Monday, June 2, 2014

Be Aware

Be aware ... something in your life is shifting.

A cool experience ... one physically experiences a "click" or "reboot" of their personal programming.

Saturday evening my neighbor Joanne, connected to the symbolic events of 9/11, invited me over, excited about something she wanted to show me. As I walked down the hall, for a nano second, reality shifted. Once inside Joanne's apartment, she showed me several shopping bags - each containing an item that belonged to her on 9/11 - her famous high heel shoes, her bag, burned pages from work she let behind when she ran down 84 floors in the mayhem that ensued, and more. These items had just been given back to her after being released by the police. Was this what I was feeling ... something linked to the events of 9/11 ... the insert that was the beginning of the end? Maybe ... but something more powerful is happening that is changing the universal landscape.

Sunday, my friend Anna took the photo below in her apartment, which, like my apartment, faces the Verrazano Bridge. Though we were featuring the earrings, standing in front of the clock added meaning to our experience. The clock read 3:17, if that is significant for you. The earrings were a gift from a Crystalinks reader named Tracey in Washington State. She designed them based on the chakras, referencing my file.


What do you hope to achieve this summer? Taking a vacation to find or redefine yourself? Not finished with healing your issues and unresolved emotions yet? Okay ... I guess that's what you're programmed for.

June 7 to July 1 - Mercury is retrograde but for many of us it has already begun.

On June 7, my favorite horse, California Chrome, will win the Triple Crown.

For the NY Rangers, it will be quite the story if they can capture their first Stanley Cup in 20 years, starting here in the city on Wednesday as they play the favored Los Angeles Kings. But the Rangers may have an edge in that they've been sitting at home waiting for the Western Conference finals to end, getting an extra three days rest, as the Kings failed to close things out in Game 6 at home and had to travel to Chicago and pull out a thrilling Game overtime 7 win.

June 12 begins the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Brace for ongoing dramas.

June brings concerts, festivals, weddings, reunions, proms, graduations, and thoughts about the future through tears/years of joy and sorrow. Enjoy! Friends who own homes in the Hamptons are not at all thrilled that the Kardashians will be out there this summer and have opened a store as part of their reality series. Good luck with that! These two brands simply do not mix. What kind of world do we live where people with no talent get so much attention and make so much money. What's next? "The Long Island psychic meets the Kardashians"? Will she channel daddy, Robert Kardashian?