Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's all rigged

Wednesday April 20, 2016

Reality is not only rigged but is based on an algorithm allowing us to believe there is free will when in truth everything is preprogrammed.

We didn't really need Donald Trump to figure that out that the political system is rigged which explains why Hillary Clinton remains the frontrunner. We have to support and respect Trump's attempt to take down the establishment even if he makes mistake after mistake along the way and has many issues of his own. I was happy to see that he led NY by just over 60% of the votes. The big question is ... Not who is going to win but who is programmed to win. Remember that our political system goes all the way back to the Freemasons - Masonic Codes set in place - not just in the US - but from the beginning of what one might call civilization - based on hierarchies, corruption, and deceit. You know the symbolism, codes and ciphers.

Tuesday started out as a perfect day to get out and vote with great weather and little chaos - then it all changed here in the city. I first heard about the big twist in the New York primaries from my neighbor, Charlie, who I met after returning from New Jersey where I spent the day furniture shopping with my daughter and her husband. I was not eligible to vote in the NY primaries as I registered too late but can vote in November.

Charlie is a white male in his 40's who has voted Democratic for decades and yesterday found his name was not on the list. In the lobby I met other neighbors who had similar complaints. In the end we agreed - it will come down to Trump vs. Clinton in November. CNN: New York officials cry foul after 125,000 NY voters stripped from rolls

Here's what my friend Dean in Manhattan emailed ...

    Subject: Something fishy in the primary

    Hi There !

    Soooo ... I went to vote today. Easy-breezy as there was no wait at my polling station in Chelsea ... except that my name was not listed on the form for Democrats. This was strange because I registered as a Democrat when I moved to NY decades ago and have voted in previous elections. I recalled seeing my affiliation confirmed when I renewed my driver's license about 3-4 years ago. It came up on the info about me. I don't think I would have changed my affiliation during the driver's license renewal - that wouldn't make sense to me. So, how did I get dropped from the democratic list? Did I need to renew my party affiliation?

    Apparently, this was rampant today. I know another friend this happened to. We both had to vote with affidavits. Then there were the 126,000 democrats in Brooklyn who found out they were not registered either. Hmmmm ... very fishy. Scott Stringer is calling for an investigation ... but the deed is done ... the primary over. It seems this exact same thing happened in Arizona also.

    D xox

Shopping for furniture in New Jersey with my daughter Zsia and her husband Jon.
Along the way we stopped for lunch at The West Diner on Route 22 and ran into
Zsia's friend Kathi a fitness instructor who wears a barbell charm around her neck.

April 20 - May 21, 2016

Sun in Taurus

Happy Birthday to the Taurus Readers.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus.

April 20, 2016

Weed Day

420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis and by extension, as a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture or simply cannabis itself. Observances based on the number 420 include smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. (with some sources also indicating 4:20 a.m. on any given day, as well as smoking and celebrating cannabis on the date April 20 (4/20 in U.S.).