Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Neil

January 24, 1941

Neil Diamond is an award winning American singer songwriter.

Happy Birthday, Neil. Enjoy your day. I remember our teen days fondly in Manhattan and Brighton Beach. Neil spent his last two years of High School at Lincoln High where I attended school. He lived a few doors down from my family on West End Avenue. I met him through his friend Normie Schultz who I dated briefly. I remember hanging out in Neil's basement, having talks with his mother, Rose, about Neil becoming successful, and singing with him and our friends. Today, Neil deals with Parkinson's Disease. Sending positive energy.

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    Lannie Tromer posted on my wall ... I have the exact same memory. I too met him through a friend (Marjorie Ray, I think) and Marilyn too. In any case, we also spent time at his house but I remember being in his small bedroom, him sitting on the bed singing and playing his guitar. I have no idea who else was there. Maybe you, Ellie? I remember the store his parents owned called Diamond's. They sold socks, underwear, etc. It was right next to Zei Mar restaurant. I always loved his music and still do. So sad to hear today's news and just hoping the future will be kind to him. His music will always be with us.

    I replied ... Hi Lannie, I have the same Brighton Beach memories and one of Niel's dad a tall slim handsome man who owned the store. I remember Marjorie Ray, Carol Daniels, and others. I also remember hanging out in Neil's basement, not his bedroom, but I might have been there too singing as he played guitar. So happy to share these memories with you. Let's not forget, Neil has not passed over. He is two years older than us, also an Aquarian having a birthday Wednesday January 24, when he turns 77. At that age most people have a least one medical problem. Access Hollywood aired a recent trip Neil took to Coney Island, eating a hot dog at Nathan's and discussing how Brooklyn has always been part of him. Am I the only one of our gang who never moved away? Maybe the pic of the view from my apartment (see below) is part of the reasons.

At the End of the Day

Tuesday, I just took this pic from my terrace with my Galaxy Note 8

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The Buzz about Creation

Did the bees leave us a message about creation - Logarithmic Spiral?

Is the message also about collapsing grids?

Colony Collapse Disorder (Bees)

Here's the Buzzzzzz

Nobody Knows Why These Bees Built a Spiral Nest   Live Science - January 23, 2018
The Australian stingless bee Tetragonula carbonaria is not your average pollinator. For starters, out of about 20,000 known bee species in the world, T. carbonaria is one of only 500 without stingers. That's not to say this bee is defenseless. Invasive beetles that have tried to infiltrate T. carbonaria nests have found themselves suddenly covered in a brew of wax, mud and plant resin - effectively mummified alive by bees. T. carbonaria colonies have also been observed waging days-long territory wars against their stingless neighbors, resulting in hundreds of bee-on-bee casualties and queens unceremoniously dethroned. This is all to say, if you had a home like T. carbonaria's, you'd probably fight for it, too. As seen in a popular photo posted to Reddit last week, swarms of T. carbonaria rear their young in mesmerizing, spiral-shaped towers called brood combs, linking hundreds of individual egg chambers together into a continuous staircase of unborn baby bees.


2 killed and 18 others injured in Kentucky high school mass shooting  
CNN - January 23, 2018

Collapsing grids cause chaos on all fronts. Though Trump is creating it most days ... there are so many other events happening that make you say, "The simulation is broken. People are broken. Let's enjoy the positive things in our lives for now."