Monday, March 26, 2018

The day after the storm

Did you watch Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes last night? The broadcast followed the NCAA championships as Duke was defeated by Kansas which went into overtime. (The four remaining teams are Villanova, Kansas, Michigan and Loyola-Chicago). Okay ... enough sports and recreation and let's get back to the Stormy Daniels interview as she told her version of her affair with Trump. Actually they met at a a celebrity golf tournament which again takes us to sports and recreation.

Remember there are always more than one side to every story and though I'm sure Stormy may have slept with Trump it's all about the money. Much of what she said last night was already out there, some information I knew from contacts I have, and the rest was scripted to show him as a bad guy who had someone threaten her life. She filled in a few details and left one to speculate on tangible proof. True or false? Will she take down a president who we already know is sleazy? No ... She is a diversion from the Russia investigation. Something about this smells fishy?

I just watched Stormy's lawyer on the Today Show. Though he had hinted at tangible proof none was offered as Savannah Guthrie grilled him. It would seem that Stormy Daniels is playing the long game and since we have enough BS going on in politics it's boring at least to me. We know Trump is a man who has had many women but this is not his Waterloo. Bored in Brooklyn ... next ...

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Last week it was announced to great fanfare that Joseph diGenova, a Washington lawyer, frequent Fox News guest and conspiracy theorist, and his wife Victoria Toensing would be joining Trump's legal team. Ends up they have a major conflict of interest with another client and won't become part of the president's defense team after all. Conflict of interest? Really?