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October 1-8, 2012

Sukkot, Feast of Booths and Tabernacles

The sukkah is intended as a reminiscence of the type of fragile dwellings in which the Israelites lived during their 40 years of travel in the desert after the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. Throughout the holiday meals are eaten inside the sukkah and many sleep there as well.

September 30, 2012

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

  Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival   Google Videos

September 30, 2012

Full Moon 7 ° Aries

The Message of the Dandelions

September 28, 2012

For me, the message of the dandelions has been part of my experiences since childhood, seeing a field of dandelions in wake-up dreams while hearing "Dandelions are free" as the seeds blow freely into the wind then disappear.

The TV series "Fringe" has incorporate dandelions into their final season. Tonight's episode Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 starts in the year 2016 as Peter and Olivia's daughter Etta, age 3, is seen blowing on a dandelion the day she was taken by the time traveling Observers. The episode ends 20 years later in 2036, with the main characters looking the same as they have been preserved in amber, once again trying to save the world.

Walter finds that the Unifier device - given to him in 2016 by September to help him remember how to stop the Observers - activates when he touches it - but his memories appear to be lost because the one of the Observers has done something to them. Etta, now 23, and the only character who has aged, surmises that his memories were destroyed and the plan to save the world is lost.

A despondent Walter tries to sleep but is distracted by reflections from outside, which he traces to a makeshift sculpture made of broken CDs glistening in the sunlight. In a tote bag nearby he finds an undamaged CD and plays it on a car's stereo while knowingly looking at a seahorse hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Fringe Glyph Codes

The Seahorse represents a strain of DNA - from "The Bishop Revival"
Dan-delion -- DNA of the lion

Walter cries as the CD plays Yazoo's (YaZ) "Only You", the first music he's heard since awaking in 2036. He believes music helps one shift their perspective and see things differently. Music is harmonics and often used as a trigger to awaken people in dream state. This can be seen in the film Inception and will happen at the closing of our consciousness hologram.

As Walter mulls emotionally, he spies a single dandelion growing from the rubble and cries to himself. This to him is the ultimate sign of hope in this wasteland desolated by the Observers - a lone dandelion with the strength to crack the pavement. Could it be a sign that their hope is pinned on Henrietta? If the official plant for Olivia, Walter, and Peter is the White Tulip, then the dandelion is Henrietta. It's her symbol.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dandelions are Free

For me the message of the dandelions has been part of my experiences since childhood, seeing it in dreams and wake-up messages. Leave it to Fringe to incorporate dandelions into their final season. Friday night's episode starts in the year 2016 as Peter and Olivia's daughter Etta, age 3, is seen blowing on a dandelion the day she was taken by the time traveling Observers. The episode ends 20 years later with the main characters in the year 2036 as once again they are trying to save the world.

Walter finds that the Unifier device, given to him in 2016 by September, activates to his touch, but when they try to use it, it fails to find any memories. Etta, now 23, and the only character who has aged, suspects that the memories were destroyed and the plan is lost for good. A despondent Walter tries to sleep but is distracted by reflections from outside, which he traces to a makeshift sculpture made of broken CDs. In a bag nearby he finds an undamaged CD and plays it on a car's stereo. He cries as it plays Yazoo's (YaZ) "Only You", the first music he's heard since awaking in 2036. He believes that music helps one shift their perspective and see things differently. Music is harmonics and often used as a trigger to awaken people in dream state. This can be seen in the film Inception - and at the closing of our consciousness hologram.

As Walter mulls emotionally, he spies a single dandelion growing from the rubble and cries to himself. This to him is the ultimate sign of hope in this wasteland desolated by the Observers - a lone dandelion with the strength to crack the pavement. Could it be a sign that their hope is pinned on Henrietta? If the official plant for Olivia, Walter, and Peter is the White Tulip, then the dandelion is Henrietta. It's her symbol.

Dandelions are related to sunflowers, which takes us to
the Fibonacci sequence or Golden Ratio - creation of reality.

Sacred Geometry

The Matrix of a Dandelion is called a

Dandelion Parachute Ball or Spherical "Clock"

12 Around 1 Geometry The Spherical Clock

Zoroaster Relief

Zoroaster's symbols are the flame, crown, wings and ... the lion.

Dandelions flying free symbolize freedom of the souls in the Lion's Tale.

Throughout the ages, dandelions have been woven into cultural folklore and have become a positive symbols with a variety of meanings. Some believe that dandelions have truly magical properties, bring good luck, and increase psychic dreaming as you enter into the matrix of the collective unconsciousness.

Visualize your message then blow on the white seed head of a dandelion

In mythology, film, storytelling, and metaphysics, fields of flowers are often used as places where realities meet, time alters, and spirit connects with human consciousness. For example, one often envisions themselves in a field of flowers where they are met by their spirit guide, deceased loved ones, or just to find peace on a warm sunny day. It's called a Field of Dreams, as we live within the matrix of a dream.

Soul Sparks or Starseeds

Created from Light and Consciousness, returning now through the Matrix

As far back as I can remember, in many of my wake-up dreams, I see fields of yellow dandelions followed by the phrase "Dandelions Are Free". In my journey through Crystalinks, I discovered that this equated to souls being set free in the "field of dreams" through which we consciously experience, and that I am here as the messenger.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trending Friday

September 30, 2012 - Full Moon 7 ° Aries (Fire)

We know that insanity is increasing and can't be stopped until the program ends. In the past, employers had to watch out for sexual harassment, racial discrimination, among other employment issues - now they have to watch out for the insane employee they fired. This has to do with personal grievances, yet I have to wonder what the terrorist cells across the country are plotting and planning ... and they are. Here's the latest out on Minneapolis in the energy of a Fire Moon.
2012 Minneapolis workplace shooting   Wikipedia

  Five dead after workplace shooting in Minneapolis, police say   MSNBC - September 28, 2012

A gunman killed four people inside a Minneapolis sign-making business before turning the weapon on himself, authorities said early Friday. The victims' bodies were found shortly after officers arrived at Accent Signage Systems Inc., located in a residential area in the city's north side, after receiving a 911 call Thursday afternoon, according to police spokesman Sgt. Stephen McCarty.

On an equally serious note ... so please pay attention. Does someone push the wrong button?
  Israel's Netanyahu: Draw 'clear red line' to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons   MSNBC - September 28, 2012
In a speech at the U.N. Thursday, Netanyahu said that Iran will have enough enriched uranium to build a bomb by next summer. He said his "red line" to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons is to stop it from accumulating that uranium -- because it would impossible to know when Iran has achieved the next step: building a detonator to fire a weapon.

The New World Order

Ahmadinejad pushes new world order   Yahoo - September 26, 2012
After an hour of fielding questions about Syria, sanctions and nuclear weapons, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had enough. Now, he said, it was his turn to choose the topic - his "new order" which will inevitably replace the current era of what he called U.S. bullying. Continuing his hectic pace of media appearances and diplomatic meetings, Ahmadinejad presented an air of boredom when it came to the hot topic on everyone's mind - Iran's nuclear program and the possibility of impending war. Whether it was feigned or sincere, he said he would much rather be talking about his vision of what the next world order might be. Conveniently, it would be an order in which the U.S. and the traditional powers play a smaller role and every country has equal standing (though the state of Israel, he often predicts, will soon become a historical footnote).

The New World Order has different meanings depending on who you talk to, but has always been identified with conspiracy theories, negative global control, and often end times. Many people believe the New World Order has always existed, linked to secret governments, the Illuminati, aliens, and just about any group who really runs the world (shadow government). I first heard about the New World Order from Bill Cooper when I sponsored him in NYC in the early 1990's. The New World was also a common theme during the administration of former president George H.W. Bush when he was in office. The Bush family has a long history of cover-ups with membership in a sector society called Skull and Bones.

It's all Entertainment

Have you had enough of the men who rule the world, or want to rule? Me too. Thursday night, on Glee, the students showed us how ridiculous campaigning can get, their High School Presidential election ending it in one episode, while we have to sit through month after month of Obama vs. Romney - the rest of the world laughing at the stupidity of it all. It's all sophomoric comedy.

Tonight, "Fringe" returns for its final season. Generally, the first half of their season isn't good, so when I tap into the part of me that watched it the last time we looped - and knows what happens - there is no level of anticipation or excitement. A friend made a interesting comment the other day. If the program ends this year - we will never see the final episodes of Fringe. I can live with that. How about you?

Let the games begin ... and they did Thursday night to cheers by NFL fans
  Real refs return to cheers   Yahoo - September 28, 2012
They walked like conquering heroes through the tunnel of football gladiators. And the greatest decision the NFL's returning officials had to make Thursday night was whether to tip their caps to the roar that rolled down from above. t was less than an hour before their first game back after the national nightmare that was their lockout, and the sound that surrounded them from the still half-filled M&T Bank Stadium felt like sweet music. They suspected such a welcome as they dressed in their tiny cinder-blocked room beneath the stadium's stands. They discussed what it would feel like to step into cheers.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Week of the Messenger

Tuesday, when I spent the day with Sherry celebrating her birthday. We talked about many things, including the fall of the global economy and no way to fix it. My female friends are all professionals, super smart, not mentally unstable, and understand global affairs. Sherry said several things that I have heard from all of my friends - who range in age from their 50's, 60's and school friends now turning 70 - are all in good health - yet on their birthdays this year. have this overriding sense of mortality. They seriously think they are going to die soon, and don't know where the feeling is coming from. Each one asked me if I think about my death, and to tell you the truth, the thought never crossed my mind. Die? Not in the traditional sense.

And so I explained to each one about the hologram and they listened politely, processed, then responded, but not in a condescending way. They had questions and shared dreams about end times. They have no other friends who have the same belief system as I do. To paraphrase what they each told me, "I have known since I met you that you were here to do something special, so maybe this is it."

Sherry, my best friend since 7th grade, sited all sorts of stories about the things I have done during our experiences as friends. Other friends also share stories of fun with their psychic friend Ellie. We laugh about it, but there is a deeper understanding of how our lives unfolded and why we are connected. Sherry summed it up best when we parted on Tuesday. She looked me in the eye and said, "You are the messenger." I replied, "The messenger was Mercury or Hermes, who is Thoth who is Z and so the story was told." We both laughed in a knowing way (yes, she knows about Z ... they all do) ... making plans to meet for my birthday in February ... maybe. (laugh)

What does a nice Jewish girl do on Yom Kippur?

George and I used my iPad to have some fun and make this video.

Thursday: Among the emails I received about the video is this one from a friend on Facebook and reader of this blog named Kristin.

Subject: Powerful video presentation today!

Hey Ellie.

I think it's the ultra honesty and lack of phony entertainment value 'effect' that makes your video with George so refreshing. And powerful. Hence, in the end, so imminently believable. Ellie, thanks. Now I have something to show those people in my life who don't/won't 'go there' with me, because, like you, I just wish everyone understood that all the personal and collective 'baggage' weighing us down here on earth cannot be allowed to rule our consciousness anymore. You can't take it with you, as they say. So thanks for helping us embrace whatever freedom is still possible in the now, no matter what our programming, instead of waiting one minute longer. After all, why wait..

Listen for it, right?


warm regards as ever --!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yom Kippur

September 25-26, 2012

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur Wikipedia

Yom Kippur is the Jewish holiday of the Day of Atonement
and is the most holy day of the Jewish year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Game of Politics
Bad Calls

Eyes on the UN today as President Obama speaks about anti-America sentiment around the world ... among other things. Does the game of politics look more and more ridiculous to you in end times? Do you wonder what the players saying behind closed doors as you know it's not what they tell the public? Do you wonder what part Hillary and Bill have had in international relations - professionally and personally?

Also, in town and due to speak at the UN Wednesday is the president of Iran Ahmadinejad - but look out Israel on Yom Kippur as Iran has a nuclear program aimed your way whether he admits it or not. All you need is a few clients in Israel and in the Mossad to know where this is going - or maybe you're just psychic enough to figure it out on your own. The feeling is simple ... life cannot go on the way it has been until now. We are sitting on many international powder kegs. Whatever happens is going to go global and everyone knows it. It's a total domino effect. Fade to Black.

NFL Ref Strike and Bad Calls

Have you been following events since the NFL Refs strike? Talk about people going crazy and bad decision making. Let's settle this now boys before someone gets hurt. There's millions riding on these games. I have to watch Leno on this.

A Strike to End NFL's Official Nonsense   Real Clear Sports - September 25, 2012
The NFL changed its tone this week, calling out - and even fining - players and coaches for the incompetence of their replacement refs. A league that uses improperly screened, poorly trained replacement refs and then criticizes its employees when they dare complain has a problem with hubris.

The Refs Strike again   New Yorker - September 25, 2012
Last night's Packers-Seahawks game ended in outright controversy. Russell Wilson, Seattle's quarterback, dropped back at the twenty-six-yard line, then kept dropping back, curled around, and finally released the ball from the thirty-nine. This was not the longest of Hail Marys, but considering this would be the game's last play, and the Seahawks needed to score a touchdown, it was plenty long enough to be very improbable.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Craigslist 2012

Like eBay, Craigslist can be a great way to buy and sell items you no longer need or have long thought you would never find again, especially at a cheap price in today's economy. The only thing I ever sold on Craigslist was my massage table, used at one time to do Reiki. It sold the day I posted it, at a very fair price, pretty much covering the first 8 tips posted in the article below. I agree with tips 9 & 10 so be careful.

Craigslist Tips: 10 Helpful Tips on How to Sell Your Stuff   BlogHer

I have a longstanding, love/hate relationship with Craigslist. Mostly love though. I've made quite a bit of money from selling things off of it but have also had to deal with flaky buyers and dishonest people. Overall though, I've learned to navigate the choppy waters of selling things on Craigslist and have learned quite a bit in the process. I'm going to share with you my top ten things I've learned (the hard way) when it comes to selling your stuff. Hopefully this can put you one step ahead of the typical buyer/seller so you can make some quick money!

1. Price it right

2. Good title and description

3. Allow for texting

4. Check spelling and grammar in your descriptions and interactions

5.Good pictures

6. Include dimensions

7. If possible, suggest a public meeting place

8. Establish your price before the exchange

9. Watch out for scams!

10. Don't trust people to follow through

Click the link above to read full text on each of these 10 points.

Monday Messages

Welcome to the last week of September 2012. The weeks ahead will feature the political scene highlighted this week here in the city where world leaders flock to the United Nations for the 67th annual session of the General Assembly. The general debate is expected to draw participation from 116 heads of state and government leaders who have already arrived - the traffic and security around the UN braced for trouble. Here's what you can expect

Tuesday night at sundown, and Wednesday, millions of people around the world will celebrate the High Holy day of Yom Kippur - a sacred time for many in the city, even if they don't observe Jewish holidays the rest of the year. There is an energy about Yom Kippur that takes hold each year for that 24 hour period. As with all Earth customs, people celebrate as they are programmed.

In the US presidential race ... well, you know what's going on or find it as boring as I do - just checking out the highlights when Romney screws up. Don't you feel that none of it makes any difference to the final outcome of reality?

Sunday night's Emmy's -- I don't watch any of the shows that were nominated so all I can say is congratulations to all the winners. There is so much talent out there, it's hard to pick one over the other. It's about programming.

As for me on this sunny autumn day in the city - I'm taking my friend Sherry out for her 70th birthday. She's the friend we all remember - the one we grew up with and shared our earliest memories - the one who never faded from our lives, even when we took our journeys into higher awareness. Sherry was there when I went on my first date, and was part of everything I did in life. Her path is traditional, married, has two married children and two grandchildren. She retired from medical research with high accomplishments, and all the good things that come with life.

Last week, Sherry told me that she watched a story in the news about a 73 year old woman who was referred to as elderly. She paused and said, "Are we elderly?" "Not me," I replied, but then again I am still 69 and age is how you feel emotionally and physically. It's all a state of mind and how burned out you are.

At this point in the game, the only thing I feel aging is the program, coming to its demise in the not too distant future. On that note, I was drawn to review the 2012 file, as I am more about watching the world, than reading and hearing about theories. The answers are within. All of my clients tell me they feel it. Many of my Facebook friends are on the same frequency. It's coming at us in all different directions to trigger souls based on their programming -- and the one thing you can bank on is that it's going to happen.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


September 22 - October 7, 2012


September 22 - October 22, 2012

Sun in Libra

Happy Birthday to the Libra Readers!

Autumnal Equinox
This is the moment when night is equal to day
and balance is created between them.

Mabon Celebrations

September 25, 2012 (sundown)

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur Wikipedia

Yom Kippur is the Jewish holiday of the Day of Atonement
and is the most holy day of the Jewish year.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Are UFO's Monitoring Mars Rover Curiosity?

Speculation about the Mars-Earth connection is ongoing - from connections with enigmatic structures on the surface, to information by government informants about Stargate programs, to underground bases and alien interaction, to reports by remote viewers, to conspiracy theories, and more. It's as if some hidden truth about Mars holds the key to humanity's origins and where we are going in the illusion of reality. Consciousness dictates to our brains that something "out there" created us ... something we label "alien" for now - theories and myths about human origins a mirror, or metaphor, of that creation.

Since Rover Curiosity landed on Mars August 6, 2012, it has sent back interesting images and videos of what appear to be spaceships. Are UFO monitoring Curiosity and if so, whose ships are they? ours? other? Is this part of the dissemination of information UFO researchers have been waiting for? The quest to find physical proof of UFO's and our connection with entities not of this world continues. The truth is out there and is about to be shown.

  Are UFOs Stalking Mars Rover Curiosity?   Discovery - September 17, 2012
Ever since we launched planetary spacecraft beginning in the late 1950s, UFO-spotters have eagerly anticipated our running across alien spaceships flitting around. Rather than just accidentally crossing at a cosmic intersection, the legend is that extraterrestrials are watching us explore the solar system. Based on the long history of supposed close encounters, I anticipated that not long after NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) landed, folks would begin reporting "strange things" in Martian skies. And sure enough, several reports of UFOs buzzing the Gale crater landing site have surfaced in the past few weeks following the celebrated touchdown of Mars rover Curiosity. Read more ...

Mars odd rock formations - What are they?

Strange Mystery Spheres on Mars Baffle Scientists   Live Science - September 17, 2012

A strange picture of odd, spherical rock formations on Mars from NASA's Opportunity rover has scientists scratching their heads over what exactly they're looking at. The new Mars photo by Opportunity shows a close-up of a rock outcrop called Kirkwood covered in blister-like bumps that mission scientists can't yet explain. At first blush, the formations appear similar to so-called Martian "blueberries" - iron-rich spherical formations first seen by Opportunity in 2004 - but they actually differ in several key ways, scientist said.

Martian Spherules (Blueberries), Moqui Marbles, "Knowing" 2009 Film

Friday, September 21, 2012


4 + 7 = 11

There are 47 days to the US presidential election. Mitt Romney may have blown the election by talking about 47% of the population who are victims, don't pay taxes, and expect the government to take care of them. I wish I could explain to him that people don't have free will, that they play out their roles as programmed, that more than 47% are victims, that the suicide rate is up, that the program is about to end ... etc.

Suicide now kills more Americans than car crashes: study   PhysOrg - September 21, 2012
More Americans now commit suicide than die in car crashes, making suicide the leading cause of injury deaths, according to a new study.

iPhone 5 Launches

I put on the news this morning and watched as throngs of shoppers waiting on a very long line in front of the main Apple store here in the city in anticipation of iPhone 5. Camping out, and making new friends with people of like mind, shoppers have been here for days. Elsewhere around the world, in earlier time zones, people already have their new phones. As for me ... I currently have a two year old Samsung Epic (now considered obsolete and which I never loved anyway). I am not eligible for an upgrade until November. My Sprint plan can finally use the iPhone, and look forward to my upgrade (iPhone 5) for whatever time remains. I doubt that I'll buy it in Mercury Retrograde, so it will have to be in December. What I most look forward to is Siri - voice activated commands. Time to have some fun as the world goes crazy.

iPhone 5 launch draws Apple fans worldwide   PhysOrg - September 21, 2012
In a now familiar global ritual, Apple fans jammed shops from Sydney to Paris to pick up the tech juggernaut's latest iPhone.

iPhone 5 big success, but no leap forward: analysts   PhysOrg - September 21, 2012
The new iPhone 5 is on its way to unprecedented commercial success, but the world's most iconic smartphone is facing tougher competition from rivals out-innovating Apple, analysts say.

Samsung plans to add iPhone 5 to patent war   PhysOrg - September 21, 2012
South Korea's Samsung Electronics said Friday it was considering adding Apple's new iPhone 5 to a patent infringement case as part of a long-running global legal battle between the rival smartphone giants.

The Jesus Memo

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Is this about Jesus having a bloodline?

The answer from a reader of this blog ... Jesus was supposed to be pure and celibate - just like the priests. This is a really big deal to the church. Goes with the superiority and sanctity of men. Jesus could come down and say he was married and the church would never believe or accept it. Bad for business. Would claim it was the work of the devil. Many metaphysical Catholics have always believed he was married to Mary Magdalene, his favorite disciple, fellow scholar, and from a wealthy family. The church turned her into a whore. Typical patriarchal garbage. All so much b.s. Like all other facets of the program, it's about money, power, control and manipulation.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reality Check

Reality Check: What is QE3? And What It Means For The U.S. Economy

The Titans of Greek Mythology

Just when I thought the gods couldn't more boring or redundant, I found this about image about how it's all created. It connects for me.

Zeus and the Olympians

Wednesday, Z and I watched the Program from the apex of reality where he played the roles of all the creators (aliens) throughout history, with emphasis on Greece. It was all just a "thought" caught up in physical time and space.

By the numbers: [3,600 = 12 around 1 x 3]. 3,600 also takes us to the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory. 40 has meaning in religion and myth. 40 = 4 = end of linear time (3D).

From above ... Z and I watched Santorini linked to the myth of Atlantis. Santorini's eruption 3,600 years ago created a 40 feet tall tsunamis that destroyed much of the Minoan civilization flourishing in and around the Aegean Sea. Currently the volcano has begun to expand and fill with molten rock with some sort of eruption on the horizon. Memories about the fall of Atlantis, which began with a volcano eruption, resurfaced. Atlantis rising ... Scorpio rising. Also drowning into the sea is the current Greek economy.

Z showed me the program as it reduces itself - disappearing into the Chaos from whence it arose. It would further make sense that Greece, and most other major ancient civilizations of recorded history, are in trouble at the end, following the patterns of creation and destruction -- Greece, Egypt, the Middle East, India, China, Mexico and what was Mesoamerica, and the US.

But none of it was ever really real ...
just an illusion your brain showed you for experience.

From chaos to consciousness

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Busy morning, but as Autumn is starting to take hold,
I thought I would share the latest Facebook Banner I created.
We need to take a break from the chaos in the world.

September 22 - October 22, 2012

Sun in Libra

Happy Birthday to the Libra Readers!

Autumnal Equinox
This is the moment when night is equal to day
and balance is created between them.

Mabon Celebrations

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus

Autumn Quotes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Candid Candidate

The one thing you can count on about Mitt Romney is his ability to put his foot in his mouth time after time. It happened this summer at the Olympics in London, then a few days later in Israel, and now ... Can anyone seriously believe he is capable of making change? Obama can't do it. Both point out what's wrong, but not what they plan to do about it. So who's/what's left? The truth.

Consider this ... How many souls do you know who have crashed and burned and are now on disability and/or welfare because they simple can't take care of themselves? Millions. Was it supposed to happen in this timeline? Yes. Reality is bipolar. Physical reality manifests that frequency and energy as human consciousness struggles to balance it. 50% of the population are on medication for anxiety and other disorders. Can they work or pay taxes? No. A large percentage of the remaining 50% self medicate - substance abusers with various addictions from food, to alcohol, to recreational drugs, to prescription meds - some falling under the heading of organic or herbal remedies. On some level of consciousness, everyone knows it's all about to end.

Romney is also right about the large number of people who have dropped out to pursue their dreams - living on savings, personal assets, inheritance, pensions, government benefits - anything that allows them the freedom to "make a difference." Driven by the need to find spiritual truth and peace of mind ... they know it's now or never in the quest for .... some know ... most don't ... but you do or you wouldn't keep coming here to read this blog. You didn't miss the memo. (smile) We're so done.

  Romney stands by comments in video but says they were not elegantly stated   CNN - September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney stood by his comments captured on a hidden camera at a closed-door fundraiser earlier this year in which he called supporters of President Barack Obama "victims" and said they are reliant on government handouts.

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," Romney says in one clip. "There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing."

"We have a very different approach - the president and I - between a government-dominated society and a society driven by free people pursuing their dreams."

Atlantis 2012

Theories about Atlantis are endless. Is Atlantis a legend much like other mythical civilizations - or did Atlantis actually exist in physical reality? Locating Atlantis seems to be about a quest that stirs souls to search for answers to something unknown that connects us all. It could be a past life there, a distant memory of a civilization falling into the sea as sacred knowledge was stored, or something else.

The human consciousness hologram is about the quest to find the truth about who we are and why we are here - more so in this timeline than others - reality giving us the tools to discover the answers. We can't figure out where we are going until we discovered our origins ... and so we quest for clues from the past to decode our mission in the future.

Santorini Bulges as Magma Balloons Underneath   National Geographic - September 12, 2012

Is Santorini The Volcano That Sunk Atlantis? Greece's Santorini was created by a volcanic blast 3,600 years ago. Santorini locals began to suspect last year that something was afoot with the volcano under their Greek island group. Wine glasses occasionally vibrated and clinked in cafes, suggesting tiny tremors, and tour guides smelled strange gasses. Now satellite radar technology has revealed the source of the symptoms. A rush of molten rock swelled the magma chamber under the volcano by some 13 to 26 million cubic yards (10 to 20 million cubic meters) - about 15 times the volume of London's Olympic Stadium - between January 2011 and April 2012. The ballooning chamber even forced parts of the island's surface to rise upward and outward by 3 to 5.5 inches (8 to 14 centimeters).

'Lost' City of Atlantis: Fact & Fable   Live Science - September 15, 2012

Atlantis is a legendary "lost" island subcontinent often idealized as an advanced, utopian society holding wisdom that could bring world peace. The idea of Atlantis has captivated dreamers, occultists, and New Agers for generations.

In the 1800s, mystic Madame Blavatsky claimed that she learned about Atlantis from Tibetan gurus; a century later, psychic Edgar Cayce claimed that Atlantis (which he described as an ancient, highly evolved civilization powered by crystals) would be discovered by 1969.

In the 1980s, New Age mystic J.Z. Knight claimed that she learned about Atlantis from Ramtha, a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit who speaks through her. Thousands of books, magazines and websites are devoted to Atlantis, and it remains a popular topic.

The origins of Atlantis

Unlike many legends whose origins have been lost in the mists of time, we know exactly when and where the story of Atlantis first appeared. The story was first told in two of Plato's dialogues, the Timaeus and the Critias, written about 330 B.C.

Though today Atlantis is often conceived of as a peaceful utopia, the Atlantis that Plato described in his fable was very different. In his book Frauds, Myths and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology, professor of archaeology Ken Feder summarizes the story: "a technologically sophisticated but morally bankrupt evil empire - Atlantis - attempts world domination by force. The only thing standing in its way is a relatively small group of spiritually pure, morally principled, and incorruptible people - the ancient Athenians. Overcoming overwhelming odds ... the Athenians are able to defeat their far more powerful adversary simply through the force of their spirit. Sound familiar? Plato's Atlantean dialogues are essentially an ancient Greek version of Star Wars."

As propaganda, the Atlantis legend is more about the heroic Athens than a sunken civilization; if Atlantis really existed today and was found, its residents would probably try to kill and enslave us all.

It's clear that Plato made up Atlantis as a plot device for his stories because there no other records of it anywhere else in the world. There are many extant Greek texts; surely someone else would have also mentioned, at least in passing, such a remarkable place. There is simply no evidence from any source that the legends about Atlantis existed before Plato wrote about it.

The 'lost' continent

Despite its clear origin in fiction, many people over the centuries have claimed that there must be some truth behind the myths, speculating about where Atlantis would be found. Countless Atlantis "experts" have located the lost continent all around the world based on the same set of facts. Candidates - each accompanied by their own peculiar sets of evidence and arguments - include the Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, Bolivia, Turkey, Germany, Malta and the Caribbean.

Plato, however, is crystal clear about where Atlantis is: "For the ocean there was at that time navigable; for in front of the mouth which you Greeks call, as you say, 'the pillars of Heracles,' (i.e., Hercules) there lay an island which was larger than Libya and Asia together." In other word it lies in the Atlantic Ocean beyond "the pillars of Hercules" (i.e., the Straits of Gibraltar, at the mouth of the Mediterranean). Yet it has never been found in the Atlantic, or anywhere else.

No trace of Atlantis has ever been found despite advances in oceanography and ocean floor mapping in past decades. For nearly two millennia readers could be forgiven for suspecting that the vast depths might somehow hide a sunken city or continent. Though there remains much mystery at the bottom of the world's oceans, it is inconceivable that the world's oceanographers, submariners, and deep-sea probes have some how missed a landmass "larger than Libya and Asia together."

Furthermore plate tectonics demonstrate that Atlantis is impossible; as the continents have drifted, the seafloor has spread over time, not contracted. There would simply be no place for Atlantis to sink into. As Ken Feder notes, "The geology is clear; there could have been no large land surface that then sank in the area where Plato places Atlantis. Together, modern archaeology and geology provide an unambiguous verdict: There was no Atlantic continent; there was no great civilization called Atlantis."

Myth from misinterpretation

The only way to make a mystery out of Atlantis (and to assume that it was once a real place) is to ignore its obvious origins as a moral fable and to change the details of Plato's story, claiming that he took license with the truth, either out of error or intent to deceive. With the addition, omission, or misinterpretation of various details in Plato's work, nearly any proposed location can be made to "fit" his description.

Yet as writer L. Sprague de Camp noted in his book Lost Continents, "You cannot change all the details of Plato's story and still claim to have Plato's story. That is like saying the legendary King Arthur is 'really' Cleopatra; all you have to do is to change Cleopatra's sex, nationality, period, temperament, moral character, and other details, and the resemblance becomes obvious."

The Atlantis legend has been kept alive, fueled by the public's imagination and fascination with the idea of a hidden, long-lost utopia. Yet the "lost city of Atlantis" was never lost; it is where it always was: in Plato's books.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

22 Skidoo

Good morning, America, and welcome to Monday September 17, 2012. Try to find something positive to do today, even a walk in nature, because outside your environment things are moving towards a great destiny that will affect everyone.

Tuesday, at sundown, rings in the Jewish New Year (5773) (power year 22) and what a year it promises to be as all things come full cycle.

    There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and all have greater meaning in end times.

    In Kabbalah, there are 22 paths between the Sephiroth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

    There are 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation of John in the Bible.

    There are 22 verses in Surah "Al Burooj" (The Zodiac, or Constellations), in the Quran.

    Traditional Tarot decks have 22 cards with allegorical subjects. These serve as trump cards in the game. The Fool is usually a kind of wild-card among the trumps and unnumbered, so the highest trump is numbered 21. Occult Tarot decks usually have 22 similar cards which are called Major Arcana.

    Messier object M22 is a magnitude 6.5 globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius. The Milky Way is at its densest near Sagittarius - the galactic center.

    In Numerology, 22 is a Master Number.

    22 = 11:11

    On Saturday, 9/22, Libra awakens, seeking balance as the Autumnal Equinox arrives. Libra will not be happy about what has taken place since last she ruled and will seek to make change, only to fail as Scorpio rises. Scorpio is Egypt and the Middle East. Historically, the Stock Market does badly in October including the Wall Street Crash in late October 1929 and Black Monday October 19, 1987.

People are looking for any excuse to go violent, as pent up frustrations are coming to a head globally. What we have seen to date seems like the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately in a world that no longer works. All you need is one excuse - one event - one fractured soul who "goes postal" - to start chaos anywhere in the world today. Millennia of suppression of the human spirit underlies all of this and there's absolutely no going back. Natural disasters also promise to be part of this. For those who believe they are subsiding, think again. This is starting to feel like a sci-fi apocalyptic film ... but, alas, the happy ending when it all Fades to Black and we wake up.

Regardless of what you read in the press, the wave of anti-American violence keeps spreading with protests, now in at least 20 countries. This is about politics and world power. Why are we still in Afghanistan? We have no place in the Arab world as it fights for change.

Next, we watch and see how these issues affect the "Mercury Retrograde US presidential election".

On Rosh Hashanah - in a break from the past - Israel didn't seal off the West Bank or restrict entry of Palestinians into Israel.

Worldwide rallies today will mark the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, which these days is less organized but has more targets. -- Google News

Enjoy your day and be prepared... This is why your soul is in this level of the program in the timeline.

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish Year 5773