Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vanilla Sky

As the stirrings inside me all point to the fact that 2012 is the year I 'wake up' from this reality, lucid dream, virtual experience, or whatever you name it - synchronicities continue to abound in an alarming way.

My friend Pat sees 4 things for me in 2012: fireworks, water, vanilla ice cream, white light or white hole.

The word vanilla stirred me ... instantly taking me to the film "Vanilla Sky" which I saw when it came out December 14, 2001 - just after 9/11 when reality changed. December 14th is the anniversary of the birth of Nostradamus.

Am I stuck in a lucid dream or virtual realty experiment? I know reality is a hologram ... and time the illusion that traps people here emotionally.

Tuesday, in my wake-up dream, someone outside the dream was frantically trying to wake me up. He appeared in a white lab coat. Another man was with him. He said something about my consciousness returning to the true reality. Repeatedly, he said, "Hang on. It won't be long now!" as my consciousness slipped back into this reality.

I woke up here, and considered the messages ... then went to Wikipedia to search Vanilla Sky. The name of the main character is David. From my mission statement ... A tall thin man will step through a portal. You will know him as David.

Monet is my favorite painter. His painting "Vanilla Sky" - image above - shows a clear sky - yet when I googled it, many people saw the sky with different colors. From the mission statement - The sky will be purple with hues of pink..

View from my apartment

Vanilla Sky - Wikipedia

    David Aames (Tom Cruise) was the wealthy owner of a large publishing firm in New York City after the death of his father. From a prison cell, David, in a prosthetic mask, tells his story to psychiatrist Dr. Curtis McCabe (Kurt Russell): enjoying the bachelor lifestyle, he is introduced to Sofia Serrano (Penelope Cruz) by his best friend, Brian Shelby (Jason Lee), at a party. David and Sofia spend a night together talking, and fall in love. When David's former girlfriend, Julianna "Julie" Gianni (Cameron Diaz), hears of Sofia, she attempts to kill herself and David in a car crash. While Julie dies, David remains alive, but his face is horribly disfigured, forcing him to wear a mask to hide the injuries. Unable to come to grips with the mask, he gets drunk on a night out at a bar with Sofia, and he is left to wallow in the street.

    David is awakened the next day by Sofia, who apologizes for not helping him, and brings him home. The two continue to see each other, and David has his face repaired. Despite the seemingly perfect life, David finds oddities, such as brief visions of his distorted face, and a man (Noah Taylor) at a bar that tells him he can change the world. One day, when he goes to Sofia's apartment, he finds Julie there instead; all of the previous mementos of Sofia now showing Julie's face. Angry and confused, David suffocates Julie, and is later arrested and placed in a mental institution.

    The court psychologist Curtis talks about the incident with David over several sessions. During one interview, David sees a nearby TV advertisement for "Life Extension" (LE), a company that specializes in cryonic suspension, finding the name familiar. Under Curtis's guard, David is taken to the Life Extension offices, where the salesclerk explains they freeze people just after the point of death, until a cure for their ailment is available in the future - placing them in a lucid dream state. David becomes anxious and breaks free of Curtis, realizing he is in his own lucid dream that has gone wrong, and calls for tech support.

    David finds himself in the empty lobby of the offices, and the man whom he has seen earlier at the bar appears, claiming to be David's tech support. As they ride up in an elevator to the top of an impossibly tall building, the man explains that David has been in cryonic sleep for 150 years, after he killed himself with a drug overdose. David learns that when he signed a contract with the cryogenics company preserving him, he opted to start the lucid dream shortly after his drunken night when Sofia left him, under the "vanilla sky" from a Monet painting.

    However, during his sleep, the dream went horribly wrong and attempted to incorporate elements from his subconscious, such as placing Julie in for Sofia and creating a father-figure like Curtis. As they arrive at the top of the building, the man offers David a choice: either to be reinserted into the corrected lucid dream, or to wake up by taking a literal leap of faith off the roof. David decides to wake up, and envisions Sofia and Brian to say his goodbyes.

    David jumps off the building, his life flashing before his eyes, and blacks out moments before hitting the ground. A female voice commands him to "open your eyes" (a recurring theme in the movie), and the film ends with David opening his eyes.

This video below starts with David realizing that it's all a lucid dream, and yells for "Tech Support." The messages are many in these last 15 minutes of the movie.

Conclusion from ongoing messages and observations: This year I wake up from whatever experiment I am 'trapped' in. In film, TV, and literature, people often die in their virtual state to wake up where they belong. Though I still remain in perfect mental and physical health, seemingly aging slowly, the notion that the planet will be destroyed in end times by cataclysm, is a possibility. However it ends, it ends. Time to go. Ellie ... over and almost out ...