Sunday, September 16, 2018

Relationships and Psychics

Psychology and psychic readings definitely overlap as people don't just want a flip answer about their relationships, careers, and more. They want to understand why their lives unfold the way they do. Why do people who have everything to bring to a relationship - never find someone to share their lives. The questions in the article below do not necessarily follow in my readings.

Clients are much more aware of the boundaries that separate good relationships and the ability to find and maintain them. I've written many blogs about relationships. Clients today understand that society is rapidly changing, people are more dysfunctional, and it is getting harder to find the fictitious soulmate. As I always say ... It all goes the way one is programmed. The five ways clients/people meet partners are:

1. Social Media
2. Social activities such as classes with people of similar interests - Meet-up groups
2. Introduction
3. Chance meeting - Right Place - Right Time
5. Work or School Related

To answer the questions below ...
1. If you are programmed
2. Define cheating.
3. Generally no or they will go back to that person
4. You can't
5. That's complicated ... too many variables.

The 6 Relationship Questions Psychics Get Asked Most Often   Huffington Post - September 14, 2018
1. Will I meet my soulmate?
2. Is my spouse cheating on me?
3. Will my affair partner leave their spouse for me?
4. How can I get this person to like or love me back?
5. Is my divorce or a breakup a failure at love?

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