Monday, January 23, 2012

Remembering ...

!! The giants just won in overtime! Yeah !!

I'm still here updated old files, and creating new ones, based on the videos from the Ancient Alien TV Series. Why am I doing it? Because I agree with their theories and they present very tangible evidence for things that I believe in, remember from the past, and couldn't say outright as people would consider me too far out there. Wherever possible, I prefer science over pseudoscience. I watch sci-fi mostly for the metaphoric content, which is what many of these files represent to my soul. Many episodes allow me to see how close we are to the end. Last November, the evidence was in about reality being a hologram and time an illusion as presented by the PSB NOVA series "Fabric of the Universe". Watching the videos, put things into perspective and reinforce what you already you.

It started last November on 11.11.11 with an update to the file 11:11 explaining about the brain as binary code and our reality as the fibonacci sequence. That month PSB NOVA series Fabric of the Cosmos parts 1 and 2 - we saw evidence proving reality is a hologram and time an illusion.

For today I return to Ancient Aliens and will add to the list above. As I am working backwards, I am now in Season 2.

Monday Memos

Monday in the city ... the rain is melting the snow and all is warming up. The news on TV this morning was about the usual, with some updates and new stories. The price of stamps is up by one penny and service is down. Some days I don't even bother to get the mail as most things are electronic anyway.

Most of all we have the excitement about the Giant win last night. After they win the Superbowl, I will tell you why I blogged they would take it all.

Did you see the game? I couldn't believe I stayed up to watch it. Funny story ... as the game started I smelled cigarette smoke and knew at once it was my deceased ex-husband Ralph, back again. When we were married we watched football with the girls every weekend. So there was Ralph telling me he came to watch the game with me and confirming what I already blogged, that the Giants would win, but Ralph said the game would be great! I told him he could stay but I would also be updating my files, which he reluctantly agreed to. (He was never into computers). Somewhere around half time, my friend Mallory called. Not to say we talked long, but after a few minutes Ralph grumbled, "Do you have to talk to your friends while we're watching the game?!" Whoa ! My consciousness instantly shot back to the days we were married. I told Mallory what Ralph said and we both laughed. And this is why I remain single.

This morning I completely revamped the Animals and Prophecy file - new images, links and now a cute little black bird in the UK whose molts each year and now has gone from black to white ... great metaphors. Also updated the file ...

Legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman