Saturday, March 31, 2018

Full (blue) Moon

March 31, 2018

I'll be traveling to visit family in NJ today under the energies of a Full Blue Moon 10° Libra which called to me this morning to take a pic as it arched itself between the trees. Happy Holidays

March 30 - April 7, 2018


Happening on April 1, 2018

Live in Concert From Brooklyn - Happy Easter

April Fool's Day 2018

Tracking Tiangong-1 as it falls to Earth

Are Angels Real?


UFOs in Art History

UFOs in the News

Pilots report close encounters with UFO over Arizona: 'Something just passed over us' - (Listen to their conversation)

Pilots say they spotted UFOs while flying over Arizona

Harry Reid on What the Government Knows About UFOs

Moment UFOs spotted speeding past helicopter during rescue operation

Whitley Strieber: As UFO DIsclosure Continues, the Terror Returns for Me

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Religious Holy Days

March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and may coincide with the Jewish observance of Passover. It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, and Black Friday. Members of many Christian denominations, including the Anglican, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Oriental Orthodox and Reformed traditions, observe Good Friday with fasting and church services. The date of Good Friday varies from one year to the next on both the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Eastern and Western Christianity disagree over the computation of the date of Easter and therefore of Good Friday. Good Friday is a widely instituted legal holiday around the world, including in most Western countries and 12 U.S. states. Some countries, such as Germany, have laws prohibiting certain acts, such as dancing and horse racing, that are seen as profaning the solemn nature of the day.

March 30 - April 7, 2018


Passover Begins at Sundown

Happy Passover to those who celebrate from my family to yours. I'll be with family in NJ. Do you remember back to childhood when you celebrated the holidays? In those years I spent Passover in Great Neck, Long Island with family. Times and Locations may change but traditions often stay the same. There is something about family and soul groups that make it real.

March 30 - April 8, 2018

New York International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show 2018

Ellie at the 2017 auto show - Javits Center in NYC. I have always been into cars old and new as are my daughters. I once helped a friend restore an old Pontiac GTO.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Holy Thursday

March 29, 2018

Holy Thursday

The Last Supper was used as a theme for conspiracy theories especially those linked to Leonardo Da Vinci. It asks one to look for hidden clues within, and connect to the consciousness grids without. For some it's a spiritual experience, for others a magnificent work of art. If you believe in Ancient Alien Theory, The Last Supper was guided by the hand of forces beyond this reality. It is one of the world's most iconic paintings whose permanent home is a convent in Milan, Italy. Da Vinci painted the religious work on the dining hall wall of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie back in 1495. It was commissioned by Duke Ludovico Sforza for the refectory of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, and in order to paint it Leonardo used an oil/tempera mix and applied it to a dry wall.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The New Besties
Kim and Xi

Erect soldiers

North Korea's Kim Jong Un met Xi Jinping on surprise visit to China  
CNN - March 28, 2018

Murder on the Orient Express? No, no ... wrong script. Rewrite. Arriving on a train used by his father for secret journeys Kim Jong Un made his first foreign trip since assuming power in 2011. He met with China's President Xi Jinping in Beijing to discuss giving up the country's nuclear weapons, according to Chinese state media. Kim, who made the surprise trip to the Chinese capital at Beijing's request, said he felt compelled to personally inform President Xi of the rapid diplomatic developments on the Korean Peninsula in recent weeks, Xinhua reported. Trust no one ...

Not spanks ... Spanky. What? Who? Oh .... Trump's new nickname in Washington

Stephen Colbert raises an eyebrow at Trump's secret new nickname in Washington  
The Week - March 28, 2018

Ellie and Irene

March 27, 2018 - Irene and I reminisced about our trip to Egypt in 2000.

Welcome to the Giza Plateau 12/12/00

We all have our personal and sacred journeys.

The way we were in Egypt

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

They're Back!

Here Comes the Bride

If you watch the TV series Suits, co-staring Meghan Markle, you know that her character Rachel gets married to the love of her life this spring just before she walks down the aisle with her Prince Charming, Harry. The cast is invited to both weddings as is the world. This is Meghan's moment and she will shine. I've been a fan of Suits since the beginning which returns Wednesday night on the USA Channel.

On January 30, 2018, it was announced the series was renewed for an eighth season without series regulars Patrick J. Adams or Meghan Markle who move on to bigger and better things in real life and TV. On March 8, 2018, it was announced previous series star, Gina Torres, will have a spin-off centered around her character, Jessica Pearson, set in Chicago.

How Suits Will Say Goodbye to Mike and Rachel   TV Guide - March 27, 2018


We honor the thousands of children who took a stand last weekend on gun legislation #March ForOurLives. Children as you know represent the future on Earth or beyond. Many in recent years have been born with Autism, Asperger's, and other challenges due to the fractured grids or whatever else you believe is the reason for this shift in consciousness. Metaphysical labels are gone - Indigo Children, Star Children, Crystal Children, Hybrid Children, and the like.

In Duality .... Today we find children with total photographic memories and creative abilities far beyond those of past generations. To say they think outside the box is to say the least as they are programmed differently - a mix of intuition and intellect. They come from the full spectrum of cultures, races, and religions. Socially they are well-adjusted moving towards a future that is different than what adults today banter and bicker about. If they could create their own political and economic systems, we would live in a different world, perhaps something more futuristic but definitely not dealing with the same dramas as generations prior to their coming here from whatever you call the source of creation. They are here for change. That is what is next.

Tiangong-1 -- Crash or Splash

China's First Space Station Is Dying, Here's What Happens Next   Seeker - March 26, 2018

See China's Falling Space Station in These Radar Images - March 26, 2018

Chinese space lab to fall to Earth within days in 'fiery demise'   CNN - March 26, 2018

Monday, March 26, 2018

The day after the storm

Did you watch Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes last night? The broadcast followed the NCAA championships as Duke was defeated by Kansas which went into overtime. (The four remaining teams are Villanova, Kansas, Michigan and Loyola-Chicago). Okay ... enough sports and recreation and let's get back to the Stormy Daniels interview as she told her version of her affair with Trump. Actually they met at a a celebrity golf tournament which again takes us to sports and recreation.

Remember there are always more than one side to every story and though I'm sure Stormy may have slept with Trump it's all about the money. Much of what she said last night was already out there, some information I knew from contacts I have, and the rest was scripted to show him as a bad guy who had someone threaten her life. She filled in a few details and left one to speculate on tangible proof. True or false? Will she take down a president who we already know is sleazy? No ... She is a diversion from the Russia investigation. Something about this smells fishy?

I just watched Stormy's lawyer on the Today Show. Though he had hinted at tangible proof none was offered as Savannah Guthrie grilled him. It would seem that Stormy Daniels is playing the long game and since we have enough BS going on in politics it's boring at least to me. We know Trump is a man who has had many women but this is not his Waterloo. Bored in Brooklyn ... next ...

After Stormy's big interview, Trump faces the storm alone   CNN - March 26, 2018

Stormy Daniels 'told to leave Trump alone' over affair claims   BBC - March 26, 2018

Five takeaways from Stormy DanielsŐs big interview   The Hill - March 26, 2018


Last week it was announced to great fanfare that Joseph diGenova, a Washington lawyer, frequent Fox News guest and conspiracy theorist, and his wife Victoria Toensing would be joining Trump's legal team. Ends up they have a major conflict of interest with another client and won't become part of the president's defense team after all. Conflict of interest? Really?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday

March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday

Commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Google News

Saturday March 24, 2018 was a day of unity to create change for gun control and the environment.

March for Our Lives

Students Protesting Guns Say 'Enough Is Enough'

Top moments that made up a movement  
CNN - March 25, 2018

Off and on throughout the day I watched students united with the inspired passion and determination of youth. There is energy and strength in numbers as defiant, outraged and determined teens across the world made their statement, honoring those whose lives were lost in schools to gun violence. They are battling a system that refuses to change at this time of personal, social and political revolution. Marching beside them were parents, teachers, celebrities, and supporters. They carried signs, chanted and demanded action against gun violence - their words echoing through streets packed with protesters. They implored people to register to vote, and pleaded with the lawmakers to take care of children. Will they accomplish what those before them have tried but failed?

The event in Washington was one of more than 800 planned in the United States and other major cities worldwide including Brisbane, Australia, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. President Obama, whose daughters attend high school and college, tweeted "Michelle and I are so inspired by all the young people who made today's marches happen. Keep at it. You're leading us forward. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change." President Trump fled to Mar-a-lago where he applauded courageous young Americans - but did he mean it? He returns to Washington tonight prior to the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes while Melania and Barron stay behind for spring break (or maybe a Trump break).

March 24, 2018

Earth Hour - - Earth Hour 2018

Lights around the world went dark for Earth Hour to highlight climate change and inspire sustainability. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower went dark. In London, a kaleidoscope of famous sites switched off their lights - including Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and the London Eye. That scene was repeated over and over across the world on Saturday: at Sydney's Opera House, at New Delhi's great arch, at Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers, at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and at St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

It lasted for just an hour and its power was purely symbolic. But at 8:30 p.m., people switched off their lights for Earth Hour, a global call for international unity on the importance of addressing climate change. Since its beginning in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has spread to more than 180 countries, with tens of millions of people joining in, from turning off their own porch lights to letting the grand sites like the Sydney Opera House go dark. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said 300 Paris buildings observed the blackout to send a united universal message.

Friday, March 23, 2018


Tomorrow is the March for Our Lives a demonstration in Washington, D.C. and throughout the United States. Student organizers are planning the march in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety, following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, reported by some in the media as being the tipping point for gun control legislation.I wish I could say it would make a big difference, but not in today's emotional climate.

Violence is not just about gun control in the US but remains a global situation in end times. France hostage taking: 'One dead' in Trebes supermarket   BBC - March 23, 2018


In the world of politics, yesterday saw more firings and resignations as Trump enters a volatile time one year into his administration where he thinks he understands how things work and what's best for him and maybe the country. He's trying to take personal control of just about everything while downsizing to do it all. Yes ... he's becoming out-of-control. Everyone who works for him is on edge as you never know what he's gonna do next. They believe he is settling into this presidency not driven by ideology but that he wants to be in power making the decisions as he did with his businesses. You are aware of his mistakes that further exacerbated the end of the simulation.

Trumps's affairs will bring women to the limelight to challenge him for whatever their personal motivations. He most likely led some to believe he would leave Melania, which was never destined in their timelines with him. Most young hot women that I have read through the years, who sell their souls to the richer older man, live to regret it. It's not easy to get away from them but eventually they do. Some wait for the rich older man to pass on and for some strange reason these guys live on longer and longer and longer.

March 23, 2018

National Puppy Day

Nothing says "Love" like a cute puppy.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Water Day

March 22, 2018

World Water Day

2018 Theme: Nature for Water

World Water Day occurs each year on March 22, as
designated by United Nations General Assembly resolution.

The X-Files Finale

With a few twists to the arc story or mythology behind the series - the season or series finale "My Struggle IV" wrapped on a positive personal note for Mulder, Scully, and William with the potential for Season 12 or a spin-off with William as a superhero. Being a fan of The X-Files since the beginning, I am always open for more of the mythology storyline if our timeline (aka real time) allows. Alien agendas were noticeably admitted this season, as well as in our timeline, as there is nowhere to go but the truth which may or may not be out there, though we assume that before the hologram ends all will be revealed in real time ... or not. Here's a recap of the finale.

Segue to Real Time ... If you were looking at the mythology of the Human Experiment from any other timeline, we are at a place of evolution in this makeshift reality, no longer connecting with our creation as human-alien hybrids but perhaps moving on to AI-human hybrids or something else. Humanity is after all a bio-genetic experiment whose time has come to either evolve or FADE TO BLACK

Doors and Portals

First Day of Spring 2018 in Gilbert AZ. (If only I could teleport)

Joie, 15, modeling on Spring Break ...

Meanwhile for many of us in one form [state] or another ...

4:30 PM - I went to the lobby to get the mail, stepping outside long enough for my
neighbor to take a pic. The snow is barely sticking. Let's see if my weather mojo lasts.

March 19-21, 2018 nor'easter

We had about five inches of snow in Bay Ridge less than the rest of the Metropolitan area and is melting.

I wonder why a Con Ed truck is parked outside?

Trump Cards and Stormy Days Ahead

Don Junior's wife is divorcing him over cheating and more. Involved are 5 children and $300 million. President Trump's affairs are returning to haunt him. Expect divorce #3.

Things seem to be closing in on Trump. Let's see how the players behind the scenes will attempt to keep him in office as this storyline goes on and on with no resolve. Perhaps there isn't any and we are just supposed to play our games believing that everything will get better and soon will evolve beyond this realm of emotions.

Crash ... Splash

Tiangong-1 the Chinese prototype space station will probably hit in the Pacific further fracturing that tectonic plate. The manned missions to Tiangong-1 were notable for including China's first female astronauts, Liu Yang and Wang Yaping.

Oregon in path of Chinese space station on collision course with Earth   KVAL - March 21, 2018

Where Is Tiangong-1 as It Falls Toward Earth? Chinese Space Station on Collision Course   Newsweek - March 21, 2018
Time is running out for Tiangong-1, the prototype space station that China lost control over and is on a collision course with Earth, and there is now a way to track the doomed spacecraft and watch its dramatic fall. The tracking website Satview has Tiangong-1 available among the satellites and debris it monitors as they fling around Earth. There are two maps following the test space station: a wider view, with Tiangong-1's flight path laid out in dots, and a closer look showing the land and water below the spacecraft at any point. Below the maps is Tiangong-1's exact latitude and longitude, altitude and speed. Users can set their location to see when Tiangong-1 is next due to pass overhead. For most parts of the globe, that time will occur after the space station's countdown to re-entry has expired; Satview has its path on a timer that, at the time of this writing, was a little more than 11 days.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday Weather

More than 70 million people brace for nor'easter  
CNN - March 21, 2018

I felt this storm coming yesterday as I ran errands and saw clients who were due to come here Wednesday - Friday. Other clients are phone readings so hopefully they won't be rescheduled as we enter Mercury Retrograde (March 22 - April 15, 2018 ) (Repetitions and Delays).

March 21, 2018

World Poetry Day

The poem that goes through your mind as you read this
shows your emotional state of mind today.

I took this video pic with my Galaxy Note 8 this morning.

As I sit here watching the snowflakes fall
I am enchanted by the wonder of it all.
- Ellie

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Toby Tuesday

On the first day of Spring - we brace for a fourth nor'easter of the month as Toby could dump a foot of snow on the East. A large swath of the country can expect yet another generous helping of rain, snow and wind on Tuesday and Wednesday, as the fourth nor’easter in less than three weeks sets its sights on the Northeast and Midwest. The storm’s path could bring six to 12 inches of snow to the Upper Ohio Valley, which includes parts of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, as well as parts of the East Coast, from Virginia up to Massachusetts, on the first day of spring, according to Weather Channel senior meteorologist Frank Giannasca.

March 20, 2018

Spring Equinox

Sun in Aries

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Aries.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars.

March 20, 2018

Nowruz - Iranian New Year

Zarathustra - Zoroaster The Persian Prophet

Monday, March 19, 2018

Play Ball

I spent this weekend with family, clients and relaxing watching TV alone. With SXSW, there was some good entertainment and YouTube videos. Always something to learn.

NCAA Championships: I generally don't watch college football but yesterday I watched Syracuse vs. Michigan with my daughter Nikki and family as Syracuse is her alma mater. Much to the delight of everyone Syracuse won going on to play Duke. It's interesting that when I looked at most of the players, probably college Seniors, they already look like men, not students. My grandson Michael from Basking Ridge, NJ, is a sophomore at Boston College. Also out of Basking Ridge is Michael's good friend Max who got a full scholarship to the University of Boston (BU) to play basketball. Max, at 6 feet 8 inches, is so good he was featured on ESPN this year, but his team didn't qualify for the NCAA Championships. "There's always next year," as they say.

Sports are often about diversion tactics which takes me to the rest of my weekend ... watching TV. I like action-adventure shows which include favorites ... NCIS Los Angeles, Homeland, Madam Secretary, Scandal, Designated Survivor, The Blacklist, Blindspot, and many others recorded on DVR. What sets new shows apart from the past is incorporating current events into themes and managing some sort of resolution through the discourse using technology and covert diplomacy. I think what I love most is the tech.

A strange thought came to me as I sat there watching politically themed dramas. Nothing quite tops the reality show "The Trump Years" as it unfolds day after day perhaps gaining strength towards May Sweeps. Trump vs. Mueller. Trump vs. Stormy. Trump and family. Trump firings. Trump Tweets. Trump insults and lies. Trump challenging the stream of human emotions. This could only be something created outside of the games we play in third dimension, controlled by as yet an unknown force. None of it is real and yet is seems so on many levels. Trump's soap opera continues this week along with the "Days of Our Lives" ... cliffhangers eliciting predictions. How many seasons/Sessions will this show run? Everything in the simulation is on borrowed time. Tick tock.

Like sands through the Hourglass

So are the days of our lives. Play ... ball.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ellie eating a green bagel in honor of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Parade NYC

Real-Life Pot o' Gold Discovered During Dutch Construction Project  
Live Science - March 16, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day to the readers who believe in aliens.

The Truth is Out There - Not at the End of the Rainbow but at the End of Reality.

Quote by Allie Keys from Spielberg's "Taken"

When you're little, you like to think you know everything, but the last thing you
really want is to know too much. What you really want is for grown-ups to make
the world a safe place where dreams can come true and promises are never broken.
And when you're little, it doesn't seem like a lot to ask.

March 17, 2018

New Moon 26° Pisces

Friday, March 16, 2018


Out of Florida comes more tragic news ... The Florida Highway Patrol said multiple vehicles were crushed by the structure when it came down onto a busy Miami highway near Florida International University's campus Thursday afternoon. The walkway -- weighing 950 tons and designed to withstand hurricane-force winds -- was still under construction endnote due to open until next year. After being installed in just six hours last weekend, the pedestrian bridge was hailed as an outstanding example of a popular but relatively new "accelerated" technology specifically designed to speed construction while maintaining safety.

A fourth nor'easter in 14 days is headed across the country and could impact the northeast coast again. As for NYC - I only see rain.

More storms on the horizon for Trump as Stormy Daniels' attorney claims she was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Trump. I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

One year into office and Trump's continues to get rid of advisors we all knew were wrong for their jobs and would leave or be fired. The pressure has gotten to Donald Trump Jr. as his wife Vanessa files for divorce. I'm not sure how any of Trump's children can handle his temperamental behavior and decision making. Don Jr. could wind up in jail along with Jarod. Take the money Vanessa while it's sill available. Get a great Manhattan lawyer!

Trump again ... After firing his secretary of State this week, President Trump is preparing another White House shake-up, this time moving toward replacing national security advisor H.R. McMaster. The timing remains unclear, and two White House officials said Trump might want to keep McMaster until after a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The three-star Army general is seen as a calming force, but he's also been said to have bored and irritated Trump by meticulously laying out the pros and cons on major policy questions. On Twitter, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the two have a good working relationship but conspicuously didn't rule out the possibility that change could come soon.

Russia again ... I'm not following the day today events of Mueller's investigation but things seem to be heating up. Mueller has reportedly issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization in recent weeks seeking an array of documents, including some related to Russia. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort asked a federal judge to dismiss some of the criminal charges he faces in the Russia inquiry, claiming prosecutorial overreach. Mueller's office: no comment.

The World means puzzled as to why Trump doesn't take affirmative action against Putin and Russian interference saying he will but then backing off. This involve blackmail, money, or something else we can only speculate on if we choose to get involved in this whole mess? The Trump administration announced sanctions against 19 Russian individuals and five organizations for meddling in the 2016 election and for cyberattacks still targeting the U.S. electrical grid and water systems. Yet on Thursday, Trump was mum on the issue.

Headed to Mars in 2019?

Does this mean Trump's "Space Force" is gearing up to go? Best tell Elon that it's a 3-way race. Aliens ... brace for humans. They will never utter those famous words, "Take me to your leader."

Russia vows mission to Mars next year as new space race heats up - March 15, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Ides of March

March 15, 44 BC

Ides of March

Veni, vidi, vici

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Julius Caesar Quotes

Watch Live - March 15-18

NCAA March Madness Basketball Championship Website

2018 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament

National Walkout Day From Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

I took a picture of the Landmark Gingerbread House
across the street from Fort Hamilton High School.

I took a quick video of the Student March for Gun Control at Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge Brooklyn where I used to teach. It was freezing out but most students participated while others thought it was too cold and stayed inside. And then there were those who didn't want to protest at all. In all the energies were peaceful with lots of security. As we know, protest usually don't change anything, just bring awareness. The event comes 10 days before major protests in Washington and elsewhere.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trump and Conor
The Lion and the Lamb

Were you at all surprised by this turn of events? After Trump's ridiculous performance on Saturday it's time for things to turn Democratic. The funniest thing Trump said was that he was better looking than Conor Lamb. Lamb's performance in Pennsylvania '18 is merely the latest sign Democrats are surging right now, spelling trouble for Republicans heading into the midterm elections.

Pennsylvania's special election isn't an isolated incident. The GOP is in trouble.   CNN - March 14, 2018

Democrat Conor Lamb apparent winner in Pennsylvania upset, deals blow to Trump   NBC - March 14, 2018

Student Protests Today

A generation shaped by gun violence plans to make itself heard today   CNN - March 14, 2018

Of my four high school-aged grandchildren only one is planning to be part of today's 17 minute walk out - one for each victim who died in the Parkland shooting. School are open for my grandson Matthew at Staples High in Westport, CT. My other grandchildren are on spring break. I'm considering a drive past my local high school to see what's going as the sun is shining and the teacher in me hopes the message on gun control makes a difference. As we know, protest usually don't change anything, just bring awareness. It starts at 10:00 am. The event comes 10 days before major protests in Washington and elsewhere.

March 14, 2018

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant (pi).

9 Surprising Facts About Pi

March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955

Albert Einstein

  Albert Einstein Google Videos

Albert Einstein was considered one
of the greatest physicists of all time.

As far as the laws of mathematics
refer to reality, they are not certain,
and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

Albert Einstein Quotes 1

Albert Einstein Quotes 2

Stephen Hawking has died on Pi day.   BBC - March 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking beat the odds his entire life, died peacefully at his home in Cambridge, England, early Wednesday, a family spokesman said in a statement. Hawking was as famous for his insights on black holes, the existence of God and quantum gravity as he was for using a special device to speak while confined to a wheelchair after an ALS diagnosis at age 21. Hawking gave the world insights into the unknown and several gems of quotes, including, "Life would be tragic if it weren't funny." Recently Hawking, had concluded that reality exists in a simulation.

January 8, 1942 - March 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking was an award winning English theoretical physicist.

  Stephen Hawking Google Videos

To confine our attention to terrestrial matters
would be to limit the human spirit.

Stephen Hawking Quotes 1

Stephen Hawking Quotes 2