Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Quickies

Today's agenda is to finish my review of Ancient Aliens with the pilot and episode 1 remaining. Lots of insights into humanity's origins and future.

More on those strange unexplained sounds

Google News

  Strange noises reported around North Battleford CTV News - January 24, 2012

Sunday --Screen Actors Guild Awards - More fun with Brad and George - and Brad and Angie all leading up to the Oscars in February.

It's sad about Demi more, but from the first time I saw her on General Hospital decades ago, I felt she suffered from clinical depression. Now she's at the menopause age which heightens the chemical imbalance in the brain for many women, especially these dealing with loss. On Entertainment Tonight they discussed her use of something called whip-its - apparently a new street drug that I never heard of it (wrong generation. It seems to be a growing trend. Check it out.

Zep Tepi or Tep Zepi?

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