Monday, March 19, 2018

Play Ball

I spent this weekend with family, clients and relaxing watching TV alone. With SXSW, there was some good entertainment and YouTube videos. Always something to learn.

NCAA Championships: I generally don't watch college football but yesterday I watched Syracuse vs. Michigan with my daughter Nikki and family as Syracuse is her alma mater. Much to the delight of everyone Syracuse won going on to play Duke. It's interesting that when I looked at most of the players, probably college Seniors, they already look like men, not students. My grandson Michael from Basking Ridge, NJ, is a sophomore at Boston College. Also out of Basking Ridge is Michael's good friend Max who got a full scholarship to the University of Boston (BU) to play basketball. Max, at 6 feet 8 inches, is so good he was featured on ESPN this year, but his team didn't qualify for the NCAA Championships. "There's always next year," as they say.

Sports are often about diversion tactics which takes me to the rest of my weekend ... watching TV. I like action-adventure shows which include favorites ... NCIS Los Angeles, Homeland, Madam Secretary, Scandal, Designated Survivor, The Blacklist, Blindspot, and many others recorded on DVR. What sets new shows apart from the past is incorporating current events into themes and managing some sort of resolution through the discourse using technology and covert diplomacy. I think what I love most is the tech.

A strange thought came to me as I sat there watching politically themed dramas. Nothing quite tops the reality show "The Trump Years" as it unfolds day after day perhaps gaining strength towards May Sweeps. Trump vs. Mueller. Trump vs. Stormy. Trump and family. Trump firings. Trump Tweets. Trump insults and lies. Trump challenging the stream of human emotions. This could only be something created outside of the games we play in third dimension, controlled by as yet an unknown force. None of it is real and yet is seems so on many levels. Trump's soap opera continues this week along with the "Days of Our Lives" ... cliffhangers eliciting predictions. How many seasons/Sessions will this show run? Everything in the simulation is on borrowed time. Tick tock.

Like sands through the Hourglass

So are the days of our lives. Play ... ball.