Sunday, September 28, 2014

Memos From the Front

We are programmed to respond to things that change reality on a global level. When someone tells you that your behavior is harming the environment, you pay attention and consider making changes, whether it's true or not. When you are told that a group meditation will raise the frequency of the planet, you go along and believe it. None of it will ever make a difference. Just sit back, relax, and allow events to unfold. Whoever, or whatever, is supposed to be in your life, will happen. Leave the window open.

Recently, I've noticed that people who have emotional problems (mostly depression) - needing drama in their lives to keep their brains focused in physical reality - have created far more intense dilemmas than they ever imagined could befall them. Much of it was based on false promises by other people they attracted into their lives to play out their dramas with. Unable to own up to their own mistakes, life just seems to be getting more and more complex, with no solution that will create the result they strive for. What they want may never be attainable and they should change direction.

You see growing violence and collapse in the world. Hopefully, you understand it is all a process. Some people think they have to argue a cause because a programmed event in their lives brought them to that point, or they feel the need to go out and physically fight, or do something to make things better, due to their own pent-up frustrations. It's what's always guided the program and what still guides the world today. Life here is stressful and getting more so every day - it's as if the more someone protests - the harder things become. By now, you know where it's all going. Just let it play out and try to have some fun along the way.

It's not just about social issues but the Earth Changes that are impacting us faster, more intensely, and affect everyone now. Yesterday, a volcano in Japan erupted killing at least 30 people. How long do you think it will be before the Pacific plate comes apart? This, as we know, will affect all of the volcanoes and tectonic plates across the globe.

Against All Odds

I talk to women ... lots of women. We no longer just discuss our personal issues, but now it's all about women's rights. Change will not come easy, if at all. You know about the frustrations of men and how they are joining groups to fight for freedom, no matter what the result. Oppressed souls want out - one way or another. As a species created by a collective unconscious, gods, aliens or whenever you see, the experiment is ending. You can taste the freedom that is forthcoming - but not as humans - as souls returning to light and consciousness. On that day, we will all celebrate.

A Syrian woman agreed to carry a hidden camera to film how life is like inside Syria's northern city of Raqqa, which has been under the control of the Islamic State (aka ISIL or ISIS). The report was aired on France 2. It shows some French women who decided to move indefinitely to Syria while abandoning their previous lives in France.

A Week of Holidays

September 29 - October 4, 2014

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the worship of Hindu goddess Durga. Durga is a form of Devi, the supremely radiant goddess, depicted as having ten arms, riding a lion or a tiger, carrying weapons (including a lotus flower), maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras, or symbolic hand gestures. Durga, meaning "the inaccessible" or "the invincible", is the most popular incarnation of Devi and one of the main forms of the Goddess Shakti in the Hindu pantheon. She is considered the supreme goddess and primary deity in Shaktism, occupying a place similar to Lord Krishna in Vaishnavism. Read more ...

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to leave their homes without being accompanied by a man.

As with all religions and holidays, this is another myth one must see a such.

Should people worship false gods? Do you believe in God? In what form?

In light of current events in the middle east, this should be very interesting.

October 1-6, 2014

The start of Hajj - an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca the
largest gathering of Muslim people in the world every year.

Black Stone of Mecca: Hajj