Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dramatic Night in Iowa

What, and who, is running in 2012? So far the program is still running, as are the political machines that put the wrong people in office, as citizens pay the price.

For those following the 2012 US presidential soap opera - Tuesday night Mitt Romney beat rival Rick Santorum in what appears to be the closest-ever margin of victory in a GOP presidential contest. Ron Paul finished a close third. Should I get excited? Are you? Does it matter? What one would get from the results is this - we have a party establishment under siege with unhappy voters, unable to coalesce behind any candidate in a deeply flawed field.

No one was the winner, and the souls remain losers until the program ends. Could any of these candidates beat Obama in 2012, if the program is still running? Nope. The primaries all seem superfluous and costs too much money to run, when that funding could be helping people.

Birth and Rebirth - Lucid Dreams are Connected

Ladies - did you know Ron Paul is anti-abortion? Wow! That takes us back to the dark ages and back room abortions where woman died and lost freedom of choice. Not to worry ... he won't win.

    Sunday 1/1/2012 - I had a very clear lucid wake-up dream set somewhere else. I was in charge of a project building centers of light where women would go to give birth. I saw myself flying from center to center, as souls entered and women felt safe.

My friend Pat is mentioned in Tuesday's blog Vanilla Sky about reality as a lucid and dream and what she sees for me in 2012.

Pat's daughter Michelle is pregnant and due next with a boy - mother and son perfectly healthy. Let's go to an email Pat sent Tuesday.

    Hi Ellie, I want to tell you about a very interesting dream Michelle had on Monday. She was giving birth by herself. The god Thor came and said her real name was Sky because that was who she really is. The date in the dream was 11/11. Michelle gave birth to her son and then to three female babies but they were adults and smiling at her. She woke up and was nervous that it meant something bad, but I assured her it was all good! The funny thing was that I had a dream the same night that she was giving birth alone and was scared ... I was looking thru the hospital window pounding on it till they let me in and I showed her son and he was really beautiful and healthy. It was the first time either of us had dreamed about her baby and on the same night no less!!!! Love-Pat