Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Weather

It's all just patterns

What a pleasant surprise! It's not raining this morning after the deluge last night. After the Sandy disaster last fall, my heart goes out to those who lost their homes and other belongings to the current storms and tornadoes - the stories are endless and seem to touch everyone no matter where they live. With each event, one believes more and more that we live in biblical flood times that grow worse.

    The Genesis flood narrative is a flood myth in the Hebrew Bible, comprising chapters 6-9 in the Book of Genesis. The narrative indicates that the God of Israel intended to return the universe to its pre-Creation state of watery chaos and then remake it using the microcosm of Noah's ark. Thus, the flood was no ordinary overflow but a reversal of creation. The narrative discusses the evil of humanity that moved God to destroy their universe by way of the flood, the preparation of the ark for certain animals, and for Noah and his family, and God's guarantee for the continued existence of life under the promise that he would never send another flood.

Addictions ... pick one

Addicted to something? substances ... medications ... food ... dramas ... overspending ... technologies ... texting ... talking ... working out ... gambling ... sex ... lying ... avoidance of responsibilities ... laziness ... escapism ... bullying at any age ... playing the victim ... metaphysics, psychics, healers, other? Thinking about what to do next to satisfy your impulses?

    Addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. Addictions can include, but are not limited to, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, exercise abuse, pornography and gambling. Classic hallmarks of addiction include: impaired control over substances/behavior, preoccupation with substance/behavior, continued use despite consequences, and denial. Habits and patterns associated with addiction are typically characterized by immediate gratification (short-term reward), coupled with delayed deleterious effects (long-term costs).

    Physiological dependence occurs when the body has to adjust to the substance by incorporating the substance into its 'normal' functioning. This state creates the conditions of tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is the process by which the body continually adapts to the substance and requires increasingly larger amounts to achieve the original effects. Withdrawal refers to physical and psychological symptoms experienced when reducing or discontinuing a substance that the body has become dependent on. Symptoms of withdrawal generally include but are not limited to anxiety, irritability, intense cravings for the substance, nausea, hallucinations, headaches, cold sweats, and tremors.

Super Bowl XLVII

February 3, 2013 - Teasers for Super Bowl XLVII

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great Pyramid and the World Grid - What if they it ceased to exist?

A strange thought came to me based on an article I read last year about some crazy Muslim clerics in Egypt who wanted to blow up the Great Pyramid. If everything in this part of the hologram allegedly began when "ETs" arrived here from Orion, Sirius, or whatever ... and set up the Great Pyramid as a marker, or power source for the planetary world grid, what would happen if the GP was blown up? Would the hologram end? Would aliens return? Things in Egypt are headed in a strange direction ... guided by? ... so please pay attention. If we are stuck in a time loop - would this be considered a blast from the past?

Okay guys .... what do you say about the world grid?

Memos Continued ....

The weather is ridiculous and is probably making some people sick as it goes from the 20's to the 70's in a day then the next day back to the 20's. They blame it on the Jet Stream, but perhaps it is more. Be careful... there just seems to be too many diseases on the planet now.

Do you consider yourself overly qualified for your current job? As I talk to people looking for jobs, the competition is fierce and getting worse.

Are you stressed and burned out? We know the drill ... get through another work week and hope sometime positive happens. Relieving stress? We know what to do - meditation, yoga and the like to balance brain chemistry.

Take a look outside at today's weather? Understand that it will affect your mood.

Forgetful today? Don't blame it on Mercury Retrograde (not yet) or reality. It's you.

Addicted to something? substances ... medications ... food ... dramas ... overspending ... technologies ... working out ... gambling ... sex ... lying ... avoidance of responsibilities ... escapism ... talking ... bullying at any age ... playing the victim ... metaphysics, psychics, healers, other? Thinking about what to do next to satisfy your impulses?

Looking at the rest of the world ... tragic fire in Brazil, flooding in Australia, chaos in Egypt, will the US stock market hit 14,000 and what that could mean or is the government faking it like a giant orgasm ... and the list goes on.

The TV series Touch returns Friday Feb. 8 with a two-hour special - check it out. It picks up where Season 1 left off ... finding Amelia. 36 people around the world who have a special gift and are collectively trying to maintain a natural order.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Memos

It's back to business for many people on a Monday morning - jobs and recruiting the focus. Do you consider yourself overly qualified for your current job? Are you stressed and burned out? We know the drill ... get through another work week and hope sometime positive happens. Relieving stress? We know what to do - meditation, yoga and the like to balance brain chemistry.

Take a look outside at today's weather? Understand that it will affect your mood.

Forgetful today? Don't blame it on Mercury Retrograde (not yet) or reality. It's you.

Addicted to something? substances ... medications ... food ... dramas ... overspending ... technologies ... working out ... gambling ... sex ... lying ... avoidance of responsibilities ... escapism ... talking ... bullying at any age ... playing the victim ... metaphysics, psychics, healers, other? Thinking about what to do next to satisfy your impulses?

Looking at the rest of the world ... tragic fire in Brazil, flooding in Australia, chaos in Egypt, will the US stock market hit 14,000 and what that means or is the government faking it like a giant orgasm ... and the list goes on. Enjoy your day in 3D.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reflections and Realities

Yesterday, I posted the image of this mirror on
my Facebook wall to see what people thought.

Clearly, what I saw was Daniel Jackson walking through this mirror in the Season 1 episode "There, But for the Grace of God" (1997). Daniel Jackson finds a strange alien mirror and is accidentally transported into an alternate universe where he finds things are completely different from his own reality. Now that makes total sense to me and why I was drawn to the mirror image.

I miss these adventures

[Go to 3:09]

Friday, January 25, 2013

Full Wolf Moon

January 26, 2013

Full Moon 7° Leo

A full moon brings things full circle often linked to projects and
relationships started 6 month ago in the Leo New Moon (2012).

January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day

What I think about most these days, in reference to Australia, are the extreme climate changes. Many people I know mention traveling there, or perhaps moving to Australia in the future if they can find a job. Check out the Economy of Australia. It's got to be better than here in the US or Europe.

What's happening to our tech and banking industries? So the stock market is approaching 14,000 ... and that means ...? Apple products are not what they used to be. I still love my Mac Pro but Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) leaves a lot to be desired and getting worse with each update. I waited a long time for iPhone5 and Siri, but in the end I remained a Samsung customer and got the Galaxy S3 which is far better for my uses - larger screen and thinner. I remembering after Steve Jobs died, reading that Apple would never be the same. So true - though tech support remains awesome. The iPad gets better, the latest version having Suri. I like to be able to speak my commands, emails, texts, etc.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Biological Clock

Tuesday night into Wednesday, I slept 12 straight hours - no pit stops. That's a first ... not sick ... not stressed ... no meds, etc. ... maybe its the cold weather ... maybe I refused to come back (LOL) ... maybe I'm not actually here .. or maybe it has to do with ...

Circadian Rhythms

Updates on a file that affects thousands of people across the planet

The Hum

Here in Brooklyn the Hum was caused by machinery.

New research about the "Windsor Hum"

I smell smoke ... Wednesday 11:10 am

11:30 ... It's now under control

Just another day in the hood ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Roe v. Wade - 30 Years Later

Though Roe v. Wade is a social issue and does not relate to the blogs below it ... I find it necessary to defend that decision on its 30th anniversary, because it was so important in the fight for women's liberties and the decision not to bring a child into this crazy world if conditions were wrong.

We all know the best birth control methods can fail and that the average person is generally not equipped to spend the next 18 years raising a child for many reasons - emotional, financial, social, other.

I remember when the bill was passed, knowing it would change reality forever. The teenage girls I taught, most from ghetto areas of Brooklyn, would now have choices. At last, a woman could make her own choice, unless otherwise coerced by someone else.

I remember the days before women had freedom of choice, and they were often barbaric. Though people today don't always terminate unwanted pregnancies, often due to religious belief systems, there should be a choice, and I have helped many clients go through that.

There have always been clients who know their parents never wanted them and were treated as such. The world is crazy and children should only be born to those who are equipped to raise them with love and compassion.

Roe v. Wade   Wikipedia

    In disallowing many state and federal restrictions on abortion in the United States, Roe v. Wade prompted a national debate that continues today, about issues including whether and to what extent abortion should be legal, who should decide the legality of abortion, what methods the Supreme Court should use in constitutional adjudication, and what the role should be of religious and moral views in the political sphere. Roe v. Wade reshaped national politics, dividing much of the United States into pro-choice and pro-life camps, while activating grassroots movements on both sides.

As Roe v. Wade Turns 40, Foes Focus on State Capitols   Yahoo - January 22, 2013
President Obama's re-election bid emphasized abortion rights more than any other presidential campaign in history, warning women that their reproductive freedom was at stake on Nov. 6. But while Obama picked Supreme Court justices believed to support abortion rights and backed federal funding for Planned Parenthood, state legislatures quietly passed a record-setting number of restrictions over the past two years, according to the Guttmacher Institute.


Monday morning, I read a school teacher named Janice, who asked me if I ever heard of the Long Island Medium, as she considers me a better Medium. I have and spoke with her once.

During my reading with Janice, her deceased mother, Josephine, showed up and started talking about Janice's recently misplaced jewelry. Sure enough, Janice lost jewelry in December when she moved, yet she knows exactly where she put it. No ... it was not stolen, misplaced, or inadvertently thrown away. We asked Josephine where the jewelry was. She knowingly described it - then said the strangest thing. "It is in the old reality." ...

    ... Ellie and Janice laughing ...

Josephine didn't know if Janice would get her jewelry back as she doesn't understand why reality has changed.

Remembering that last week a spirit named Michael said we now look like static to him, I asked Josephine how we appear to her.

Her reply, "Like black shadows" - which are nothing more than projections. I actually thought she would concur with Michael, but she didn't.

    A shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. It occupies all of the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it. The cross section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette, or reverse projection of the object blocking the light. The sun causes many objects to have shadows and at certain times of the day, when the sun is at certain heights, the lengths of shadows change.

I further remembered seeing Sheila the day she died last week - as a black figure trailing off into the void. Sheila hasn't been back here since. She must have been too busy with her funeral!

Synchronicity ... my client was also driving on the Belt Parkway (mentioned below) and saw the sand blowing around ... only it was spiraling up and onto the parkway.

The Sands of Destiny in Time

Sunday, as I was driving along the Belt Parkway, passing Plum Beach, where the ocean and sand used to end near the parking area, I was shocked to see what had happened since Hurricane Sandy. The sand has enlarged the beachfront almost to the parkway. A gusty wind suddenly blew up sending the sand flying into the air, stopping traffic as it flew across the parkway, and looking like a haboob (intense dust storm) you've read about most recently in Australia. That was weird. No time to take a photo in the sands of time.

Temporal Anomalies

Monday, around 2:00 I turn on ABC news to watch the Inaugural Luncheon while on a break between clients.

At 2:15 I stopped to prepare for my 2:30 client, setting my Time Warner DVR to record from that point,
noting the red "Record" button was on.

After I read my client, I decided to run a few errands as snow and cold weather is expected.

After returning home, I turned on the news, then clicked on the list of pre-recorded shows.
The sportscaster in the box on the right is live programming.
I selected the show on the top and clicked on the Play Button
which should read the exact time it started to record (around 2pm).

As I started to watch the recording, I was surprised to read the time stamp.
The recording appeared to have started just after 5:00.
But I didn't record anything at that time and that does not correlate with Obama's luncheon speech in the video.


I received the following email today from someone who never heard of me and uses the email address BKz.

You may also recall I replaced my 6 1/2 year old Mac Pro last May with a new commuter - same model.


    My name is Lindsay and I just had to say thanks...

    ...for your Mac Pro 1.1. Yup...I rescued it from the trash on the night you threw it out just as it started to rain. I'm a tech and, through my 19 great years in NYC (17 here in Brooklyn hence my nickname 'Brooklyn_Z' or 'BKz') I've just found too many hastily discarded working computers to pass up on that very heavy Mac you used to own and, given that I live just down the block, I figured I might as well have a look at it. Long story short, it needed some hard-to-properly-identify AND find parts, but with $150 and a lot of waiting for parts from China, it's now working great and dual-booting MacOS and backtrack-linux.

    Although I don't really believe in the Supernatural, I just thought that, given the abbreviated-abbreviated version of my nickname and the story on your website, it's just too much of a coincidence for me not to reach out and at least thank you for the gift you gave me, albeit inadvertently.

    You left nothing important on you told Mac ... only your name in the screen saver and you come up in google searches which is how I found you.


Update: Lindsay called after I posted and is a man who works with computers. One weekend we plan to meet.


This is the color I see in the Void- shiny liquid black

If you are moving back and forth between realities, many things don't add up from dreams to physical experiences. George told me a story about waking up three times this morning, the first two knowing he was in the wrong reality, the third time he was here. It was like the scene where the cat walks by twice in the Matrix film I posted last week. It meant that the someone was tampering with the Matrix.

All of this space-time shifting will definitely affect short term memory ...
you start something ... get distracted ... and forget ... whatever. Has this happened to you?

We know the brain is a computer programmed to run on Binary Code. The best I can figure it ... the ON OFF mechanisms are changing causing much of what many of us are experiencing. This is not to be confused with medical conditions that affect brain functioning.

Monday, George bought a new Honda Accord. We had discussed the color - and decided on black. He surprised me by emailing: The color of my new car is ... CRYSTAL.BLACK !! Does this mean I am moving back into the void of creation?

Fractal Vision

The last thing I saw before going to sleep were two fractal images both black on white.

Mandelbrot Set

The Sierpinski Triangle known as a "rep-tile" arrangement.

Whatever is happening has to do with the end of this reality back to the black void of creation.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ancient Gamma-ray bursts and Ancient Alien Technology

January 21, 2012

We often explain the unknown by attributing events to what is called Ancient Alien Theory - meaning the historical record, discovered and studied today, is a rest of alien interference on planet Earth in the past, possibly affecting our destines to this very day.

In the History Channel TV series Ancient Aliens several episodes deal with alleged advanced weapon, and other technologies brought to Earth by aliens, that may have caused disasters in Earth's ancient past, most linked to blasts of radiation, either by accidents, or feuding gods/aliens at war above the surface of the planet. The unexplained may often be the result of alien intervention, even today. In the simulation of our reality, anything is possible.

Gamma-ray burst 'hit Earth in 8th Century'   BBC - January 21, 2013

A gamma ray burst, the most powerful explosion known in the Universe, may have hit the Earth in the 8th Century. In 2012 researchers found evidence that our planet had been struck by a blast of radiation during the Middle Ages, but there was debate over what kind of cosmic event could have caused this. Now a study suggests it was the result of two black holes or neutron stars merging in our galaxy. This collision would have hurled out vast amounts of energy.

Last year, a team of researchers found that some ancient cedar trees in Japan had an unusual level of a radioactive type of carbon known as carbon-14. In Antarctica, too, there was a spike in levels of a form of beryllium - beryllium-10 - in the ice. These isotopes are created when intense radiation hits the atoms in the upper atmosphere, suggesting that a blast of energy had once hit our planet from space.

Using tree rings and ice-core data, researchers were able to pinpoint that this would have occurred between the years AD 774 and AD 775, but the cause of the event was a puzzle.

The possibility of a supernova - an exploding star - was put forward, but then ruled out because the debris from such an event would still be visible in telescopes today.

Another team of US physicists recently published a paper suggesting that an unusually large solar flare from the Sun could have caused the pulse of energy. However some others in the scientific community disagree because they do not think that the energy produced would tally with the levels of carbon-14 and beryllium-10 found. So now German researchers have offered up another explanation: a massive explosion that took place within the Milky Way.

One of the authors of the paper, Professor Ralph Neuhauser, from the Institute of Astrophysics at the University of Jena, said: "We looked in the spectra of short gamma-ray bursts to estimate whether this would be consistent with the production rate of carbon-14 and beryllium-10 that we observed - and we found that is fully consistent." These enormous emissions of energy occur when black holes, neutron stars or white dwarfs collide - the galactic mergers take just seconds, but they send out a vast wave of radiation.

Prof Neuhauser said: "Gamma-ray bursts are very, very explosive and energetic events, and so we considered from the energy what would be the distance given the energy observed. "Our conclusion was it was 3,000 to 12,000 light-years away - and this is within our galaxy." Although the event sounds dramatic, our medieval ancestors might not have noticed much. If the gamma-ray burst happened at this distance, the radiation would have been absorbed by our atmosphere, only leaving a trace in the isotopes that eventually found their way into our trees and the ice. The researchers do not think it even emitted any visible light.

Observations of deep space suggest that gamma ray-bursts are rare. They are thought to happen at the most every 10,000 years per galaxy, and at the least every million years per galaxy. Prof Neuhauser said it was unlikely Planet Earth would see another one soon, but if we did, this time it could make more of an impact. If a cosmic explosion happened at the same distance as the 8th Century event, it could knock out our satellites. But if it occurred even closer - just a few hundred light-years away - it would destroy our ozone layer, with devastating effects for life on Earth. However, this, said Prof Neuhauser, was "extremely unlikely".

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today, we celebrate the life and times of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Also on this day - President Barack Obama's second inaugural address will broadly lay out his vision for the country's future, setting the stage for looming debates over taxes, guns, immigration and other issues while leaving the details for another day. Various articles about the Inauguration

I know this is history in the making and those who participate in the events will always remember being part of history - but do either of these two events have deeper meaning for you? History is history but does it not become a distant memory very quickly? The quest to do something meaningful with one's life continues. What are people looking for today? Most are burning out and just want a place to be peaceful. They search the news, and other media references, for something that will change the face of reality, as we know it, forever. No elected official can do that for us.


Sunday, as I was driving along the Belt Parkway, passing Plum Beach, where the ocean and sand used to end near the parking area, I was shocked to see what had happened since Hurricane Sandy. The sand has enlarged the beachfront almost to the parkway. A gusty wind suddenly blew up sending the sand flying into the air, stopping traffic as it flew across the parkway, and looking like a haboob (intense dust storm) you've read about most recently in Australia. That was weird. No time to take a photo in the sands of time.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fringe Series Finale

Let's get flowery about this ... To begin ... or should I say ... to end ... Dandelions are Free as our Fringe Team resets the time lines back to 2015 where we see a rerun of the scene where little Etta runs free in a field of dandelions, the Observer invasion never occurring.

In the final scene, Peter receives a letter from Walter who has gone missing in their timeline. He opens the letter to discover a simple drawing of a white tulip symbolizing forgiveness and a reference to the complex relationship between them, from the time Walter stole Peter from the parallel universe. In five seasons, we have seen lies and arguments spanning lifetimes/alt-universes, but in the end, it came down to Walter sacrificing his life and family for the good of his son by moving into a future timeline. Frankly, I think Walter should welcome the opportunity. It also brought to mind the end of the film "Knowing" where Nicolas Cage must let his son go humanity

Old story lines were tied up - from the sentimental to the gory - as Peter and the child Observer, Michael, moved into the future to reset time. There is something about time and time travel that always strikes a chord for me, as if it is part of my destiny to unfold very soon. As to Michael, his father was September, the Observer who is also sacrificed to save his son at the end. As Michael sits down next to his dying father, he removes a tiny music box from his jacket pocket and starts to play it - shades of "Sarah and Alexander" and the music box - which symbolizes many things including the harmonics of creation.

It was fun to revisit the alternate universe with both Olivia's there to say good and glimpsing at their alternative destinies.

After five seasons, multiple universes and 100 episodes ... this was a bittersweet footnote to a roller-coaster journey ... Segue to an alternate universe/blog ... Ellie and George in Coney Island 2/12/09.

What's next?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


You may recall last week I blogged about my daughter Zsia's mother in law, Sheila, 68, in the hospital with lung and stomach cancer after 50 years of smoking. She hadn't been sick in 30 years and didn't believe in doctors and western medicine ... or any medicine for that matter.

I last saw Sheila on Thanksgiving, and knew she was dying, but said nothing. Sheila was staying at her apartment in Brooklyn with her husband Joel, thinking about returning to their condo in Ft. Lauderdale, yet I knew that she didn't leave with the other "snow birds" this season because she intuitively knew she was dying and most of her family lives in the northeast.

On Sunday morning at 4:20, I woke up as Sheila was standing beside my bed, trying to get my attention. She looked so sweet and yet confused. She told me she was afraid to cross over and could I help her. I agreed and said to look for Z to guide her way (everyone knows about Z). She smiled and left as I drifted back to sleep.

I half expected to hear that she passed on Sunday, but she remained as if waiting for something or someone. Tuesday her daughter, Paige came here from Florida.

Last night as I feel asleep, I saw Sheila's soul slip away as if into the black void of creation ... that was new.

Sheila died this morning around 3am. She only suffered for one week as far as anyone knew ... but when she came to talk to me and Zsia this morning ... she told us she "knew" for several months that she had cancer, by her own diagnosis, and didn't not want to go through chemo, etc. a choice many people make.

Thanks for hanging around Sheila. Stop by any time.

I just got this email from my friend Pat. "I had a dream last night that Sheila passed at 4:42am - close - but I guess had your time frame in my head. My condolences to you all and blessings on Sheila."

January 17 - 27, 2013

Sundance Film Festival 2013

The Sundance Film Festival is the largest
independent cinema festival in the U.S.

Creation ... the Film Festival

We write what we know based on our programming. People who read books often become fiction writers. People who research write non-fiction. People with endless stories in their minds are storytellers and often write screenplays, blogs, articles, or the like.

I am a storyteller. My gift as a blogger is to read the grids every morning and create relatable posts each day. I never read books - no time to get into them - and they move too slowly for me. I am a visual learner who likes to read short articles (when I read them I am vicariously there), hardly ever read email (I'm done after the few two sentences), and more to the point, enjoy visual expression unless violent. To me there is a story/screenplay in everything. I can write a story about each of the thousands of images on Crystalinks and vicariously experience that story. Things just come alive for me and flows, much as reality this year as it becomes more lucid to many of us.

    FYI ... Upon speaking to a spirit named Michael this week, the friend of a client who died in 2012, he told/showed me something new. When I saw him, he looked the same as spirits always appear to me. He said that when he first looked at physical reality after crossing over, our images had integrity - good quality projected illusion. Now we appear as static - like poor reception on a screen - phasing in and out. Michael also mentioned that other spirits told him the same thing. Does this have anything to do with the fact that reality seems like a synthetic construct - an illusion within an illusion - since the end of 2012?

Every year, when the Sundance Film Festival happens in Utah, I think about the endless scripts that have played through my mind during my time in 3D. Would I like to become involved in the creation of an Indy film? Yes ... but as I have learned, the fun stuff always gets bogged down by the dramas ... funding, egos, and all sorts of script changes, much like our experiences here. So for now, I remain uninvolved unless asked again.

As to the 2013 Sundance Film Festival - good luck to all. As I live in NYC, where everyone goes to school to perform, write, produce, or direct - it's all about timing - like winning a lottery. If it's programmed to happen, it will ... and there are many other global film festivals out there. - the most famous the Cannes Film Festival which takes place in May each year.

Getting creative .. there are two breakage stories that I could easily see being made into films along the way.

ACT I ... A gas plant in Markala Algerian ... hostages escaping ... flashback
Some hostages reported to escape Sahara siege   Reuters - January 17, 2013

Some hostages were reported to have escaped from a remote Algerian gas plant on Thursday, where dozens of foreigners and scores of Algerians were seized by Islamist gunmen demanding a halt to a French military campaign in neighboring Mali.


ACT II ... A student dorm as several students are seen tweeting

Manti Te'o's girlfriend, who supposedly died in September, never existed according to Deadspin   Yahoo - January 17, 2013
The tale of Manti Te'o playing through a heavy heart over the passing of his girlfriend during the season has been turned upside down by a baffling, bombshell story from Deadspin. The story of Lennay Kekua's death after a battle with leukemia in September, just after Te'o's grandmother died, and how the Notre Dame linebacker played through the heartbreak just a few days later against Michigan State became one of the biggest college football stories of the season. It's one of the reasons Te'o, a Heisman Trophy finalist who led Notre Dame to an undefeated season, became a huge star over fall of 2012.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oprah interviews Lance Armstrong

Personally guarding the recordings of her interview with Lance Armstrong, Oprah returned home to Chicago. This interview, expanded to 2 evenings, will have a major impact on several things - doping in the world of sports and Oprah's ratings. In some ways doping and sports are like a soap opera. They are all built on an initial lie that grows until the truth is revealed. There are those who followed Lance Armstrong, and others like myself who never connected - not with the sport of racing but with him. Something always seemed off with his energies.

Oprah extends Lance Armstrong interview to two nights   Washington Post - January 16, 2013
Hearing the media drumbeat grow louder and louder, Oprah Winfrey has decided to stretch her Lance Armstrong interview from one night to two. So clear your calendar for Thursday at 9 p.m. (as originally announced) - and now also Friday at 9 - for "Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive" on OWN network. The cyclist will address the alleged doping scandal that has plagued his career.

  To Armstrong's critics, doping admission would be sweet   CNN - January 16, 2013
They were the liars. The "trolls." The bitter, vindictive and jealous. They were Lance Armstrong's first and fiercest critics, frequently castigated by the once-dominant athlete and celebrity cancer survivor, shunned by sponsors, race organizers and many of the cyclist's loyal followers.

Experts: Lance Armstrong confession could cost him tens of millions in civil claims   MSNBC - January 16, 2013
Lance Armstrong may not face criminal charges for admitting to doping, but fending off millions in civil claims could be tougher than climbing the Col du Tourmalet, experts say. His reported confession to Oprah Winfrey is likely to bolster a whistleblower lawsuit that has caught the feds' attention, demands for refunds of prize and bonus money, even potential defamation actions by critics he viciously attacked.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The flu shot

Everyone's talking about it ... based on their frame of reference. The conspiracy people have their theory about controlling the population, money that goes to the pharmaceutical industry and other things many of you still follow, but have never interested me ... true or false ... as there is nothing I can do about any of it.

Today, I stopped at Walgreens. I was greeted by a large standing sign, as I entered the store, announcing they were giving flu shots. I looked over at about 8 people waiting in line, most texting or doing something with their cell phones to pass the time. Should I get the shot? I wondered.

This is what went through my mind ... The last time I had the flu was New Years Day 2000 - the new strains of flu totally different so I shouldn't be immune. Segue to December 7, 2012 ... When I returned home from California, I stopped to get my extra set of keys from my super Sal. He opened the door to his apartment and we talked about a minute or two as he handed me the keys. He looked sick so I inquired, Sal explaining that indeed he had fever and the flu, as I backed up into the hallway knowing I had been exposed. I forgot about Sal and decided that if I was to get sick, I would - thinking about having been exposed in all of the places I had just visited, yet alone the flight. Two weeks later a client, visiting from out of town, failed to tell me she had the flu and sneezed and coughed throughout her reading. Hand washing ... spraying with lysol ... does any of that matter ... I wondered at the time. It seems the incubation period for flu is 2 weeks and has passed since I was directly exposed, and who knows what has crossed my path since then. No time to sit around and worry.

To get to the point ... no I did not take the flu shot this morning in Walgreens and will wing it. You have to trust your instincts and decided what is best for you. One more thing ... I have never taken a flu shot. There are so many articles out there about the decision people make about it ... You decide ...

Why Don't People Get The Flu Shot?   Discovery - January 15, 2013
It's shaping up to be a bad flu season that is peaking early, sending large numbers of people to hospitals, and even killing healthy teenagers. Still, despite universal recommendations by public health officials urging just about everyone over the age of six months to get vaccinated, most Americans don't get the flu shot.

Flu Vaccine Rates Low Among Children   News Max - January 15, 2013
The numbers of children receiving flu vaccines over a five-year period were lower than expected, according to a new study published in the online edition of the February issue of the journal Pediatrics.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Trying to keep it logical

How many times did I start this blog today? Let me count the ways! It's after 3pm and this is the first moment I've had to finish at least part of it. Somewhere around 8am I sat down to blog about last night's Golden Globe Awards, but never finished, having to leave at 8:30 though I did have a very productive day ... my favorite kind. I like to feel I accomplished something everyday, which is generally the case. I also like watching myself setting it all in motion.

Along the way, I passed several senior citizens in their 70's. OMG ... is that my new (peer) age group? Gulp! They were sitting on a bench in the sun, relaxing and talking. I paused to see if that would make me happier than running around and doing things like spending my 70th birthday with friends in Nashville line dancing with cowboys ... nope! I like my life the way it is.

As a matter of fact, while waiting on line at the post office, I met a really nice man who was just ahead of me. He was in his 60's, flirted with me, mentioning his wife died in 2009 after 6 years in a coma, and he was lonely. We come to Ellie's alternate personality in this reality ... I didn't even tell him what I do and that she was standing next to us. I just listened. Did I offer him a card to call me as he lives nearby? Nope. He still works, a night shift, and I am a hard-core day person - not flexible about my hours. As he turned and waved good-by to me ... I wondered if I should have said something. Fate will determine these things or did his wife bring us together on this day? I think I'm going to be an old maid. :)

Oh ... in case you are wondering why I had enough time to hear his life story ... try going to a post office in NYC and seeing how long the lines are. It's the reason I don't tape phone readings. And while you're waiting on that long line with cranky people, you are also feeding the parking meters - hungry little devils who eat one quarter (25 cents) every 15 minutes or they take credit cards.

About Nashville ... though I have many pairs of beaded earrings and other authentic western jewelry from past trips, I was guided to this great pair of earrings on HSN. Ladies, it was love at first sight. They go perfectly with my pink gold watch. You can click the video on the website to get a better look. Yes ... I could see myself dancing in them. No cowboy hats this trip. My old western boots are gone, so I'll wear the boots I have with jeans and shirts, though I do see my buying a shirt while I'm there. I usually don't do the "tourist thing" ... yet alone the "shopping tourist thing" when I'm away. This trip is about the music and turning 70 with friends!

Reality check on the go ... As I listened to the car radio, the newscaster was talking about this being the one-month anniversary of the sad events in Newtown. "Only one month?" It seems like such a long time ago. Now I know I'm in the wrong space-time. I have to ask Steven what to do ... Hawkins or Spielberg?

Wait ... another Steven came into my life today. This man works for Apple. Remember when I got the 30 inch monitor in October 2010? Well something is not kosher with it and black areas are showing up here and there. I know what you're thinking ... it's burning out like everything else in this reality ... and you'd be right. Having the Apple Care Plan ... the monitor is going back to Apple to either be repaired or replaced. Luckily, I have my old 30 inch monitor in my storage area to use while this one is at Apple. Oh yes ... so who is Steven? He's one of the two men at Apple who is arranging everything with Fed Ex. so I won't have to go anywhere. Now let's hope the old monitor works with the new Mac Pro. It should. Is Mercury Retrograde? Let's see when that is ... Okay, all is well.

So how long ago do you think Hurricane Sandy hit? Does it seem like over two months or longer than that? Saturday, I read a teacher client/friend who lived in Breezy Point, near the water, where remnants of her life got washed away last October - another event that seems milestones away for me. She described fleeing from her home as some of the local boardwalk came loose flying into her yard. She and her younger son (26) drove to her older son's home nearby, safe because he lives on a high floor. Did anyone sleep that night? No. Through the night they watched the neighborhood turn to flames, the sounds of sirens everywhere, and feeling like it was a movie about a war-torn country. Never in her 62 years had she experienced anything like this. All gone ... her personal belongings ... her car. And guess where she moved? A few blocks away from me on Shore Road and 91st Street along the water where she plans to stay until she retires at age 65. Can anyone ever recover from this kind of experience? She took a deep breath, counted her blessings, got an apartment, then returned to work two weeks later when the school reopened.

Another time dilation experience for me...

We must be in an alternate reality, because I actually watched the the Golden Globes live Sunday night - a first for me since the days before VCRs and DVRs. There were many highlights and heart felt moments, but none that embraced the emotions of the audience like Jodie Foster's speech. Jodie, 50, receiving the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille award after 47 years in the motion picture industry, made a dramatic thank-you speech, which was regarded by some as a coming-out, others as a retirement announcement or it could have been both. I think she needs time off to spend with her sons and get over the break-up with her long time partner, Cydney Bernard. As to Jodie being gay, maybe it's because I'm a psychic, but I can't remember ever not recognizing that, and frankly not caring one way or the other.

I've always been a fan of Jodie's, highlighted when she played Ellie Arroway, a SETI scientist who finds strong evidence of extraterrestrial life and is chosen to make first contact, in the 1997 film Contact. What did Ellie discover? The hologram. Go to the beach scene at 2hr and 00 minutes or just enjoy the movie as a walk down memory lane with Ellie and touch the illusion with her as it spirals above.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13, 2013

Golden Globes

Golden Globes   Wikipedia

Golden Globes Google News

The Golden Globe Award is an accolade bestowed by the 93
members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)
recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign.

The End of the Experiment

Film and television allow us to experience projections in the hologram that allow us to feel. We are here as if a science project to study emotions.

In Spielberg's 2002 miniseries "Taken", 9-year old Ally Keys is the ultimate result of three generations of biogenetic manipulation between humans and gray aliens ... Ally possessing both emotions and intelligence making her superior to both races and the "next step" on the evolutionary scale.

After 5 seasons, "Fringe" is coming full circle next Friday with the series finale as loose ends are tied up. Last Friday, in an episode called "The Boy Must Live", we learned how the emotionless Observers came into existence. As with the theme behind "Taken" - which also mirrors our present creation/incarnation - we learn how the Observers evolved by genetic manipulation. The events are told by the Observer September/Donald to Walter, Peter and Olivia. Here is allegedly what happened in the year 2167 ...

    A Norwegian scientist tinkered with humans to increase intelligence at the cost of negative emotions. Soon, the pursuit of even greater intellect meant that positive emotions such as empathy, compassion, and love, had to be jettisoned also to make way for higher IQ.

    We come to the year of the current "Fringe" timeline ... 2036. Michael, a mutation, who looks like a child Observer, is the ultimate goal of their biogenetic experiments - desired intelligence along with the capacity for emotion, but the truth of his existence was never realized, and he was thought to have been destroyed. But ... September took Michael through time and hid him from everyone until - Now! The plan ... return Michael to the scientists in 2167 as proof that an advanced human can possess bother higher intelligence and emotions ... thus causing a shift in their research preventing the creation of the Observers and all of what happened since their creation.

Do you see how easy it is to change the inserts in a hologram, with only the most adept players realizing it ... the rest wondering why nothing works and things have changed? This happens all the time in our reality - some players programmed to be conscious about the insert changes - without using mind-enhancing drugs which camouflage truth - while most are not ... bumbling along and trying to figure things out. December 2012 ... the codes changed.

Do you see how easy it is to change the inserts in a hologram with only the programmers realizing it? This happens all the time in our reality - some players programmed to be conscious about the insert changes - without using mind-enhancing drugs which camouflage truth - while most are not ... bumbling along and trying to figure things out.

To change anything in the Matrix is to change the entire program, which is fun from the level of consciousness creation, where you understand that none of it is real, just a mind game. This takes me to the Q Continuum if one were to conceive of gods as consciously creating for their own amusement and study.

In ancient alien theory, humans, at any level of development/experimentation, are stepping stones to the perfect human-alien hybrid. In other words, Earth, is in fact, a breeding ground - civilizations created --> studied --> erased --> rebooted into higher forms --> the patterns repeats, recognizing that it is all happening simultaneously. Sadly ... this is a Catch 22 as physical reality is created by electromagnetic energies and is therefore bipolar - so it all seems pointless to me.

I'm programmed to realize that we are at the end of the entire experiment, the scientists/creators/whatever scrambling to complete their work as this experiment ceases to exist along with Ellie ... and we return to create "another day" ... or not. Don't count me in.

Friday night on Ancient Aliens, we were again told that all myths include the return of god/gods one day, leading us to believe that time is now, though I don't see anyone returning. Most researchers believe aliens are about to show themselves, yet it seems of little significance in the time remaining.

Also on Friday's Ancient Aliens, we learn that patterns exist in the Matrix of our creations - where each major civilization has megalithic monuments pointing to what could be the place of origin, creation, a lab, or observation area for the creators - namely Orion. I have coded memories of coming here, in the Void of Earth's creation, on a ship from Orion, my focus the Middle East and Egypt. I have no memories of other areas on the planet where major civilizations suddenly sprang up, nor can I access the grid matrixes with their creation codes.

The long and the short of it ... I don't think any of it matters anymore. Computer end program ...

The next time you meditate, ask to be shown what has shifted in the Matrix now, that is hidden from consciousness at this level. You might be surprised what you see.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deja vu and the Matrix - Remembering how the Matrix works

Why do I feel like this has something to do with the
weirdness going on with the matrix of our reality now?

  What is deja vu and why does it happen?   PhysOrg - January 11, 2013

Many researchers propose that the phenomenon is a memory-based experience and assume the memory centers of the brain are responsible for it. It has been proposed that familiarity detection depends on rhinal cortex function, whereas detailed recollection is linked to the hippocampus. The randomness of deja vu experiences in healthy individuals makes it difficult to study in an empirical manner. Any such research is reliant on self-reporting from the people involved.

This video from The Matrix is part of the article


Schrodinger's cat: A cat, a flask of poison and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity (i.e. a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat. There is a supposed 50% chance of this happening. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when we look in the box, we see the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.

Weird Weather

Would you believe ... San Diego was 20 degrees colder than Chicago today. Records are being set everywhere. This is not a good thing for a nation with 47 states facing a wide-spread flu epidemic.

Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide   New York Times - January 11, 2013

Britons may remember 2012 as the year the weather spun off its rails in a chaotic concoction of drought, deluge and flooding, but the unpredictability of it all turns out to have been all too predictable: Around the world, extreme has become the new commonplace. Especially lately. China is enduring its coldest winter in nearly 30 years. Brazil is in the grip of a dreadful heat spell. Eastern Russia is so freezing - minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and counting - that the traffic lights recently stopped working in the city of Yakutsk.

Freakish dust storm causes 'red wave' on Australia's west coast   New York Daily News - January 11, 2013
The dust storm, or haboob, passed over Onslow, a coastal town in Western Australia. The haboob is just one of the record-breaking weather events happening Down Under.

  Giant sandstorm caught on camera in Western Australia   BBC - January 11, 2013


How a Rare Snowfall Hit Jerusalem, Middle East   Live Science - January 11, 2013
An unusual storm brought snow and chaos to the Middle East yesterday (Jan. 10). The weather system dumped 4-6 inches (10-15 centimeters) of snow on Jerusalem Wednesday night (Jan. 9) and yesterday morning, according to Jason Samenow, chief meteorologist with the Washington Post's CapitalWeather Gang. The same system was responsible for heavy rain and scattered flooding, before the rain turned to snow. This storm system is responsible for at least eight deaths, and the United Nations reported that millions of people inside Syria and 600,000 refugees outside the country need assistance.


  I-5 at Grapevine closed as cold storm pounds Southern California   LA Times - January 11, 2013
Interstate 5 at the Grapevine remained closed early Friday morning as a cold winter storm continued to pound Southern California. Heavy snow and icy roads stranded thousands of motorists on Thursday night, backing up traffic for miles. The cold winter blast is bringing temperatures that are near or below freezing to the valleys and mountain areas. Frost advisories remain in effect through Friday morning for the valleys of the Inland Empire and Ventura County coastal and interior valleys. Additionally, frost advisories and freeze watches have been issued for Friday night into Saturday morning for much of the Southland. Many communities were also dealing with strong winds, with wind advisories in effect through early Friday for the San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys.


Near Hurricane Force Wind Gusts for New Mexico, Texas   Live Science - January 11, 2013
Howling winds out of the west will race across the western Plains on the southern side of a gathering storm that will bring blizzard conditions to the northern Plains. Gusts up to 65 mph are likely in a corridor from northwest New Mexico to southeast Kansas across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. Larger cities that can be rocked by the winds include Clovis and Las Vegas, N.M., Amarillo, Texas, Lamar, Colo., and Dodge City, Kan.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Health Matters

If 2013 is a visibly different virtual construct within a virtual construct, then I plan to enjoy it, as should you, whenever possible. You only live once. People continue to work on themselves to heal issues and therefore their physical bodies. At the top of the list is the food industry as people go organic and learn better ways to eat healthy to become healthy. With all this effort, meditating, energy work, etc. ...

Americans Are in Worse Health Than Other Nationalities   Live Science - January 10, 2013
The U.S. may be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but it certainly isn't the healthiest, according to a new report from the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine.

The report, released today, compared the U.S. with 16 other high-income democracies, including Australia, Canada, Japan, and many western European countries. It found, on average, that Americans die sooner and experience higher rates of disease and injury than people in other countries. The report is the first look at multiple diseases, injuries and behaviors across the entire human life span.

There's an app out now that let's you see how you will age if you are a drinker. Years ago, a client who used to drink, told about these very same facial changes - highlighted by a red blushed-looking face. How do you know if you are an alcoholic? If would seem that many people, especially those from alcoholic backgrounds, don't have a good reference point. If they drink less than other members of their family, they believe that are okay. From what I see, people are drinking more than ever in these difficult times.

Flu season is definitely here and strong ... often resistant to vaccinations and treatment. We are also experiencing the worst outbreak of whooping cough since 1955, and an emerging outbreak of norovirus, a stomach bug that causes diarrhea and vomiting. You can read about it from just about every news feed out there.

Smoking ... Quitting Smoking: 10 Reasons That Have Nothing To Do With Your Lungs   Huffington Post - January 10, 2013

Deaths and mental ... I am hearing more about deaths in all age groups, including an increase in the suicide rate by those with mental illnesses. Souls are burned out and just want out. Spirits stop by here all the time, usually associated with a client I am about to read, or someone I know, but now with the grids being more lucid, even my clients can "see" them as we sit here. One could almost call this "Gridlock" as the grids merge before us.

Gun control - there's lots of stories out there but rest assured, people will not give up their weapons without a fight. I don't own a gun. The only gun I ever held, belonged to a friend. But this much I do know, if I had to use a gun in self defense, I wouldn't hesitate. Remember ... none of this is real to me ... just a spin-off on computer virtual reality games, which I haven't played either and don't call to me.

Guns, war games that lead to P.T.S.D. - also on the increase and a lifetime of meds.

Watch out for this HPV virus, especially in the college years. It is growing very quickly especially among young people, though seniors are seeing an increase in STDs as well. The obvious answer is to use a condom to prevent everything - even things you never heard of.

HPV In Men: What We All Need To Know   Huffington Post - January 11, 2013
We're honoring Cervical Health Awareness Month by bringing you the latest information on human papillomavirus, the virus associated with cervical cancer -- and with several other types of cancer, including anal, penile and oropharyngeal cancer. HPV is also the virus underlying genital warts. Although much of the conversation about the virus relates to women's health -- cervical cancer is the most common HPV-related cancer by magnitudes -- there are many health concerns that uniquely or disproportionately affect men. These include genital warts and anal cancers. And since HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world, it affects a massive percentage of the male population, as well.

Medicare - Medicare Costs Rose Very Slowly Last Year, Says A New Report   Huffington Post - January 11, 2013

During the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2012, the amount Medicare spent per beneficiary rose by just 0.4 percent. That's three percentage points less than the economy, as measured by gross domestic product, grew during that same period.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Award Shows

Ellie here ... blogging as I watch last night's People's Choice Awards - where viewers pick their favorite performers and there is often a message behind the speeches that might touch the hearts of viewers at home. After all ... why do we watch TV and films? It's mostly for the vicarious emotions we experience - much like our true selves watching us perform in this simulation as if it is real.

Congratulations to Nathan Fillion for portraying one of my favorite characters - Richard Castle.

Last night, the female performers wore great dresses and shoes which are all the rage. My clients who design shoes have really scored well this year. I told you the time would come to have your moment of fame! I'm also enjoying the awesome entertainment and the down-to-Earth quality by most of the presenters and winners. It's not hard to guess who the winners are as they are seated in the front row of the theater. Further ... heart breaking or hilarious -- the performances by all were excellent.

Award Season continues with ...

    Critics Choice Awards tonight

    Golden Globes this Sunday

    SAG Awards Sunday January 27

    Academy Awards February 24 - nominees announced today

When I check Crystalinks stats each morning, I notice that people are still going to the prophecy files or re-editing old prophecies to find another end-time date and scenario because they sense closure. After playing those games for decades - it's time to let time play out and enjoy what remains. Yes, I still feel closure at hand and I wake up every day wondering why we are still here in the projected illusion of this reality, but I want to embrace what remains. If 2013 is a virtual construct within a virtual construct, then I plan to enjoy it, as should you, whenever possible. You only live once.

Here's an interesting 2013 pattern. Many people are crossing over now, mostly from cancer. Once they are gone, things instantly manifest in the lives of those they left behind. Perhaps I can best explain by giving this example ... a client named Michael died last month. He was a salesman at a design company owned by a friend of mine. Shortly after he died, sales soared, as if he was sending a parting gift. There are many other stories like this.

Last night, actor Robert Downey Jr. thanked one of his top all time fans, who passed away a few days ago - Joyce Schroeder. Did Joyce influence anything this quickly after her death, for her favorite actor? Could it be that this reality and what we call "the other side" are linked in a new way now, allowing those who cross over to instantly manifest soothing for those they left behind? Is this their way of saying, "Thank you for all we shared. Know I love and guide you." In the past I would have said those who crossed over could not manifest quickly. It's about time and subtle changes.

Sandra Bullock received the first ever People Choice Humanitarian Award for her efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Sandra was referred to as "Sandy" a name that highlighted in 2012.

Country and Western Fun

My trip to California was a 70th birthday present from my daughters. Now it's time to party on my real birthday Feb 17 with my friends. I am headed to Nashville on President's Birthday weekend with Pat, Mallory, and Brenda. Guess I'll have to buy a hat when I get there. Time for dance lessons. I might as well enjoy the fun stuff in this reality while still here ...

Two Step - Quick ... quick ... slow ... slow ... (sounds like a metaphor for this reality !! )

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One week into the New Year

In the past, I was not able to read the 2013 timelines beyond this point. What I have observed is the lucid way they are emerging in physical reality and dream time as if busy work - as we remain stuck here. Many readers have cited physical evidence that things are not as they were - changing at the end of December. It kind of makes me wonder if what I said about 12/21/12 being a designation (marker) for something unknown at this level is on target.

For me, metaphysics is done or has taken on a new perspective - not about the paranormal, questing, healing, etc. The thoughts, "Something is wrong - this is not real - we shouldn't be here," echo in my mind and those of others I know, though life seems to continue on. Okay ... we're programmed to see reality at a different frequency than most - I agree with that - but where does that leave us?

Everything is recycled.

I watched Oprah on Entertainment Tonight talking about having the most stressful job on the planet and how she copes She uses a simple method I blogged about years ago ... "Take one long slow deep breath."

The TV series Ancient Aliens is trying to put a new twist on old theories. Okay ... aliens visited the planet and created our biogenetic experiment, coverups go back to the beginning, now what? The feeling is ... the answer should have been revealed by now.

On Fringe - the series final is a two-part episode that airs on 1/18/2012, with another show this Friday. You have to wonder what the cast learned that is not on the show - forgetting about monsters and getting to scientific principles.

This is not real.

Then and Now ...
The Sharks of Nevada

244 million years ago, monsters ruled the seas where Nevada now sits
MSNBC - January 7, 2013

A fossil skeleton found in central Nevada's desert years ago has been identified as belonging to a 30-foot-long sea monster that ruled beneath the waves 244 million years ago. The ferociousness of the creature's teeth suggests that it was at the top of the food chain at the time - and that the time frame for its rise to the top was incredibly quick. The ichthyosaur has been dubbed Thalattoarchon saurophagis (from the Greek for "lizard-eating sovereign of the sea"), and it must have entered its reign just a few million years after one of Earths' biggest die-offs, known as the Permian-Triassic extinction event.

Still wish I was there ...

January 8 - 11, 2013

Consumer Electronics Show

CES Website

CES Google News

CES 2013: Smart Fork Tracks Your Eating Habits   Discovery - January 7, 2013

CES preview: TVs, tablets to be major focus   PhysOrg - January 7, 2013

CES unveils big TVs with 'ultrahigh definition'   PhysOrg - January 7, 2013

Live at CES: Day 2   Wired - January 7, 2013

CES 2013, GPS for the Soul and the Digital Health Revolution   Huffington Post - January 7, 2013

Greetings from Las Vegas, where I've landed in the midst of a perfect storm. This year's CES has the potential to be one of the most transformative ever, and that's because of a significant change in attitude about what role technology can, and should, be playing in our lives. That's the foundation of this perfect storm, the main elements of which are new and disruptive technology, our dysfunctional health care system and the growing desire people have to take control of their own health and well being.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dr. Oz

Dr Oz on the Today Show - Weight Loss

Monday Morning

Dr. Oz was just on the Today show talking about fun dieting.

Every third day, it's okay to eat a small amount of sugar then drink some water. This will stimulate the thyroid gland and metabolism and to burn away calories and lose weight more rapidly.

A growling stomach does not mean you're hungry. It's withdrawal from food addition - something you shouldn't have been eating. True hunger is experienced in the neck and chest area.

To stay thin, eat foods that are not addictive. Wheat products pull you into addiction.

Don't eat the same things everyday - change every third day.

Eggs are the best way to lose weight.

"The 4-3-2-1 Plan" Dr. Oz got from the trainers on the TV show "The Biggest Loser"

4 servings a day of fruits and vegetables

3 servings of protein

2 servings of whole grain

1 serving of fats, oils, sweets - 200 calories

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Antikythera Mechanism

Were the ancients able to create the first analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions and more? If you go to ancient alien theorists they would attribute the Antikythera Mechanism to star travelers who came here to guide our evolution ... then to return us to the stars and light when time ran out, or the gears, on the device stopped. Maybe ... but I would once again go with the theory that the hologram created the Antikythera Mechanism when the time was right and inserting it into the program.

The reason I am drawn to the Antikythera Mechanism now is this. I have always "seen" what I thought was the round door of a submarine that turned, and in so doing opened the alleged "Hermetic Seals" that keep us trapped in the illusion of linear time. I've looked at photos of the Antikythera Mechanism many times, but today something clicked, most likely based on my experience one month ago in California, where I was shown the opening of the Heretic Seals at this time. It's all about time, timing and the Time Keepers.

Now let's consider who created the Antikythera Mechanism long ago before the human brain was allegedly advanced enough to do so. There had to be a character in the hologram, whose brain was "geared" to that end and more. In Friday's blog, we learn that some people, in every timeline, are born with the ability to go beyond what is developmentally the norm in their timeline creating major breakthroughs in science and technology. Their brains find equations fascinating and challenging, but always solvable. These people have always existed from Da Vinci on. It's about processing and conceptualization that takes us to the next ...

Here's the article ...

Famed Roman Shipwreck Could Be Two   Discovery - January 6, 2013
A dive to the undersea cliff where a famous Roman shipwreck rests has turned up either evidence that the wreck is enormous - or a suggestion that, not one, but two sunken ships are resting off the Greek island of Antikythera. "Either way, it's an exciting result," said study researcher Brendan Foley, an archaeologist at Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution who presented the findings Jan. 4 at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Seattle.

The Antikythera wreck is famed for the massive number of artifacts pulled from the site over the past century. First discovered in the early 1900s by local sponge divers, the wreck is most famous for the Antikythera mechanism, a complex bronze gear device used to calculate astronomical positions (and perhaps the timing of the Olympic games). Numerous bronze and marble statues, jars and figurines have also been pulled from the wreck. The ship went down in the first century B.C.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday gets off to
a shaky start

7.5-magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska; tsunami warning canceled   CNN - January 5, 2013

A tsunami warning was canceled early Saturday for portions of British Columbia, Canada, and southeastern Alaska, officials said. On October 27, a tsunami was spawned by a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that struck 86 miles south of Masset on British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands.

Fort Hamilton Parkway

.... is one block away from where I live ... on 4th Avenue and 101st Street. As violence continues and people go crazy ... at the 62 Street station on the N Train ...

Two officers were shot at the Fort Hamilton Parkway subway station in Brooklyn an hour after an attempted robbery in the Bronx.   New York Times - January 5, 2013

Configuring Friday

They're filming my favorite TV show Person of Interest in this city now... fun to watch though cold outside ... looked for any of my clients who are back actors, but didn't see anyone I recognized.

Thursday night's episode dealt with Pi and Harold's description of how we all fit into the circle of life based on it. We meet Caleb, an 18 year old High School senior and computer genius, who is not a geek but tall, dark, handsome, who has something in common with his substitute teacher, Harold. Caleb's "journey" is a "guilt trip" about the accidental death of his brother years before and how he moves beyond it. Like Harold, Caleb, makes one of the greatest computer discoveries of all time and is about to become the richest kid on the planet. I hope we get to see more of him in future episodes.

How did Caleb get to be that way? It certainly wasn't by meditating, doing energy work, healing, or anything else people try. His brain was programmed differently than ours and much like Harold's. It was all predestined - even his meeting with Harold when his "number" came up. Reality is a mathematical construct set in linear time through which we virtually, and vicariously, experience. Oh dear ... Am I repeating myself? ... sorry! Just a glitch in my programming. Delete!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday in what you think is reality ...

I'm working on new articles for the Home Page for 2013. This time of the year it's mostly about self help that are generally recycled theories, but many readers seem to love them.

Let's move past them into our stuff. In case you slept through it ... this morning around 6:00 EST, something created, what can best be described as a sonic ripple in the grids. What an experience! Both my consciousness and body felt lucid and boundless at the same time. Okay ... we are getting closer. FYI - I woke up here at 5:55 this morning.

It's curious that at 6:00am MST, Geri felt it in Idaho. She wrote: "Did you feel anything? Sound has quieted and movement has slowed. Feels like being in a time dilation field and being drawn towards a black hole - like the pilot of the Andromeda TV series, or a few Star Trek Voyager episodes. Feels both kind of creepy and kind of cool."

Okay Gabe ... last week I wasn't ready. Now you can sing it to me ... "Time keeps on slipping... slipping .. slipping into the future."

FYI - If you missed my favorite TV show last night - "Person of Interest" - you missed a great episode dealing with math, Pi, and Harold's description of how we all fit into the circle of life. The episode will be reviewed on Wiki soon. Harold gets cooler and cooler.

We meet computer genius - Harold's match - an 18 year old High School senior who is not a geek but tall, dark, handsome, and really a great guy who bonds with Harold as the story unfolds. His "journey" is a "guilt trip" about the accidental death of his brother years before and how he moves beyond it. He makes one of the greatest discoveries of all time and is about to become the richest kid on the planet. I hope we get to see more of him in the future. How did he get to be that way? It certainly wasn't by meditating, doing energy work, healing,, or anything else people try. His brain was programmed differently than ours and much like Harold's. It was all predestined - even his meeting with Harold when his "number" came up.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's Wednesday morning but feels more like Monday as students return to school in most areas and people return to the ever-changing world we call "work". I often wonder why so-called "light workers" call their activities "work" when in truth if it's light it's not work at all.

This has been a long winter break. Post-vacation stress will be felt by those who hate their jobs, and others in search of .... There are the dreams, the pressures, the backlog of emails and other things that seem overwhelming. But you know how to handle it. Focus, focus, focus. You've been here before, and if you were smart, have kept your schedule light the rest of this week ... returning next Monday with some well-planned kick-ass ideas for the new year.

When I finished my 2012 archives for December, I couldn't believe how much I had done and recorded in one month, starting with my trip to California that seems like a long time ago, but was just one month ago in linear time. I thought today would seem more real to me, yet the feeling is quite the opposite.

You can fool some of the people some of the time .....

The main focus, as always, is the economy, the skeptical more enlightened employees and business owners waiting for the next shoe to drop as the Fiscal cliff deal: House OKs proposal despite GOP objections. I'm not one to follow these events, though I know many readers, especially those who like a good argument, will voice their opinion now... and again when the follow-up situation occurs in a few months as nothing was actually resolved, the truth hidden.

How would you define yourself today?

You could check your online horoscope for today. ....... Did you really click the link and expect a generic response to define your day? Then you're still a 3D person searching for ways to justify and define your time here - to bring hope, and to learn more about yourself.

Let the games begin ....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year !

New Years Eve in Ellie's World was about having dinner and laughs with friends in my area. I've welcomed in many New Years in the past, each one unique in its own way. Despite prophecies, predictions, and whatever else we assumed would happen last year, the very tumultuous 2012 was fading quickly in the rearview mirror - time more lucid and knowing that something was wrong that goes beyond the physical.

I went home ... got into bed around 10:30 .. and fell asleep. Then, a strange thing happened. As if on cue, I woke up just before midnight. I put on the TV to watch the ball drop in Times Square ... somehow that always makes welcoming the new year more official. The counter-down clock read 2:17. I laughed as that is my birthday. I watched as to went to zero and millions of people celebrated.

Outside I heard the sounds of fireworks, sending me to the window on the 4th Avenue side. Sure enough, golden fireworks were being set off from the rooftop of a building across the street. I quickly got my camera, but just like trying the get a photo of the UFO that passed by here five years ago, I was too late. A new year had begun and still I could not help but feel that none of this is real, that I didn't belong here, and that something would soon happen.

New Year's Eve in the city 2012 ... without Dick Clark ... stepped up security ... celebrations and watching the ball drop in Times Square ... making resolutions (do people still do that to clean up their act?) ... looking back at 2012 and reflecting on what's happened in our personal lives and the world at large ... wondering about the fiscal cliff as just another diversion among many and knowing there is no solution ... and then there's Hillary Clinton burned out, back in the hospital, and should take a year off.

After our annual review of our lives, we conceive of the future - both short and long term - and set our goals for 2013 - in world that becomes more cynical each year. Still there are those who have hope for 2013 as the year everything turns around.

As a psychic reader, this is a very busy time as people focus on the future while forever resolving the past. Certain themes continue - the movement away from outdated belief systems, relationships, and situations. Reality just shifted into something more lucid. Could this have occurred to allow for a better understanding of reality as an illusion?

Anna and I made an impromptu video with my cell phone while discussing 2013.