Sunday, September 30, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Investigation

How History in American Was Changed for Women

Friday September 28, 2018

As the world looked on, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by an 11-10 party-line vote. Jeff Flake supported the nomination but said he wanted a one-week delay in the full Senate vote to allow for an FBI investigation and was not alone in his concerns. Other women will come forward. If anything Kavanaugh will be proven to be a liar unfit to serve on the Supreme Court Watch the Video: Sexual assault survivor corners senator Flake in elevator

Were they channeling?

1. When I saw the two women in the elevator confront Jeff Flake I wondered if recently deceased AZ. Senator John McCain had sent them there. Later when Flake asked for the FBI investigation I wondered if McCain had guided the whole experience.

2. On Friday morning, Rod Serling's daughter, writer Anne Serling, posted a picture of her father looking over a script for the legendary CBS sci-fi show, and talked about what sort of fate she believed Serling would write for a character like Kavanaugh. "My father believed in decency, integrity and justice," she tweeted. "Had he written this, I assure you - there would indeed be a further FBI investigation along with some cosmic justice." Hours later, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve to send Kavanaugh's nomination to a final Senate floor vote, but only after assurances to Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake that the vote would be delayed a week to allow for an FBI investigation to be conducted into the allegations made against the nominee. Read more ...

Thursday September 27, 2018

Depending on your perspective - the Christine Blasey Ford - Brett Kavanaugh hearing having to do with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court looked orchestrated and on some level - like everything in our reality it was.

Believing Christine Blasey Ford, I sat down to watch her testimony with an open mind but wound up spending nine hours following events that will change history. In the Age of #MeToo many sexually abused women will now feel empowered to tell their stories. Some will be believed and some will not. Some will be telling the truth while others will have their own agendas based on emotional needs for retaliation against those they hate as reality becomes more explosive on all fronts in the fight for freedom.

Ford was a credible witness whose story touched the hearts of not only women across the country but everyone watching. People joined forces in social media to express their heart-felt sentiments and support of Dr. Ford.

Political Theatre - Brett Kavanaugh came across like a man not in control of his emotions with many believing his behavior was directed by President Trump who wanted him to seem strong. He shouted at senators and talked over them. If he was my client I would say he was in the throes of a breakdown. As he spoke about drinking issues his behavior depicting what he could be like in a drunken rage. When asked if he had ever had a black out the next day after drinking he said no. But how do you remember what you're too drunk to remember? Throughout his testimony I watched the reaction of his wife seated next to him with a poker face but as a psychic her energies read: "He is lying". His blank stares when confronted by questions by Democrats lead one to believe that he was not telling the truth and was unstable.

Highlighted was the fact that Kavanaugh

    did not agree to an FBI investigation of allegations against him

    didn't want his lifetime friend Mark Judge - the only person who witness to the sexual assault on Ford - who potentially could exonerate him - to come forward

    has not as yet submitted to a lie detector test

    showed himself to be disrespectful between bouts of crying and anger and not fit to be a judge in the future

Matriarchy Versus Patriarchy - No One Wins

Wednesday Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison