Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Face of Democracy is Changing

The political landscape is changing everywhere. Just when you think you know how things are going to play out ... they don't. Let's go to New York where last night Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, a first time challenger and Bernie Sanders supporter, defeated Rep. Joe Crowley , a 10-term incumbent, in New York's 14th Congressional District primary.

Behold a stunner that rocked the Democratic world and shook up the party's line of succession. Some people had foreseen Joe Crowley as possible future speaker of the house. This reflects generational and ideological changes and definitely makes the games more interesting. Ocasio-Cortez called for abolishing ICE, immigration and customs enforcement, during the campaign.

This is a development that is going to resonate not just in the weeks and months ahead, but could change everything. Imagine a female, millennial of Hispanic background changing policy on many fronts. Good luck!

A 28-year-old Democratic Socialist just ousted a powerful, 10-term congressman in New York   CNN - June 27, 2018