Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Memos

If you've always wanted to share your journey, Facebook has a program called "Timeline" in which you can start from the day you were born and build from there. In 2012 it might be a great way to review your destiny.

A client recently asked about past lives and how important someone in his life from another timeline was impacting on this one. It's all parallel experience. In 2012 the only timeline of importance is this one.

If the patterns in your life are lining up with extreme synchronicities, you are merging your experiences and good to go.

  Times Square Web Cam   CNN

New Year celebrations begin with spectacular Sydney display   Telegraph - December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Birthdays and Quotes

December 31, 1969

Lance Reddick

  Lance Reddick Google Videos

Lance Reddick is an American theater, film and TV actor and musician.

2011 TV Series: Fringe -- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -- Filmography

In 2012 science and science fiction collide.

Lance Reddick

December 31, 1943

Sir Ben Kingsley

  Sir Ben Kingsley Google Videos

Sir Ben Kingsley is an award winning British actor. Filmography

2011 Films: Hugo -- A Common Man

2012 Film: The Dictator

All the great writers root their characters in true human behavior.

Ben Kingsley Quotes

December 31, 1937

Sir Anthony Hopkins

  Sir Anthony Hopkins Google Videos

Sir Anthony Hopkins is an award winning Welsh actor of film, stage

and television, considered to be one of the greatest living actors.

2011 Films: The Rite -- Thor - Filmography

How would you change the world in 2012?

Sir Anthony Hopkins Quotes

December 31, 1959

Val Kilmer

  Val Kilmer Google Videos

Val Kilmer is an American actor. Filmography

2011 Films: Kill the Irishman -- Blood Out -- 5 Days of War -- Twixt

2011 Video Game: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Each New Year presents its own set of issues and the manner in which we resolve them.