Monday, September 20, 2010

TV - TIVO - DVR Alert

Here comes the new season of TV shows depending on what you like. Fringe returns on Thursday, but the start of Season 3 doesn't look that great - I've been reading the spoilers. The coolest one I read ... STOP HERE if you don't like spoilers ... in an interview with Blair Brown she said Walter is going to inherit Massive Dynamics in episode #2. Now that offers endless story lines linked not only to the main arc, but things dealing with physics that we can only dream about. I hope they don't run the X-Files themes again ... been there .. did that with Mulder and Scully. As for Olivia's back story - could deal with one or two episodes, but that's it. Peter and Olivia ... bring on the sex with the real Olivia. The two unexplained tornadoes and marcoburst that happened here last week could definitely be part of Fringe science. Fringe Episodes Season 3 Wikipedia

Also returning -- Bones, Castle, other cool Syfy stuff ...

New shows -- The Event, Chase, Undercovers, more ..

Stayed tuned ...

Speaking of Sci Fi ... which we know meets science this 'season' ...

What is a ...

Tipler Cylinder

This blog is only for those who remember.

Sunday, Anna and I went out to dinner for her birthday. Along the way we talked about the 1930's time travel experiments and how we know we are going back to the 'lab' soon. When Trae was here two weeks ago, we also discussed the labs and knowing the time is coming to close the program. Trae and I saw ... a wormhole that opened ... we went through instantly ... met others who were all familiar and were happy we made it back in time as it was 11:58 .. 11:59 .. 12:00 ... a light opened above us ... looked like the Tipler Cylinder. It was conical (funnel shaped) ... up we went and it was done end program. Whew ... did it right this time. Last week we had 3 funnel shaped storms in Brooklyn after that Sumerian god came by with his fleet of UFO's once buried for all time and now free. Got it.

Anna mentioned the 1939 lab where the time travel experiments got screwed up ... we got caught in time loop ... after loop ... after loop. Oy vey! The pieces of the puzzle have been rapidly falling into place for Anna especially as she spent the Jewish holidays with thousands of people in D.C. (Rosh Hashanah) and at the Kabbalah Center in Manhattan. (Yom Kippur). Others have reported powerful energies since then that linger.

Anna has linked time travel with the Tipler Cylinder. I remember a canister ... from the old days ... but canister and cylinder are similar and link with Sumerian cylinder seals and cuneiform tablets. The canister holds what one might call moving Golden Keys of Light that get us out. The canister is buried beside the tree by the stream and will be removed at the end of the story.

Spirals of light take us to Sacred Geometry ... Fibonacci Sequence .... and you know the rest ...

    A Tipler cylinder, also called a Tipler time machine, is a hypothetical object theorized to be a potential mode of time travel‹an approach that is conceivably functional within humanity's current understanding of physics, specifically the theory of general relativity, although later results have shown that a Tipler cylinder could only allow time travel if its length were infinite (see the discussion of Hawking's proof below).

    The Tipler cylinder was discovered as a solution to the equations of general relativity by Willem Jacob van Stockum in 1936 and Kornel Lanczos in 1924, but not recognized as allowing closed timelike curves until an analysis by Frank Tipler in 1974. Tipler showed in his 1974 paper, "Rotating Cylinders and the Possibility of Global Causality Violation" that in a spacetime containing a massive, infinitely long cylinder which was spinning along its longitudinal axis, the cylinder should create a frame-dragging effect. This frame-dragging effect warps spacetime in such a way that the light cones of objects in the cylinder's proximity become tilted, so that part of the light cone then points backwards along the time axis on a space time diagram. Therefore a spacecraft accelerating sufficiently in the appropriate direction can travel backwards through time along a closed time-like curve or CTC.

    CTC's are associated, in Lorentzian manifolds which are interpreted physically as space-times, with the possibility of causal anomalies such as going back in time and potentially shooting your own grandfather, although paradoxes might be avoided using some constraint such as the Novikov self-consistency principle. They have an unnerving habit of appearing in some of the most important exact solutions in general relativity, including the Kerr vacuum (which models a rotating black hole) and the van Stockum dust (which models a cylindrically symmetrical configuration of rotating pressureless fluid or dust).

    An objection to the practicality of building a Tipler cylinder was discovered by Stephen Hawking, who posited a conjecture showing that according to general relativity it is impossible to build a time machine in any finite region that satisfies the weak energy condition, meaning that the region contains no exotic matter with negative energy. The Tipler cylinder, on the other hand, does not involve any negative energy. Tipler's original solution involved a cylinder of infinite length, which is easier to analyze mathematically, and although Tipler suggested that a finite cylinder might produce closed time-like curves if the rotation rate were fast enough, he did not prove this.

    But Hawking argues that because of his conjecture, "it can't be done with positive energy density everywhere! I can prove that to build a finite time machine, you need negative energy." Hawking's proof appears in his 1992 paper on the chronology protection conjecture, where he examines "the case that the causality violations appear in a finite region of spacetime without curvature singularities" and proves that "[t]here will be a Cauchy horizon that is compactly generated and that in general contains one or more closed null geodesics which will be incomplete. One can define geometrical quantities that measure the Lorentz boost and area increase on going round these closed null geodesics. If the causality violation developed from a noncompact initial surface, the averaged weak energy condition must be violated on the Cauchy horizon."

Found this interesting article ... that goes to 2012 ... 12 around 1 ... Zecharia Sitchin ... and other myths and prophecies. This all goes to pseudohistory and pseudoscience.

    Where did the Sumerian Doomsday prophecy come from?

    In 1851 in Iraq archaeologists discovered a library with 22,000 scrolls - which is the earliest writing on Earth, dating back to over 6,000 years ago when the region was known as Mesopotamia, Sumer, and Babylon. Amongst them is a story which mirrors the book of Genesis in the Bible. It tells a story of a great flood which reshaped the face of the planet Earth and killed all of the inhabitants.

    But even more important to us today, living as we are under the shadow of a coming 2012 Doomsday they also unearthed a star map on a pottery cylinder seal. It shows a solar system with twelve elements in it, not just the nine we know today! (This incredible, priceless Sumerian cylinder seal is now stored a Berlin museum.) The seal depicts our solar system with a sun at the center and the planets arrayed around it - facts not fully accepted by European science until around 400 years ago. And amazingly there's another planet, which the Sumerians called Nibiru. They believed that it was where the Annunaki, or the Celestial Giants, came from. They were the first people on earth - and our ancestors.

    We can't see Niburu at the moment because it is hidden behind the sun as it returns from its massive orbit beyond the furthest reaches of the solar system - but 6000 years ago the Sumerians could see it plainly in the night sky, maybe even in the daytime. Imagine what a sight that must have been! The name Nibiru itself gives us a very chilling clue about what could happen in 2012 - Niburu translates as 'planet of the crossing'. That means Nibiru will appear again in 2012 as it crosses through our part of the solar system - possibly on a direct intersection course with Earth. This is what the Sumerian 2012 Doomsday Prophecy is all about. Very few people on Earth would survive an impact from Nibiru. The devastation would be truly cataclysmic. The dinosaurs didn't survive the last massive impact from space, but with the right know-how and good planning now - your family can.