Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday ... A Stormy Day

I slept late as I haven't adjusted to daylight saving time as well as lack of daylight with Nor'easter Skylar happening outside. From where I sit this looks like a repeat of Storm Quinn last week with a combination of snow to snow showers then back to snow as temperatures rise above freezing. Here in Brooklyn not much snow is expected. It all ends early this afternoon. Be careful.

UK and Theresa May

At least the British step up and call it like it is when the Russians attack someone in the UK. Like something out of a 007 movie ... May pointed the finger at Russia for the poisoning of an ex-Russian double agent and his daughter. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson agreed calling it an egregious act that appears to have clearly come from Russia. The plot thickens ...along with the coverups and "firings".


Rex Tillerson is out: Live updates   CNN - March 13, 2018
He is replaced by CIA Chief Mike Pompeo. He will be replaced by Gina Haspel considered a "seasoned spymaster"

Remember last summer when Tillerson called Trump a f**king moron? It's amazing Tillerson lasted this long, yet was Tillerson blindsided by the timing of it all? Tillerson will be replaced by CIA Chief Mike Pompeo.

This major shake-up continues inside the WH with the firing of John McEntee Trump's Personal Assistant. If Trump is going to get rid of those who oppose his decisions he will soon be alone. Isn't hard to function with so many changes.


The House Intelligence Committee's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 campaign is over and something is very wrong with the findings. Again we go to those who want Trump in office and plan to keep him there too matter what he does. Republicans on the committee seemed to have concluded that there was no collusion and even contradicted the intelligence community's assessment that the Russians meddled in the presidential election to help Trump. A 150-page draft report is due out today. The White House still faces the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller as well as two inquiries in the Senate. This is far from over.

Trump's visit to California includes ... talking to troops in San Diego, visiting eight prototypes for his long-promised border wall in San Diego, then on to Beverly Hills where he'll appear at a high-priced GOP fundraiser. Authorities aren't sure what to expect in terms of protests but are prepared for anything, while commuters are wondering whether the famed Obamajams of years past will be replaced by a Trumpjam. Governor Jerry Brown, who last week characterized the Trump administration as 'at war' with California, wants Trump to get on board with the bullet train. LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian suggests Trump focus not on the wall but on a real border problem - the sewage and sludge floating down the Tijuana River. Not lost on anyone are the many high-profile clashes Trump has had with the Golden State, including last week's Justice Department lawsuit seeking to invalidate three sanctuary state laws. Trump is visiting California later in his term than any other Jet Age president, perhaps a reflection of how it's become the center of the so-called resistance.

Porn actress Stormy Daniels has offered to give Trump back his $130,000 if she is released from her deal to keep quiet about the sexual relationship she says she had with him in 2006. I hope she wins so we find more about Trump and his sizable issues with women.

If and when Trump and Kim Jong-Un meet where is the most secure location? I hope this doesn't take place in New York City. Wherever the meeting is it will be a security nightmare. FYI: Kim hasn't stepped foot outside North Korea since taking power in 2011. Both men have a flair for melodrama and grand statements and big stages. The whole point of this is may be to gain attention. Trump seeks change and to make his mark on history no matter what it takes...

    TAKE I: Kim extends an invitation.

    TAKE II: Trump accepts.

    TAKE III: It happens and each man believes he is the winner as they deceive each other.

Speaking of Crime and Deception ... the new Sunday night series Deception - eluding to the film Now You See Me was great if you are into magic and illusion.


No matter what happens tonight in the special election in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, Republicans are bracing for bad news. If Democrat Conor Lamb beats Republican Rick Saccone, as many expect, it'll be touted as a sign that a blue wave is indeed building ahead of this fall's midterms. That's because the district is in the heart of Trump country. Donald Trump won it by 20 percentage points in 2016. If Saccone pulls out a narrow win, the Democrats will say it's a sign that even safe GOP seats are in danger this year, as the Democrats -- more than happy to capitalize on Trump's unpopularity -- try to take back the House and Senate.

Austin, Texas

SXSW adds music to its venue today which can be watched live.

Highlighting the news out of Austin are three package bombings that were exploded over the past 10 days which police believe are connected to each other but no SXSW. Two people have been killed and two others injured.

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