Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Messages 2012

New Year's morning I had a very clear lucid wake-up dream set somewhere else. I was in charge of a project building centers of light where women would go to give birth. I saw myself flying from center to center as souls entered and women felt safe.

Upon returning to physical consciousness, I went to my computer to do an image search for "centers of light". I laughed as I found my browser opened to google images - "Hole in the Center of the Clock" - where I had not left it, as 2011 came to a close last night. I found two images, side by side, titled "The Hole in the Center of the Clock" - replete with symbology.

The numbers at the top of the right image spoke to me of 2012 as they faced the black hole or center of creation. When I typed the words "to me", my computer auto corrected to the word tome.

The large "8" on the same image, reminds me of the Mobius Strip or Infinity. The Euler characteristic of the Mobius strip is zero which takes us to the zero in the Fibonacci sequence, the basis of creation. Here's something bizarre - and perhaps more messages from my computer - but after I typed the word 'basis' ... it auto-corrected to the word 'Nazis'. Got it ... back through the portal to that timeline in 2012.

The pencils represent writing a new story. 5 pencils took me to Hopi Prophecy ... we are going to the Fifth World. Actually the entire hologram is closing. Tick tock! Wait for it.


Continuing on ... I went to my usual first stop each day ... "Astronomy Picture of the Day".

There I found the New Year's Photo for 1/1/2012 - To Fly Free in Space. And so it begins ...

... And ends ...

Today I was guided to my Z desktop Folder where I stumbled upon notes from 1995, just after I posted the first version of Crystalinks and my mission statement. These messages remained hidden in time - long forgotten - for me to find when the moment was right. I labeled the file: "zreturns.html" but never posted it.

    Z in my bathroom looking through my 3-fold mirror. He is trimming his goatee and getting ready.

    A 'back' brush dated 2012

    An old friend returns helpful, nice, familiar, romantic

    A white box with a ribbon and white rose like a wedding gift

    Black Cat in the blue photo (time travel)

My favorite greeting card came from my friend Ian in Oregon.

Click to listen.