Friday, September 14, 2018

The Future of Farming

Wednesday my daughter Zsia called on a client in Kearny, NJ named Bowery Farming. She described it as a giant warehouse reminding her of the scene from the movie "The Martian" where Matt Damon creates his own potato farm to survive.

Zsia reported Bowery Farming is currently growing varieties of lettuce but plans to expand to other vegetables. She described the products as post-organic (no pesticides) - grown and shipped in one day. This was a bad year for romaine lettuce - recalled due to E. Coli contamination.

Today's world consists of people eating healthy to heal. The destruction of farmland due to flooding, droughts, wildfires and other things that affect crops is here to stay. Bowery Farming seems like the future - if one exists - farms perhaps run by AI's.

Watch the CNN Video about Bowery Farming