Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Message
from my friend Ron

It seems 2017 has been an exhausting year for most of us. I have seen more posts about pain and suffering this past year then I have ever seen before. So many of my closest friends have been dealing with life shattering situations and emotional turmoil. If only a few people are willing to share their problems publicly, then I can only imagine the true magnitude of the amount of people suffering in silence.

The world is much more dysfunctional now then anyone will admit. The people that "know" what's wrong keep quiet, because the people that don't know will never, ever believe them. It never ceases to amaze me, how adamant people become when they are wrong. Did you ever get to the point when it's easier not to ask any questions because you know the answer will be a lie or it person is believing in a lie? This happens to me every day.

In this era of smart phones and instant media, disconnection and social awkwardness are now the new normal. We have no time to process and digest negative news before the next round of negative information hits us. This causes people to feel overwhelmed and helpless. This constant bombardment of negativity weakens people, making them retreat into solitude, many turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.

People who are broken and defeated are exactly what a broken and corrupt system needs to perpetuate itself. The current economic and governmental system needs a steady stream of victims and helpless individuals to buy goods and services to make them feel better, protect health and safety, then collect taxes.

With the world in disarray and on the brink of war, you need to be delusionally positive in order to survive. Never lose your momentum and never stop believing in what is morally right. It's the things you never did you regret and it's the things you shouldn't have done that destroy you.

So in 2018, please try to make a positive impact on your life and be an example to everyone that is stuck in this "selfie based" world of negative media. Teach your kids to love this country and work to eliminate the corruption. Anyone that is taught to hate their country will never defend it. Make this New Year be a great one. Peace and happiness to you and your families.