Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How many inches
did he say?

My favorite NBC weatherman Chris Cimino just said we could get 6-8 inches of heavy wet snow here in the city as the second storm in a week cranks up and starts to show itself in the next few hours ending around 11:00 tonight. The only redeeming factor about any of this is - unlike storms in January and February - the temperatures will be in the 40s and higher in the days ahead so it will melt quickly. Sadly many people in local areas still have no power with the potential for more downed trees and additional power outages. Yesterday for me was about preparing for the storm and seeing clients well into the evening.

3 State Troopers parked in front of my building as we brace for the storm

From stormy days to Stormy Daniels and other storms out of the White House. I just watched an interview with Stormy Daniels' lawyer on the Today Show. Apparently she wants to tell her story about the Trump affair. Stormy Daniels sues Trump, saying hush agreement is invalid because he never signed it. I wonder if she thought Trump would leave Melania and marry her in 2006? She looks a lot like wife #2 Marla Maples.

Gary Cohn Resigns as Trump's Top Economic Adviser in Tariff Tiff but discord between Cohn and Trump began last year. This was the last straw for Cohn as we continue to watch WH employees leave. What about Stock Markets around the world?

From NBC -- The news that President Trump's chief economics adviser Gary Cohn was adding his name to the list of former White House officials broke late enough on Tuesday that Stephen Colbert didn't have time to get it into his Late Show monologue. But that didn't stop him from talking about it on his show. As showrunner Chris Licht revealed on Twitter, the resignation announcement actually happened during the taping. So writers huddled during Colbert's interview with Oprah Winfrey and delivered him a last-minute bit he could deliver from his desk midway through the show.

Watch the Episode

"Now, listen, folks, I told you earlier about Trump's tariffs and they might already be creating problems," Colbert said after Winfrey had left the stage. "During this taping we found out Gary Cohn is resigning as Trump's top economic adviser. Damn! I had Jared in my Trump resignation fantasy league!" Colbert chalked up the Cohn departure to a simple case of "supply and demand. He saw his boss demand a dumbass steel tariff, so he supplied himself an exit before shit hit the fan. Now, it's odd that Cohn would choose to resign now, seeing as how he had drafted a resignation letter after the tragedy in Charlottesville, which Trump responded to by saying there were good people on both sides. However, Cohn ultimately changed his mind and decided to remain on. So for the record, for Cohn, supporting Nazis is OK. But imposing import taxes? Now you've gone too far, sir! Seems like every day another rat flees the sinking ship. Soon Trump will be down to Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway and a statue of Justice with the name Ivanka spray-painted on it."