Monday, January 2, 2012

Memos & Predictions

NFL East Football New Year's Day - Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants .. Go Giants !

As predicted - the Giants beat Dallas (31-14)

Over the past week, I have seen the Pacific Plate cracking big time. As it breaks, it appears as two ruptured pieces lifting up in the water, then it separates. I still see it today. There are news articles and predictions that go back to Edgar Cayce about a Japanese Island sinking at the end of time. That would cause the Pacific Plate to crack ... and you know the rest.

Japan 2012: Pacific Dominoes ... Strong 6.8 quake rocks Japan; no damage reported   Washington Post - January 1, 2011

A forceful 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of southeastern Japan on Sunday, rattling buildings in Tokyo and jolting a nation still recovering from last year's mega-disaster.

2012 will be highlighted with all kinds of conspiracy theories, predictions, prophecies, and make psychics out of all of us. The global fight for freedom will continue as political machines are destroyed. The local buzz in Rome from friends who live there -- the Pope's health is declining - and we know where that's going in 2012. The economy - the forecast is bleak. Our interpretation of the date of the Mayan Wheel is off a few degrees, but close - it's not written in stone. Nibiru doesn't show - it's all part of the mythology of creation linked to the Sumerian pantheon of gods that allow us to understand that we are hybrids in a biogenetic experiment. Scientific discovery marches on and more is revealed about the Moon and Mars - though we already know about stargates, bases, mining, ships, aliens and more. None of that matters as something unprecedented happens that blows it all out of the water.

Nasa's gravity twins now circling Moon   BBC - January 2, 2011

The US space agency (NASA) has succeeded in placing two new satellites in orbit around the Moon. Both spacecraft were put in elliptical paths around the lunar body over the weekend after performing braking maneuvres following their more than 100-day journey from Earth. The identical Grail twins are to map gravity variations across the lunar body in unprecedented detail. This will help scientists refine our theories for how the Moon formed. It will also enable them to test new ideas, such as the provocative suggestion made earlier this year that there were probably two moons in the sky above Earth billions of years ago.

Should we terraform Mars?   PhysOrg - January 2, 2011

As we continue to explore farther out into our solar system and beyond, the question of habitation or colonization inevitably comes up. Manned bases on the Moon or Mars for example, have long been a dream of many. There is a natural desire to explore as far as we can go, and also to extend humanity's presence on a permanent or at least semi-permanent basis. In order to do this, however, it is necessary to adapt to different extreme environments. On the Moon for example, a colony must be self-sustaining and protect its inhabitants from the airless, harsh environment outside.

Space mountain produces terrestrial meteorites   PhysOrg - January 2, 2011

When NASA's Dawn spacecraft entered orbit around giant asteroid Vesta in July, scientists fully expected the probe to reveal some surprising sights. But no one expected a 13-mile high mountain, two and a half times higher than Mount Everest, to be one of them.

8 ways to simplify your life in 2012   CNN - January 2, 2011

Streamline your workouts, your morning makeup, even your resolution list. Here are eight New Year tips on how to look better and improve your health for 2012.