Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where did everybody go?

Today is Sunday -- Where did everybody go? From what friends, neighbors, and family tell me - everyone is out holiday shopping. For me, it's been about family visiting, friends - old and new - and clients visiting NY from all over the world. Today, I read a woman from Australia. As the year ends ... everyone is aware of world situations, though most feel, as in the past, "it will all heal." Humans are programmed to believe that - but the tides are shifting.

Remember past decades when people said that if you work on yourself, all will be perfect - or close to that? The truth is - the healing grid was about finding out how the program works - what motivates human behavior - and where it is all going. You are your programming. Now it's time to put your life on automatic pilot and let it all happen. Don't push worn out relationships, friendships, or anything that needs to be let go. 2012 = 5 = the year it all changes.

This morning, as I was blogging, I thought I felt the building shake slightly. I ignored it and continued on. A few minutes ago, I went across the street to the grocery and met a doctor who lives on the 4th floor. He asked if I had felt the building shake around 9:00am and we discussed our mutual experience. So far nothing is in the news, yet we both felt something. To date, the only the thing I have found are two earthquakes (5.2 and 4.9) in the northern Mid-atlantic Ridge and I live on the Atlantic.