Friday, September 5, 2014

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Health ... Centers

This week I blogged about the closing of Lai Yeun restaurant in my building (see below). With emphasis on health, I realized I don't have a primary care physician as I never need one. I have an ophthalmologist and a gynecologist for routine checkups, the latter having an office on the main floor of my building. Thursday I found out that the restaurant will become a 24/7 walk-in medial center. My part of Bay Ridge is known for its restaurants and medical buildings, so I was happy to hear about the change in venue just in case. We have 2 other new health centers of this kind in my area, with state of the art equipment and rotating doctors many of whom are specialist. Yoga centers come and go, while gyms and health food stores are very trendy.

Medical care takes us Joan Rivers. You know the circumstances that lead to her death and how I feel about someone's passing. If it's your time ... it's your time. Programming is programming and there's no escaping it. As another Jewish woman from Brooklyn, who once tried stand up comedy with a dentist, I understand Joan's "schtick" and her desire to make the world laugh as a healing tool. Humor is a frequency that uplifts the soul, but like everything else, it's just a temporary fix. Humor was Joan's frequency and purpose in life - her reason for being - and what kept her young. For many in the entertainment industry, who are still in shock by the death of Robin Williams, this is a very sad time.

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