Fire and Fury" ... Author Michael Wolff is making media rounds (tonight on Colbert) defending his book which obviously is a combination of - "he said, she said" - while no-one knows WTF the truth is. But as we know that is the algorithm of the game. There's more going on with Trump and Bannon than meets the "All Seeing Eye" ... two very cunning conspirators who's ultimate goal is to take down the old ruling class and create something of their own design. Putin plays a role in all of it so keep following if interested.

Last week, I blogged about "The Electric Universe" - which to me is more busy work. The weather took center stage as many believe it is being guided beyond nature ... of course it is ... everything is. Pick your conspiracy and follow the bread crumbs if you feel guided.

The weather will warm up starting Tuesday. Look forward to the snow melting and rain washing away everything else.

Best sports moment ... The quarterback for the Tennessee Titans caught his own pass for a touchdown, one of the highlights of the first round of the N.F.L. playoffs.

Read Oprah's Golden Globe Speech

Awards season opened with the Golden Globes Sunday night and continues this month and beyond. The show was the first major awards show since allegations of sexual misconduct swept Hollywood. From #Metoo --> #TimesUp. This is the year Women move forward in all realms of life, and no one helps bring it better than Oprah especially last night as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award with Gayle and Steadman looking on lovingly. Oprah's memorable message to A-List performers and people around the world was transformative. Some thought it was the start of a 2020 presidential campaign.

We look at women around the world and say they are being abused by men at home and elsewhere. Yes indeed ... The concept of Time is almost up. I don't see the great "ascension" most people do where souls are set free from the electromagnetic grasp of physical reality. The holographic experience (or however you se it) just ends - Fades to Black. Freedom is the total knowledge attained in that instant and then its all gone. That is where we are really going.