Monday, December 12, 2011

Today is

Monday 12/12/11

Again, we roll out the week with a look at the economic and political scenes which cover a wide range of emotions from the sublime to the ridiculous. You decide as you look through the news. The biggest joke is the Republican party.

Khufu's Folly

Exactly 11 years ago, on 12/12/00 at 12:12pm in Egypt - I sat in the Great Pyramid and had a great adventure (NJ amusement park) with my unborn grandson Dylan who lives in NJ.

12 hours later, I was on a flight home that took off at 12:12am the following morning in Egypt, but was still 12/12 in much of the world. It was there I met my friend Sherif as a series of synchronicities that allowed us to sit next to each other. These are the magical moments we all embrace. On the 11th anniversary of our meeting we will be talking on Skype this morning.

Egypt and the pyramids (the beginning - alpha) always resonate. Across the world we find the pyramid of the sun and the moon (the end - omega) - quantum entanglements with the same above and below geometry (diamond, eclipse) created by Thoth aka Quetzalcoatl.

The Mexican Maya Mix and Remix in the land of

Z as Quetzalcoatl and a Z earthquake

The return of the feathered serpent

Mother Mary slays the Serpent

(human DNA, reality, drama)

Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Apparition of Mother Mary appeared

to Juan Diego near Mexico City. 1531

You can feel the energies of the full moon lunar eclipse waning but at their peak ...

2011 Zumpango earthquake December 10, 2011

The Mexican Drug War and Cartels Today

The Mexican Drug War is an ongoing armed conflict taking place among rival drug cartels who fight each other for regional control, and Mexican government forces who seek to combat drug trafficking.

Mexico drug gangs up ante with high-tech tunnels   Reuters - December 11, 2011

When architect Felipe de Jesus Corona built Mexico's most powerful drug lord a 200-foot-long tunnel under the U.S.-Mexican border with a hydraulic lift entrance opened by a fake water tap, the kingpin was impressed. The architect "made me one f---ing cool tunnel" Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman said, according to court testimony that helped sentence Corona to 18 years in prison in 2006.

How to Build a Drug Tunnel   Discovery - December 5, 2011

Building a drug-smuggling tunnel underneath the border isn't so tough, but finding the right place to do it is, experts say. Mexican cartels have figured out just the perfect spot along the border in terms of soil type, access and camouflage, and will likely continue. Last week, U.S. authorities working with their Mexican counterparts discovered a 612-yard tunnel connecting two warehouses between San Diego and Tijuana. The tunnel included electric rail cars to ferry pot between the two nations, as well as a sophisticated hydraulic system. Six people have been arrested in connection with the operation and authorities confiscated 16.7 tons of marijuana, the largest haul ever.