Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Morning

8:00 AM ... On this picturesque Monday morning in the city, I stood on my terrace overlooking the Verrazano Bridge and park, while listening to the sounds of nature. Below the traffic was quiet as three joggers ran by headed toward the esplanade. (It's correct name is Shore Parkway Greenway Trail.)

For 5 minutes the chaos of the world played like another reality that I would soon address for Crystalinks. I don't meditate or jog, but this is a great way to start the day and bring inner peace. Nature does it every time. ... Back inside ... "Good morning Mac ... Are you ready to get to work?" Here I sit, not ready to address the Trump noise - no not an elephant (trumpet) - but our president. I think I'll do the wash ...

My daughter Zsia and her friends just sent this selfie from Aruba where the families are on vacation. Have fun girls!

National Cheesecake Day July 30, 2017

Celebrating Matthew's 14th Brooklyn in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where we have real Italian cheesecake and cheesecake cones.

Mom's little boy is growing up. He's as tall as grandma (5'6") now.
It's tradition for Nikki and Matthew to take a pic each year on his
birthday. I wish everyone's life was this filled with love.

My grandson Matthew turned 14 Saturday so off we went to the Apple store
where I got him the MacBook Pro for High School. Congratulations Matthew.
FYI - Matthew is a 4.0 student + sports and community service.

DNA Human Biogenetic Experiment Text and Video Blog

Ellie Talks Politics - The Mooch Text and Video Blog

Saturday, July 29, 2017

North Korean Threat Increases

  US slams North Korea missile test as Kim claims 'whole US mainland' in range  
CNN - July 29, 2017

Ellie Talks Politics - The Mooch

Mobs and Gangs

Friday, July 28, 2017

And there it is ...

Bravo to those who voted NO
  GOP Obamacare repeal bill fails in dramatic late-night vote   CNN - July 28, 2017


Take deep breaths ...
  Listen to Minority Leader Charles Schumer's speech after the 'skinny' repeal bill failed to pass   CNN - July 28, 2017


From the man with the brain tumor who flew all the way to Washington to make a difference
  Watch the reaction when John McCain voted No   CNN - July 28, 2017


Right out of a gangster movie ... Gangsters running the White House and I don't mean just Trump and the Russian mob. This Tony makes Tony Soprano look weak. "Hey Tony ... WTF are ya' doing?" Is the work environment at the top of this White House disgusting enough to the people who are working in senior roles going to result in more senior officials leaving? As I blogged when Trump started naming his WH staff, everyone will quit, or be fired, in short order.

Anthony Scaramucci's Uncensored Rant: Foul Words and Threats to Have Priebus Fired   New York Times - July 28, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon   The New Yorker - July 28, 2017
He started by threatening to fire the entire White House communications staff. It escalated from there. [Lots of genital metaphors implied here]

  The 8 wildest storylines from The Mooch's first week on the job   CNN - July 28, 2017


We have the Russian mob, Armenia mob, Mafia, Asian mobs, mobs in the White House and Congress [they'll take someone out faster than any of the other mobs], cartels, gangs, corruption everywhere, etc. and now I learn about MS-13 who criminalize immigrants from Central and South America - people afraid to go to the authorities because of the immigration laws.

  Long island NY: MS-13 members: Trump makes the gang stronger   CNN - July 28, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Transgender, Trump, The Mooch

Summer of 2017

As you try to figure who the good guys and bad guys are in the White House, and the ongoing dramas Trump has brought to the nation each week, try to spend some time enjoying the summer. There's Russian mob ties, oligarchs, and enough juicy adventures to fill your summer days with political intrigue. As the NY Times put it ... "Follow the money". Rachel Maddow seems to do the best job and putting the pieces of the puzzle together each day, if you want to record her show.

As for Ellie in Brooklyn - not far from the Russian mob and associates in Brighton Beach - I was out with friends yesterday - a reunion of sorts but not high school. More plans today. As above ... so below ... even in Brooklyn at the horizon point of destiny.

Peruvian mummy or fake news? I go with fake news

Not fake news and linked to Ancient Aliens in Peru:

Ice Stones

Elongated Incan Skulls

Famous Mummy from Peru

Somewhere Between - Can You Cheat Death?

"Somewhere Between" is a time loop story that I'm really enjoying. Paula Patton stars as Laura Price, a local news producer in San Francisco helping the police to hunt down a serial killer. After the killer strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows a "Groundhog Day"-type reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders. Unlike "Groundhog Day," she only has one chance. Can she change fate and stop the killer? Episodes 1 & 2

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Health Care Reform

Senate Passes Key Vote to Move Forward on Health Care Bill
  NBC - July 25, 2017

This news comes with great regret and is hard to believe though in a way it was predictable as things always seem move in Trump's favor. He will tweet his victory, as millions of Americans will groan in pain. I would be playing with my fidget spinner (see below) if I had one, or running through crop circle if I had one of those.

With Vice President Mike Pence casting a tie-breaking vote, Republicans moved forward on health care reform Tuesday afternoon as the Senate successfully passed a key motion to proceed to debate on the House-passed bill. Momentum built over the course of the day as several previously skeptical members announced they would support Senate leaders after they began detailing plans for more votes over the next days to shape the details of the legislation.

Sen. John McCain, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, returned to the Senate from Arizona to cast a key vote and Pence broke the tie after two Republicans - Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska and all the Democrats voted against it. The vote was a key moment in the GOP’s seven-year campaign promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act but the final outcome seems likely to fall short of that goal, and could well end up as a “skinny” repeal that disposes of just a few components of the law, known as Obamacare. The Senate will now move on to debate and vote on a variety of approaches to the bill, beginning with a vote on the 2015 version of the repeal of Obamacare, senators and aides say. That vote is expected to fail.

Dissing on Anthony Scaramucci - The Mooch
Right Out of my Neighborhood Slang

I could do a great Guido Brooklyn accent ... or is that the way I normally talk? LOL

Somewhere Between

"Somewhere Between" is a time loop story. Paula Patton stars as Laura Price, a local news producer in San Francisco helping the police to hunt down a serial killer. After the killer strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows a "Groundhog Day"-type reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders. Unlike "Groundhog Day," she only has one chance. Can she change fate and stop the killer? Episode 1

The Galaxy, the Brain, and Consciousness

Are Connected in the Matrix

The Strange Similarity of Neuron and Galaxy Networks - July 25, 2017
An astrophysicist and a neuroscientist joined forces to quantitatively compare the complexity of galaxy networks and neuronal networks. The first results from their comparison are truly surprising: Not only are the complexities of the brain and cosmic web actually similar, but so are their structures. The universe may be self-similar across scales that differ in size by a factor of a billion billion billion. The total number of neurons in the human brain falls in the same ballpark of the number of galaxies in the observable universe.

Lenticular Clouds

Cheryl Cost sent these pics of lenticular clouds taken over Muizenberg a beach-side suburb of Cape Town, South Africa on April 2, 2017.

Crop Circle Blog 2017

July 24, 2017

My friend Karen took this picture for my YouTube today, choosing the Barbury Castle Crop Circle from 1991. Later, when I posted on Facebook, one of my friends wrote on my wall: "Looks like the aliens knew about fidget spinners before we did!" This takes us to the iconic logarithmic spiral - that moves consciousness from above and below keeping us connected to the source of our creation while seeding us with information about where it's all going.

My investigation into crop circles began in the 1990s when I met friends through metaphysics who were part of that chapter of my life. The websites grew along with the annual pictures and research. Some researchers created documentaries trying to explain away the tapestry of designs found in fields highlighted each year in England. There are other countries that feature crop circles, but England remains the place to go if you are a researcher.

Sponsoring Colin Andrews at Madison Square Garden - November 1995.

Colin coined the term Crop Circles in the early 1980s.

On July 13, 1997 - friends and I drove from Brooklyn to Lawrenceville, New Jersey, with friends Anna and Yolanda, to investigate crop formation. At the time Anna Anna practiced Qigong with Master Lu who spends summers in England experiencing crop circles energies. In 1998 Anna joined him on one of his adventures.

Over the past two decades, friends have ventured to different parts of the world, highlighted in England, to study formations from a science and pseudoscience perspective. They have created websites and films documenting their research. Ian Christopher produced a crop circle documentary about the 2000 formations called Something Wonderful Has Happened, But It Was Not in the News.The 2002 film Signs linked crop circles to aliens.

We are all experiencing in a fractal holographic matrix

Crop circles, or crop formations, vary from simple circles to intricate designs, my friend Ian calling them "landscape art". They generally seem to reflect a connection between that which is above to that which is below - the greater message of the "authentic" crop circles reflecting patterns of creation coming full "circle".

Crop circles can be viewed from the ground or by plane. They can appear two dimensional, three dimensional, or more as a hologram depending on your perspective and the way your brain is programmed. Their energies can affect the "grid fields" that surround each of us depending on your personal matrix.

Some formations are obviously hoaxed by humans, while others leave researchers to determine if they are created by aliens, the holographic consciousness that creates our reality, or something unknown. No matter how you look at it - everything is created by consciousness design - algorithm blueprints set in motion to awakening consciousness to the nature of reality and where we are all going. Subliminal codes such as these are also found in petroglyph, nature, and many things in your world that go unnoticed.

What if we all fell down the rabbit hole of a spiraling crop circle
only to discover this is all a dream, an illusion playing out in time?

Tick Tock

Down the Rabbit Hole with Ellie
Lots of cool formations

I end as I began this blog coming full circle.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Truth Will Set You Free

We enter the last week of July with continued political dramas if you care to engage and figure out the conspiracies. Sunday I watched the 2016 film Snowden about the adventures of Edward Snowden and remembered the duality of his actions when they played out across the world stage. Is it better to hide the truth as the public searches and formulates their own conclusions, or to talk about covert actions putting US security in jeopardy? I go with ... let all truths be told especially now in end times. One way or another, with Trump as president or not, truth will be told allowing humanity to understand the illusion in which we emotionally play. That will set the souls free.

Google Street View

Google Street View now allows users to visit the ISS and more in, the latest in a series of landmarks you can now explore  
BAB News - July 24, 2017

Remember when we studied the Yonaguni Monument in reference to ancient aliens. Here it is up close and personal.

The window has opened. Stay cool ...

Two Leo New Moons - Lunar and Solar Eclipses
Text and Video Blog

Mercury will be retrograde during this window - August 12 - September 5, 2017.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Leo New Moons and an Eclipse

Eclipses bring transition as well as natural disasters. They affect emotions in the land of physical reality in which we rock and roll.

Celestial alignments affect all sentiment lifeforms in this part of the hologram based on their grid matrixes for experience. Sometimes you feel activated, other times you feel nothing.

We come to a new window - from the New Moon 0° Leo on July 23, 2017 through the New Moon Solar Eclipse 28° Leo on August 21, 2017. There will be an acceleration of energies that will affect your consciousness one way or another ... like stepping stones to closure. My Leo Moon awaits ...

On August 23, 2017 Crystalinks turns 22.

On August 23, 2017 we move into Virgo Transition.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 28° Leo

The eclipse over NYC Find your area.

Guess How Many People Can Actually Watch the Total Eclipse   Wired - July 21, 2017

How fast is the solar eclipse? And 32 other questions, answered   USA Today - July 11, 2017

Map of Total Solar Eclipse Path in 2017 August   APOD

Where to See the American Eclipse   APOD

10 Solar Eclipses That Changed Science  Live Science - July 5, 2017

Brrr! How Much Can Temperatures Drop During a Total Solar Eclipse? - June 16, 2017

  What Every Eclipse Watcher Needs To Know   NBC - June 16, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Google Simulator Lets You See What the Eclipse Will Look like Where You Live   Newsweek - June 14, 2017

California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse   Live Science - June 8, 2017

Leo Energies and the Trump Administration

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, resigns   CNN - July 21, 2017

Who's next? Bannon? Priebus? Kellyanne Conway?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes over as press secretary.

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is sleazy.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump and Putin

  Trump and Putin May Have Met More Times Says Russia's Sergei Lavrov  
NBC - July 21, 2017

I have been blogging this for a long time. It was all about
business including Jarod Kushner and his family businesses.

Told ya so ... Told ya so ...

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, resigns   CNN - July 21, 2017

Check out this 1993 pic...

Who would go to jail? Who would become President?

Who don't we trust? Who gets away with murder?

Leo Sun and Moon ... Lions and Lions and Lions ... oh my ...

In the energies of a Leo Sun and Leo New Moon we find...

Aegean Sea 6.7 Earthquake Rocks Greece, Turkey Resorts: Two Dead on Kos  
NBC - July 21, 2017

July 22, 2017

Sun in Leo

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Leo.

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun.

July 23, 2017

New Moon 0° Leo

The fiery Leo Moon is set against a backwash of wildfires across the US and Canada.

This new moon will test your patience. Read more ...