Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Flood Stories Continue

Yesterday was a humid gloomy overcast day in the city. People traveled to and fro to get to work, to school, take care of errands, and other things people do while trying to ignore the handicaps nature presents on a daily basis.

Though we've become accustomed to the effects of climate change, some days become more memorable than others. Flooding creates side effects that are both obvious or will show themseves later, such as mud slides, earthquakes, and other destructive events that create havoc.

This week I've posted about flooding in the aftermath of hurricane Florence.

Nasa satellite images show dark and polluted Carolina rivers bleeding into the Atlantic ocean after Hurricane Florence triggers heavy floods   Daily Mail - September 26, 2018

Florence was the wettest storm in more than half a century, behind Harvey   CNN - September 26, 2018

As flood stories continue closer to home ... Cars Submerged, Dramatic Rescues and Rain in Subways as Flash Floods Soak Tri-State   NBC - September 26, 2018