Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Quickies


Polarities -- East Coast vs. West Coast --- NY Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers -- It's the Giants again Sunday night. Both teams have a famous area called Chinatown. I mention it because we are coming to the Chinese New Year - Year of the Water Dragon. Have a very Happy New Year if you are celebrating. A blog I wrote last month -- 2012 Year of the Chinese Water Dragon (Z01Z)

We are also in the energies of the New Moon 2 Aquarius -- updated below with what I saw yesterday as the clock ticked down.

The snow is falling in the city - the first real snow since the October blizzard (did I write that?). Outside I hear the sound of a snow blow rubbing against the pavement as it clears clearing the main street to the highway just outside. What makes it all okay is unlike last winter -- the snow lingered and wasn't cleared for days and the temperatures will go into the 40's, maybe 50 degrees over the next few days giving the children tomorrow a day of play then it's gone.

Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide

Friday I posted this as it starts with a Z in the clouds

then quickly removed it as something felt wrong.

So many people want to see it, I'm reposting. I like her ...