Saturday, June 16, 2018

Your purpose is ...

Thursday morning I met a soldier in the laundry room who is stationed down the block at Fort Hamilton. We talked about basic issues of inequality. I am a double minority because I am a woman and Jewish. He is a minority because he is black. Trump has done little to improve the emotional climate of the country, but continues to make things worse. The Republican Party is turning into a cult where many of the members agree with him in the sense of the placating him ... or else! The system is broken and needs to be replaced but won't be as inequality creates the dynamics of the simulation.

It was surprising to hear the soldier explain reality as a hologram that's coming to its end. With all the changes that are going on in the world, how does the average person make sense of it all and find their purpose other than safe survival until .... [many have no idea how to finish this sentence]? Until they die? Until the world ends? Until something else happens?

Your purpose is exactly what your life has been and becoming. Something tragic and emotional usually is the catalyst for one's purpose. If your life is evolving on an even keel then consider yourself lucky and know that your purpose is to experience whatever it is you are doing in this time line, though many sense something is going to come along to change all of that.