Friday, January 6, 2012

Guess What?

It's Friday ... Does that resonate for you? It's also going to be over 50° in the city today. The cable guy is coming ... as well as clients so I am really busy.

Adventures at the Apple Store

The Apple store was a fun experience - setting up the iPad and now waiting for my WIFI modem today. The 3-floor building is similar to others you see online or may have visited. There's lots of young people to show you products and help with services.

As fate would have it, while standing by the elevator, I met a really nice woman named Myra Estelle, who turned out to be an author, life coach and teacher from Riverside, New York. While playing with the Mac Pro ... I'm considering updating ... we looked at each others websites then got to talking about the value of meditation ... and more. Alas, her take on reality ... it's a consciousness hologram, the brain is a computer ... and she had never peeked at Crystalinks. I take comfort in knowing the world is waking up to the truth. :)


I'm not into Retail Therapy as are may people I have meet. It's an addiction. They just can't stop spending - almost like a gambling addiction, another weird part of human programming. I've always been guided to the store I need to go to, what I should buy, often on sale, know when there is nothing else to buy, and I'm done in no time. There is nothing like shopping with Z.

Today, people shop online which is not really my thing as I like to see what I'm buying. My Amazon account is more about buying presents or gift cards - though I didn't like the iPad 2 covers at the Apple Store, and found one on Amazon after I got home.

eBay is fun for the items I never expected to find again and ... voila ... there they are! :)