Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Stories

Here is a cute little story that made my day, especially as I am a romantic. As I looked out at the frozen street below me, a young couple came out of the building across the street. I don't know them. As they were hurrying along to wherever ... suddenly they both turned towards each if as if a mental connection was made. He ran back to her and they kissed ... nothing big, just a message that said, "I love you." Then off they went on their day's adventures.

If you have a cool love story to share please email it. I get tired of writing about dysfunctional couples.

The Floor is Open to Readers

Ellie's World blog remains open to its readers as most of the stories are really cool. If you have something to share that is not long, and maybe a photo - not about orbs, ghosts and scrying, but something you think the readers will enjoy, please email it include your location. I'm not into poetry or self-empowerment websites.

Tuesday February 8

Hi Ellie,

I have something to share and hope your readers find this of interest in line with the "closing of the cycle/grids etc". Back in 1983 I bought a Arkansas quartz crystal in Perth Australia, with a phantom Pyramid in the centre and raised triangle on one face.

I was told it was a 'record keeper' and to meditate with it. I got absolutely nothing. My brother, an intuitive soul, suggested I sleep with it under my pillow. Boy did that cause an awakening! I woke up and felt as if I was in a fast lift and experienced a vortex going up thru' the bed, and my heart, and out the ceiling. It scared the life out of me. As I sat bolt upright, a rotating silver and black disk appeared in front of me with silver 'hieroglyphs' on the edge. I was completely stunned - I had never seen anything like it before. I now know it to be a wormhole of sorts.

Suddenly a stone tablet with writing I couldn't recognise (could've been cuneiform) floated out of the wormhole and across the room and faded away. That freaked me out even more.

Days later I kept seeing the tablet in my mind and my brother said to meditate on the tablet and write down whatever first came into my head. (At that time I had no idea what this message meant - I certainly do now):

    "We are the chosen ones. We came to Earth eons ago to assist in the transformation of planet Earth to the next evolutionary stage. This task is still to be completed.

    At the end of each evolutionary cycle, time accelerates. We call it, a quickening.

    You must prepare yourself for the quickening to complete your task. Time is of the essence. You have been called. Now begin your work.

    The truth you carry, shall herald a rebirth of your planet into a new cycle.

    May the love and joy that a new cycle brings, unite us all as one with the Source forever."

Ellie, I hope this is not too long and would love to now share this lovely message.



... I remember many people having and holding crystals labeled Record Keepers. Back in the day ... everyone seemed to have a clear quartz crystal that someone believed contained information, most often from Atlantis. We now recognize that these crystals are catalysts to unleash memories buried within, or to access information from the grids that link with the crystal and the person. If your grid aligns with a specific crystal, you will find each other, scry the crystal, then get messages. Yours is indeed very cool. My favorite crystals, have always been quartz - clear or smoky and I love my phantom crystal with Ellie and Z throughout. I'm not much into tumbled stones. Gemstones

BTW - How are things down under? One week I read about flooding, then cyclones, now drought in western Australia.