Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday - February 1

Story 1: The Egyptian Crisis - Perspective from Israel

    Hi Ellie,

    The situation here is not good, but at least for now all is quiet. There has been one major problem here in Tel Aviv over the past two years. I have noticed a growing number of illegal immigrants coming here from Africa, without documents - about 200,000 people. They 'climb in through the window' of the long, sprawling and largely open border with Egypt. We watch to see what will happen.

    Thank you, Vadim

We will flow this story as it is not regional, but global.

Story 2: Weeping Statues in Ohio

    Hi Ellie,

    These statues started crying Wednesday 26, 2011 at the Rosary Center in Reading, Ohio. My mom and I went down the following Monday and saw it with our own eyes. There is nothing fake about this. I took these photos with my own camera. The statue of Jesus is only about 3 feet tall, and is simple looking. Part of the statues is a metal sun that has rhinestones in the center.

    The local TV station was there this afternoon and filmed the story.

      There is a statue of the Virgin Mary that appears to be crying tears inside a Reading shop. In the back of the small shop is a statue of Mother Mary. It looks like she is weeping and there are two teardrops on her face. The statue of Mother Mary crying inside Our Lady Queen of Reading religious lending library is bringing tears to some visitors' eyes. There are two tear drops on her face, one rests on her chin, the other on her cheek. There is another statue of Jesus sitting at the top of the stairs with tears falling from its eyes. There are more visitors arriving every day as word spreads about the crying statues. Visitors who know the owner tells 9 News the owner wanted to keep it a secret for fear the statues would stop crying. Others say they believe the tears are a sign of hope.

    Annie Kuzma

This occurred one day after the uprising in Egypt. Coincidence?

On April 2, 1968 a famous Marion Apparition appeared in Zeitun, a town near Cairo.

Weeping Statues

Story 3: Perspective

    Hi Ellie,

    Lily here, 23, living in South Australia and have loved your website for years. You often talk about leaving and 'getting it', and how those on your frequency will understand. I understand, but I don't appear to be on your frequency. I see the colours and the grids of your frequency, the heavier ones that grind away like cogs, and the lighter ones like webs, hear the sounds they make and see the way they connect the different 'dots'.

    But the place I understand all this from is not quite the same as yours, a fraction removed, a degree to one side or the other on the spot where it all originates from. Reading your blog over the years has given me much comfort, but has always felt like I'm watching from a different place. I see your frequency, have learned a great deal from it, but feel so very strongly that I need to say this. Your frequency is ending, but it's not the end. I see with great clarity the time after The Shift, and others on my frequency see the same. Some of us will not leave. It's not over, not for all of us.

    Thanks again for all you have done :-)


Most people would agree with you and see something that comes next. It is always a happy place where people take their ego identity and live in love and light with little or no dramas, whatever name they give it. Physically that's impossible. Emotionally they are worn out and generally wounded. Spiritually, if you see it in the current grids, or can conceptualize this place, it exists as a subroutine of the Master Program, running parallel to this one, and also gets deleted at the end - they all do.

In 2011, and whatever remains, I am not going to go too heavily into my theories as it all feels redundant and is encoded throughout Crystalinks for those who came here from the same place. I know my DNA and programming are different, or my life would not have unfolded as it did. I feel like I dropped by ... in this program as part of closure and have had fun along the way. For those of us who are waiting, you know how soon until we leave.

I woke up Saturday knowing it is time for me to move on - that I am done. A friend called and said she woke up knowing she has more to do here. She believes as you do.

On February 17th, in the Year of the Golden Rabbit, I'll turn 68, and still remain in perfect health. This is not about heath. It's different, like finishing up a project and going home.