Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wake-up Dream
With My Teacher

In a wake-up dream that riveted me back to this reality at 4:04 this morning, I was talking to one of my early connections in metaphysics - psychic and teacher Sue Reeve from Brooklyn who passed away in 2012. In my dream Sue told me that there will never be disclosure in the traditional sense of one or more people coming forward with proof of alien agendas. Hacked information will be globally disseminated and bring the truth at the end which is very soon. Sue smiled as I felt myself pulled backwards into this level of consciousness watching her smile at me in knowing approval of things discussed now and back in the day when I was the Psychic in the Pyramid we created this destiny.

International Women's Day

Greater meaning in 2018 - Equality Rules

2018 Theme: #PressforProgress

IWD Google News

McDonald's flips its golden arches in honor of International Women's Day  
The Hill - March 8, 2018

Women's History Month

Women of the Future

Tuesday night in downtown Gilbert, AZ my granddaughter Joie, 15, enjoyed spring break while modeling.

It may not be as cold as it is in most of the country but one couldn't miss her winter hat and boots.

Joie's generation of women will be totally different.

Bay Ridge Light and Easy

Weather or Not - My Weather Mojo Remains Intact

Wednesday's Nor'easter seems to have little aftermath here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
I took this pic from my terrace looking down at the street and building awning. We had about
two inches that is frozen now but will melt quickly as we resume our regular programming.

Screen Memories

Over in northern NJ in Basking Ridge - my daughter Zsia's area was hard hit the by storm losing power, but her family was prepared with a back-up generator.

Last week's storm downed power lines close by - the next street over featured on WABC news Sunday evening.

Dig Out Thursday

Pics sent by my friend Barry who had two feet of snow in upstate NY. That cute little girl is his daughter, Alyssa, 8, showing you how deep the snow is.