Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Robocalls Increase and Get Weirder

The news reports this year Robocalls are increasing across the country not only on landlines but cell phones which most people prefer. This would also imply that those behind them are scamming people and making money. Scamming through email seems to be decreasing as people block Spam Mail - while robocalls increase and crimes are committed.

I only use my cell phone when I'm away as I work from home. My primary number is my landline. This year I got a new set of three Panasonic phones that enable me to block Robocalls. I never engage in conversations with any anyone -> hanging up immediately if I pick up the phone by mistake.

Today something weird happened. My landline rang and I looked over to see who was calling. Much to my surprise my caller ID displayed my landline number. It happened once when I was alone then again when I was with a client. I didn't pick up the phone.

Life gets stranger and stranger each day.