Sunday, February 10, 2019

Changing Policies - February 2019

Due to policy changes by google I'm discontinuing this blog.

After 24 years my daily blogs continue on as always, which you can access on the links below on Crystalinks.

I know many readers go there anyway to explore the images in larger size and continue on into the diverse realms of Crystalinks which now contain over 10,000 files to help enlighten your journey.

With the help of my friend George we have posted 2,666 blogs which have been read by 249,444 readers over the past 9 years. Thanks George.

Thank you all for stopping by and please join me on Crystalinks in the future.


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Monday, February 4, 2019

New Moon 15° Aquarius

February 4, 2019

New Moon 15° Aquarius ~ My sun sign is Aquarius (February 17)

An Astrologer once told me that the weeks before your birthday can be difficult allowing you to delete from your life that which should not be brought into your new year. This reminds me of the 9 year in Numerology. In the end, tools of divination are food for thought, but as to what happens from birthday to birthday and cycle to cycle, is always based on your programming.

Last week I blogged about extreme cold across the country.

This week we segue to mild temperatures and the influences of spring
on the body under the energies of a new moon in Aquarius.

Super Bowl LIII - February 3, 2019

Super Bowl LIII was a game of defense with the lowest score in Super Bowl history - the Patriots winning 13-3 over the Rams with other records set. As I generally sleep from 9:00pm - 6:00am - by half time I was drifting off while my DVR recorded the game. Since I'm not a fan of Adam Levine I decided to close my eyes and take a little rest, Z assuring me he would wake me when the game was ending. So I turned off the TV and drifted off.

I'm not exactly sure what time it was when he woke me (is there a reality metaphor here) - and told me to put on the end of the game. The first thing I noticed was the Rams had tied the score but Z wanted me to see the Patriots score the only touchdown of the game. And there was ... as the clocked ticked away ... the Patriots winning their sixth championship in the last 18 years tying the Steelers for the most Super Bowl Championships in NFL history.

Tom Brady has now won more Super Bowl championships than any other quarterback in history. I took great delight in watching him holding his daughter after the game as that visual had come to me before the game started and I knew the Patriots were going to win. Time to go back to sleep embracing the moment when Tom Brady (#12 a keynote number in this reality) and Z came through for me again. In the end Z will not disappoint. Zzzzzzzz ....