Thursday, January 5, 2012


Thursday ... I'm off to the Manhattan Apple store on West 14th Street later this morning to set up my iPad - should arrive around 11:00. I'm getting a 3G account so I will be connected when I'm away. Friday morning, Time Warner cable is bringing me a new modem with WIFI to use at home. It will only cost me $6 a month more and all will be good to go. Once set up, I will still need lessons on the use of an iPad, but perhaps my 11 year old grandson can help! From here, I move to the iPhone 5 - if I'm still here.

I'm not into Retail Therapy as are so many people I have met along the line.

I've always remained a conservative shopper and find the older I get, the more I hate shopping. I am guided to the store I need to go to, where I have to look, when there is nothing else to buy, and I'm done in no time. There is nothing like shopping with Z and he is here now and waiting for me.

Today, I want to play in the Apple Store. For many people it's all about online shopping which is not really my thing as I like to see what I'm buying. My Amazon account is more about buying presents or gift cards. eBay is for the items I never expected to find again and ... voila ... there they are! :)

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